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  1. Developers Pacific Islands Simulation has taken to Facebook to tease an all-new Japanese Airport scenery product. The teasers were shared on the social media platform with no quotes, text or hints as to which airport it is. People have deduced that it is very likely to be a Japanese airport due to the ground service […] SOURCE:
  2. Over on Facebook, Stanport released some pictures of their upcoming Saint-Tropez scenery for X-Plane 11. Saint-Tropez is located on the southeastern tip of France and only has two airlines that operate out of the airport, both using helicopters. The single runway is 3,871 feet long with a parallel taxiway, plenty of runway for business jets […] SOURCE:
  3. AI Lights Reborn Professional for Prepar3D V4.4+ has been released by FSReborn. While AI Lights Reborn is still a freeware addon, the professional version includes many more features, functions, and effects to take your AI traffic to the next level. The Professional version allows the user to control the AI traffic lights using an adjustable, […] SOURCE:
  4. Project Manager Mathijs Kok has taken to the Aerosoft forums to inform the community on the plans for the release of the long-awaited A330 Professional on Prepar3D V4. The forum post made it clear that everything is “tentative and subjects to change,” but this is the first we have heard of a release time frame in a long time […] SOURCE:
  5. In this video, Ronnie takes a look at both RD Presets Autogen v1.0 and Orbx BuildingsHD. This side-by-side comparison video, will demonstrate the visual differences in both products and also the impact it has on your Prepar3D installation. In the video, Ronnie travels across the world looking at various different regional buildings including locations such […] SOURCE:
  6. Orbx has released screenshots of their upcoming Edinburgh Airport (EGPH) for Prepar3D and X-Plane. The airport is developped by Gaya Simulations, who released Courchevel for X-Plane 11 less than three weeks ago. Both simulator versions have been announced separately and will have slightly different features, each taking the best out of its home simulator. Emphasis […] SOURCE:
  7. Just in time for Cross the Pond, MK Studios has released Dublin for Prepar3D V4.5. Dublin is the busiest airport in Ireland serving over a whopping 31 million passengers in 2018. It is a hub for Aer Lingus, Ireland’s flag carrier and is a focus city for Ryanair. Along with flights to the Middle East […] SOURCE:
  8. Constantly scanning the sky is an integral part of flying. It’s for safety but also to take in the sites all around you. With that in mind, I want to show you how you can get awesome head tracking in your flight simulator with just a webcam and $3. You might wonder how this method […] SOURCE:
  9. MK-Studios has just shared an all-new trailer for their upcoming Dublin scenery on Prepar3D V4. The trailer showcases the airport in a variety of cinematic angles highlighting various features for the product. The 1-minute trailer shows off the dynamic lighting, PBR effects and much more. As previously mentioned, there will also be a range of […] SOURCE:
  10. Developer Maps2XPlane has published high definition screenshots of their upcoming Seychelles project. The scenery will cover the entire Seychelles archipelago. It will feature and custom photorealistic terrain mesh, dense tropical vegetation and specific autogen. It will also include detailed renditions of aeronautical platforms such as Seychelles International Airport – FSIA and the numerous landing strips […] SOURCE:
  11. The developer of X-Plane, Laminar Research has been working hard to deliver major upgrades to integrate the Vulkan Application Programming Interface. Laminar Research has taken to their Facebook page to show two comparable graphs that detail the performance differences in terms of FPS that the new Vulkan system will bring to X-Plane. OpenGL in simple terms […] SOURCE:
  12. Self-Loading Cargo is a utility that works with P3D and X-Plane and injects virtual crew and passengers into your simulator, giving each of them their own feelings, needs and desires. The tool, which was released in early-access a few months ago, continues to be updated in response to feedback from the community. The developer has […] SOURCE:
  13. Little Navmap developer Alexander Barthel has released another big update for his Little Navmap utility. This update brings a lot of new features to Little Navmap. Among them are a permanent aircraft performance collection, the wind aloft forecast, a complete rework of the logbook and the ability for users to create final approach vertical guidance […] SOURCE:
  14. Following the successful launch of the new Audio for VATSIM at the beginning of the week, VATSIM has released a statement regarding the maximum number of connections on the VATSIM network for the upcoming weekend. Due to the lack of stability of the voice server when the amount of users exceeds a little over 1,000 […] SOURCE:
  15. Just Flight has posted a product page with a handful of previews for their PA-38 Tomahawk for Aerofly FS2. The last we heard about the PA-38 Tomahawk was in September with the release for X-Plane 11. But now it is back and is being previewed in Aerofly FS2. There is not much information regarding the […] SOURCE:
  16. The team at Imaginesim has shared the final previews for their upcoming KATL Atlanta on X-Plane 11 before release. The airport, one of the busiest in the world, has been faithfully recreated in X-Plane 11 with custom meshwork, high-quality scenery details and detailed ground markings. The new previews above showcase the aforementioned qualities such as […] SOURCE:
  17. We hope you had a wonderful week! Below, you can find some of our latest releases for the last week: GSX Profiles Freeware Harare Dynamic Lighting Aerosoft London Heathrow Liveries United Express Aerosoft CRJ-700 (N797SK) BRA Braathens Regional QW RJ85 (SE-DJO) United PMDG 777-200 (N212UA) AirTran PMDG 737-700 (N174AT) Air Canada Express Aerosoft CRJ-900 (C-FJZL) […] SOURCE:
  18. Developer Sky Simulations has updated their P3D/FSX-compatible MD-11 to version 2.2. The significant update adds PBR textures to the aircraft, a reworked FMC that now includes vertical navigation, as well as an aircraft manager, among other additions and fixes. Included with the addition of vertical navigation, the developer has reworked the MCP, including improved knobs […] SOURCE:
  19. Developer Sky Simulations has updated their P3D/FSX-compatible MD-11 to version 2.2. The significant update adds PBR textures to the aircraft, a reworked FMC that now includes vertical navigation, as well as an aircraft manager, among other additions and fixes. Included with the addition of vertical navigation, the developer has reworked the MCP, including improved knobs […] SOURCE:
  20. HiFi Sim Tech has updated their series of Active Sky products for FSX, P3D and X-Plane to all-new builds today. The updates are official and the result of feedback during various open-beta phases. All of the feedback from those testing phases have been taken into account to create these stable releases. For people using Active Sky […] SOURCE:
  21. Since Just Flight shared details for their upcoming A300 series of aircraft, coming to P3D, many people have been keen to learn new details of the project. As such, Just Flight has shared the product page for their A300B4-200, which includes a range of new details and previews for the aircraft. The modelling of the aircraft has […] SOURCE:
  22. Aircraft developers Military Visualizations (Milviz) has shared a single night lighting preview of the cockpit all lit up. Along with that news, the team confirmed that it is shaping up for a release and will be “Coming Soon.” The short Facebook post gave a single teaser image of the cockpit at night from inside the […] SOURCE:
  23. The Microsoft Flight Simulator team has updated their blog with the latest news, which primarily focuses on the development roadmap for the next few weeks. Furthermore, the team provided a few other bits of clarity on the first tech-alpha application process. Starting with the tech-alpha news re-cap, the first confirmed that the registration for the […] SOURCE:
  24. Orbx is continuing their scenery products for the United Kingdom with Edinburgh Airport (EGPH) Orbx and their in-house team Gaya Simulations have announced a full rendition of the busiest airport in Scotland, Edinburgh Airport (EGPH) for both Prepar3d V4 and X-Plane. With most Orbx scenery products being announced, you can expect a quick release shortly […] SOURCE:
  25. Flight Sim Labs has exclusively shared some new details with FSElite regarding their much-anticipated upcoming development for Prepar3D v4, the A321-X. The A321-X, being the biggest and longest aircraft of the A320-X family, accommodates for much bigger statistics such as three seating configurations and an MTOW of approximately 93.5 tonnes. On top of what they […] SOURCE:
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