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  1. St. Barth is often considered as the craziest airport in the caribbean. Pilots who land at this unique airport have to dive down a hill which is located right behind the runway. There is a street on the hill aswell and it` s quite funny to watch the cars pass by even when a plane is passing by just a few meters above the roofs. You won` t see any big planes at this airport. There are mainly Cessnas, Twin otters and BN-2 Islanders which operate between the caribbean islands. The cockpit footage was filmed in a Cessna 208 Grand Caravan. The routing was St Martin - St Barth - St Martin. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  2. 30 big plane landings at the most amazing airport in europe - Amsterdam schiphol. Usually the traffic is quite spectacular with multiple Boeing 747` s, a few Airbus A380´ s and other heavy planes. You have spotterplaces just for people who would like to watch planes and there are no fences around the airport. It` s basicly planespotters` s paradise especially if you would like to get as close to the action as possible. Currently Schiphol has a few issues with slots and that` s why some cargo airilines are forced to move operations to nearby airports like Maastricht, Brussels or Liege. The airport is slowly reaching its maximum capacity. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  3. Let me know which planes or Airlines I should feature in my next #AskCargo episode by leaving a comment in the comment section. Last summer this Airbus A350 of Lufthansa visited the city of Dortmund, but it wasn` t able to land at the small airport because the taxiways were too small. This didn` t stop Lufthansa to perform a fantastic wingwave to say hi to the people on the ground which were waiting for one of the most modern long haul aircrafts in the fleet of Lufthansa to pass by. I included as many askcargo requests as possible and don` t forget to leave a comment with the planes which I should feature in my next askcargo episode. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  4. This Airbus A380 of Emirates arrived at Düsseldorf in the early morning hours because it wasn` t able fo land at Manchester due to fog. The A380 was already circling above Manchester before the crew decided to turn around and divert to Düsseldorf which is approximately 800km away from MAN. They overflew Birmingham, London, Amsterdam and many more possible alternate airports. Don` t know why the alternate was DUS. After last night brought some snow to our airport I decided to film some airplanes at DUS with a snow scenery. The weather wasn` t very cooperative. The fog disturbed a clear view on the runway and the departure footage of the A380 didn` t turn out the way I wanted it to be. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  5. This Boeing 767-400 of Delta Airlines usualy performs a "special line-up" at Düsseldorf before departing back home to Atlanta. They do it to gain a few extra meters for its take-off run on the rather short 3000m runway. The Dash-8 of Eurowings in front of the Boeing 767 had some issues and aborted the take-off. Probably the Dash8 was afraid by the heavy Boeing 767 behind. Usually when something like this happens it was caused by a medical issue on board the plane or some technical malfunctions. The Dash-8 taxied back to the ramp and I don` t know if it departed a few minutes later cause I stopped filming after the B767. These special line-ups are a result of the bad performance of a fully loaded Boeing 767. We used to have a few Boeing 767`s of Azur based at DUS a year ago and they had massive issues with the runway length. Sometimes they had to leave behind some luggage to keep within the MTOW restrictions. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  6. Boeing 747 low landings at St Maarten - Those were the days. KLM used to operate at least three weekly Boeing 747 flights from Amsterdam to St Maarten and sadly they stopped operating these flights cause the Airbus A330-200 is much more efficient on this particular route. It was a very sad moment for all aviation enthusiasts around the world when KLM officially announced the end of the Boeing 747 operations at Saint Maarten. Another Boeing 747 operator which frequently passed Maho Beach used to be Corsair but they also replaced the Boeing 747 with an Airbus A330-200 in their Orly flights. Currently even Air France reduced the flights for Paris from an Airbus A340 to an Airbus A330. Doesn` t change the fact that Maho Beach is on of the most amazing beaches in the world if you are interested in aviation. It` s definitly the biggest tourist attraction on the island and I am pretty sure we will return to this beautiful island one day. New videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  7. An Airbus A380 landing, a shiny Boeing 777 and perfect weather conditions, what else do you need for a perfect planespotting day? Etihad upgraded one of its daily flights from a regular Airbus A330-200 to a Boeing 777-300 yesterday and that` s why I showed up at the airport. It was quite cold (-4°C) which caused very clear weather conditions without any heat haze distortion which could be a major problem when filming with a high focal distance. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  8. Let me know which planes or Airlines I should feature in my next #AskCargo episode by leaving a comment in the comment section. I filmed this Saudi Cargo Boeing 777 two weeks ago at Amsterdam during sunset. The light was perfect and while I was waiting for a Suparna Boeing 747 (which didn` t show up) I got surprised by this lovely Boeing 777 which departed during perfect light conditions. I also fiimed a Condor Boeing 767 and an A380 of Emirates last week at Düsseldorf which is also visible in this weeks askcargo episode. Thanks for watching, new videos every friday and tuesday and a few AskCargo videos might sporadicly show up in between.SOURCE
  9. The Air Force One of Japan arrived at Amsterdam last week and I showed up at the dutch airport to film this Boeing 747. Whenever the head of Japan travels around the world he uses two Boeing 747` s and in this video you can also see both 747` s arrive within 20 minutes. It was probably my last chance cause the B747` s will be replaced my more modern Boeing 777-300` s in 2019. If you ask me I would prefer the B747 but sadly the beautiful queen is slowly aging and I assume it was time for something new. I also included more footage from Amsterdam, a few landings at the Polderbaan and a few planes that arrived on runway 36R while I was waiting for the Japan B747. Thanks for watching, new videos every friday and tuesday + sporadic AskCargos in between.SOURCE
  10. Let me know which airplanes or airlines I should feature in my next Askcargo episode. I decided to bring back askcargo cause it` s the best way to interact with you guys. I filmed a Boeing 787 of Norwegian for the first time at Amsterdam last week and the evening light was perfect. I was quite lucky cause the Boeing 787 departed with a delay of 60 minutes and I just arrived at the position when the Boeing started its pushback. Actually I showed up for a Boeing 777 of Saudia and I was very happy about the delayed Boeing 787 departure. New videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  11. While this Airbus A380 of Emirates was fighting with some crosswinds on short final at Düsseldorf Airport an Airbus A340 of Eurowings was patienly waiting at the holding point for its departure. An Airbus A320 didn` t care, overtook the Airbus A340 and performed and immediate departure right before the Airbus A380. It kinda looks impressive to see the big A380 showing up in the background and the small Airbus crew didn` t care at all and line up on the runway. The Airbus had a special EXPO 2020 livery. Emirates currently promotes the EXPO in Dubai and at least 10 A380` s have been painted in a special orange, blue or green EXPO livery. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  12. Amsterdam Schiphol is an amazing airport. You can observe several heavy planes every day and yesterday I tried to film a few heavies crossing the small river on its way to the Polderbaan. I recorded a few Airbus A330` s, Boeing 747`s and many more. Schiphol is my favorite airport in europe cause at some spots you don` t have any fences which block the view on the tarmac. The airport is only surrounded by these small rivers which act as a fence between the airport area and the normal area. I spent about 40 minutes at this location and my highlight was the Airbus A330 of Aeroflot. The Airbus looks stunning in the livery. Right after I finished filming at this spot I drove around the entire airport to film a special Boeing 747 from Japan which I will show you in another video. The landing footage was recorded at runway 36R. Up to 100 planespotters showed up to take pictures of the special 747 from Japan. I have never seen that many planespotters at Schiphol. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  13. This Airbus A340 of Eurowings was hit by some crosswinds right after departure from Düsseldorf Airport. The Airbus departed empty for a long haul flight to Manila (Philippines) for maintenance. I also included a few crosswind landings I filmed today. The Airbus A321 of Iberia had some issues with a few gusts and the Airbus A330 of Eurowings corrected too much and had to re-align with the runway on short final. All pilots did a great job as always and it` s nice to observe that many skilled jet pilots. Thanks for watching, new vidoes every tuesday and friday. Storm Benjamin was the first storm of year 2019 and although the weather forecast predicted lots of wind gusts they didn` t show up.SOURCE
