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  1. I've got a hotfix for some minor issues. If you downloaded the new version before the 8th of April, head over to our forum to get it. If you downloaded the Vega after that date, you're up to date already. The fix resolves some issues with the "Ready to Fly" button as well as the missing animations for the magnetic compass.
  2. It is done! The new version 0.85 is now available for download. Check out the trailer: I'm exhausted.
  3. Oh gosh, no, of course not!! Those who already bought the Vega automatically get access to the new installer as soon as it is released! The increased price is for any new customer, and I wanted to point out that you can still benefit from the lower price the Vega has right now if you purchase her before the next update. Sorry for not making that more clear.
  4. I am extremely busy getting the next update on its way. My hope still is to get it out before the end of September. One new feature will be a new 3d model and textures for a Transcontinental and Western Air Inc. Vega. Wanna see? Here are some quick peeks taken directly from my developer-potato: I'll put a proper announcement up once I've got all information collected. Please keep in mind that with release of the update the price of the Vega will be raised by 5 Euros. So get it now while she's still cheap. Also, don't forget to use your Sky Lounge discount code if you're a patron. Cheers, Vitus
  5. Hi folks, Shane (Aus Flight Simmer) interviewed me in the name of FS Elite. The interview is published here, for any one who's interested. : SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkKfVagnv-Q
  6. Update for version 0.04 now available! www.wing42.com
  7. Hi guys, I just uploaded a new video on youtube in which I talk about the new update (v0.04) for our Lockheed Vega 5. The update will be available on Friday (fingers crossed and thumbs pressed (that's the German version of fingers crossed)). Here's what you can expect of it: I'm very excited about the new effects that come with the update. This includes start-up, smoke, a new landing light, touchdown, etc. The effects are custom designed and provided by: And look amazing! I also decided to give my physics engine a name. It shall henceforth be known that the Wing42 Lockheed Vega 5 is powered by: Please note that the price of the Vega will increase by 5 Euros with this update. If you purchase it before version 0.04 you'll be only pay the introductory price of 25 Euros. (Plus, don't forget the TSL discount) Cheers, Vitus
  8. In my forum, Tailspin45 recommended a replacement soundset for the Vega. As long as our own soundset is not finished yet, I highly recommend using it. It's an old improvement fr the fs9 Ford Trimotor, and it sounds great on the Vega. Just make sure to follow the instructions for the single-engine installation - there's a bit of editing involved, but it's worth it! Find the package here: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?do=copyright&fid=140810 In the meantime, the update is on it's way. It will be released towards the end of July, or beginning of August at the latest. Please note that, as previously announced, with the next update the price of the Vega will increase to 30 Euros. If you're thinking of buying it, I'd recommend to get it now while the Update is not out yet to get a bargain. And don't forget to use the Sky Lounge discount code if you're a TSL patron for a further discount.
  9. Hello friends, I just want to give you a quick heads-up. Yesterday, we officially announced the collaboration between Wing42 and FSFX Packages. FSFX will provide a customized special effects for the Lockheed Vega, which will be included for all customers in the upcoming version 0.04. You can read more about it here. The Update is well on it's way, I am working my way through the To-do-list. There's some really cool stuff coming up, so stay tuned
  10. Aah, but you should know Jack. It's an homage to Jack Northrop, at the time chief engineer of the Vega. ?
  11. Another tiny update: I finished (or so I hope) Updating the product page on our website. I also exchanged all images and pictures to include all the recent developments of the Vega. Head over there and have a look if you're interested. ?
  12. Launch of the Early-Access Vega 5 will be on the 7th of June!* *) Provided our testers don't find some major glitches...
  13. Hey guys, thanks for your awesome cover, much appreciated! I knew it would be worthwhile to animate every handle individually, I'm so happy you noticed ? I'll keep you posted!
  14. I'm glad you like what you see. It's been in the works for two years now, lots of time and resources went into this project, but I'm still struggling getting any attention for it. I hope you are willing to help out ?
  15. Hey guys, I hope I'm not overreaching with this shameless self-promotion. But I hope that what I'm working on might be of interest to you and your viewers. I am currently developing a Lockheed Vega 5 for FSX and P3D. It will be released as an early-alpha version and I hope I get a nice flow of suggestions and critiques that will help to build an awesome product for the sim. You can find some information on my website www.wing42.com. I also just today published a first video on youtube to showcase some of the features. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-LYUddA5mk I'm currently reaching out to various youtubers and flightsim communities to get some exposure for this project and hope that you could help getting the word out. contact me via email store@wing42.com if you have any more questions. Kind Regards, Vitus SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : wing42.com NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
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