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  1. David White liked a post in a topic by ssimmons1958 in Flight1 GTN and GNS for P3D V4.4   
    Flight1 GTN and GNS for P3D V4.4

    We have made the Flight1 GTN Complete and GNS Complete compatible with P3D V4.4.
    In order to make the gauges work with P3D V4.4, you must have the latest version of the GTN and GNS installed:
    GTN Complete V2.06
    GNS Complete V2.03

    Please run the F1 Update Tool(icon found on desktop/start menu or P3D V4\F1TGTN(or F1GNS) folder. And make sure that you get the definitions v1.12 by clicking the Download button.
    This is it, the GTN/GNS should work fine.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
    Also  the G600/500 worked for me in p3dv4.4 with no update am figuring that the update v1.13 takes care of it but worked for me in 4.4 after updating the gtn and gns
    SOURCE INFO https://www.simforums.com/forums/flight1-gtn-and-gns-for-p3d-v4-4_topic60843.html
    DEVELOPER POST LINK :  https://www.simforums.com/forums/flight1-gtn-and-gns-for-p3d-v4-4_topic60843.html
    NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :  https://www.simforums.com/forums/flight1-gtn-and-gns-for-p3d-v4-4_topic60843.html
  2. David White liked a post in a topic by eaim1973 in New Active Sky XP Details And Previews   
    Not long ago, HiFi Simulations gave the first concrete details regarding their upcoming Active Sky for X-Plane. Many fans were excited to see how the weather engine would impact the simulation. On a brand new page dedicated to the product, HiFi has shown off new screenshots and revealed some brand new details.
    As previously mentioned, it is planned to be released in December 2018. It is currently being put through release candidate testing right now with a release soon to follow. As far as pricing, the team revealed that the initial price is planned to be $39.99. This will be a special discounted price to say thanks to the fans who have stuck by the team over the years. HiFi confirmed that the price will eventually increase.
    As with other Active Sky products, the team intend to release updates throughout the lifecycle of the product. These updates are likely to be quality of life updates, but they will be provided free of charge. The details of what these updates provide have yet to be determined. However, just like FSX/P3D users have been used to, major version changes will see either a new product being released or a charge being applied to update. If their record of FSX/P3D products holds the same though, then these updates will be significant and offer good value for money.
    As for current users of FSX/P3D products, there will not be any cross-grade discount. This is down to the cost and 3 year development lead the product has had.
    DEVELOPER POST LINK :  http://hifisimtech.com/asxp/
    NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :  https://fselite.net/previews/new-active-sky-xp-details-and-previews/
  3. David White liked a post in a topic by Noodle in Nose Wheel Tiller - X-Plane Users   
    Hello pilots,
    So I came across an issue were I could not taxi any GA aircraft properly in XP.  After a long bout of frustration, looking at configs and posting a question it appears that by default XP disables your nose wheel steering. This effectively turns ANY GA (not sure about heavies) normal rudder pedal input to taxi into a free castoring nose wheel even if the plane does not have free castor.
    The fix is you need to set a bind to a key or stick for nose wheel steering toggle thus allowing you to reengage normal ground taxi operations.
    If you have this issue, hopefully this clears it up for you!!
  4. David White liked a post in a topic by ssimmons1958 in If You Use VR In Xplane 11 Might Want To Check SimVRlabs Out   
    Injecting more "reality" into virtual reality.
    Home About Us In The Lab Blog Support

    What we do and why.
    We take aircraft made for the X-Plane simulator and tweak them to work better in VR.  Knobs, levers, switches, yokes and wheels should feel more like the real thing so your immersion level can stay high.  Our thought is this: If something strange about the manipulator causes you to think about it, then it’s not properly optimized.  It should just look, feel, and act “right”.  That’s our goal.  These are unofficially supported mods, so be sure and follow the instructions for each aircraft carefully.  Don’t forget to make backup copies of your old files.
    Aircraft given the SimVRlabs treatment:
    Carenado DO228
    Rotate MD-80
    X-Scenery Mitsubishi MU-2B Marquise
    X-Trident Bell 412 
    RWDesigns Twin Otter V2
    IXEG 737-300
    Carenado B1900D HD
    Khamsin P51 Mustang
    Bell 429 Freeware by Timber61
    Carenado C404 Titan
    Just Flight PA28 Piper Arrow III
    Carenado C208B HD
    Carenado PC12 HD
    LES Saab 340A
    Laminar Baron B58 (and REP)
    Laminar Cessna 172 (and REP)
    Aerobask Diamond DA62

    What else is getting work in the lab…
    SOURCE INFOhttp://simvrlabs.com/
    DEVELOPER POST LINK :  http://simvrlabs.com/
    NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :  http://simvrlabs.com/
  5. David White liked a post in a topic by eaim1973 in Frooglesim/Orbx debate on Youtube - Required or Recommended?   
    Could this story develop further? I hope not.
    NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :  https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/544403-frooglesimorbx-debate-on-youtube-required-or-recommended/
  6. David White liked a post in a topic by caderly_one in An unexpected flight with friends in his Beechcraft Bonanza   
    I was talking to a friend of mine Mark, who suggested we go out to the Georgetown airport here near Austin to look at flight schools today. I am interested in getting my PPL. Well yesterday, they setup a plan to surprise me. I had no idea what was in store for me.
    We show up at the airport hangars and Mark has me park next to another truck and says, wow Ken is here. Ken and Mark are both neighbors of mine from a few years back and friends. Ken is also an airline pilot on a 777 and has been flying his personal plane for several years now. I was excited to see Kens plane because I have not seen it yet. Ken was getting it ready for a flight to Colorado tomorrow. The plane looked sweet and was super clean. As we are talking he hooks it up to his power tow and pulls it out of the hangar and asks "Are you boys ready to go?"

    Man I was shocked. I did not notice that Mark had brought his flight headset with him. Until that moment I had no idea, I was about to go up and also fly my first Beechcraft Bonanza or any plane for that matter.

    We all put on our headsets and Ken got ATC taxi and takeoff clearance for VFR. We took off and the wind was about 10-15 knots. The plane really moves in the air side to side and up and down with the wind. It really was cool to feel what a smaller plane this size feels like in the wind. It felt natural and cool all at the same time. We flew out of Georgetown airport over to Lago Vista.

    Ken banked it pretty good for me so that I could get a nice photo of Lago Vista's airport. This is a great shot!

    From Lago, we flew to lake travis. We got to see the party boats near hippie hallow and also the Oasis restaurant which is a famous Tex Mex overlook in Austin. This was a beautiful day to be out on the lake as you can see from these photos.
    From Lake Travis we headed back towards our neighborhoods in Cedar Park. Here you can see our local high school Cedar Park High. We also flew over my house and buzzed it at about 1000 ft. My wife heard us fly over but did not go outside to see it. Ugh!

    Next was my other surprise, the wheel was moved from the left seat to the right. Uh oh. Im in control now. Thoughts ran through my head and anxiety. Calm down Patrick(Caderly). You've done this 1000 times in the sim. Just watch your instruments and fly. So I did. It was scary at first and then ken programs in a direct to Georgetown and has me bank and follow the magenta. It was a fun 10 minutes of flying for my first time in a real plane. I couldn't of done it with a better pilot. I felt confident having someone with so much experience sitting next to me. Thanks Ken!

    I gave the controls back to Ken so that he could do a downwind and land the plane. We followed in a 172 closer than I expected. Im used to bigger separation on the heavy's from flight sim. We landed and taxied to the refueling.  Ken let Mark and I refuel the plane in each of the wings. This was my first experience fueling a plane as well. Once fueled we headed back to the hangar where the plane will set for the next 12+ hours before Ken takes off for Colorado.
    Again I cant thank these guys enough. Mark and Ken today was amazing. Since you could not make lunch Ken, let me know when you get back, I would like to buy you lunch or dinner. Have a safe flight and enjoy your time in Colorado!

    One last note. Once Mark and I left, we headed to the main hangar for the airport. Mark showed me the wall of solos which was very cool. This is people who have all done their solo flight out of Georgetown. I added it here for you guys to view. I thought it was very cool!

    Till Next Time, 
    Caderly (Patrick)
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    Here is some aviation humor woth Rod Machado
  8. David White liked a post in a topic by Ivana Fly in National Aviation Day   
    It’s National Aviation Day on August 19! We not only celebrate our freedom to fly, but we reflect on how far we have come since Wilbur and Orville Wright took to the sky in 1903. We hope you have an aviation-filled day!SOURCE
  9. angeli662 liked a post in a topic by David White in Man crashes plane into his own house   
    What is going on lately with people and planes.https://www.ksl.com/article/46375241/plane-crashes-into-house-in-payson-pilot-dies
    NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :  https://www.ksl.com/article/46375241/plane-crashes-into-house-in-payson-pilot-dies
  10. GrizzlyBearSims liked a post in a topic by David White in POSCON   
    I talked to the POSCON guys at FSexpo. If they can get this off the ground, They might just give VATSIM a run for their money. I will be keeping a close watch.
  11. GrizzlyBearSims liked a post in a topic by David White in POSCON   
    I talked to the POSCON guys at FSexpo. If they can get this off the ground, They might just give VATSIM a run for their money. I will be keeping a close watch.
  12. David White liked a post in a topic by GrizzlyBearSims in POSCON   
    Hello TSL Guys,

    Not sure if this will be worthy of "Worth Mentioning" and I'm sure those who attended FSExpo already know a bit about POSCON.  But yesterday during one of Matt Davies Twitch Live Streams he was answering questions regarding POSCON.  I took notes from that live stream and then did a little more research from the POSCON website and forums and wrote the following blog article.  

    I think we can all agree that if POSCON becomes reality, it will be A M A Z I N G!  

    Jerry T.
    NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :  http://grizzlybearsims.com/poscon-positive-control-network-will-be-awesome/
  13. OMGEDSON liked a post in a topic by David White in ON APPROACH - Episode 072 & Show Notes   
    We can all hang out at the worlds largest McDonalds in Orlando. What else could you want?
  14. OMGEDSON liked a post in a topic by David White in Drzewiecki Design calls out FlyDesign for Texture Theft...YOU be the judge!   
    Cool. Someone get the popcorn. This should be fun to watch. ?
  15. OMGEDSON liked a post in a topic by David White in Entertaining ATC at KJFK   
    Not sure if any of you have listened to "Kennedy Steve", but this is very entertaining listening.
  16. David White liked a post in a topic by Ivana Fly in Lake Arrowhead to Big Bear video   
    Just a teaser video of the magnificent scenery around the upcoming Big Bear Airport, the airport is the star but it's definitely worth exploring the area as well.
    *Note:  I've reduced the 20 minute flight by 50% by speeding up the video in places, it's a bit annoying but less tedious to watch I believe.
  17. David White liked a post in a topic by Ivana Fly in Big Bear My Final Shots.   
    Taken in P3DV4.1.













  18. David White liked a post in a topic by Ivana Fly in L35 Big Bear a few more.   
    Taken in P3DV4.1.
    Rex SkyForce.