  14. This Airbus A380 of Emirates promotes the EXPO 2020 at Dubai. I decided to use my full focal distance this time and filmed the A380 departure with 1600mm. It` s the first footage of 2019 and actually I showed up at the airport to film the Star Wars Boeing 787 with crosswinds once again. Shortly before I arrived they switched the runway directions and I had to deal with runway 05. The first flight of the Airbus A380 was in 2005 and its primary users are Emirates, Singapore, Qantas and Lufthansa. Since its production started in 2005 more than 230 planes have been built. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  15. Although the Airbus A330 is usually considered as a big and heavy plane, compared to the Airbus A380 it just looks like a small toy plane. I filmed this scene during my last visit at Frankfurt Airport. Both airplanes were parked at a remote stand in Franfurt and two pushback trucks brought the planes to its at gate at the terminal. Due to limited space some planes get parked far away from the terminal to use the gates as effective as possible. Although I have seen the Airbus A380 getting pushed or towed by a pushback truck a few times it still amazes me to see this heavy Airbus getting moved by such a small car. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  16. The last video of the year 2018 should be a video with my personal aviation highlights. After showing you my 70 minutes aviation review of year 2018 it` s now time for a short version with my personal highlights. My biggest highlight of the year was the Ilyushin IL-62 of Rada Airways which operated a cargo charter flight to Liege. I also filmed a few interesting and unusual Airshow moments. The first Airbus A350 of Lufthansa for example visited Dortmund and "waved" to the audience. It visited the city for a special christening event. I was also able to film a few lovely special liveries, like the "Visit Abu Dhabi 2018" Airbus A330-300 of Etihad which will be history very soon cause Etihad is slowly removing all Airbus A330-300 from it` s fleet. Thanks for watching my video, I wish you a great year 2019 and see you there! New videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  17. When you drive on this street you occasionally get surprised by an Airbus A380 above you. This street proceeds ight behind runway 05R at DUS and twice a day you can see an Airbus A380 of Emirates passing by. This street is also responsible for the disturbing background noise in most of my videos. Note the special livery with these green dots. Emirates promotes the EXPO at Dubai in 2020. To film this I used three cameras, one of them was placed on a bridge above the street, another one with a fixed view on the runway and a thrid camera was held by me and followed the Aribus A380 while it fllew over me. Year 2018 is almost over and I would like to thank all of you for supporting me by watching my videos. It was an awesome year and I hope you will coninue watching my videos in 2019. New videos every friday and tuesday.SOURCE
  18. The Ilyushin IL76 of Volga just started taxing to the runway and taxiway Mike was empty but suddenly an Airbus A319 of Germanwings cut off the IL76 while taxing to the holding point of runway 23L. It almost looked like it would be an easy win for the germanwings crew until an Eurowings Airbus A320 suddenly showed up out of nowhere and cut off the GWI A319. The Gerwanwigns crew didn` t care at all and overtook the Eurowings Airbus at the holding point. Easy win for GWI, Eurowings got second and the Ilyushin ended uo as Number three. An Ilyushin IL-76 of Volga Dnepr visited us yesterday and of course I tried fo film it. I could just show you the Departure and the arrival but I decided to included a few "normal planes" to point out the visual difference of the Airbus planes and the IL76. As you might now the IL76 and the Dc-8 are my favorite planes and it` s kinda hard to film one of these planes nowadays, especially at my home airport Düsseldorf. The shown IL-76 is a modern IL76 with modified engines with almost no significant sound. It sounds like an Airbus and can` t be compared to an IL76TD with classic engines. New videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  19. Yesterday I filmed another Antononv An124 at Geilenkirchen and usually backtracking planes can just turn around at the end of the runway. This Antonov An124 had to vacate the runway and used a big roundabout to turn around. It` s kinda impressive to see an AN124 perform a 180 turn with all these wheels. The An124 needs 24 wheels to be able to land and depart without any complications. Shortly before the takeoff the Antonov warmed up its engines with a 70% powerrun on the runway. They always do this to improve the performance of the engines and at big airports it often causes go arounds by the approaching planes right behind. The An124 often blocks the runway for more than seven minutes. New videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  20. It` s almost a tradition on my channel. At the end of the year I usually edit a video with the best scenes I filmed in 2018 and today I would like to present you my aviation review of this year. I prefer heavy planes and that` s why I mainly feature the biggest planes in my videos. Airbus A380` s, Boeing 747` s or the Antonov An124 are frequent visitors in my two weekly videos. All of these clips were recorded by myself at various airports in