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  1. Navigraph Charts is the easy way for flight simulator enthusiasts to search, view and organize airport and enroute charts. The charts are provided by Lufthansa Systems and the Lido/RouteManual product. You will experience the following with Navigraph Charts app: Full-color, high-quality IFR charts with great detail and powerful zoom capabilities Professional and uniform Lido/RouteManual chart format Worldwide coverage (for detailed coverage information, visit navigraph.com) Tabbed interface to rearrange charts into convenient sequence Color-coded tabs and lists for easy identification of SID, STAR, General and Terminal charts, and other documents Highlighter pen for annotating and drawing on charts Regular chart updates (for detailed revision information, visit navigraph.com) You must be a Navigraph user subscribing to Navigraph Charts for full access to this application. If you're not a subscriber yet, you may login to view demo airports Alta, Norway (ENAT), San Diego, CA, US (KSAN) and Sanya, China (ZJSY). NOT FOR REAL WORLD NAVIGATION - FOR FLIGHT SIMULATION USE ONLY https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.navigraph.charts
  2. Estonia Migration Tool Updated support for 3.2 Version Last updated 2016-03-16.
  3. +++++++++NOTAM 20161603++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++PREPAR3D v3.2 PATCH++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Captains & First Officers :- The long awaited Prepar3D v3.2 patch has officially been released. We think that most of your will find this update to be an improvement over the beta that has been in circulation for a few months. As always if you are experiencing issues please :- POST THEM ON THE MAJESTIC SOFTWARE FORUMS:- The Patch can be downloaded from the USER AREA of you account on the Majestic Software Support Forum, and follow the included instructions. 1.018c patch for MJC8 Q400 PRO edition. Issue 15.03.2016 +Pre-requisits Installed MJC8 Q400 PRO edition version 1.018 (with or without 1.018b1 or b2 patch) +Installation instructions Copy the entire folder structure from “FSX_Prepar3Dv2.5” or from “Prepar3Dv3.2” folder into the mjc8q400 folder, overwriting the existing files + Changes since version 1.018 + docs: fixed randomEngineFailureOnV1.mgs script + docs: fixed the system description manual XFILL section, new Define Waypoint sections + cpan: Fixed the flickering of the MJC84 Control Panel + CFMSSystem: Changes to Heading to Altitude/Course to Altitude logic + CHGSSystem: Removed the rwy elevation from requirements of the TO mode + CScriptingSystem: When loading the situation scripts, scripting engine will attempt to look for a double point “..” file name if the initial script is not found + PFD, HUD graphics: Fixed the incorrect VOR APP and VOR armed indication + Optimization of the gauge dll size + P3D V3.1 connectivity: Adjusted for the P3D V3.1 update + P3D V3.1: Fixed the incorrect sound in the exterior views + P3D V3.1: updated panel.cfg to fix the P3D error message + P3D V3.1: Fixed the aircraft rolling problem on selection + P3D V3.1: Changes to the P3D connector to prevent the P3D window related error messages + Changes since version 1.018b2 + CFMSSystem: ETP/PNR will accept any waypoint, not only the airports + CFMSSystem: VNAV PATH page behavior changes to be more in line with the real FMS + CFMSSystem: Added ground deicing option under SERVICES + CFMSSystem: Selecting DTO or manual leg change will result in XTK cancel + CFMSSystem: Fixed the problems with some approaches due to error in calculation of the point of tracks intersection + CAntiiceSystem: Added the estimation of the aircraft icing status upon loading the aircraft on the ground + Cold and Dark script is updated + ASN sync: GSX deicing will now deice the Q400 on the ground (FDE wise and visually) + Exterior MDLs: Fixed the bounding box for the correct zoom on exterior models + CScriptingSystem: Fixed max operand length for longer lines (now allowed up to 256 characters) + Scripts: Takeoff and ReadyToTaxi : added Gear Pins remove + Add-ons compatibility (virtual airlines): FSX/P3D engines will now be started and shut down in sync with Q400 engines to allow for the correct block time calculation + Prepar3D V3.2 compatibility (3.1 and 3.0 are no longer supported)
  4. When the F-14 entered fleet service, there was a noticeable shift in political power projection. Carriers of the US navy had always been important elements of political influence, but their engagements came with a high cost. The F-14 on the other hand, seemed invincible. It had combined the roles of two specialist aircraft, the F-4 and F6D, and presented a significant step forward in each capacity. Notes: The updated ‘Extended’ version is a free new version to all current users that was created with the assistance of many enthusiastic F-14 drivers. It includes not only many new functions but also makes many existing functions more realistic. Fifteen seconds was all that was needed to reverse a guns solution with an F-4 on its tail. A radar so powerful that it could burn through jamming signals emitted by other combat aircraft while guiding a missile that fell from 100,000ft at