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  1. As one sim falls, more rise. That said, the DOVETAIL tag won't be used much going forward, shall we rename it "MISC SIM" ? Open to suggestions until later tonight ! SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  2. New trailer for deadstick bush simulator. More info at the Steam product page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/771800/Deadstick__Bush_Flight_Simulator/ SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  3. Flight Sim World Free Mission Packs With the upcoming closure of Flight Sim World on May 24th, developer Dovetail Games has made the announcement that the mission packs they had created for FSW so far, will now be available for free. There are a total of three mission packs, respectively named ‘Epic Approaches’, ‘The Last Frontier’ and the ‘Spanish Job’. The mission packs can be downloaded from the Flight Sim World Steam Store page. It’s good to add that not only these mission packs are now available for free, there are also a lot of price drops from other developers active until the product will be closed on aforementioned date. Flight Sim World and purchased addons will remain in your Steam Library, but you will not be able to purchase the sim or new addons any longer after then. SOURCE INFO https://fselite.net/news/flight-sim-world-free-mission-packs/
  4. Is the following topic attributed to Froogle worth a discussion. Dovetail has the entertainment rights to FSX. Lockheed Martin had the rights for the FSX platform for use in training, etc. Lockheed Martin has two copies of Prepar3d for sale, the Professional version and the Academic version of Prepar3d at a much reduced price. When purchasing Prepared Lockheed Martin did not attempt to determine if the Sim was to be used in training or in the case of the Academic version, there no attempt by Lockheed Martin to determine the “Academic” status of the purchaser. Could Dovetail legally make a claim that Lockheed Martin made no attempt to determine how each copy of Prepar3d was to be used and therefore many copies were used for entertainment purposes, contributing to the demise of Flight Sim World. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  5. RIP Flight Sim World: Closure Announcement APRIL 23 - DTG CRYSS It is with great sadness that we announce the future closure of Flight Sim World. As you know, we always had a strong ambition to bring a new experience into the established world of flight simulation, one that deliberately overhauled both the flying experience and the graphical fidelity, offering new ways to fly. Unfortunately, after many detailed discussions, we regrettably don’t see a clear direction that will allow us to keep to the development time we’d want, alongside the player numbers we need. So, slightly before a year since we first launched into Early Access, we have made the intensely difficult decision to fully scale back all future development on Flight Sim World and remove it from sale on 24th May. We’re sure you have lots of questions, we hope we’ve answered a few here. FAQ What happens to Flight Sim World if I already own it? It will remain in your Steam library, available to play in its current format. Will the sim be taken off sale? Yes, and we’re working to the date of 24th May 2018. We want to give anyone who does not yet own a copy of the sim enough time to get a copy and keep it safe in their library for future play. What will happen to any Add-Ons? Add-Ons will also come off sale, but those you already own will still also be in your Steam library. We hope you can give the team the respect they deserve for their tireless hard work to date. Please know that all of us here at Dovetail hold flight simulation, the creators of add-on content, and especially you, the community for this sim, in incredibly high regard for both your support and time with Flight Sim World. - The Flight Sim World Team SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://steamcommunity.com/games/389280/announcements/detail/3400657079148405506 NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  6. Dovetail Games Releases The Spanish Job Mission Pack For Flight Sim World Dovetail Games has released The Spanish Job Mission Pack add-on for Flight Sim World (FSW). The add-on mission tasks pilots with delivering a Piper PA-46 Malibu Mirage from Cardiff to Madrid for an ‘important customer’. Along the way, pilots will be required to complete a series of tasks that are all related to the main mission while obeying all ATC instructions and navigating busy airspace around Dublin airport. The mission pack requires the base game Flight Sim World and can be purchased for $10.14 CDN on the Steam store. SOURCE INFO http://store.steampowered.com/app/728032/Flight_Sim_World_The_Spanish_Job_Mission_Pack/ https://fselite.net/news/dovetail-games-releases-the-spanish-job-mission-pack-for-flight-sim-world/