  19. flightsim productions liked a post in a topic by David White in Welcome to Big Bear!   
    Bear Valley (Big Bear Lake and surrounding area) is my second home. My daughter was a member of the ski team at the local ski resort for many years. I have flown into and out of L35 several times. Not as a pilot, but as a passenger. When Tubulent Designs released Big Bear airport (L35), I had to check it out. I was not disappointed. They have recreated the airport in great detail, including signs telling pilots who depart from rwy 26 to turn left 10 degrees for noise abatement reasons. There is an elementary school that sits below the flight path. This has become one of my all-time favorite scenery packages for FSX and P3D. If you are into flying into small airports, I would highly suggest you look at this for a couple of reasons. Not only is it a beautiful airport, as is the surrounding area but,  it is a challenging airport for flying. The airport elevation sits over 6000 feet, and the mountains, as high as 11,000 feet make for some very interesting flying.
  20. David White liked a post in a topic by Ivana Fly in Welcome to Big Bear!   
    Good morning!
    Turbulent Designs is incredibly excited to announce FTX Big Bear City Airport for FTX Southern California.
    Big Bear airport is one of our favourite and most popular airport projects. This all-new version for Orbx has been a joy to re-visit.
    Turbulent’s Big Bear airport has been completely re-worked to provide an even better experience with all new, 2017 imagery plus the addition of Orbx’s flow technologies. We’ve also added a bunch of new custom buildings and objects.
    The primary airport buildings, groundpoly and surrounds were built by the legendary Russ White and his texturing skills really shine here! Combined with new static aircraft, PeopleFlow and CreatureFlow, the airport is an exciting place to visit!
    Big Bear City Airport is situated at the eastern end of Big Bear Lake. At an altitude of 6752ft (2058m), surrounded by hills on both sides and in a mountainous area of over 11,000 feet, Big Bear provides a challenge to any pilot. It has a 6750ft runway and is frequented by small GA aircraft, private jets and military/emergency service aircraft.
    FTX Big Bear City Airport includes a massive 1405km2 coverage area from the desert foothills in the east stretching all the way to Lake Arrowhead in the west and including huge mountains and deep valleys in between. As a bonus, the coverage area seamlessly links up with Jarrad’s phenomenal Palm Springs airport which is just 30NM southeast (not to mention 6500ft lower!).
    Included in the package is Lake Arrowhead airport, a private airstrip and associated homestead, located just north of Lake Arrowhead itself. Here you’ll find a 3170ft, gravel airstrip carved into the landscape. The airport is currently closed in the real world, but we’ve reopened it here for your enjoyment!
    The imagery for the whole coverage area is entirely new and now reflects the current drought conditions of Big Bear lake and surrounding areas. The huge expanses of newly exposed shoreline, while not great for boat-owners, make for a strangely beautiful departure or approach to the airport itself. We’ve also added hundreds of jetties, docks and boats on the lake to really bring the area to life.
    Although designed from the ground up with FTX Southern California in mind, Big Bear will blend quite happily with the all the FTX Global range.
    ·         Incredibly detailed high-resolution rendition of the airport by Russ White
    ·         Huge 1405km2 coverage area
    ·         Ground textures at 60cm/1m
    ·         Custom 3D grass and trees
    ·         Bonus Lake Arrowhead airport
    ·         Bonus Bear Valley Hospital and helipad
    ·         Seamless connection with FTX Palm Springs
    ·         All new and up to date 2017 imagery
    ·         Custom POIs
    ·         Hundreds of lake objects
    ·         Detailed static aircraft
    ·         Animated PeopleFlow2 and CreatureFlow technology
    ·         Dynamic airport lighting (P3Dv4 only)











  21. David White liked a post in a topic by FlyBye in Lockheed Martin Release Prepar3D v4.3 & Upgrade Checklist   
    Updated FSUIPC version 5.132  has already been released
  22. OMGEDSON liked a post in a topic by David White in FlightSimExpo 2018   
    Saturday was great. The excitement was awesome, and the atmosphere was electric. But, with lots of people attending, spending time at the booths was difficult. Sunday was far more laid back and I was able to talk more, and learn more from the exhibitors. And, if I had not stuck around on I would not be here, as I  met the guys from The Sky Lounge on Sunday.