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  1. Little Navmap 1.6.6 update released - airspaces for X-Plane Changes from Release 1.6.4 to 1.6.6 Version 1.6.5 was an internal beta release. Little Xpconnect did not change. Little Navconnect was updated to 1.6.2. Improvements Added OpenAir airspace format compilation for X-PLane. Also reading airspace files from from YOUR_DOCUMENTS_DIR/Little Navmap/X-Plane Airspaces. You have to create the Little Navmap/X-Plane Airspaces directory manually. Added new airspace types Wave Window and Glider Prohibited. Removed restrictions on user defined waypoint names. Names are now adjusted according to flight plan format when saving. Enabled user defined waypoint names for X-Plane FMS format. Changed rating checkbox to drop down list in airport search. X-Plane 3D airport state is now considered when calculating rating. Added display of simulator type to connection status in statusbar. Airspace buttons are now disabled if no airspaces are loaded. Now clipping long airport and user waypoint names on map. Removed no SimConnect header label in connect dialog. Added display of AIRAC cycle to database dialog (X-Plane only). Added scenery file display for airspaces in information window. Added download button to update notification dialog. Better error handling and reporting of too old files with version < 850 when loading X-Plane scenery. Now checking X-Plane CIFP filenames before loading. Now showing dialog on certain crash types to avoid silent crash to desktop. Made loading of add-on.xml more robust for files with wrong encoding. Added coordinates to CSV export to clipboard from flight plan and search result tables. Bug Fixes Offline map themes Atlas and Simple: Fixed missing lakes in map. Fixed problem loading FS9 flight plans. Attempt to fix zoom distance creep while using moving map. Fixed error in airspace copy process from older database schemes where bounding rectangle was messed up. This resulted in an Too many objects message in the statusbar. Solved problem with gaps between SIDs, STARs and the respective transitions resulting in wrong display and distance calculation. Fixed problem where STAR was not reloaded after database switch. Fixed issue where airspace display was not updated when changing cruise altitude with empty flight plan. Fixed user waypoint format for FLP so that it can be reloaded. Fixed confusing 0 errors dialog appearing after loading X-Plane database successfully. Fixed Connect on startup checkbox state not saved in some cases. Fixed status bar connection indication remaining in disconnected state sometimes. Fixed potential crash on failing network connection. Calculate based on given altitude is working again. Previously failed with Cannot find a route. Now correctly considering minimum and maximum altitude ranges when calculating to avoid non-overlapping airway altitude ranges in one flight plan. Fixed error in flight plan saving logic where cancel did not stop saving. LINK TO SOURCE: https://albar965.github.io/
  2. This updates AS for P3Dv4.1, Download from link below. LINK TO SOURCE: http://hifisimtech.com/Downloads/
  3. Very useful tutorial on how to update p3d without the massive headache of a fresh install.
  4. W Aviation will be exhibiting at NBAA-BACE to discuss the development of its new hangar and office at its FBO campus at Fort Lauderdale Executive airport. LINK TO SOURCE: https://corporatejetinvestor.com/articles/w-aviation-to-give-update-on-its-fbo-project-at-nbaa-826/
  5. Amstat, which tracks business jets of all sizes and vintages in its 22,000-aircraft dataset, noted that this year's first half closed with many segments “at or close to” their lowest inventory levels as a percentage of the active fleet “in some time.” The figure for active business jets, it added, was at its lowest since early 2008. LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2017-10-05/preowned-update-october-2017
  6. Changelog: -Island satellite image resolution increased twice, -Island mesh resolution increased from 30m to 5m (6x more detailed!), -Added some 3D hotel models on the approach, -VGDS not lined up correctly at gate 21 fixed, -Remove airplane shadows from ground when statics disabled (added archive in the scenery folder to change), -AFCAD stand/gate radius adjusted, -Crashboxes on the runway removed, -Changed archive type to .ZIP, -Slight autogen adjustments. LINK TO SOURCE:
  7. Been waiting for this one! LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.justflight.com/product/tb10-tobago-and-tb20-trinidad
  8. Navigraph Charts Desktop Updated to v6.0.4.0913 LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.navigraph.com/
  9. Hello fans of the show. I like to start off with an apology for the delay with episode 35. Due to a few unforseen circumstances we were unable to record at our regularly scheduled time. Sparky has been without Internet access for over a week, and here in the San Francisco bay we had temperatures in excess of 100°. Keep in mind there is no air conditioning in the San Francisco Bay area. With the two headquarters offline it didn't make sense to record something half-assed. To address the lapse, we will be recording an extended show on Sunday night covering two weeks of news and more. Thank you for all your kind messages checking in on this weeks episode, it's exciting to see how many of you rely on the weekly show. Thank you for your continued support and viewership. skyFive, Edson
  10. Gents, We had hoped to release the 747 this week, but we're still waiting on the US female FO voice set to come in. Other than that, she's basically good to go! So please wait a few more days. I know you have all been waiting for a long time, but we're almost there. If you loved NGX Reboot, you'll love the 747! Manuals will be released on released day. But if you own NGX Reboot, and most of you do, then the learning curve will be pretty low. The 747 uses the same user interface system, key assignments. Cheers, LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/518908-1-september-2017-weekend-update/
  11. REX WX Advantage Radar eta 14th September 2017 LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/announcement/21-prepar3d-v4-–-rex-product-update-912017 /
  12. Ultimate Traffic Live - Version 1.21 Update Patch - Advanced Users http://ultimatetraffic.flight1.net/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=15064&title=version-1-21-update-patch-advanced-users (Only for UTLive Licensed Users) It is version 1.21 and offers these fixes/changes...Mipmaps added to liveries for better performanceRadio section added to cfg files for P3D4 compatibility (flights will not be lost because of this)Sound AI cfg files updated for P3D4 compatibilityP3D4 info added to interface so the correct information appears.