Europe, like Skiathos, Farnborough, Berlin, Amsterdam, Liege, Maastricht, Eindhoven, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt and many more. I would like to thank all of you for following me and watching my videos. I am always looking for special and unique planes and that` s why my personal highlight of the year was the Ilyuhsin IL-62F of Rada Airlines which is also included in this video. Thanks for watching, I hope you had a great year, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  21. This Boeing 737 of Sun Express landed on runway 23R and right after the touchdown the follow me car did its runway check to watch out for possible obstacles on the runway. The Follow me car in this video was stuck behind the Boeing 737 after vacating the runway and had to overtake it somehow but there wasn` t enaugh space to surpass. After the B737 stopped before corssing the second runway 23L the Follow me Car passed by. I also included a few nore landings on runway 23R at Düsseldorf. This is probably the best planespotting location at DUS but sadly the runway isn` t in use most of the time due to noise restrictions. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  22. Lukla Airport is often considered as the most dangerous airport in the world due to the unusual runway with the mountain right behind the end. One of my best friends visited Lukla in Nepal last week and he filmed this footage while he spent a few days at one of the most unique airports in the world. Usually he is a fotographer but he decided to film a few video clips over there aswell. I was quite surprised about the good outcome and we spontaniously decided to upload the footage on my channel. This is the only and probably the last guest video upload you` ll ever see on my channel. You can find a link to his channel if you scroll down. The airport is quite popular because Lukla is the starting point for all people who would like to start the climb to the Mount Everst base camp. For most of us aviation enthusiasts Lukla is quite famous aswell cause this airport is quite unique. You don` t have a chance to go around, if the pilots make a mistake you` ll end up in the wall behind the runway which already happened a few times. If you frequently approach this tiny airport you just need extreme piloting skills. Robin` s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Reach204/videos?sort=p&amp ;amp;flow=grid&view=0 Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  23. The Airbus A320 of Easyjet was in a hurry and overtook a massive Airbus A380 of Emirates shortly before the holding point of runway 23L. It can be as easy as that. Sometimes Airplanes are allowed to overtake other planes, for example when the flight is delayed or if they received an earlier slot. Some planes also have to wait a little longer at the holding point because the safety preparations weren` t finished yet. Just look at the size difference of the Airbus A380 and the tiny Airbus 320. The A320 looks like a toy play or a remote aircraft which is just taxing by although the Airbus A320 is already considered as a narrowbody aircraft. I love these size comparsions and I would like to thank the Easy crew for the perfect timing. New videoes every tuesday and friday. Thanks for watching.SOURCE
  24. Storm Diana mainly hit the UK and Ireland but parts of germany were affected by the storm aswell. This Airbus A380 of Emirates was hit by a wind gust shortly before touchdown which resulted in after touchdown corrections with the rudder again. Obviously not as much as in my A380 crosswind video from last year, but the sliding - slingering crosswind landing attempt was definitly visible. Right after the A380 the lovely Boeing 787 in the special Star Wars livery arrived from Tokyo. All Nippon Airways operates three different aircrafts with a special Star Wars livery to promote the movies. Another highlight was the Condor Boeing 767 which had to land on a wet runway. It wasn` t the windiest day with wind speeds just up to 25knts but the wind gusts kicked it quite agressive. We had wind gusts up to 50knots. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  25. The small Boeing 737 of Fedex always pointed its nose right at the Boeing 747s which were passing by, as if it was trying to watch every movement of the big brothers. The B737 basicly looked like a planespotter which tried to get a good picture of the Queen of the skies, the Boeing 747. Although the B737 is already a big plane it looks like a small toy plane when you direclty compare it to the Boeing 747. I filmed three Boeing 747` s of Kalitta within four hours and somehow a Boeing 737 was always involved aswell. Usually you only have approximitly four movements every hour at Liege but somehow I always filmed them moving together. One of the Kalitta 747` s was wearing a hybrid livery cause Kalitta is one of DHL` s main customoers. They usualy connect the DHL hub CVG with LEJ on a daily basis. Thanks for watching, new videes every friday and tuesday.SOURCE
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