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  1. More pictures have been posted. http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/14330-socata-tbm-900-new-exterior-previews/#comment-129116
  2. More Screenshots on the same thread! Truly breathtaking!
  3. I am also very excited about this airplane. I got my PPL in 1989, and in December 1989 Flying magazine the TBM 700 on it's cover! I fell in love! https://www.stores-spot.top/flying-magazine-dec-1989-tbm-700-extra-300-ram-cessna-414-cropdusters-p-9135.html
  4. A few videos on Youtube. Definitely going to buy it
  5. I bought it because I live in Canada and I want to see winter and deep winter. It is imperfect. For example, there is still snow on the ground in my Area but Terramax is loading summer automatically. I agree FSX(2006) already had 4 seasons and almost inconceivable that X-Plane 11 still does not have 4 seasons in 2018!
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