  8. When it is available, it will be the 1st "official freeware plane" for Flight Sim World ! Gibbage has been working for some months on this STOL bush plane that we could describe as "a trike Eurofox-like". Kevin Miller, also known as Gibbageart, was involved in the Icon A5, Boeing Stirman and Maule M7 from Ms Flight, We certainly expect a high level of quality on his final product Textures are still WIP. Here is a video of the maiden dev flight. Flight model and sounds are still WIP. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.facebook.com/Gibbageart-1253240048091646/
  9. by JOHN MOORE on 31ST JANUARY 2018 ADD COMMENT FSWNEWS FACEBOOK TWITTER REDDIT In a post on their website, Dovetail has outlined what dynamic weather will look like in FSW. First off, let’s get the release date out of the way. The update bringing dynamic weather to the skies of Flight Sim World will be released on February 1st, 2018. In FSW currently, you have a choice of static weather themes to choose from, with your flight being conducted in that theme for the entirety of your session. Everything remains the same, winds, cloud types cloud heights, visibility, etc. With dynamic weather, however, this is not the case. When dynamic weather is enabled, the engine reads data from thousands of weather stations all around the world and determines the conditions from the METAR strings that Dovetail have created. In an effort to ensure the conditions are not always the same, Dovetail have created multiple environments through the inclusion of seasonal strings. Over time, this will be expanded to provide “an incredibly rich and varied flight environment”. With dynamic weather enabled, the sim will read in weather strings from nearby weather stations, thus determining the conditions rendered. This ensures the conditions at your arrival airport will not be the same as the conditions from your departure airport, as it is in real life. When you’re enroute, the engine will pick up other nearby weather stations and will try to transition the visible weather to the conditions it has been fed. Dovetail has said that there is in fact a cycle which waits before reading new conditions, as to not be constantly transitioning when you fly over lots of weather stations as well as a transition time whenever a new change is initiated. By doing this, Dovetail has ensured that conditions will not jump from one to another. Dovetail has also stated that since this is v1 of dynamic weather, the conditions will develop around you rather than being visible off in the distance before you fly through them. You can see the weather developing, but it will essentially be the same in every direction you look with no weather fronts being present. But that isn’t the goal of this update. The goal of v1 is to prepare the FSW engine, and their Advanced Weather engine, for live weather. They close the article by stating the aim is to eventually be able to visualize multiple weather types in the same session so it will be possible to have weather fronts to avoid. In a quest to achieve these conditions, Dovetail are aiming to create “what is arguably the most advanced visualization of weather in a flight simulation”. And after hearing all of this, we can’t exactly say they aren’t. Any and all questions regarding dynamic weather can be answered by Dovetail themselves over on their forums. For more information on Dovetail’s next updates to FSW and the upcoming dynamic weather update, be sure to stay tuned to FSElite! https://fselite.net/news/dovetail-detail-flight-sim-worlds-upcoming-dynamic-weather-update/ LINK TO SOURCE: https://forums.dovetailgames.com/forums/flightsimworld/?_ga=2.227892573.1796043737.1517431167-1934032176.1517431167
  10. Welcome To Phase 2! Flight Sim World has reached it’s next step in development and has been released from Steam’s Early Access program as we move towards making bigger, less frequent updates. The Phase 2 update today includes a huge variety of fixes to the sim along with two new ways to fly the Piper Super Cub – Amphibious and tundra tyres versions are out now! With exciting updates planned on dynamic and live weather, world improvements, IFR and the introduction of faster aircraft from business jets to airliners, there has never been a better time to take to the skies and be part of this next phase. LINK TO SOURCE: http://store.steampowered.com/app/389280/Flight_Sim_World/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=Dotmailer&utm_campaign=1049193_FSW launch 18-1-18&dm_i=2NV0,MHK9,3XWT24,2C6M4,1
  11. Let's give FSW some time. LINK TO SOURCE:
  12. Time to look back a last time, and talk about the future Oh and those floats were for the SuperCub LINK TO SOURCE : https://forums.dovetailgames.com/threads/2017-in-review-stephen-hood.2895/
  13. Dovetail Games FSW Preview a New Project Dovetail Games have posted something rather interesting over on their Facebook page today, you can see in the photo above. At a first glance it seems to be some sort of aircraft with floats attached, we shall see! https://fselite.net/news/dovetail-games-fsw-preview-new-project/