Mach 5. The United States had, since the Korean War, favored decreasing the quantity of deployed units while increasing their sophistication and effectiveness. The F-14 was one of the first aircraft that fully embodied this theory, and it reigned supreme over the seas. There was no other aircraft that came close its ability to strike beyond visual range. If F-14`s were patrolling, the carriers were safe and the US could venture into regions that were previously inaccessible. Dictators were suddenly looking out of their seaside palaces knowing a carrier was just over the horizon. These carriers and their new air wings created an era of force projection where the outcome of political events could be influenced without a combat engagement. The Aerosoft F-14 Extended was designed with two principle objectives. The first was to create an authentic and detailed representation about what it was like to fly the early model F-14`s and the refinements made over the first 20 years of the airframe`s service life. The second was to create an accessible simulation for all users. While many of the advanced systems will require you to RTFM to operate effectively, anyone can be in the air within seconds of loading the sim (well maybe a little longer if you`re setting up a carrier launch). While failure logic, such as engine compressor stalls are included, they will not become active and take out an engine unless you enable the feature. The only thing you can`t simplify are the flight mechanics. Not a single tester or developer was un-challenged when attempting to trap this bird. But, the physics are consistent and based on real world data. As you learn why the F-14 does or does not respond the way you think it should, your intuition of flight mechanics will be become more sophisticated. Simply put, if you learn to fly this aircraft with a serious perspective, you will become a better pilot. Final word. One of the defining aspects of this project has been an almost unyielding sense of collaboration from outside development houses, retired military personnel, and a group of dedicated F-14 fanatics that have been willing to advise and test over many long hours to make this a project a reality. Thank you and salute! Keep in mind this is a high complexity add-on, intended for experienced users. TacPack by Vertical Reality Simulations: Users who own TacPack will be able launch payloads including the F-14`s potent beyond visual range capabilities TV Camera set (TCS) will focus on any radar locked target and enable visual target identification at a range of 10nm Features: Three generations of the A Model F-14 as well as the more refined B model Drive up front or scan the skies from the RIO seat 3d Landing lights Fully prepared for LUA Payload Manager with Checklists Payloads can be loaded and jettisoned dynamically in the simulator, changing visual models, weight, and fuel Automated Checklists for Pre-Start, Start, Post-Start, Taxi, Run-up, Take-off, Approach, and Post-Landing Approach Rating system which evaluates how well pilots set their aircraft up for a visual approach Sim Start Options which allow users to set and remember the F-14`s loading state Visual Systems HUD - A models: vintage type that is projected on the windscreen HUD - B model: Sparrow Hawk model with integrated combiner HUD - Both Models: All Flight and Steering modes have been created, including A/A and A/G with CCIP, shows Carrier TACAN and ILS symbology VDI (Vertical Display Indicator) - in-the-cockpit aircraft attitude instrument with ground and sky textures HSD (Horizontal Situation Display) - compass rose and steering symbols (TACAN, CRS, ADF) DDD (Detailed Data Display) - shows raw radar data in azimuth and range-rate TID (Tactical Information Display) - presents radar targets in a computer-generated, synthetic, clutter-free format RWR (Radar Warning Receiver) - shows ground and sea based radar emitters AWG-9 radar - 8 modes of operation (including STT, RWS, TWS, PLM), adjustable azimuth scan and elevation bar patterns, ranges from 5 to 200nm All displays have the authentic F-14A type symbology and functionality is programmed according to the NATOPS Manual Engine Management (TF-30) Compressor stalls (aero): Poor management of the aircraft will result in random compressor stalls which can induce a dreaded flat spin. Stall algorithm is random; stalls will onset, clear, and engine restarts based on a continuous supply of random numbers, while aircraft state (Altitude, Mach, Angle of Attack, and Sideslip) as well as aircraft configuration increase or decrease the chances of pitfalls and recoveries Compressor Stalls (throttle): Rapid throttle movements in the IDLE region can saturate the combustion chamber and stall a compressor Mach Lever: During Air Combat Maneuvering; Engine IDLE RPM is automatically increased at high AoA to increase stall resistance (both types) Engine Fires: Hot starts and compressor stalls dump fuel into the combustion chamber even though no thrust is being generated. Exceeding a transient temperature limit for critical time or heating beyond an absolute limit will cause the blades to melt and the engine will be lost Sump Tanks: Turbines are directly supplied by gravity fed sump tanks