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  1. Dreamflight Studios, developers of Quito (SEQM), have released a new update for their very own Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport (MRLB) The fine developers at Dreamflight Studios have released a new update for Daniel Odeber Quirós International airport (MRLB) and is now “Up to FB SEQM standards!” This new update includes a long list of new […] SOURCE:
  2. FlightFactor developers have taken to the X-Plane forums with a new statement regarding their A320U aircraft. The FlightFactor A320 Ultimate is nearing the release of version 1 and developers and testers are hard at work finding and fixing bugs in the beta version 0.11.5 that was recently released. The A320 Ultimate was initially released as […] SOURCE:
  3. Scenery developers PILOT’S has today announced that they are close to releasing a brand new update for their Almeria Airport. Version 2 of the airport will feature all-new features making it even more detailed than before. The new version from PILOT’S will bring completely new ground textures and also increase the overall coverage around the […] SOURCE:
  4. Just Flight has released its long-awaited Traffic Global expansion pack for X-Plane 11. The new add-on will inject thousands of AI control flights within the simulator, populating X-Plane with real-world aircraft and airlines flying accurate routes to a schedule. Includes is 65 aircraft types and over 860 liveries with worldwide coverage. In total, over 600,000 […] SOURCE:
  5. In this video, I give my opinion of FSDreamTeam’s new Chicago O’Hare v2 for P3Dv4. We will take a close look at the modeling and texturing of various elements around the airport and any new features FSDreamTeam has implemented, such as the “living” terminal. I cover airport buildings, ground textures, airport layout, night lighting, animations, […] SOURCE:
  6. Although announced back at Flight Sim Show in Cosford earlier this month, Orbx has finally shared the formal forum announcement for TerraFlora for X-Plane 11. TerraFlora originally was released on Prepar3D via Turbulent Designs before the team joined the Orbx umbrella. The new add-on from the teams will enhance your X-Plane experience on a Global […] SOURCE:
  7. Following the release of the showcase trailer yesterday, NKDesign has released its rendition of the smallest twin-engined manned aircraft in the world, Colomban Cri-Cri for X-Plane 11. As mentioned, the Cri-Cri is quite a unique French-made aircraft being the smallest twin-engined manned aircraft in the world. Made in 1976, it is still in use today […] SOURCE:
  8. Just Flight announced on Facebook that Traffic Global will be released October 23rd for X-Plane 11. Traffic Global aims to add worldwide AI traffic to the skies of X-Plane 11. All of the airlines, aircraft types, and schedules will be up-to-date. The traffic will consist of 65 different aircraft types, with over 860 liveries from […] SOURCE:
  9. Hailing from the city itself, and having worked at Bristol Airport for many years, I am always keen to try out scenery products that attempt to replicate my home airport in a simulator. With the airport being so close to my heart, it was only suited that I would step into the world of X-Plane […] SOURCE:
  10. We’re excited to announce that FSElite will be attending this year’s FSWeekend event in Lelystad Airport. The flight simulation weekend event, taking place on November 2nd and 3rd, will feature exhibitors such as VATSIM, Aerosoft, ProSim, Laminar Research and many more. Further to some of the bigger names, Dutch specific exhibitors include Flightsimulatorclub Midden Nederland, Dutch […] SOURCE:
  11. GayaSimulation is back with more previews of their upcoming Vienna (LOWW) scenery. The previews show off renders of the main terminal buildings. The modelling in the previews looks very detailed, and with the textures added, it seems the team is progressing quite nicely and pretty rapidly. GayaSimulation is hoping to preview more in-sim previews of […] SOURCE:
  12. The month of October is upon us and once again continuing our effort to explore the communities favorite add-ons for flight simulation. This month we want to know your all-time favorite top 5 airliners for Prepar3D. We have listed 10 in the poll but if your favorite is not listed please select “other” and let […] SOURCE:
  13. Earlier today, Flightbeam released Washington Dulles V3. The free update to Flightbeam’s popular Dulles scenery is available only to those using Prepar3D V4. Washington Dulles is one of three airports in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area serving more than 24 million passengers a year with service to over 125 destinations worldwide. Serving as a hub for […] SOURCE:
  14. In preparation for their next UK airport, Orbx has put together, with the help of YouTuber Thomas Rasmussen, a new trailer for the upcoming Edinburgh release. Coming to both X-Plane 11 and P3D, this particular video focues on the X-Plane 11 version. The 2-minute video takes us on a tour of what to expect upon the […] SOURCE:
  15. Aerosoft has released Milan Milano Malpensa Airport for X-Plane 11. Milan Milano Malpensa Airport is the largest international airport in Milan serving as a hub for Air Italy, Ernest Airlines, Cargolux Italia, and FedEx Express. In 2018 Milan handled a whopping 24,725,490 passengers and was the 25th busiest airport in Europe in terms of passengers. […] SOURCE:
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