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  1. It’s not the first time we’ve been seeing this airport, but Pilot Experience Sim has shared some more Bordeaux (LFBD) previews with us. The previews focus on Terminal A of the airport, and appear to be featuring GSX SODE jetways. The previews are also showing off PBR textures on the rest of the building, as […] SOURCE:
  2. JustSim has announced a big update coming to Larnaca (LCLK): Larnaca v2. The update focusses on using PBR texture materials and using the Prepar3D v4.4 SDK for additional optimisations. There are also some other changes, such as additional autogen, new animated vehicles, animated SODE windsocks, and modifications to the current GSX and SODE implementations that […] SOURCE:
  3. Global AI Ships has received an update which has added several new ships and boats On an AVSIM forum post, Henrik Nielsen has released a major update for his Global AI Ships Traffic package which adds over 1100 new ships and routes throughout the entire world. This package includes cruise ships, frigates, oil tankers, fishing […] SOURCE:
  4. FS2Crew is widely known for their virtual copilots, and now we have a virtual ground crew from them as well. Ultimate Ground Crew X has been in development for many years, and now we are finally able to get our own first look at the product. Let’s dive right in and see what Ultimate Ground Crew […] SOURCE:
  5. After a large update last week, the guys at FSDreamTeam have released another little update. FSDreamTeam released a large update which included several brand new features such as their new QuickPushback system and dynamic apparel for the marshaller. This update has added new regional accents. These include, British, Australian, German, Indian and Italian. The default […] SOURCE:
  6. Every year at some point in the fall the team at Navigraph gathers for their yearly workshop. This year, the workshop was held with as goal to kick off some new projects. The workshop led to a roadmap for Navigraph for the coming 12 months, which Navigraph has presented in one of their blogs. The […] SOURCE:
  7. As another week draws to a close, you can find a list of our releases this week below: GSX Profiles Freeware Sevilla Aerosoft Nassau Dynamic Lighting ORBX Melbourne A_A Sceneries Bangkok FSDG Dakar Eiresim Cork Freeware Sevilla Liveries KLM PMDG 747-400 (PH-BFL) Northwest Airlines MD-82 Republic hybrid (N312RC) Air Transport International CS757-200 (N531UA) Air Serbia […] SOURCE:
  8. Continuing our effort to explore the communities favorite add-ons for flight sim, this month we want to know your all-time favorite top 5 plugins for X-Plane 11. We have listed 10 in the poll but if your favorite is not listed please select “other” and let us know what it is. Please select your 5 […] SOURCE:
  9. QualityWings posted a status update on their Facebook page for their Ultimate 787 Collection. Version 1.2 will feature the 787-10 and various updates to the 787-8 and -9. This new major update to their Ultimate 787 Collection is close to completion. QualityWings stated that they are working through the last open items before being released. […] SOURCE:
  10. Following the road map provided last update, Microsoft has released the current schedule for the Tech Alpha Timeline. Microsoft also released an image with procedurally generated grass in a field. The caption reads, “The grass is always greener… especially when its procedurally generated” hinting at volumetric grass being stock to all parts of the sim. On […] SOURCE:
  11. Over on Facebook FLYT posted previews of their upcoming scenery Champaign-Urbana City Scene for X-Plane 11. The Champaign-Urbana City Scene features 500,000 accurately placed trees, more than 45,000 autogen buildings, and over 40 highly detailed points of interest. Included are both University of Illinois Willard Airport (KCMI) and Frasca Field (C16). In the preview pictures, attention […] SOURCE:
  12. Over on their Facebook page, Milviz has shown off a new preview of their upcoming F-16C! In the image we were provided, we can see the aircraft has already been fitted with an assortment of weapons, as well as drop tanks. As learned from some of Milviz’s comments under the post, the F-16C will be […] SOURCE:
  13. Runway 26 Simulations has published some more previews of their newest project. Ranked as one of the most dangerous airports in the world, the developer has given us a better look at their upcoming Toncontín Airport (MHTG). The previews give us a clear view of the ATC tower and main terminal building, the runway and […] SOURCE:
  14. JustFlight has been showing off their in development Traffic Global add-on for X-Plane for a while now. This time, JustFlight’s official YouTube account uploaded a new preview video. The video shows high quality modelled and textured airplanes taxiing along taxiways, taking off, and landing. We also get to hear the sound effects that come with […] SOURCE:
  15. With a single image, it seems Orbx is starting the competition with GayaSimulation. Over on the Orbx forums, John Venema posted an image with a sign going to Courchevel (LFLJ). The title of the anouncement being ‘Coming soon ….’. For now, all we know about Orbx Courchevel Altiport is that it will be released for […] SOURCE:
  16. Finally, after many years of development and quite lengthy delays, FS2Crew has released their highly anticipated Ultimate Ground Crew X (UGCX) add-on. With UGCX, FS2Crew aims to enhance your pushback and ground-crew experience. UGCX features custom pushback methods, with advanced and customisable pushback options and several custom pushback vehicles. It also features towing, fire trucks, […] SOURCE:
  17. In a post on their Facebook page, developer Verticalsim Studios announced the latest version of their Vstates ortho project. Alongside updated versions of Alabama and Illinois, the developer has made Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania available. The VStates ortho project aims to provide colour-corrected ortho/satellite imagery for the entire mainland United […] SOURCE:
  18. John Venema from Orbx has shared that the Orbx team will soon be releasing Leeds Bradford Airport for both X-Plane 11 and Prepar3D V4. The airport in the North of England is being developed by the same in-house UK team who delivered London City previously and Leeds will feature full PBR material objects and texturing […] SOURCE:
  19. Scenery developer RFScenerybuilding has today announced that they are continuing their of developing Italian airports for FSX and Prepar3D V3-4. The next project from the team will be LIPR Federico Fellini International Airport. Federico Fellini International Airport, in the north-east of Italy has a single 9,700ft runway, which makes it suitable for most aircraft types. However, […] SOURCE:
  20. Orbx’s John Venema announced three new airports for X-Plane 11 on the Orbx Forums. The three airports for TrueEarth Washington and Oregon are KORS Orcas Island for Washington and both 7S3 Stark’s Twin Oaks Airpark and WA79 Walter Sutton’s Airstrip for Oregon. 7S3 Stark’s Twin Oaks Airpark Stark’s Twin Oaks Airpark is located near Portland, […] SOURCE:
  21. PKSIM has taken to Facebook to post more screenshots of their upcoming Bogota airport scenery. The three images that were posted show the night lighting featured with Bogota at both the cargo and terminal ramps. Along with the pictures, PKSIM stated that beta testing has commenced and some issues have emerged. Lighting was cited as […] SOURCE:
  22. FSDreamTeam’s GSX has been updated to Version 2.7.1. This update is free to existing GSX customers for both Prepar3D v4.4+ and FSX. This new version of GSX offers an update to the QuickPushback feature that was added with version 2.7. When configuring QuickPushback a real time preview of the actual path is now shown. Once […] SOURCE:
  23. VATSIM has opened the polls for choosing the airports that will be featured during their bi-annual CTP event. Only VATSIM members are allowed to vote. They are asked to pick one departure and one arrival airport among twelve choices for each. The event will be eastbound this time. VATSIM CTP events are the busiest events […] SOURCE:
  24. TOGA Projects has been quiet now for a few months as they have worked on updating a range of products. The first product to receive a fresh update will be Envshade. The tool is a shader enhancement product that helps users get a realistic looking simulator based on real-world experience. SP1 will bring a few […] SOURCE:
  25. Developer Kolibri Simulations has shared a couple of new previews for their upcoming LGPA Paros Airport in Prepar3D. The two new previews give us a small glimpse into the terminal building modelling, along with some 3D grass just off of the runway. Based on the screenshots, it would appear that this product is based on the […] SOURCE:
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