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    I am older than dirt but very young at heart (to the point of my own demise). I hold a PPL back from 1972 and have been recently reaquainted with flight simming. The most recent I owned was FS2004 so the new technology is baffling! Be gentle...
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  1. GrandpaGroovy

    real-world 1/3 size B-17

    http://worldwarwings.com/first-ever-13-replica-of-b17-you-can-fly-inside-of/ Now this I would try!
  2. GrandpaGroovy

    real-world Flightsimcon 2017

    This is the first year I will be attending Lewis
  3. Excellent clip Edson, very captivating! Thank you!
  4. GrandpaGroovy

    dovetail Steam Edition Bug Fix

    Thanks Destin. Been looking for this for a long time now!
  5. GrandpaGroovy

    real-world The Prototype

    I want one! Cub Club!!
  6. GrandpaGroovy

    tour TOUR: WWII Airfields

    Gentlemen (& Lady), I posted this gem on Discord: "The Hanger". If you enjoy flying by the numbers as I do then here is a link to all the original WWII Aircraft in each theater. Even if you don't care for the realism, it is a good read, also each manual is available for free printing. http://aviationshoppe.com/at6-snj-harvard-documents-manuals-a-56.html
  7. GrandpaGroovy

    tour TOUR: WWII Airfields

    How about a DC-3 in war livery?