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  1. Well this kicks the Prepar3d/FSX offering of same to crap....bring on more! But then again, I expected no less as this sort of detail has been around for abit.
  2. Well this is good news, as i finish getting the last of my scenery back installed to Prepar3d I'll have to add this to the purchase list But I was disappointed that one of the RF scenes I purchased awhile back I cant seem to download now from wait....wait....wait, from flight sim store. So pissed!
  3. Predrag, sadly there are ALOT of factors when it comes to troubleshooting the issue and honestly there is really no need to use Nvidia Inspector at all. I still do not understand why people insist on using that when that to me is and was more for the FSX days and up until mmmmm Prepar3d 3.2. But at any rate, consider posting up a new topic and maybe we can figure it out and get you some better frames!
  4. So on the cast yall spoke on what could come from a V5 of Prepar3d. The most sensible thing to me is to update the engine. Having more FPS is going to do what lets be honest. All of the things you mentioned that have been available in the other competitor sims have been available for sometime and now V4.4 has brought those things in and its great. But to go down the path of omg I need more frames isnt necessary when the bulk of users cant sustain over 40fps with good scenery/graphics settings for a solid experience. The base engine is still limited in the way it performs and doing some "tweaks" to say oh look at me 100fps doesnt mean squat if the sliders have to come down to a significant level to do it. As it stands, anyone could feasibly get over 100fps right now but again that requires you to have a monitor with the refresh rate to sustain it which means gasp....monitor upgrades and drop the sliders. Additionally your GPU is going to have to work either harder or not at all to get to that point. It has been said that in the sims 30fps is sufficient and to "some" extent I can agree but ideally I feel that 45-60 fps allows for a more fluid representation of what your seeing without having drastic performance issues. Now unless you are running on say a SSD the load times for scenery/graphic draw can be reduced alot but in the end the engine itself isnt all that great. Rewrite the engine code or get something new but to say OMG we need 100fps isnt worth it at all for this sim or the competitor sims...again, excluding DCS because this type of flying doesnt require it UNLESS your one of the many people out there who want to extend their epeens and showoff. Its not say a shooter game that requires you to sustain 60fps or better to have the great gameplay experience and the flight sims dont require the century mark of FPS to have a great flight experience. So rewrite the engine or get a new one which will allow anyone with more current hardware specs to at a minimum run the sim (Prepar3d) at mid slider to higher settings and have a fluid experience without jaggies, freezing etc as the scenery/graphics load. That to me would be the holy grail for Prepar3d and really make it shine. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  5. Well, my take is that with the amount of topographical data that is available these days I do not see why the continent cannot be done to an acceptable level. I get that it is a huge continent and maybe just maybe there isnt enough data to dig into the weeds for modeling, but still. With the bulk of the world depicted already in the sims it just needs to happen. There are enough countries that have more modern styled airports and such that should be in. It is almost like no one wants to do it because of the whole, well no one wants to fly there blah blah poop. However I think most of us have seen videos of agencies that do flights in the areas, from rudimentary airstrips and such and bush flying. It can be done and I feel there is a market for it to do more exploring. Look at one of the world wonders Victoria Falls, your telling me that that cannot be done in say a 100 Sq mile around it come on. Adding more airports are outstanding and as many have seen me say in the past podcasts that developers adding more airports to other countries is outstanding but this is just an untapped region and whomever does this first stands to be the go to in the future and garner support/monies for further development.
  6. Look I doubt I said you needed global plain and simple. Whenever I made mention of any sceneries I would say that global is a nice start to enhance the areas but never would i say you MUST buy a region first...again rethink that. However I am NOT going to apologize for my own thoughts and opinions as they are my own just as anyone else. If you feel the need to attempt to change my thoughts then good luck. Lastly this will be my final post so for anyone else wishing to jump on my position go ahead but I wont be responding. As I said, if you cannot handle someone elses opinion that differs from yours then so be it. Agree to disagree, you CANNOT agree with what everyone thinks plain and simple.
  7. Enough all your doing is egging this on for no good reason. Grow up agree to disagree and move on.
  8. If your taking it that serious then whats the point of having discourse and have alternate opinions. Makes no sense whatsoever to take it personal but what I feel about the situation sticks. I dont see whats being missed in what I said...if you have concerns or whatever on a product then whats so hard in asking customer service beforehand to ensure things are on the up and up first. But to sit here and give the whole I'm (being me) all high and mighty is pretty weak as you can sit and state your thoughts and opinion on the matter but I cannot but I in no way jumped on your position now did I?! So I guess YOUR opinion only matters right...see how that works. But if being snarky and childish is your thing on someone else thoughts is your bag well so be it then.
