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  1. Lukla Airport is often considered as the most dangerous airport in the world due to the unusual runway with the mountain right behind the end. One of my best friends visited Lukla in Nepal last week and he filmed this footage while he spent a few days at one of the most unique airports in the world. Usually he is a fotographer but he decided to film a few video clips over there aswell. I was quite surprised about the good outcome and we spontaniously decided to upload the footage on my channel. This is the only and probably the last guest video upload you` ll ever see on my channel. You can find a link to his channel if you scroll down. The airport is quite popular because Lukla is the starting point for all people who would like to start the climb to the Mount Everst base camp. For most of us aviation enthusiasts Lukla is quite famous aswell cause this airport is quite unique. You don` t have a chance to go around, if the pilots make a mistake you` ll end up in the wall behind the runway which already happened a few times. If you frequently approach this tiny airport you just need extreme piloting skills. Robin` s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Reach204/videos?sort=p&amp ;amp;flow=grid&view=0 Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  2. The Airbus A320 of Easyjet was in a hurry and overtook a massive Airbus A380 of Emirates shortly before the holding point of runway 23L. It can be as easy as that. Sometimes Airplanes are allowed to overtake other planes, for example when the flight is delayed or if they received an earlier slot. Some planes also have to wait a little longer at the holding point because the safety preparations weren` t finished yet. Just look at the size difference of the Airbus A380 and the tiny Airbus 320. The A320 looks like a toy play or a remote aircraft which is just taxing by although the Airbus A320 is already considered as a narrowbody aircraft. I love these size comparsions and I would like to thank the Easy crew for the perfect timing. New videoes every tuesday and friday. Thanks for watching.SOURCE
  3. Storm Diana mainly hit the UK and Ireland but parts of germany were affected by the storm aswell. This Airbus A380 of Emirates was hit by a wind gust shortly before touchdown which resulted in after touchdown corrections with the rudder again. Obviously not as much as in my A380 crosswind video from last year, but the sliding - slingering crosswind landing attempt was definitly visible. Right after the A380 the lovely Boeing 787 in the special Star Wars livery arrived from Tokyo. All Nippon Airways operates three different aircrafts with a special Star Wars livery to promote the movies. Another highlight was the Condor Boeing 767 which had to land on a wet runway. It wasn` t the windiest day with wind speeds just up to 25knts but the wind gusts kicked it quite agressive. We had wind gusts up to 50knots. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  4. The small Boeing 737 of Fedex always pointed its nose right at the Boeing 747s which were passing by, as if it was trying to watch every movement of the big brothers. The B737 basicly looked like a planespotter which tried to get a good picture of the Queen of the skies, the Boeing 747. Although the B737 is already a big plane it looks like a small toy plane when you direclty compare it to the Boeing 747. I filmed three Boeing 747` s of Kalitta within four hours and somehow a Boeing 737 was always involved aswell. Usually you only have approximitly four movements every hour at Liege but somehow I always filmed them moving together. One of the Kalitta 747` s was wearing a hybrid livery cause Kalitta is one of DHL` s main customoers. They usualy connect the DHL hub CVG with LEJ on a daily basis. Thanks for watching, new videes every friday and tuesday.SOURCE
  5. While the sun was setting last sunday at Cologne I filmed this 747 Pilot doing his job and he did it pretty well. He landed the Boeing 747 quite smooth on runway 06 which has no ILS. The main runway was closed due to construction works and that` s why the B747 had to land on the shorter runway 06. The landing was smooth but we were able to see lots of smoke coming from the landing gear during touchdown which was probably caused by a maximum auto break setting. After I filmed the 747 I tried to do a short timelapse of the remaining traffic and I mainly focused on red clouds in the background. Later I visited the visitor terace to film some night landings. It was my first attempt to film at night at Cologne and I was a little annoyed by the hugh flood light pole but I am satisfied with the results. New videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  6. The craziest airplane landings I have ever filmed and it happened in january 2018 at my local airport. Airplanes like the Dash-8 got thrown around like a feather and I don` t want to know what the poor passengers had to feel inside the airplane while they were thrown through the stormy weather. It was the most amazing aviation day of 2018 and this is supposed to be my first review of year 2018. I have never seen something like this before. We had 15 aborted landings and some of them didn` t even try it again. The Delta Boeing 767-400 for exampe never returend to DUS after its first go around. They diverted to Frankfurt. The Airbus A380 got lucky cause 30 minutes before they arrived from Dubai the wind decreased. Thanks for watching my crosswind review of 2018 and have a nice day- New videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  7. 