  14. Dovetail Games has just released their 1st SDK iteration for FSW, and the 1st "not GA" plane (from BlueSKY FS) with the P40 Warhawk. Stephen Hood posted on their blog to get us informed of the studio's future, and as a conclusion mention that : LINK TO SOURCE : https://live.dovetailgames.com/live/flight-sim-world/articles/article/sdk-p-40f-warhawk-available-now
  15. The first iternation of the FSW SDK is now live. Much like the sim, it will be expanded and improved over time. Also, the BlueSky FS P-40F has now been released for FSW. This study-level warbird is not to be missed - and is 30% off for a limited time! LINK TO SOURCE: https://live.dovetailgames.com/live/flight-sim-world/articles/article/sdk-p-40f-warhawk-available-now
  16. For all of you developers out there – Dovetail Games have released V1.0 of their SDK for FSW. They include all Parts including: Art Authoring Aircraft Scenery Core Simobjects Mission Creation Welcome section with a small explination This is amazing becasue now any and all devolopers are now free to roam FSW and hopefully start to release some amazing addons for the new simulator and possible bring it up to par with our other current ones. We… shall… see! The SDK has its own webpage that you can go to from right here! LINK TO SOURCE: https://fselite.net/news/dovetail-games-release-sdk-flight-sim-world/
  17. The team at BlueSkyFS have been busy putting some polish on their incoming P40 for Flight Sim world, and they presented their plane (WIP) in a stream recently. Here is the video ! LINK TO SOURCE :
  18. Hey guys, late topic, but I have made a promise to mister B ! Here it is : tips and tricks to add your P3D sceneries to FSW easily (on a per case basis, as some sceneries are not compatible with FSW like the UK2000's ones) 1st you have to locate and make a save of your FSW's scenery.cfg file. There are two of them : - C:\ProgramData\Dovetail Games\FSW\scenery.CFG - C:\Users\(yourname)\AppData\Roaming\Dovetail Games\FSW\scenery.CFG Then you can simply edit them with a notepad or similar tool. Here is an example where I integrate OrbX Vector (works like a charm) where my installed Vector is in P3D v4 on a F disk. You will notice I will only demonstrate with stuff that is already in use for another sim, as FSW is in development, it is noy very safe to do direct installations inside it :
  19. When the 2 last DLCs ("View & Slew" and "Moving Map and camera" were out for FSW (not DLCs made by Dovetail, but still, appearing on the Steam list), there has been some negativity (from me also : I do not recommand to buy these specific 2 DLCs) from the community about DLCs and development path. As there has been a little gap in the DTG's communication, Stephen Hood took time to make an explicative post (on Steam and official forum) that you can find there : LINK TO SOURCE : https://forums.dovetailgames.com/threads/content-development-and-direction-note-from-stephen-hood.2515/
  20. Current Development Focus - October 2017 25 OCTOBER - DTG CRYSS It’s all hands on deck in the Dovetail office as we keep further developing Flight Sim World. We’re coming up to six months in Early Access and wanted to take this opportunity to update you on our current focal points and the things the dev team are hoping to bring to FSW in the near future. Important Note: These are things the dev team is currently focusing on: We don’t have any solid delivery dates as of yet, but will have more information as we work through our list. Dynamic Weather Building upon the foundations laid by Advanced Weather, we are working to fully support the variety of experiences demanded by experienced flight simmers. That means adding the ability to see weather change during your flight. Bug Fixing We’re working through the bug reporting form, currently trying to iron out a few errant bugs: Sim Stability Full screen + multi-monitor issues Aircraft rolling to the left Peripherals Ongoing performance improvements Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time out to leave feedback on the bug reporting form. We go through each report, so if you’re experiencing issues then please take the time to fill one in. Improving Aircraft Systems It is our aim to ensure auto-pilot, and GPS avionics are working as expected across all aircraft to ensure a solid foundation for future IFR implementation. Aircraft Variety We’re committed to bringing the breadth of experiences that simulation fans demand into FSW. Whether you're a fan of general aviation, jets, helicopters or military aircraft, we're working internally and with 3rd party developers to make those experiences available for Flight Sim World. SDK We’re heavily invested in preparing the first release of the SDK which will allow anyone to create content for Flight Sim World. We couldn’t have done this without the help of Turbulent Designs, Just Flight, BlueSky FS and others who have helped drive the core sim forward. The SDK will be freely available, so fledgling creators can join established freeware and 3rd party developers in creating content. We’re excited to see what you create! LINK TO SOURCE: http://steamcommunity.com/games/389280/announcements/detail/1444953541920362123
