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  1. Ok that fee is highly outrageous. You would think that they would change things up and be open espescially when your indicating that there is going to be an aviation related event going on for a couple days in the area and you will not be open for it....yea, who in the F picked Orlando
  2. These updates and the work being done on infrastructure (hurry up codec updates cuz you know audio quality), I will be more apt to get back to the online flying side of things. Good job VATSIM, overdue but good job
  3. Well no surprise to me at all. The sounds for both of his heavies from Versions 1 for both the 727 and 737 have been outstanding, i'd expect no less.
  4. I wouldnt sit and wait for some new GPUs just to launch unless your doing that for the price drops of whats available now. I made a HUGE mistake doing that when I could have purchased the 1080Ti and opted to wait because talking with a fellow nerd at the store was like..."hey remember the new NVIDIA card is going to launch soon you may want to wait." STupid me i was like oh yea ill do that, and put the box back down like an idiot. If you have the means to purchase I say jump on it, there is at this point no good reason to sit and wait for alleged releases of new hardware, ESPESICALLY GPU's.
  5. Yea no sweat, figured i'd definitely give abit more info once you mentioned VR. Its why my new design for my next build has 32 gigs of memory most of all.
  6. Keep in mind that if you ever watch your resources espescially in VR there is a huge uptick memory use as well, by giving yourself that 32gig buffer its more ideal and not get close to tapping out your "main" memory pool. When I use VR and look at resource use it gets very high
  7. I can understand anyones sentiment that if it is on the east coast of the country it makes it easier BUT it is obvious to me that this is going to turn into a running side show of where will it be next. This as I said on the show and now here does no one any good. Stability is key and had they of kept it in Las Vegas it would guarantee that every year people know EXACTLY where it will be and more importantly they know that there is TONS of entertainment to be had after the days events. I have never been to Orlando, but I have never heard anyone brag about its abundance of night life and activities. Of all of the choices Vegas to me was the best option for people who wanted to also have a vacation/holiday as well. Meh, Orlando...meh
  8. To me this is a solid system, i cant see anything currently available on the market that you will not be able to run/use without problems. The only thing I would change is upping your memory from 16 to 32 but aside from that very solid.
  9. Well, so much for saving money for people and have a guaranteed location. Not sure at the moment if I will go to this now.
  10. This is interesting, if this truly works then its going to be a bit of a changer for P3D. The biggest issue will be those using payware products already and installed and it working with Ortho. I am most curious to see down the road people who give this ago and what they see. Additionally i'm curious if the file sizes are comparable to X-Plane as well and if the quality is any better. Things like this are great as a whole for people who do not want to spend large amount of monies and its a great solution, but the jury is out for me until I see people take the risk and give it a go and show shots, and videos as well
  11. DAAAAMN, shit looks nice and if the systems are heavily modeled as well. O MA G
  12. i personally cant see this post since i no longer use FB. However if it rivals the TFDi offering thats something
  13. Hello pilots, So I came across an issue were I could not taxi any GA aircraft properly in XP. After a long bout of frustration, looking at configs and posting a question it appears that by default XP disables your nose wheel steering. This effectively turns ANY GA (not sure about heavies) normal rudder pedal input to taxi into a free castoring nose wheel even if the plane does not have free castor. The fix is you need to set a bind to a key or stick for nose wheel steering toggle thus allowing you to reengage normal ground taxi operations. If you have this issue, hopefully this clears it up for you!! Noodz SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :