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  1. Carenado has updated their latest Embraer 120 to version 1.1. It is usual for Carenado to update their products shortly after release, based on customers feedback. Whilst the update is minor, it does include all-new United Express and Skipper liveries. Further changes include fixing the Flight 1 GTN integration, manual engine shutdown fixes and also […] SOURCE:
  2. FSDreamteam has updated GSX to version 2.7.3. This version introduces pushback with multiple waypoints. The new custom pushback uses hand placed nodes to create routes, similar to an AFCAD creation. The nodes are created ingame, using a combination of key presses and mouse clicks. It is fairly simple to use, and up to 9 waypoints […] SOURCE:
  3. David Rosenfeld has yet again shared more previews of his upcoming scenery for Ben Gurion (Tel Aviv) Airport. The previews showcase an airport in a seemingly nearly finished state. There are lot of details to find find throughout the scenery previews. Most notable are the airport gates and parking places, which are rather occupied with […] SOURCE:
  4. Scenery developer Technobrain has released a new scenery package which covers the region of Tokyo, in Japan, with photo scenery based off of Satellite imagery. Tokyo, one of the most populated cities in the world, features a range of iconic buildings, varied landscapes and architecture, which makes for some scenic flight simulation views. Technobrain has […] SOURCE:
  5. During an interview with Drawyah during the Flight Sim Show 2019, Just Flight developer Martyn Northall announced the development of the entire Airbus A300 series. The development will start with the Airbus A300B4 aircraft, and then move on to the modernized A300-600 and the shorter A310, who both share the same glass cockpit technology. Just […] SOURCE:
  6. As promised, Microsoft is delivering the deliverables and this is no different with the October 10th update. Posted on the MSFS 2020 website, the October 10th update will give us more information on the feedback pipeline, the Tech Alpha timeline, and a build program update. The first episode of the Feature Discovery Series has been […] SOURCE:
  7. Anyone have Vatsim’s CTP on their mind? MK-Studios certainly does! Earlier today they published a status update for their current products on Facebook. Starting with Dublin, all buildings and ground textures are made with full PBR material. Included below are some pictures of Dublin as it goes into Internal beta testing. They also hinted that […] SOURCE:
  8. Aeroplane Heaven posted on Facebook about their newest plane, the Tencam P2010 for Prepar3D V4.5 and higher. The Tencam P2010 is a new aircraft that competes directly with its rival, the Cessna 172. Designed by Professor Luigi Pascale, the P2010 is built with a carbon fiber fuselage and metal wing for a superb 4 seat […] SOURCE:
  9. Developers PKSim has announced a few new airport products in the works following on from the release of Bogota earlier this month. In a post on Facebook, the team shared what the current roadmap for the team looks like. Starting off, the team shared the news that they will be working on Jorge Chavez International […] SOURCE:
  10. OldProp has updated its 787 Immersion package to support the recently released QualityWings 787-10 update. The update is available right now through VFXCentral, the add-on manager provided by OldProp. The 787 Immersion package aims to enhance your simulator visuals by providing a number of added effects. These effects include, for example, wing condensation, engine condensation, […] SOURCE:
  11. JustFlight released a short minute and a half video on Facebook addressing various questions surrounding Traffic Global for X-Plane 11. Traffic Global is still in development and aims to add high quality AI models in accurate airline liveries to the skies of X-Plane 11. Many have asked JustFlight if the installation is simple. The installation […] SOURCE:
  12. Development team FlyTampa continues to delve into the world of X-Plane 11, with Greek airports. This time, the team are close to releasing Heraklion airport for X-Plane 11 and the team shared with us some brand new details and previews of the airport in development. The first bit of information we can share is that […] SOURCE:
  13. After being announced by Aerosoft back in July, Chania airport has been released. The scenery, made by Emmanuel Stefanakis, is available on the Aerosoft shop for €19,29. The airport is available for Prepar3D v4 only. Chania ‘Ioannis Daskalogiannis’ International Airport (LGSA) is located on the Greek island of Crete. The airport serves a large number […] SOURCE:
  14. In a surprisingly quiet announcement at Cosford, Pilot Plus has announced that their Bristol Definitive scenery will be coming to Prepar3D. Few details were provided other than the fact that it is coming ‘soon’; the feature list provided on the handout we received includes the following (which are present in the X-Plane version as well): […] SOURCE:
  15. Over on Facebook, Aerosoft announced a brand new partnership with Reamsim Gear to market their products in Europe and the middle east. At Cosford on Saturday, Jarrod Barker from Realsim Gear and Winfried Diekmann from Aerosoft signed the agreement. This will give simmers in Europe and the middle east access Realsim Gear’s modules by purchasing […] SOURCE:
  16. Developer JustSim has updated their P3D version of Linz Airport (LOWL) to version 2.0. Notable changes include the addition of PBR-based materials compatible with P3D version 4.4 and above. The update also includes changes to ground polygon textures, the addition of SODE animated wind socks, and modified AFCAD files. Located near Linz, the third-largest city […] SOURCE:
  17. Blue Sky Star is known for providing some great sound package add-ons for planes in both X-Plane and P3D and their upcoming sound package for the Toliss A319 in X-Plane is sure to be another hit. In a post on their Facebook page, the developer has an exhaustive list of all of the features included […] SOURCE:
  18. QualityWings has released a hotfix for their Ultimate 787 Collection. The hotfix follows on the Service Pack 2 update, which was released just a few days ago, and brought us the long awaited Boeing 787-10. The hotfix comes with a few fixes for some issues, such as a fix for the ‘flaps 20 take-off flap- […] SOURCE:
  19. The “World’s Most Dangerous Airport”, Lukla, has been released for Prepar3D V4. Aerosoft Lukla – Mount Everest Extreme is the successor to “Lukla X -Mount Everest”, this new version brings far more content than the past and sets the bar even higher for Lukla and the surrounding area. Lukla features an extremely short, severely sloped […] SOURCE:
  20. IXEG developer Tom Kyler posted a brief update on the status of FMS work in the IXEG 733. Early in the year, Kyler posted that developers were considering transitioning the FMS system to the XP1100 Navdata format. This newer format would mean greater accuracy in procedures and improved LNAV/VNAV and performance calculations. In this latest […] SOURCE:
  21. Pilot Plus has released an update for their Bristol Definitive scenery, for X-Plane 11, to version 1.1. On their website, they detail the changes. The update includes only a few changes, but all three of relative significance: an overhauled installer, further airside clutter, and a red beacon to the airport lighting. They inform us that […] SOURCE:
  22. A2A Simulations has taken to Facebook to share a post from Airtech Simulation regarding their Spitfire simulation software. They’re excited to announce that thanks to a renewed partnership between the two organizations, A2A is in the ‘final stages’ of developing their Spitfire simulation for Laminar Research’s X-Plane 11. No significant details were provided, however as […] SOURCE:
  23. In a short tweet, VATSIM has confirmed the opening of the Cross The Pond Eastbound 2019 pilot slots booking. The reservations will start today (October 6th) at 1800Z. The booking opening is gradual and will be as follows: 1800Z – MCO/ORD slots 1830Z – MIA slots 1900Z – YYZ/BOS slots 1930Z – JFK slots The […] SOURCE:
  24. [This is a live article with updates and images coming as we get them] During Flight Sim Show 2019, Aerosoft allowed Stairport Sceneries to deliver a presentation on the upcoming new SAM (Scenery Animation Manager) version 2. The demonstration was delivered live during the presentation. SAM Version 2 The first element the team wanted to […] SOURCE:
  25. [This is a live article and will be updated over the weekend with images and details as we get them] Infinite Flight took to the stage this morning to talk about their mobile flight simulator. Laura, CEO, took to the stage and gave a brief overview of the platform along with some exciting new announcements. […] SOURCE:
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