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  1. I understand why you might get frustrated with the run-around, but look at it from my point of view: I got an email from you yesterday morning, asking for support. I responded right away, and within hours (had to wait for your response verifying your purchase, since I don't have any access to PCAviator's sales database), I had sent you a link to the correct file. Done. Then later, I find this thread where you accuse me of bad customer service. Can you see how that might make me a little upset? Developers need sales to survive, and that means finding as large an audience as possible. So we use a publisher that is well-connected in the community to sell our work. Of course, they take a cut of the sales, but in general it's worth it to reach that audience. The trade off is we lose control over things like updates. I sent the P3D update for Nantucket to JF as soon as it was ready. They put it on their shop fairly quickly for their customers, but they in turn deal with a bunch of smaller stores like PCAviator. As far as I know, they sent the update to them too, but some (I'm looking at you, PCAviator) didn't bother to update the product for their customers. Believe me, it makes me just as unhappy as you that they won't do this simple thing in return for their percentage. That's why when I had the chance to rejoin Orbx and work with a team that is on top of this sort of thing, I jumped at it. FTX Central is a brilliant piece of software, and makes distribution a breeze - especially compared to the "toss the product into the wind and hope everyone does their job" approach we've had to rely on for so long. And since I control my own sales database from iBlueYonder's website, it was easy enough to strike a deal with Orbx to just migrate my customers over to their system. The moral of the story: whenever possible, purchase directly from the developer on their site. Not only do they get a larger portion of the proceeds, but you're not relying on middle-men for support when things go pear-shaped.
  2. I'm not sure why you felt it necessary to post this, but the same morning you contacted me (this morning, in fact), I helped you take care of the problem and get fixed up. There's not much more I can do than that. I'll add that while you've never asked me for assistance before, your email was aggressive, bordering on rude. You got service anyway.
  3. I loved FSX, but as a dev I have to say "good riddance". It's getting very hard to support it while also concentrating on the additional features and requirements of the latest 64-bit sims. Time to give 32-bit a rest, guys. Glory awaits!
  4. And my first thought was, when is someone making that for FS? Great looking birdie!
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