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  1. From flightsim.news: With FlyAgi Vegetation Global Trees, the German developer Anna Schwalm has released new textures for X-Plane 11’s trees. It has been released as freeware and is a complete overhaul to the default trees of the simulator. Furthermore, the add-on offers a higher resolution for all standard trees worldwide. This should make the trees and forests look more harmonious, according to the developer. To download the program as well as to see even more screenshots, click on the source links below! SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://flyagi.de/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=170 NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.flightsim.news/2018/11/flyagi-vegetation-global-trees/?fbclid=IwAR0Gn6ZMxz7meHp3lau4nsnWTJuWglpIjldaGHcHLq54VPL8errWGRl-kao
  2. Price: $39.95 AUD / US$28.37 | €24,86 | £22.10 Excerpt from ORBX store page: Welcome to KSBA Santa Barbara Municipal Airport, and the tenth Orbx airport project by Misha Cajic. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Santa Ynez Mountains in Southern California, the Mediterranean charm of this location is something quite special. The unique architectural style of the terminal really makes the airport pop, with various artwork and designs all faithfully recreated. KSBA is a short flight from other Orbx airports like L70 Agua Dulce and KPSP Palm Springs, as well as a short airliner flight down the coast from KSTS Sonoma County and KTVL Lake Tahoe further inland. Key Features: HUGE 500km2 coverage area at 30cm/60cm /1m Beautiful rendition of the terminal, including interior modelling for maximum depth Additional "lite" landing area - 0CA3 Crawford Airport Advanced rendering, ambient occlusion and night-lighting methods used for maximum realism Developed by Misha Cajic For more details and screenshots, visit the store page linked below. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://orbxdirect.com/product/ksba?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Release&utm_campaign=KSBA NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  3. Price: US $24.95 Scenery features -Accurate replica of CYUL / YUL -Aeroport International Pierre Elliott Trudeau , updated. -Precise modeling based on original references, photos and other research. -Customized runways, lines and taxiways, with ambient occlusion included in the textures. -Sun reflections effects on pavements. -Fingers Auto Gate with VGDS. -AutoGate Plugin by Marginal -Static objects, vehicles and aircraft are present in this scenery. -Avenues and streets with personalized and standard vehicle traffic. -Custom Airport Mesh and adjacent areas. -Underground passages created with Mesh Remexe tool -Mesh Remexe Tool – by Joz -HDR lighting with custom night textures. -Custom textures with ambient occlusion. -Custom Approach Lights (ALS) systems. -Included taxi routes for aircraft, "taxi route" -Configured to WT3 plugin. -Configured Ramp Start. -De-ice system configured for some specific aircraft -Use Auto Gate Datarefs -Winter texture - only around the Airport area. Animated Airport -Configured for World Traffic 3 -Animated ground traffic and default aircraft traffic. -Ground Traffic plugin by Marginal Included in this Package -CA-CYUL-A-Montreal Airport v1.0 -CA-CYUL-B-Montreal Mesh v1.0 -CA-CYUL Winter Textures -CA-CYUL Montreal Autogen - Link in the manual -CA-CYUL Montreal Ortophoto HD Zoom 17 - Link in the manual -Airport Charts - Manual For more pictures and details, click on the source link below. SOURCE: https://store.x-plane.org/CYUL--Montreal-International-Airport_p_892.html
  4. X-Camera 2.3.2 and X-KeyPad 1.1 are Released My Links removed- should find all links needed in ur account if have purchased Stick and Rudder Studios Delighting The FlightSim Community Dear Flight Sim Enthusiast, You are receiving this email because you indicated you were interested in new releases of products from Stick and Rudder Studios. We have completed the beta testing for X-Camera 2.3.2 and X-KeyPad 1.1. These new versions are free updates for all customers. The primary purpose for both updates was to support license keys generated by the X-Plane.org store, however, both updates contained some minor bug fixes or improvements. Here are the changes: X-Camera 2.3.2 Fixed missing command for sim/view/quick_look_18 Added support to entering a license key using the X-Camera menu Added support for X-Plane.org Store keys Removed the “Licensed To” caption on the control panel for better privacy when posting screen captures X-KeyPad 1.1 Added support for X-Plane.org store keys in preparation for selling on the store Added the ability to enter and validate your key from the menu Added dataref arrays for current key state and key pressed flag Added the ability to specify up to 15 slave numeric datarefs that will be set simultaneously with the master You can download the new versions here: Installation Make a backup copy of your X-Camera and/or X-KeyPad folder Do not delete your existing X-Camera or X-KeyPad folders. This will preserve your license key and any settings you have saved Unzip the applicable archive to a temporary folder Copy the resulting X-Camera and/or X-KeyPad folder to your X-Plane plugins folder Example: X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins Allow your copy utility to over-write / merge the folder contents. This will update the changed files but will preserve any keys and settings X-KeyPad 1.2 X-KeyPad is a fairly new product and the earlier adopters are supplying us with great ideas for improvements. We had to release 1.1 now in support of sales on the X-Plane.org store but we want to continue the development with a new beta. If you are an X-KeyPad user and wish to participate in the beta you can follow the discussions and get access to the beta versions here: I would like to thank our volunteers who helped test the beta versions of X-Camera and X-KeyPad. I would also like to thank all of you for your continued support of Stick and Rudder Studios. For those of you who prefer to purchase your X-Plane add-ons from the X-Plane.org store you can see all of our product listings here: If you would like to be removed from the Stick and Rudder Studios mailing list or change your subscription preferences do so using the links at the bottom of this email. Sincerely, Mark Stick and Rudder Studios, LLC. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.stickandrudderstudios.com/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.stickandrudderstudios.com/
  5. Price: €20.13 From Aerosoft: The “Aeroporto di Bergamo-Orio al Serio”, also often called Milan/Bergamo, is one of three international airports in the Milan region. With Bergamo professional, this airport now finds its way to Prepar3D, complete with all buildings and service facilities. The aerial image used for this scenery comes with a resolution of 50cm/px and includes seasonal variations as well as hand-placed autogen over a surface of 35 square kilometres. The ground layout of the airport itself is based on recent data and also features rain effects during rainy weather conditions. SODE users can activate the optional SODE jetways, with CTRL-J enabled ones as a fall back. Bergamo professional is also compatible with third-party meshed, e.g. Orbx surface sceneries, and includes options for compatibility with GSX. For more details and screenshots, click on the source link below. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/prepar3d/sceneries/2528/bergamo-professional NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  6. WX Advantage Radar Technical Update 5.1 - Released DOWNLOAD THE FREE TECHNICAL UPDATE 5.1 NOW *This update contains fixes for all platforms and is mandatory for ALL users. The WX Advantage Radar has been upgraded for use in Prepar3D v.4.3. The update also contains several performance upgrades across all simulator platforms! The WX Advantage Radar System is a unique, advanced weather radar system that can be used with ANY 3rd-party weather engine, freeware weather engine, as well as the built-in weather of the flight simulator. Compatible with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X, FSX:Steam Edition and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. Each license of the WX Advantage Radar allows activation for all three flight simulators! This advanced radar system includes unique cloudscan and precipitation sync features that will dynamically sync precipitation. Never experience precipitation falling outside indicated radar echoes. The radar includes a new wet runway feature. Though there may be radar echoes nearby, the runways near precipitation will appear as if rain had just fallen. High resolution 3D precipitation density map, which takes advantage of video hardware acceleration for greater performance and level of detail. High resolution precipitation cell data based on cloud density and other weather parameters at the location of each cloud. Precise control of ambient precipitation in the region of the aircraft. The system continuously measures four levels of precipitation: green for light precipitation, yellow for moderate, red for heavy, and magenta for severe precipitation and turbulence. Because the system will continuously measure and sync precipitation, you will receive realistic and accurately placed radar echoes that precisely match depicted atmospheric conditions. Turbulence “intelligence†is built-in to isolate potential radar echoes that may contain moderate to severe turbulence. The WX Advantage Radar System includes full TILT functions to analyze the complete scale of storm structures in real-time and accurately represents the effect of radar attenuation when larger more dense cells are in front of other cells – causing a rain shadow effect. An intuitive, simple to use Aircraft Gauge Management Tool is also included! This tool allows the installation, editing, and removal of the 2D weather radar gauge for any default or 3rd-party aircraft within a few simple steps. The Aircraft Gauge Management Tool includes FOUR different types of 2D gauges: Dark and Clean, Dark with Dirt, Light and Clean, Light with Dirt. You may select which version best represents the cockpit you are flying in as well as easily adjust the aspect ratio, size, and location of the radar gauge prior to opening the flight simulator. The WX Advantage Radar supports multiple screens and can be undocked and placed on a second window. Includes a full active transmitter/receiver range up to 160NM. (FSX and Prepar3D does not support ranges greater than 160NM) The WX Advantage Radar includes gain features to help differentiate between weather and ground clutter. The system includes test/diagnostics, WX (general weather), and WX/T (weather/turbulence) modes. For more information and a comprehensive look at the WX Advantage Radar, please visit our website! BUY NOW from the Official REX Store BUY NOW from SimMarket BUY NOW from FlightSim Pilot Shop BUY NOW from Just Flight SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  7. Source: FSElite After a bit of teasing on Facebook along with the odd preview, Milviz has released their anticipated stunning PA-30 Twin Comanche “Twinkie”. The Twin Comanche is a classic and capable twin. It is a must for pilots who want to take control rather than having the autopilot take away all of the fun – that means Milviz’s rendition of the Twinkie has no autopilot bringing things back to basics. It also includes Milviz’s own GPS units based on default simulator data, however, if you’d like to kick your navigation up a notch, it is also possible to integrate the following avionics add-ons along with full compatibility; Flight1 750 GTN Flight1 650 GTN Reality XP 530 GNS Reality XP 430 GNS Navstax Radio/Navigation Suite Milviz has paid special attention to the development of how this aircraft handles along with visual wear and tear to provide the utmost realistic experience. You can grab the PA-30 Twin Comanche over at the Milviz website for $39.99 (Incl. VAT). It is compatible with FSX/SE and Prepar3D v2-4.3. Features Realistic flight dynamics. Realistic startup and shutdowns. Realistic systems and avionics. 5 HD liveries. REX/Milviz WXR included. Realistic night lighting, landing lights and custom effects. Support for 3rd Party Avionics (RealityXP, Flight1, Navstax). High quality external and internal models. Highly detailed product operating handbook included. True Glass, Real Light included (current version P3D v4 only). SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://milviz.com/flight/products/PA30/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/milviz-twin-comanche-released/
  8. UK2000 have stuck to their prompt release schedule of October 27th after only announcing Guernsey Xtreme (EGJB) for X-Plane a week ago. Guernsey Airport being the gateway to the Channel Islands prominently serves Aurigny, FlyBe and Loganair for flights to Europe and Mainland United Kingdom. This rendition converted from the FSX/Prepar3D version introduces new custom features exclusive to X-Plane such as light effects, custom taxiways, AI ground routes, PBR and specular lighting. Pre-conversion features are mentioned in the list at the end of this article. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : http://www.uk2000scenery.com/newsite/My_Homepage_Files/Page48.html NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/uk2000-guernsey-xtreme-for-x-plane-released/
  9. Yes folk's XPlane 11.30 beta is released, I've installed it, but at this moment in time bugs are being reported (which are to be expected) but it's meant to have some beautiful effects, update it via your installer. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/160863-x-plane-1130-beta-is-live/
  10. Yep, I'm back and I'm coming for that top spot @eaim1973 ! What are you opening this thread for? Go on and get this marvel of architecture! *Will be updated with some new ramp workers animation at a future date this year. Price: GBP 25.99 From their website: Our new and state-of-the-art version of WSSS Singapore for Prepar3Dv4. This feature-rich airport is the result of two years intense research and development. WSSS Singapore Changi is an essential transport hub, lying at the very heart of the Far East with an unmatched network of true global reach. The city of Singapore is the economic powerhouse of the South China Sea. It dominates far eastern trade and is the world’s foremost logistical centre. It’s likely that the very computer you are using at one time passed through the city’s port. Fantastic performance using 64bit code optimized for Prepar3Dv4. High definition 2k building texturing and native Prepar3Dv4 ground polygons. Fluid usage, even with complex airliner cockpits and high density AI coverage. Low visibility nav lighting. Switchable dynamic lighting option. Features the newly opened Terminal 4. Utilizes imaginesim’s bespoke Operations Center configuration GUI. Comprehensive ground and building optimization. Interactive SODE jetways. Instantaneous scenery cache loading. Trees, plants and vegetation modelled with types native to Singapore. No generic library textures used. Switchable high 2k or medium 1k texture set. 52 square kilometer coverage of the WSSS area. Low simulator impact. Graduated ground extremities to seamlessly blend with any vector driven add-on. CCX Singapore Lite recreating the city centre included for free. Pre-wired to receive imaginesim’s free Airport Animator plugin (due Fall 2018). SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://imaginesim.net/product/wsss-singapore-prepar3dv4/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  11. I know some people here have been waiting for this. After months of previews and development, the team at ImagineSim has finally released their anticipated Singapore scenery. Singapore Changi Airport (WSSS) is one of the busiest in Asia, connecting all corners of the world. Singapore Airlines dominates the airport with their huge fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft, meaning there are plenty of routes for people to choose from. Enjoy SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://imaginesim.net/product/wsss-singapore-prepar3dv4/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/imaginesim-singapore-wsss-released/
  12. ORBX Southampton For X-Plane 11 Released Shortly after the release of True Earth Great Britain South, ORBX had announced their debut scenery for X-Plane 11, Southampton Airport (EGHI). After teasing us with an abundance of previews, they’ve finally released it. Southampton Airport is the main gateway to Southern England. It is a major hub for FlyBe serving their Q400 and E-Jet fleet meaning you can expect to be flying those aircraft to destinations in Europe and the UK. Southampton has been designed to compliment True Earth GB South and fit in like a puzzle piece, so if you already own it, ensure you have it installed before installing Southampton for the most immersive experience. If you don’t already own TE GB South, you may experience blending issues. SOURCE INFO https://orbxdirect.com/product/eghi/xp11 https://fselite.net/news/orbx-southampton-for-x-plane-11-released/
  13. Moldova Scenery Design Iași Intl’ (LRIA) Released After months of teasing us with plenty of previews, Moldova Scenery Design have released their debut scenery, Iași International (LRIA). Iași Airport located in Romania. It serves 8 airlines and has routes to over 35 destinations within Europe. It’s an interesting airport to discover for someone who’s not flown much around the eastern side of Europe. Features Photo-realistic airport building textures. Custom runway, taxiway and apron textures. Realistic ground textures. Highly realistic night time effects with custom 3D runway and taxi lights. Reflections and bump maps for glass. Ambient occlusion used for maximum realism. An advanced lighting system, lights are automatically turned on depending on weather conditions. Dynamic apron lighting. Automatic vegetation season change. Realistic puddles appear when raining. FPS friendly and low VAS usage. SOURCE INFO https://mldscenery.com/our_products/lria-aeroportul-international-iasi/ https://fselite.net/news/mld-scenery-iasi-released/
  14. Greetings chaps this tbm-900 was released not really big on this type of aircraft but still it really looks nice SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/take-command-hotstart-tbm-900-p-158 NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.flightsim.news/2018/10/hotstart-tbm-900-released/
  15. OPENSCENERYX V3.0.0 RELEASED Posted By: aussi @ 18 October 2018 - 7:51 pm A new version of OpenSceneryX is out, and it's a huge release with nearly 1000 additional objects. RE_Library by Einstein is also incorporated in this version so in future you won't need both libraries installed. If you already have the OpenSceneryX installer on your machine, just re-run it and it will just download the new content. If not, grab the installer from opensceneryx.com. If you want to find out what's new, the full release notes are here. Enjoy! SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://forums.x-plane.org/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://forums.x-plane.org/
  16. Sky Simluations MD-11 v2 Released Sky Simulations bring their McDonnell Douglas MD-11 to P3Dv4. Myself, like many others, have been dying to get their hands on an MD-11 for Prepar3D version 4. Well, we are in luck! Sky Simulations, who brought us the DC-9, have released the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 for P3Dv4. A large number of features have been added to this new version. The McDonnell Douglas MD-11, predecessor to the Douglas DC-10, first flew in January of 1990 and was produced between 1988 and 1997 still under the McDonnell Douglas name, until Boeing purchased the company and continued the production for another 2 years before finally ending the MD-11 production. The MD-11 was the last wide-body tri-jet configuration to ever be produced. It is now only in cargo service with major cargo airlines such as FedEx and UPS. It’s last commercial flight was operated by KLM between Amsterdam’s Shciphol and Montreal. SOURCE INFO https://secure.simmarket.com/sky-simulations-sky-simulations-md-11-v-2.0.phtml https://fselite.net/news/sky-simluations-md-11-v2-released/
  17. FS-FlightControl Version 1.3.31 Released Over on their Facebook page, FS-FlightControl have announced an update to their software. Version 1.3.31 includes many improvements and introduces the following additions suggested by FS-FlightControl customers: Optional confirmation dialog before actual aircraft positioning that also allows one-time option changes (enable in settings). Map option to import and export POIs to CSV files. Further changes in version 1.3.31 include security upgrades, visual fixes, statistic fixes, network improvements, additional settings functionality and much more. For those interested, the changelog can be found here. You can grab a hold of the latest version by downloading it from their download page. FS-FlightControl has a price of €49.95 (Excl. VAT). A 14-day trial is available to those who would like to try before deciding to purchase this software. SOURCE INFO https://fselite.net/news/fs-flightcontrol-version-1-3-31-released/
  18. TrueEarth GB South for X-Plane 11 RELEASED! Experience the UK like never before in X-Plane 11! View this email in your browser TrueEarth Great Britain South released for X-Plane 11! The most anticipated X-Plane announcement of the Cosford Show has now come to fruition! Thats right, TrueEarth Great Britain South for X-Plane 11 has now been released. The initial release is installable via FTX Central for Windows only - the cross-platform release for macOS and Linux will be available within one week. We have also added a new built-in decompression feature in FTX Central to greatly reduce the download size (approx 25 GB instead of 120 GB) ensuring an efficient installation process. In addition to these features, users will get free service packs for life as well as more POI models in future updates. TrueEarth Great Britain South is now available to purchase from OrbxDirect for AUD $54.95 (approx. USD $39.55 / €33.95 / £30.60) Please note that you must have the most recent version of FTX Central installed (v3.3.1.4 or above) in order for TrueEarth Great Britain South to work properly. BUY TRUEEARTH GB SOUTH FOR X-PLANE 11 GB South covers a whopping 42,000 square miles (107,349 km2) and covers Southern England and Wales. We have developed new autogen technology especially for X-Plane which allows for region specific houses to be placed accurately to ensure maximum immersion. What really makes TrueEarth Great Britain unique, are the Points of Interest. We have hundreds of iconic UK landmarks from Tintagel to Cardiff City Stadium, from the Brighton Pier up to Buckingham Palace in London – all based on 2018 data - You won’t find a more comprehensive and up-to-date British flying experience anywhere! Key Features 42,000 square miles (107349 km2) of hand corrected, crisp, color-matched aerial imagery New autogen technology developed specially for X-Plane 11, allowing thousands of realistic looking UK-themed houses to be placed at a realistic height with minimal impact on performance 130 million trees at the correct height and location 13.2 million buildings at the correct height and location VFR landmarks such as masts, windfarms, churches, power-lines, and lighthouses are all accurately placed. Hundreds of custom-modelled 3D POIs Hand-placed and custom modelled landmarks placed throughout the scenery such as bridges, skyscrapers, castles, piers, and monuments – this is especially noticeable in city areas such as London and along the coast. Sharp and detailed 10-meter mesh brings out stunning detail in natural features such as hills and beaches Superb watermasking along the entire coastline Accurate road and rail network blended into the aerial imagery with moving left-hand drive traffic. Control Panel option to use photoreal major roads/motorways or synthetic X-Plane ones. Summer season only with full night-lighting supported BUY TRUEEARTH GB SOUTH FOR X-PLANE 11 SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  19. This seemed to just pop up out of nowhere. I'm unsure as to whether it is ESP based or not. What do you guys think? SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://flyinside-fsx.com/Home/Sim NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  20. The Airport Guys 0VG Lee County Released Lee County (0VG) from The Airport Guys has been released. Lee County airport (0VG) is located just outside Jonesville, Virginia which is nestled in the South Western corner of the state of Virginia. Statistics from 2012 show nearly 6000 aircraft passing through the small airport. Being sized the way it is, it is a general aviation airport which means the majority of aircraft that pass through here are single or twin engine propeller driven aircraft. Small jets and helicopters also tend to pass through the airport but with a runway of only 5000 feet (1524 metres) it makes it a challenge to make any large private jets, such as a Gulfstream to land or take off at this airport. SOURCE INFO http://www.theairportguys.com/airports/0vg.html https://fselite.net/news/the-airport-guys-0vg-lee-county-released/
  21. RealWorld Scenery Dayton International Airport (KDAY) Released After four years of work and multiple visits to the airport to take pictures and study the detail, RealWorld Scenery releases their first full-sized international airport, James M. Cox Dayton International Airport (KDAY). Dayton Intl’ is developed with the utmost attention to detail by RealWorld Scenery claiming that they’ve got it as close to the real thing as they possibly can. It’s designed for and only compatible with Prepar3D v4 taking advantage of the latest development methods Prepar3D v4 has to offer. It’s fully compatible and blends well with Orbx FTX Global and OpenLC North America and has features such as dynamic lighting, highly detailed buildings, high-resolution textures and seasonal textures throughout with optimisation and performance in mind. RealWorld Scenery Dayton Intl’ airport can be yours for €23.00 (Excl. VAT) over at simMarket. SOURCE INFO https://secure.simmarket.com/realworldscenery-kday-james-m.-cox-dayton-international-airport.phtml https://fselite.net/news/realworld-scenery-dayton-international-airport-released/
  22. TropicalSim Kansas City Intl’ (KMCI) Released Only a month after their release of St. Thomas 2018, TropicalSim have come out with an overhauled version of Kansas City Intl’ (KMCI) which brings it up to date with real-world changes at the airport and introduces Prepar3D v4 compatibility. The 2018 version of Kansas City Intl’ brings along the closure of Terminal A, operating airlines being spread out between Terminals B and C and new ground markings in the aircraft parking area of Terminal A and C. Kansas City Intl’ 2018 is available on simMarket for €19.90 (Excl. VAT) – You can head over to the product page on simMarket to view the full range of screenshots. If you’ve purchased the previous version of Kansas City Intl’ on SimMarket, you’re entitled to an upgrade price of €9.00 (Excl. VAT). Kansas City Intl’ 2018 is fully compatible with FSX/SE and Prepar3D v1 to v4. SOURCE INFO https://secure.simmarket.com/tropicalsim-kansas-city-intl-2018-kmci-fsx-p3d.phtml https://fselite.net/news/tropical-sim-kansas-city-intl-kmci-released/
  23. JustSim/Digital Design has released their highly anticipated Brussels (EBBR) scenery. This product comes with a number of features which include various SODE objects (including jetways), blending with FTX Global and OLC Europe and high-resolution ground textures. This scenery is compatible with P3D v4 only but will release for X-Plane 11 in the near future and can be purchased from SimMarket for a price of EUR 23.50. Looking forward to getting this one. Check out the video on FSElite. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/justsim-digital-design-brussels-released/
  24. SceneryTR Freeware Sinop (LTCM) V2.0 Update Released Two months after their initial release of Sinop (LTCM), SceneryTR has generously released a stunning V2.0 update for Sinop. Included in this update, the new terminal, tower and apron area has been added to complete the scenery. Sinop Airport (LTCM) is a small, scenic airport on the Black Sea coast in Turkey. Turkish and Pegasus airlines operate daily routes to Istanbul from Sinop. Sinop (LTCM) V2.0 is compatible with FSX and Prepar3D v2, 3 and 4. You can grab a hold of this scenery by downloading it here. Thank you to David for suggesting we share this news. SOURCE INFO http://scenerytr.com/sinop/ https://fselite.net/news/scenerytr-freeware-sinop-v2-update/
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