which only hold a combined 600lbs of fuel. Negative G maneuvers and high thrust settings can starve the engines in a hurry Flight Systems Complete wing sweep implementation with all four modes of operation: Auto, Bomb, Manual, and Emergency (with Oversweep). Auto Mode uses two sweep channels with dependencies on Mach and Altitude to determine optimum wing sweep angle Maneuver Flaps: Both automatic and pilot controlled (separate system from main flaps) Glove Vanes: Extend with Maneuver Flaps at sweep angles greater than 25° and also at very high Mach Approach Auto Throttle: The F-14 is a notoriously difficult plane to land, Approach AutoThrottle maintains the aircraft at optimum AoA Direct Lift Control: Pilots can toggle a partial extension of the inboard spoilers to adjust AoA during approach Ground Roll AeroBrake: When armed, Inboard and Outboard spoilers fully extend with weight on wheel and throttles at Idle Speed Brake: Blows shut at speeds greater than 400KIAS or auto-retracts at MIL thrust MiniHUD: Optional 2D gauge gives access to information which would be readily available in a pilot`s peripheral vision Auto Flight Control System (AFCS) Three channel passive Stability Augmentation System (SAS). Pilot inputs and control surface deflection rates are reduced, which allow better control in the normal flight regime Aileron-Rudder Interconnect designed directly from NASA source documentation Built from scratch Autopilot with Control Stick Steering in Pitch and Bank Hold Modes Vector mode follows a loaded flight Plan Auto Carrier Landing System combines with Auto Throttle for a hands free carrier landing. 2D Alignment gauge for AFCS can be used give precise feedback on ACLS lineup Flight Mechanics Thoroughly tested by retried Fleet F-14 pilots and a software engineer involved with a professional F-14 simulation. Performance and control response & stability data were sourced and matched as closely as possible to NATOPS and NASA technical archives The F-14`s notorious flat spin has been recreated along with the `Hoser` method of spin recovery Simconnect enabled Axis Manager (AM) precisely sets the aircraft`s lift based on the configuration of six lift devices; Wing Sweep, Primary (outboard) flaps, Auxiliary (inboard) flaps, Slats, Spoilers, and Glove Vanes (AM) Separate control output for Stabilator and spoilerons; wings swept aft will produce less lift, less roll, and notably increased adverse yaw (AM) Authentic catapult launch speeds on any carrier as well as a custom trap physics on recovery AI Scenarios AI Scenarios In-sim menu allows users to spawn randomly generated scenarios anywhere near a carrier TACAN signal Includes radar Intercept, escort, wandering (civilian) pilot, Random, and a Tanker for when the tanks run empty Included aircraft that have been generously donated by our collaborators: KA-6D: Razbam Simulations ( http://www.razbamsims.com) Su-27 : ALS-Sim ( http://www.als-sim.com) Tu-95 : Samdim Designs ( http://samdimdesign.free.fr/ ) USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 Built from scratch Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System (FLOLS) which can be applied to any naval aircraft using the Kitty Hawk 11 moving carrier tracks from around the world centered around on historically significant locations. Each track has a corresponding saved flight which allows users to load the simulation directly on a moving carrier. Moving tracks includes a carrier task force USS Jarrett and USS Vandegrift by Alberto Garcia USNS Patuxent by Javier Fernandez Owners of the Deltasim DDG ( http://deltasimstudio.com/ddg.htm ) will have the option to substitute the destroyer into the Carrier Task Force Additional downloads: PDF-Manuals.zip (English): >> Download here << * Please note that many of the features (carrier operations etc.) are only usable for users of FSX Gold, FSX Acceleration, FSX Steam and Prepar3D. These functionswill not work on FSX SP2 (that’s the original released FSX with the two Service Packs). http://secure.simmarket.com/aerosoft-f-14-x-fsx-p3d-(download).phtml
  5. This is an Orbx FTX airport, and as such a copy of Orbx FTX: EU Norway must be installed prior to use. Sandane airport is the long-awaited follow-up for veteran airport Orbx developer Andreas Hegi. Andreas' previous airport contributions include such classics as Concrete Muni and Orcas Island and more recently, Welshpool and Fairoaks. Sandane also features photoreal imagery, mesh and autogen annotation by Turbulent Designs. Sandane Airport is located at Anda in Gloppen, Norway. It is situated perpendicularly on a peninsula which cuts between Nordfjorden and Gloppefjorden. Both ends of the runway are close to sleep hillsides which dive into the fjords. Travel + Leisure included Sandane in its 2009 list of the world's seventeen scariest runways. Incredibly detailed, high-definition rendition of ENSD Sandane Airport 30cm coverage of the airport and town of Sandane Coverage includes Nordfjorden and Gloppefjorden. Modelled from hundreds of on-site photographs Hand placed autogen Custom terrain mesh PeopleFlow, ObjectFlow, TextureFlow Modeling and groundpoly by Andreas Hegi Photoreal area by Turbulent Designs. Note: This product requires that the .Net 4.5 Framework is installed on your PC. This means that the minimum Operating System required is Windows Vista SP2. Orbx recommends using Windows 7, 8.1 or 10. http://www.flightsimstore.com/product_info.php?products_id=3747
