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  1. Every air show performance during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2018 was exciting, but Saturday found a way to take the cake yet again this year. Relive the excitement of aerobatic performers, big tankers, and everything in between with this video recap of the action.SOURCE
  2. There might be more dust, playa desert, and cowboys in Nevada than in Wisconsin, but the atmosphere, camaraderie, and love for aviation felt all over the dry lakebed at the ninth annual High-Sierra Fly-In had quite the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh convention feel. Check out our short recap of EAA's experience at the event, and watch for a longer video feature and an upcoming EAA Sport Aviation story soon!SOURCE
  3. AirVenture is filled with nonstop action and activities throughout the day, but it doesn’t stop there. Once the sun sets, the fun heats up with a concert, fireworks, Twilight Flight Fest, and a balloon glow.SOURCE
  4. Ivana Fly

    flywitheaa Chino!

    There are perhaps only a handful of places in the aviation world whose facilities, events, and culture are known worldwide by a single word. Oshkosh is one of them, of course, on the short list with places like Blakesburg, Reno, Rhinebeck, Duxford, Wanaka — and Chino. If you love warbirds, and if you appreciate seeing rare or, in many cases, truly unique airplanes doing what they were meant to do — fly — then you owe yourself a visit to Chino and the Planes of Fame Air Museum. EAA staffers were there in May — for more, read the feature story in the November 2018 issue of EAA Sport Aviation magazine.SOURCE
  5. EAA staffers Jim Busha and Hal Bryan spent a few days in Tullahoma, Tennessee, working on a feature about the Beechcraft Heritage Museum and its annual Beech Party fly-in. The full story will be in an upcoming issue of Sport Aviation, but, in the meantime, thanks to the magic of cellphones, here are some of the sights and a few of the sounds they experienced.SOURCE
  6. The Warbirds area is always one of the most popular places to visit during AirVenture. Take a look back at some of the ex-military heavy iron that made EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2018 one of the best yet.SOURCE
  7. EAA staffer Sara Nisler has been working at EAA for about 7 years. She’s developed a great passion and love for aviation, but never thought she’d take the leap to begin flight training and, eventually, become a pilot. But the aviation bug has bit her and she’s going to learn! She’s going to share what it’s like for her to go through this process – the good, the bad, and the amazing. She starts by selecting her instructor and the type of airplane she wants to learn in. Join her on her journey!SOURCE
  8. EAA took a visit to Utah last weekend and stopped by the Flying Cowboys to see what they were up to. While there, we got to fly with DRACO! Weather prevented any mountain flying and cut the trip short, but it was a blast! Backcountry flying is where it's at!SOURCE
  9. EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2018 saw several historic homebuilt aircraft anniversaries, plus some newer designs both on the field and in the sky. Get a look at several examples of both, take a look inside some of the EAA homebuilding workshops, and relive Oshkosh with this homebuilt-focused video.SOURCE
  10. Employees from Van’s Aircraft, volunteers, and everyday AirVenture attendees all came together to build an RV-12iS from start to finish within a week during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2018 as part of the second One Week Wonder project. Take a look at the process, and the gorgeous end result including the airplane in flight, with this triumphant video.SOURCE
  11. A visit to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2017 inspired YouTuber Peter Sripol to build his first foam airplane, which then made an appearance in Oshkosh this past summer. Learn about that airplane’s construction and much more with this video, which includes a tour of Peter’s new shop, and look for an upcoming Sport Aviation story about Peter coming soon.SOURCE
  12. There are a lot of ways to get to the EAA Seaplane Base during AirVenture, but the best is also the most obvious — flying in by seaplane. Ride along in a classic Grumman Goose and take a tour of this idyllic aviation haven with a look back at some of the highlights from the area during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2018.SOURCE
  13. EAA’s AirCam, built by volunteers in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Young Eagles program, is nearing completion! Once flight testing is complete, the aircraft will fly Young Eagles out of EAA’s Pioneer Airport, and support EAA photo missions.SOURCE
  14. If you're looking for your air-to-air photography fix, we've got you covered! Here are some air-to-air photos shot by EAA photographers during the week of #OSH18.SOURCE
  15. The North American XP-82 Twin Mustang has been one of the most highly anticipated warbird restorations in recent memory. After 10 years of perseverance and more than 200,000 man-hours of work, noted warbird restorer Tom Reilly, EAA 802376, has this rare prototype ready to fly again. Read the full story of this remarkable and unique restoration in the August issue of EAA Sport Aviation magazine.SOURCE
  16. L.D. Jeffries, EAA 660758, was looking for something to do in his upcoming retirement from United Airlines — all he knew for sure was that he wasn’t going to sit on the porch. He’s decided to indulge a lifelong dream and become an air show pilot, flying the FLS Microjet named Lil Devil. Read the full story of L.D. and his little jet in the August issue of EAA Sport Aviation magazine.SOURCE
  17. Bill Rusk, EAA 350098, built his Javron Super Cub for a specific mission: Alaskan bush flying. Hear the story of the airplane and the mission from Bill himself, and get a look at the incredible scenic views he enjoys from his Javron Cub. Be careful, you might be starting your own Super Cub build by the end!SOURCE
  18. Take a look inside the Eagle Vistas ag pilot training school—and inside the cockpit of a mighty Ag Cat during a crop dusting lesson—and learn how and why Randy, EAA 677384,) and Beverly, EAA 1014721, Berry started their boot camp for ag pilots.SOURCE
  19. Flying clubs are a great way for existing pilots to get more affordable flight time, but they also provide a window into aviation for the surrounding communities. Pancake breakfasts, hands-on experiences around the hangar, and flight training opportunities are all community benefits that come with flying clubs. In this video about the Heartland Flying Club in Sebring, Florida, you’ll see how one flying club is helping its community learn more about the wonderful world of general aviation.SOURCE
  20. It’s National Aviation Day on August 19! We not only celebrate our freedom to fly, but we reflect on how far we have come since Wilbur and Orville Wright took to the sky in 1903. We hope you have an aviation-filled day!SOURCE
  21. Every day at AirVenture, Operation Thirst volunteers help feed 1,000s of volunteers around the grounds. Thanks for all you do!SOURCE
  22. Check out some of our best photography and highlights of #OSH18!SOURCE
  23. Exactly one week after construction began on the Van’s Aircraft RV-12iS kit that served as EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2018’s One Week Wonder, the finished product took flight on Monday evening, July 30. EAA Homebuilt Aircraft Council Chairman Vic Syracuse, EAA 180848, took the RV for its inaugural flight and said it was an ideal, uneventful first flight with no problems.SOURCE
  24. We officially close on another AirVenture. Thank you to all of the attendees, volunteers, exhibitors, and supporters that made #OSH18 amazing. We will see you next year!SOURCE
  25. The Year of the Tanker, the Air Force Reserve Command’s 70th anniversary, Aviore, and the EAA Seaplane Base were among the spotlights from Saturday at #OSH18!SOURCE