  9. For someone who has bought my fair share of Orbx products (and i have NEVER felt mislead) and to include the said schmuck who did this video this was not even needed to make a video over. Preface...this is not a paid comment/response from anyone ALL my comments as always are from me dont care... Now, I have NEVER heard anyone in the past number of years bitch with Orbx and railing against because they bought an airport pack and felt cheated/mislead...I have NEVER HEARD anyone in the past number of years bitch and whine after buying said airport pack that they also bought the corresponding regional pack if it fell in there and feel cheated/mislead. Can the words/verbs on the product page seem misleading maybe, maybe not. Is it a more PROBABLE case of needing to revamp the grammar abit to make it abit more clean/plain sure maybe that is whats needed. But for someone who has been making flightsim videos for a number of years (that person in the video) all of the sudden come out of nowhere and post this shit is bunk. This is the same guy over the years who has praised them and done videos with new scenery from Orbx as well. This to me is just an outright attempt for attention and I also feel he must have had his freaking peepee slapped about something and is crying foul. Well you know Froogle, get the fuck over yourself. You are NOT the flightsim insider, guru, expert, god that you think you are and videos like this do nothing but cause upheaval and problems. IF you or anyone out there who happen to read this and feel like you may be mislead fucking contact customer support before pushing the god damn button. Grow the fuck up and ask questions and not feel like some hapless child who doesnt know fucking better and not ask a god damn question first. Oh and if anyone doesnt like what I said well hey tough...If your a damn adult spending large sums of money for ANYTHING and you buy something without double checking first or insuring things are ok then its your own damn fault if later you felt duped. Do your damn due diligence and ask a question beforehand...
  10. Late on this however what I do not understand is why they have armed aircraft with non armed aircraft. What I am accustomed to (again US Military) you would normally have armed/loaded aircraft in an area for specifically that. It boggles my mind additionally that your doing maintenance on an aircraft (should have been done previous to being armed) that is ready to go. AND what in the hell possessed the maintainer to powerup, arm AND fire the damn gun. Maybe the maintainer had no clue the bird was loaded (that brings up more issues) and was checking system functionality but all in all this is a HUGE breakdown in well everything. So much more I could say on this but I'll leave it there
  11. Definitely will watch this..interestingly I came in to work one day (in my final months of service) and one of the pilots were like..paraphrasing here..."Hey Sgt, so yea we got a request for information from the MUFON office and you get to do the letter and provide information. Was funny to me as I never would have expected that my name would be in the MUFON files under an official capacity. But there was a whole other event that I was witness to that was absolutely compelling that there is something in the air and it aint us. Where I was on a temporary duty assignment that the entire shift went into full tilt. The silence in the command area I worked in was something and the level of events, calls etc that was done. What we saw and witnessed made everyone just remain quiet and have blank stares. I tell you this, after that day although I had always believed, that day cemented my beliefs.
  12. There are things in the sky we do not know for sure and for world governments to put the lid on stuff like this really must end. There are far too many reports, sightings, videos (good ones) and other material that supports things like this. I feel its not so much to call them UFO's as well, things like this HAVE been identified but no label has been put to them as we just dont know where they came from. Its easy imho to say UFO in a more general relative term but putting a label on it is what makes it more interesting...what IS this thing we have seen and how do we define it. Besides, countless millions already believe in this as it is and like in so many other media formats that discuss this...governments feel that humanity as a whole is not ready (according to them) to accept the fact that these things exist and its easier to cover it up for possible mass fear. And yes, after things I have seen and read I do believe that there are things that are definitely not built and flown by humans
  13. Negative, adding more and more civilian flyable aircraft to a war sim just doesnt make sense at all to me. If i want to fly civilian aircraft there are other more established civilian style flight sims. There are only a few war sims out there now and DCS being one needs to remain as such. Yes add the world map of course, add a few civilian aircraft again for mission types or something but any dedicated development to add complex civilian aircraft like there are in other established sims will detract to me from the main direction of this being a war sim.
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