  6. TABURET - FSX P3D NIGHT 3D EUROPE BASE PACK Coverage : http://secure.simmarket.com/taburet-fsx-p3d-night-3d-europe-base-pack.phtml
  7. Justsim have announced and released some preview images of their upcoming scenery Girona Costa Brava there is already a holding page up - http://secure.simmarket.com/justsim.mhtml
  8. http://www.rikoooo.com/en/downloads/viewdownload/16/235 (rikoooo.com) A few folks have mentioned this bird as a great freeware alternative to the Twin Otter ,we agree! In this new version the 3D model was created with FSDS 3.51 and compiled with Makemdl for FSX and now has a full set of detailed animations...
  9. SimSettingsManager Released SimSettingsManager is a new tool that has been released over on the simMarket store that allows you to monitor and manage your Flight Simulator settings. It allows you an overview of your simulator, and also to compare and rollback all changes that were made in your flight simulator. When new aircraft, scenery or other add-ons were installed or when any FS related files are modified or deleted, it saves a backup of which you can rollback to at any time. In addition to that it also offers frame rate monitoring on each flight simulator execution.
  10. LIRQ FLR Firenze Amerigo Vespucci Airport Custom airport building Custom platform and custom vehicles. Custom lighting runway. 3D light mast lighting and lights on taxiing. Glass effect windows of buildings Pseudo shadows. Large size landclass phototextures Colors phototextures made for the color gamut FTX ORBX GLOBAL World textures Change of season - automatic Road traffic. DX10 is ready to set DX10SceneryFixer We recommend to install Orbx FTX Trees HD Version for FSX,P3Dv2,P3Dv3 (Note:P3Dv3.2 not tested) https://secure.simmarket.com/rfscenerybuilding-lirq-florence-peretola-fsx-p3d.phtml
  11. LUKK Chisinau X, the first Moldova's commercial airport scenery, features a highly detailed representation of LUKK Chisinau International Airport. This product is compatible with FSX and Prepar3D. Chisinau, also known as Kishinev, is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Moldova. It is Moldova's main industrial and commercial center and is located in the middle of the country, on the river Bic. Chisinau is home to half a million residents. During IIWW Chisinau was almost completely destroyed and gradually reconstructed later. The city lies on seven hills and occupies the territory of around 120 sq. km. In Chisinau there are 23 lakes which are mostly situated in the parks. The capital of Moldova is considered to be one of the greenest cities in Europe. Chisinau International Airport (IATA: KIV, ICAO: LUKK) is Moldova's main international airport, located 13 km (8.1 mi) southeast of the centre of Chisinau. The first scheduled flights to Chisinau started in 1926. In 2000 the airport was modernized and an annex terminal building was added to the renovated old terminal. There are ten check-in desks and five gates at the airport. VIP and CIP guests are offered special services at the VIP terminal. Chisinau airport features one 3580m concrete, ILS-equipped runway, able to accomodate airliners of any type, including B747. Nowadays 19 airlines operate flights to 33 destinations and the most popular destination is Moscow. Scenery features:Extremely detailed model of LUKK Chisinau International Airport in MoldovaUp-to-date scenery with new buildings, terminals, taxiways and apronsInternal modeling, animations, 3D people, dozens of "local" static aircraft and much moreLarge photoreal surrounding area included with autogen and seasonal texturesChisinau city included with detailed autogen and custom-built landmarksSimObject Display Engine (SODE) compatibilityCustom-made airport charts included Compatibility:Compatible with all kind of mesh, landclass and vector add-ons for the area Demo:Demo version of this product is available featuring same airport layout as in the full version but with limited 3D objects and low resolution textures. Using the free demo ensures no problems with online (VATSIM, IVAO, multiplayer etc.) flying in case some users use the payware scenery and some don't. http://secure.simmarket.com/drzewiecki-design-lukk-chisinau-x-fsx-p3d.phtml
  12. PMDG 777 NOTAM: FS2Crew for the PMDG 777 has been updated to Version 1.8! For more info, please taxi to: www.fs2crew.com 5 Euro coupon discount code: B777. The V1.8 Change Log is in the FS2Crew Support forum at Avsim.com
  13. http://www.hifisimtech.com/forums/showthread.php?5785-ASN-for-P3D-SP4-1-with-P3D-v3-2-compatibility-update-OPEN-BETA
  14. Hi folks, With ORBX releasing their Tapini scenery, I wanted to get a couple of Papau New Guinea fixes out there to you ahead of the next official patch release. This is just for Papau New Guinea, and it fixes a stubborn spike and an artificial boundary near S 09 deg. http://www.mediafire.com/download/yupb5gu5q66jf56 FYI, it looks like you don't need the Holgermesh that they say to download if you have FreeMeshX. FMX seems to mesh in nicely.
