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  1. Scenery developer MK-Studios has a brief overview of the current status for their upcoming Dublin airport. It has been quiet from the team for a while as they took time off for vacation, however, it is now full-speed ahead on bringing the airport to life in Prepar3D. The brief overview stated that modelling and texturing […] SOURCE:
  2. Immersive Audio has released a brand new service pack for their NGX Cockpit Sound Immersion. The NGX Cockpit Sound Immersion package replaces the default sounds from the PMDG aircraft with high-quality alternative recordings direct from the real aircraft. The new service pack includes some changes and additional sound effects. The changes include an enhanced speed break sound, […] SOURCE:
  3. Scenery developers Pilot Experience Sim has updated Montpellier–Méditerranée Airport on Prepar3D V4. The new update brings the product to version 1.37. New features of the update include an updated AFCAD which fixes airline names and gate settings, along with updated jetways autogen settings. Furthermore, the user manual has been updated to reflect these new changes. The […] SOURCE:
  4. Developers GayaSimulations, with Orbx publishing, has released LFLJ Courchevel Altiport. The airport in the French Alps has the steepest inclined runway in the world for an international airport. This presents a challenge unlike any other as you pilot aircraft up to 50-passengers capacity, or the use of helicopters on the various landing pads. Developer Gaya Simulations […] SOURCE:
  5. FSDG has released their DTNH Enfidha Hammamet International Airport scenery. Located in Tunisia and opened in 2010, Enfidha airport was built to serve the Hammamet seaside resort, 45 km to the north. The city’s closest airports were previously either Monastir or Tunis airports, located more than an hour of driving away. The airport has served […] SOURCE:
  6. Delta Air Lines fans rejoice! Developer Imaginesim has dropped more tantalizing photos of their upcoming Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL) scenery for X-Plane. The airport, located in the state of Georgia, is one of the busiest in the world, acting as a hub for a variety of flights throughout North America and around the world. […] SOURCE:
  7. Iain Emms has shared his final shots for the upcoming Orbx / GayaSimulations’ LFLJ Courchevel on X-Plane 11. This then typically means that a release for the product is right around the corner. As we wrote before, LFLJ Courchevel Altiport (not a misspelling), serves as an important destination for skiiers in the region, by offering easy access […] SOURCE:
  8. Just Flight has shared another video for their upcoming AI traffic program in X-Plane 11. Traffic Global will add worldwide coverage to the X-Plane environment for AI traffic. Airlines, aircraft types and schedules will all be up-to-date. During the video, we are given a few new details for what we can expect in the product. […] SOURCE:
  9. As previewed last August, Colombian developer PKSIM has finally released their Bogotá El Dorado International Airport scenery for Prepar3D v4. Serving 32.7 million passengers in 2018, El Dorado International Airport is the main gateway to Colombia and home to several airlines, the most important being Colombian national carrier Avianca. Located in the outskirts of Bogotá, […] SOURCE:
  10. Developer Logo Projets has released La Rochelle (LFBH) Airport for X-Plane 11. The airport features highly detailed buildings and surrounding industrial areas, including zoom level 18 ortho scenery. Making use of customized grass and vegetation, the airport also features immersive night lighting. La Rochelle Airport is an international airport serving the city of La Rochelle […] SOURCE:
  11. Stefano from the “Fly the Maddog” forums has announced a new open beta available to download for existing customers. The developers have fixed previously reported issues with the 1.5b476 Open Beta and have updated a few features of the aircraft (and its documentation) as well. Keep in mind that this update is only available for […] SOURCE:
  12. Canada sadly hasn’t received a lot of love from the scenery building community in the past. Gladly this has slowly been changing. Nestled in the heart of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, is the province’s capital city and the major airport in the region served by Air Canada’s Jazz, Delta Airlines, Westjet, as well as several smaller […] SOURCE:
  13. Although we shared details only shared a few days ago, we thought this video shares a feature not yet seen from previous previews of the Aerosoft A330 Professional yet. This new video, by YouTube user Rolf Fritze shows the tight integration between the aircraft and GSX Level 2. The 13-minute video shows the process for deboarding, fueling […] SOURCE:
  14. Microsoft continue to deliver on their regular Thursday updates (and earlier than usual, too) with a new update via their Microsoft Flight Simulator blog. The new update was brief and focused on introducing the new discovery series, which will focus on various elements that all community members are desperate to know more about. The blog […] SOURCE:
  15. Announced back in February of this year, Short Final Design is now in the final stages before releasing their anticipated SFD Global project for X-Plane 11. The new utility will transform the world of X-Plane and replace ground textures as well as implement regional autogen. According to the developer, who is known as MisterX in […] SOURCE:
  16. Lockheed Martin has issued a new hotfix for Prepar3D v4.5. The new hotfix, available now, and brings the simulator to version The new hotfix brings a few new features along with additional improvements, particularly to Virtual Reality (VR). According to the blog post made on Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D website, the new update improves the […] SOURCE:
  17. Mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight continues to improve and enrich the experience for users. This time, the focus has shifted to ensuring that the user interface (UI) continues to be intuitive and flexible as the simulator continues to expand and grow. Jason, part of the Digital Marketing team at Infinite Flight, published a small blog […] SOURCE:
  18. Developer Verticalsim Studios has released version 3.4 of their Providence (KPVD) airport scenery for X-Plane. While the list of updated items may appear small, the update is fairly significant. Version 3.4 adds items like better ortho scenery, PBR concrete textures and support for the SAM jetway plugin. Version 3.4 of the airport is currently on […] SOURCE:
  19. Developer Carenado has announced their next X-Plane 11 project in a post on their Facebook page: the CT182T Skylane G1000. The popular Cessna 182 is featured in full high definition glory in a series of teaser pictures in the post, with the Garmin G1000 front and centre in a few of the images. If the […] SOURCE:
  20. Developers FlyTampa shared a sneaky image earlier on today via Facebook, with little else to go along with it. Fortunately, the team were kind enough to share a series of brand new previews for their upcoming AthensXP, along with some new details. Furthermore, Prepar3D users will be pleased to also hear that we have some […] SOURCE:
  21. Orbx has released today KORS Orcas Island, 7S3 Stark’s Twin Oaks and WA79 Walter Sutton’s Private Strip for X-Plane 11. Announced less than a week ago, those three airports are ports from Prepar3D and are designed to integrate seamlessly in TrueEarth USA Washington (KORS) and Oregon (7S3 and WA79). They will require version 1.1.0 of […] SOURCE:
  22. The folks at Just Flight announced they will soon be bringing flyers the opportunity to try some of the most picturesque and beautiful flying in Great Britain. Its time to take a trip up to bonnie Scotland. Just Flight’s claims their new GenMart system which uses a combination of photographic scenery with accurately placed objects […] SOURCE:
  23. Scenery developer GayaSimulations are proudly in full swing after their surprise cross-announcement with Orbx who are working closely with the team. With their recently announced LFLJ Courchevel Altiport for X-Plane 11, the team also recently announced they would be bringing Vienna (LOWW) to both P3D and X-Plane. Along with new previews for Vienna, GayaSimulations also shared […] SOURCE:
  24. In a recent press release on The Skypark portal, Edson Soriano, the managing director for The Skypark, has announced the pricing and release details for their new utility. Two major modes will be available: The Skypark and The Skypark Online. The Skypark will be released in the next 2-3 months via Orbx Direct. As Soriano […] SOURCE:
  25. Developer of the much-anticipated A330, Aerosoft’s Mathias Kok has published details on the Aerosoft forum regarding the Electronic Flight Bag for the upcoming Airbus A330 for P3D. Mathias started by posting a screenshot of the Elecronic Flight Bag in action from the flight deck of the A330. The screenshot shows the final layout of the […] SOURCE:
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