14 big planes, beautiful autumn weather and great special liveries. Is there anything else you need for a perfect planespotting day? The special "Wildlife" Airbus A380 of Emirates is the most interesting Airbus A380 special livery which is currently cruising through the skies and yesterday it arrived at Düsseldorf during perfect weather conditions. L ast saturday I also filmed the special Star Wars livery of All Nippon Airways which arrived from Tokyo. Condor just started new long haul flights to the caribean and the new livery just looks stunning on the Boeing 767. It` s a pleasure to see these long haul birds on a daily basis at DUS from now on. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  8. Last week I decided to make a slow motion video for the first time and here is the result. I used an Airbus A330-300 of Lufthansa as a test object and if you like you can give me some feedback. Personally I like it but probably you got some ideas how I could improve my first slow motion videos. I am currently planing to give it another try next winter at Amsterdam Schiphol. The first landing portrays an Airbus A380 of Emirates which arrived on a wet runway. I love these situations, when the powerful thrust reversers of an Airbus A380 or a Boeing 747 collide with a wet runway and the water gets thrown around. Perfect motive for aviation videographers like me. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  9. An Embraer Phenom 300 Jet nervously moved around on final approach with a Boeing 787 right behind. As we all know objects in the rear view mirrow may appear closer than they are! Of course the nervous movements of the Phenom Jet were caused by the crosswinds which also affected the Boeing 787. Still it was a lovely motive and right after the Phenom Jet vacated runway 23L the Boeing 787 was already above runway. In december I will upload a video with all David vs. Goliaths scenes I have filmed this year, including the Boeing 747 vs. Cessna Citation, Airbus A340-600 vs Airbus A319 footage and many more. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  10. While I was waiting for an Antonov 124 to depart I filmed a traffic jam on taxiway Mike. A Mahan Airbus A340 just lined up on runway 23L while an Airbus A320 of Eurowings decided to overtake a Singapore Airbus A350 which probably wasn` t ready yet. Just a typical everyday situation at DUS around noon. An Airbus A340 departing, Airbus A350 right behind and a Delta Boeing 767 going AOG on the taxiway. Don` t what happened there but the Delta aircraft spent 30 minutes on the taxiway before taxing to another part of the airport. The 767 departed about 1 hour later but I was already gone. Currently Singapore is the only Airbus A350 operator at DUS after Cathay Pacific switched their flights to Brussels. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  11. I finally managed to edit the entire footage of my Frankfurt visit last month. I filmed over 100 big planes within 6 hours and in this video I included all heavy departures I was able to film during my visit. It` s the homebase of Lufthansa and that s why I was able to film almost the entire long haul fleet of the biggest german airline. Frankfurt is also a good place for rare long haul airplanes from other countries. Especialy the Vietnam Boeing 787 and the China Southern Airbus A330 in Skyteam colours were a nice addition to the standart traffic. Thanks for watching, new videoes every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  12. Wind speeds up to 40 knots caused some trouble today at Düsseldorf Airport. The pilots were able to show off their skills again. Especialy the wind gusts caused the planes to move around like light feathers in the wind but most pilots ended up with a perfect touchdown. Especialy the first Airbus A320 of S7 Airlines was moving around quite a lot but when the pilots touched the ground the Airbus was perfectly aligned with the runway. It` s always a pleasure to watch the Airbus A380 land and take-off but whenever crosswinds are involved it` s even more impressive. The Emirates Airbus A380 performed a perfect crosswind approach and landing today. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  13. While I was wating for the Boeing 747 of Air Cargo Global with the new livery a small Learjet 45 suddenly showed up in front of the Boeing 747 and I was able to record this nice David vs. Goliath situation. The Boeing 747 just received a new livery after Air Cargo Global stopped operations for almost three months. Now they added a few planets and stars to the red - tailed Boeing 747. Very unusual and unique looking Boeing 747! But my favorite part of this video was the sunset - crossing scene of the Boeing 747. Right after departure the B747 turned to the right and it was on the perfect flightlevel for a lovely suncrossing scene. Thanks for the great timing. New videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  14. This Antonov An-124 arrived at Düsseldorf with a record breaking delay of 112h hours! It` s quite rare to see one of the biggest cargo airplanes in the world at DUS Airport and it was an impressive visitor. Even the local media picked up the topic and wrote an article about this plane because the media station of the airport mentioned it on their social media presence. On its journey from Jakarta to Düsseldorf the Antonov had to refuel two times. The routing was Jakarta - Dhaka - Ashgabat - Düsseldorf. The hugh delay was not caused by a defect plane but by some paperwork issues. Previously some people mentioned it was broken but that was just a rumor. Thank you for watching, new videos every firday and saturday.SOURCE
  15. While waiting for some Boeing 747` s at Liege the weather cleared up and I spent some time filming overflights with contrails at cruise altitute. The traffic above Liege is quite interesting cause you are able to see lots of Heathrow traffic and as we all know, Heathrow is incredible when it comes to Heavy airplanes. I added a few contrail clips behind my last video, the Qantas B787 for example and I noticed lots of comments about this short clip. That` s why I decided to show you all contrails I have filmed at Liege that day. Of of my highlights was the Biman Bangladesh B777-300 and the Virgin B787-9. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  16. Lots of Boeing 747` s , beautfiul weather and great videography possibilities - What else do you need for a fantastic day? You can combine all of it at Liege, one of europes biggest cargo airports and my favorite airport. The first Boeing 747 operator is Air Atlanta Icelandic. They leased out three Boeing 747` s to Chapman Freeborn which is a well known cargo operator in the world. Those Boeing 747` s received special Magma titles. They mainly operate cargo charters from Africa to Liege and Doncaster in the UK. The second Boeing 747 belongs to CAL Cargo Airlines and received special "Challenge accepted" titles. It` s CAL` s newest claim and I kinda like it. I also included a few more airplanes which visited Liege this day, including a Kalitta B747, Astral B747, Fedex B777 and Iceland Air Cargo Boeing 757. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  17. An Airbus A340-600 of Iberia followed an Airbus A320 of Lufthansa on the ILS of runway 23R last week. It` s always an impressive motive for us aviation videograohers when a big plane shows up behind a smaller plane. In addition both planes had to deal with smoth crosswinds from the right. The timing of the A340-600 was perfect cause five minutes after the landing the sun was gone. Due to the perfect light conditions this was the most beautiful Airbus A340 landing I have ever filmed. Iberia upgraded the daily evening flight from an A321 to an A340-600. Don` t know exactly why they did it but usualy they use these heavies on short routes like Madrid - Düsseldorf to train new crews. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  18. The special Airbus A330-200 of Etihad in the ManCity special colors was on my bucket list for a long time. I have filmed the Airbus before but the weather didn` t cooperate. Last week I finaly managed to film the Airbus A330 during perfect weather conditions and I also included the other results. I started my day at Cologne to film a few planes of the Turkish Gvmt. Thereafter I headed to DUS to film the Airbus A330 of Etihad and later in the evening I filmed an Airbus A380 and a Boeing 787 of Emirates and All Nippon. I also included the newest airline at Düsseldorf. "Nordwind" connects Düsseldorf with Moscow up to 7 times / week. The Blimp is operated by WDL Luftschiff and they offer sightseeing flights over North Rhine Westfalia. It` s always a pleasure to watch the Airship pass by and this year I finally filmed it. The second Zeppelin promotes CAT and it`s based in Friedrichshafen near the Lake Constance. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  19. After landing on runway 06R at Liege this Boeing 757 almost vacated via the closed taxiway S3. The crew of the Boeing already entered the blocked taxiway but noticed the mistake just in time to go back on the runway. The Boeing 757-200 is one of my favorite Boeing planes and that` s why I was quite happy about the additional turns which allowed me to film the B757 in a few more angles. Sometimes you have to wait at Liege for more than two hours and nothing happens. Right after the Iceland Cargo B757 landed a Boeing 747 of CAL with "Challenge accepted" titles taxied to the active runway in the backrgound and a Kalitta Boeing 747-400 in DHL hybrid colours arrived right behind the 757. It was the first up four B747` s of Kalitta that day. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  20. This Boeing 747 of the rather unknown company "Astral Aviation" departed ferry from Liege to the United Kingkom with a smoking engine. Honestly that` s not what I liked most about this clip. My favorite part was the nose wheel close-up with the visible suspension of the front gear when the pilots used the brakes. Astral Aviation is a company from Africa which mainly connects its african hubs with its european base Liege. They leased two Boeing 747` s from Air Atlanta Icelandic which is a well known B747 lessor. This B747 departed empty because it was chartered for a cargo flight from the UK to Africa. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  21. Two Boeing 747` s on each side of the runway, waiting for departure and a small regional jet in the middle. This was my favorite scene of my Frankfurt visit last week. Somehow it looks like an ultimate disrespect of the small Canadair CRJ-700 aircraft, but that` s how it is. Even the big planes at a big airport like Frankfurt need feeder aircrafts like the CRJ-700 to fill the Boeing 747s and Airbus A380 long haul flights. The poor Air Bridge Cargo Boeing 747 even had to wait much longer cause a few more pax aircrafts were allowed to depart before him. After the 5th aircraft departed the ABC B747 moved a little forward, as if it was trying to increase the pressure and to get an earlier departure slot :D Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  22. Perfect weather, big planes and the Airbus A380, what else do you need for a fantastic planespotting day? I recorded a few heavy planes withing the last seven days and in this video I sumed up the results. The first Airbus A380 with these orange points had special "Expo" marks. Emirates currently promotes the Dubai World Expo 2020 on several airplanes. They have special liveries with blue, green and orange dots. Just 20 minutes after the orange Airbus A380 arrived the purple Airbus A330-300 of Etihad arrived from Abu Dhabi during perfect light conditions. The State of Kuwait Airbus A340-500 arrived a few minutes before the Airbus A380. All in all it was a fantastic day for the aviation enthusiasts at Düsseldorf. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  23. Lots of people say that the Antonov An-74 looks weird but in my opinion it`s one of the most unique and most amazing planes in the world. There are just a few of them still flying and in this video I am showing you the Antonov 74 with the most amazing livery. It` s operated by Shar Ink and I have seen this plane a few times but this was the first time I was able to film it in a satisfying way. The Anotnov arrived at Düsseldorf and came in from St. Petersburg. Tell me what you think about the Antonov AN-74 in the comment section. I also included a few Antonov An-12 and the Antonov An-22 which I filmed last November, so this is basicly a small Antnonov compilation. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  24. Here are some of the longest airplanes in the world. While I filmed the Airbus A340-600 of Lufthansa which got towed to the terminal an Air China Boeing 777-300 suddenly showed up in the background. At first I was a little disappointed cause it was the first time I saw a Air China B777-300 and the A340-600 blocked the view but it turned out to be an interesting situation. The idea for the "longest planes" video came up after I filmed the Airbus A350-1000 of Qatar which lined up right before the Boeing 747-8i of Lufthansa. Sadly I haven` t filmed the Antonov An225 yet, which is a big shame for a "Cargospotter" like me. I only included the longest planes of my Frankfurt visit last week but Frankfurt is a hotspot for big planes and if you are interested in watching the biggest and longest planes I highly recommend a visit at the biggest german airport. I hope you liked it, new videos every friday and tuesday.SOURCE
  25. Welcome to the german Skiathos - just kidding, but I have to say that I realy like this street and watching a Boeing 747 land during these beautiful evening light conditiosn makes these arrivals even more impressive. Since I wasn` t able to go the St. Martin this year I am happy about ever unusual landing I can film. I went to Cologne once again because the main runway 14L/32R was still closed due to construction works. It was the last chance cause since last sunday they re - open the runway again at 6pm which means that most heavy planes will land on the main runway again. Being able to film 10 big planes, 4 MD11, 3 B747, 1 B767 and 2 A300 within just three hours is an amazing opportunity and you are able to see these planes every sunday at Cologne. Thanks for watching, new videos every friday and tuesday.SOURCE