  15. Just run the F1UpdateTool and v1.04 will be installed
  16. Features Custom Saratoga II TC sounds Default X-Plane 10 GNS430 and GNS530 Volumetric side view prop effect High quality 3D model and textures. Blank texture for creating your own designs. Accurately reproduced flight characteristics 64-bit compatible. Plugin-enhanced FPS-optimized model. SuperManipulator scroll wheel support NOTE: This aircraft is only for X-Plane 10.40 (or higher) http://www.alabeo.com/index.php?accion=product&correl=119
  17. Introduction: The Seychelles are a group of islands in the Indian Ocean, north of Madagascar and approximately 600 nautical miles away from the African continent - but to most of us the name is a synonym for a tropical paradise, for luxury vacations, for superb dive sites or just breathtakingly beautiful nature. Much like the Maldives, the Seychelles consist of coral islands mostly, though most of us are much more aware of the rough mountainous characters of the main islands Mahé and Praslin. This combination of big islands with cities and rather high mountains on one hand and the many small coral islands on the other, makes the Seychelles such a special and diversified place. Mahé houses the only big city of the Seychelles, Victoria, the only commercial harbor and of course the only international airport of the country, with almost 5.000 aircraft movements per year. It links the small archipelago with many countries in the world, as it can handle commercial aircraft up to the Boeing 767 or the Airbus 330, while it`s also the home of Air Seychelles, which provides air links to several of the small airports like Praslin, Bird, Denis, Remire or Desroches. This scenery addon contains the whole Seychelles, all islands, airports and other important features, as well as AI aircraft (with custom models and schedules), AI ship traffic, animals, special objects like ship wrecks or holiday resorts, but also free flight scenarios and a geocache mission. Don`t expect too much from the small airfields. Few offer solid runways, and even those can have bumps and dents here and there. Fuel and maintenance is rare on those islands, some feature not much more than a windsock and a small shack to shelter waiting passengers. Takeoff and landing is difficult due to cross-winds, short runways and lots of animals on the ground as well as in the air. Additionally to the airfields, there are a few more landing places like helipads or ships in the area – though we would not advise you to land on one of the US aircraft carriers that can sometimes be seen around... Features: Complex scenery including the whole Seychelles All islands and airports included Detailed scenery of Mahe International Airport (FSIA) Detailed scenery of Praslin Airport and 14 more airfields Photorealistic ground and water textures Custom autogen models and buildings High density vegetation and autogen High resolution textures with baked shadows and lights Volumetric light and new bloom light effects High resolution mesh for all islands Animated realistic ground traffic (airport service and passenger vehicles) Realistic AI ship and aircraft traffic with custom schedules AI Traffic included Animated wildlife (birds, turtles, seagulls,...) Performance-friendly scenery with very high framerates Pre-saved free flights with diverse flight and weather scenarios included Geocache mission included, featuring 50 geocaches across the Seychelles Manual and Overview map included
  18. Hi, this time we´re making a contest to our new official annouce of 2016 scenery. The preview will be available on Tuesday. Do you want a Free Copy? Comment Here. - Guess the location: xxº30`, xxº33` Conditions on http://latinwings.com/index.php/contest