  21. L35 Big Bear City Airport is now available on steam for Flight Sim World! Price is €24. "We completely rebuilt Big Bear from the ground up to take advantage of Flight Sim World's Physically-Based Rendering." LINK TO SOURCE: http://store.steampowered.com/app/630917/Flight_Sim_World_Big_Bear_City_Airport_AddOn/
  22. PA-28R Arrow III (for Flight Sim World) Compatibility: Flight Sim World Just Flight are proud to present the first add-on for Flight Sim World - the PA-28R Arrow III. Following on from their award-winning TB-10 Tobago & TB-20 Trinidad, Tornado GR1, L-1011 TriStar Professional and Canberra PR9 add-ons, this highly detailed simulation of the PA-28R Arrow III has been developed by Just Flight's in-house team following comprehensive, hands-on research with a real-life Arrow III, G-BGKU, based at Conington Airfield. The PA-28R Arrow III is a four seater, piston-engine aircraft equipped with retractable tricycle landing gear and constant-speed propeller – an ideal aircraft for touring and instrument training. The aircraft is flown all around the world and this add-on reflects that global popularity. In addition to our UK research aircraft, G-BGKU, the package features eleven liveries from the USA, Canada, UK, France, Switzerland, Australia and Germany. The PA-28R will seamlessly integrate into FSW, allowing you to enjoy the fully interactive Cold and Dark checklist, populate your aircraft with passengers and share Arrow-specific missions and flight plans via Steam Workshop. The Arrow III has been modelled with the latest rendering techniques and takes full advantage of the advanced visual fidelity FSW provides. This results in a fully detailed reproduction of the PA-28R down to the smallest screw head. It’s not just the aircraft exterior that has received special treatment – the Arrow III cockpit features custom-coded avionics as well as full fuel and electrical systems. If you are after a challenge, you’ll want to take advantage of the complete set of failure scenarios and checklists so you can keep your skills sharp. All of this is rounded off with a wonderfully rich and authentic audio experience from Turbine Sound Studios. Detailed Description FEATURESModel Accurately modelled PA-28R-201 Arrow III, built using real-world aircraft plans Numerous animations, including passenger door, baggage door, cockpit window, sun visors and oil cover Ground equipment including chocks and tie-downs High resolution PBR (Physically Based Rendering) textures are used to produce the best possible texture clarity and realism Cockpit A truly 3D virtual cockpit right down to accurately modelled seat belts and screw heads - every instrument is constructed fully in 3D with smooth animations Cockpit textures feature wear and tear based on reference photos taken in the real aircraft to produce an authentic environment Interactive checklists for engine start and every stage of flight including native FSW 'cold & dark' checklist Panel state system which will automatically save the panel state whenever a flight is saved and reload the panel state whenever that flight is loaded Aircraft configuration system that will allow you to choose between 'cold & dark' or 'ready for take-off' Fully functional and comprehensive IFR capable avionics fit including - KMA 20 audio selector unit - KX 170B COM 1 / NAV 1 radio - KX 175B COM 2 / NAV 2 radio - KN 62 DME unit which can display information from NAV 1, NAV 2 or its own inbuilt receiver (NAV 3) - Piper Autocontrol IIIB autopilot unit with navigation, heading and roll hold - KT 76A transponder unit - KR 85 ADF unit with ADF/ANT/BFO modes - GPS 100 unit Flight computer panel with useful information such as fuel burn, endurance, speed and wind speed/direction Yoke-mounted flight timer/clock Independently operated left and right (standby) altimeter Aircraft systems Custom-coded fuel system, including the option to have automatic fuel tank switching for use on those long distance cross-country flights Custom-coded electrical system with functional circuit breakers Realistic retractable landing gear system with emergency release Functioning alternate air and static source controls Failures including spark plug fouling, limited battery life, vapour lock and more Liveries The aircraft is supplied in the following 11 paint schemes: G-BGKU (UK) C-GQYI (Canada) N4131C (USA) G-BNSG (UK) F-GJCB (France) HB-PJA (Switzerland) VH-SGE (Australia) D-ERIN (Germany) G-TEBZ (UK) G-TSGA (UK) N751LU (USA) Other Realistic and accurate flight dynamics based on real-world performance and handling data, and input from Arrow pilots Authentic sound set by Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) Custom sounds for switches, doors, gear warnings and more Comprehensive manual with panel guide and performance data LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.justflight.com/product/pa28r-arrow-iii-flight-sim-world?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=The first add-on for Flight Sim World - Just Flights PA-28R Arrow III&utm_content=The first add-on for Flight Sim World - Just Flights PA-28R Arrow III+CID_3b7c1f88fa7219aa64eddbf08729bdb1&utm_source=cm
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