  19. I was going through some sim sites checking for black friday sale and i though why not share it. I will make a list from the good sales i come across. Feel free to add comments with Prepar3D or Microsoft Flight Simulator Black Friday sales i missed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORBX 30-35% SALE!! link --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FSDreamteam FSDT Products 30% OFF ( This includes GSX) and Cloud9 Products 70% OFF (until November 29th 2015) link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Simmarket (link all sales there ) has allot of sales about 1286 products(Planes, Heli's en scenery). Also for the products from FSDT. If you can remember The SkyLounge Bush tour, the add on @OMGEDSON used is also on sale --> link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flightbeam Studios 10% on KSFO HD and 30% on KDEN ,KIAD ,KPHX and KSFO ! link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IRIS Flight Simulation: Differente planes like Warthog Driver II. Its not really a black friday sale but they have a anniversary sale. link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REX e.g. REX 4 - Texture Direct (with Soft Clouds) from $44.95 for $22.48 50% All products! link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EVGA (Hardware, e.g GTX970 for $210) Different products for a good price ! link (Thnxs @OMGEDSON) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aerosoft Different products too! They have two sales pages --> link1 and link2 A few Aerosoft products went on sale to on sim market 25% off , this is a few of the good ones : link - AEROSOFT - AIRBUS BUNDLE (A318/319 & A320/A321) FSX P3D - AEROSOFT - AIRBUS A320/A321 FSX P3D (DOWNLOAD) - AEROSOFT - AIRBUS A320/A321 FSX P3D - AEROSOFT - DHC-6 TWIN OTTER EXTENDED - AEROSOFT - F-16 FIGHTING FALCON X -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steam X-plane 50% ($29,99) thnxs (@Mikeshmo) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will update the list while i keep checking the different sites. Places that probably wont have a black friday sale : - ORBX FTX, the chance is big tho that they will have a december sale. link - A2A - somebody asked the question but no reply yet. link nov 22, 2015 (edited) by Ninjai4ever in addons 9 comments unlike unfollow post delete edit report mikeshmo Pwnsurdotter Pinncom2016 and 3 others OMGEDSON TheSkyLounge.tvA GREAT story idea @Ninjai4ever , FEATURED ! 0 likes like reply delete nov 22, 2015 (edited) OMGEDSON TheSkyLounge.tvLots of HARDWARE on sale here: http://www.fspilotshop.com/specials.php Flight Sim Software & Hardware, FSX Addons - FS PilotShop No description given 1 like like reply delete nov 22, 2015 Ninjai4ever Ninjai4everAdded Flightbeam Studios 0 likes like reply delete nov 24, 2015 OMGEDSON TheSkyLounge.tvAerosoft 50% off lots including some ORBXhttp://en.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=catalog_list&s_group1=11._%20Offers&shopfilter_category=Flight+Simulation&s_design=DEFAULT&s_language=english Aerosoft - Online Shop No description given 0 likes like reply delete nov 24, 2015 Ninjai4everFlightBeam sales has started. 10% on KSFO HD and 30% on KDEN ,KIAD ,KPHX and KSFO ! 0 likes like reply delete nov 25, 2015 OMGEDSON TheSkyLounge.tvAhhhhh I checked FlightBeam last night while I had my card out and I probably would have pulled the trigger then, not today! Thanks for updating link! 0 likes like reply delete nov 25, 2015 OMGEDSON TheSkyLounge.tvAmazing EVGA sale going on right now. GTX970 for $210!http://www.evga.com/Products/Feature.aspx 1 like like reply delete nov 25, 2015 Ninjai4ever mikeshmoxplane 10 is 50% off on the steam store.. 29.99 1 like like reply delete nov 26, 2015 Ninjai4ever Ninjai4everThnxs @mikeshmo I updated the post and i Also Added some Aerosoft products that are on sale on sim market, like the Airbus bundle and stuff , 25% off! 1 like like reply delete nov 27, 2015
  20. We often hear that people want us to recommend a good freeware plane for them to join us in the skies. Recent questions had me thinking, what would be maneuverable, fast enough to keep up with bonanzas, and slow enough to cruise with our DA42's.... The Navion!DOWNLOAD HERE: PLANE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9zt6jbam5y4svqd/Ryan_Navion_B_V1.0%20w_bump.zip?dl=0 TSL LIVERY: * For increased VFR amazingness, pull up the Navion Options menu in the cell phone with SHIFT- 5, and check Show/Hide Window Supports sep 23, 2015 (edited) by OMGEDSON