  13. http://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/viewdownload/51/765?user=Canuckshaw&passw=%242y%2410%24Esb4OHvcjRl72vBHIK5nFOqVA2eAynEAKyI8c4xQUACF3CREC2n2q Looks very good for a freeware plane! Robin DR400 FSX & P3D HOT UPDATED Author Yannick Lavigne-Fred Banting-Rob Young, FSX native format by Bluebear Size 21.4 MB Downloads 14 464 Created 26-03-2015 10:32:29 Changed 18-04-2017 01:14:24 License Freeware Auto-install : Installer version 10 3D Virtual Cockpit Compatible DirectX10 Add-on compatible with FSX & FSX-Steam & Prepar3D v1 v2 v3 Changelog Updated to installer version 10.2. Now 100% native FSX and Prepar3D. Added 8 custom repaints. New custom sounds. Working virtual cockpit with Prepar3D. New effects. High quality Robin DR400 with HD virtual cockpit and 2D panel, includes 8 repaints, custom sounds, 100% native updates for FSX and P3D. Robin DR400 is a single-engine light aircraft widely used in flying clubs, produced by the company Avions Pierre Robin, now called Robin Aircraft. It appeared in 1972 by changing the range of DR300 (DR are the initials of Jean Délémontez and Pierre Robin). Compared to these, two major differences are wider cabin shoulder and a glass roof that slides forward instead of doors, new concept first applied on the HR-1 in 1969. The camber of the wing makes it easier steering and a better stall. The dashboard is higher and clearer. We find also the same powers available about the different models ranging especially the engine, the cabin is identical. Less powerful models, up to 120 hp, are called "2 + 2", that is to say, for two adults and two children (or three adults), the others are all quadriplaces the 180hp taking without problems 4 passengers, refueling and some luggage. The design of the aircraft is old, it is a low-wing entoilée wood structure dihedral wing tip. The low wing allows for excellent visibility. It is of type Jodel, very characteristic. It has a tricycle landing gear, easier to install than a conventional train. It is currently still very present in most French flying clubs (accounting for 50% of the French aerospace park flying club), and more widely in Europe. This aircraft has a good reputation both for the school and for trips. (Wikipedia)
  14. A2A Simulations latest Accu-sim updater, a little one but as ever always make sure you are up to date; http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=57819 thanks, Lewis
  15. wchafe Admin Group Hi Folks. We have created a small update for the 767 for FSX to resolve the issues it was having with Windows 10. We are releasing it here first. If there are no issues we'll roll it into a new installer in the near future. http://flight1.100megabyte.com/767-Win10-Update.zip IMPORTANT!!! There are new DLL modules in this update. It is common that virus scanners or Windows Defender may quarantine these files. This is a FALSE-POSITIVE. If this happens you need to make sure your scanner excludes these files from future scans. INSTRUCTIONS: Extract these files to your simulator root folder. Make sure the files go in the correct paths. The paths are already included in the Zip file.... SIM_ROOT\Gauges\LVLD\B767at.gau SIM_ROOT\Level-D Simulations\B767-300\leveld.dll SIM_ROOT\Modules\LVLD.dll Make sure you run whatever simulator you are using as ADMINISTRATOR. Because this update works natively in Windows 10, you can re-enable the Windows 10 error reporting service as required if you had disabled in previously. Regards, Level-D Simulations SOURCE: http://www.leveldsim.com/forums/windows-10-update-for-767-for-fsx_topic26426&FID=3&PR=3.html
  16. Hello all, I am happy to announce we have just made live our latest A320-X release v1.0.1.196 for P3D which should make it compatible with all Prepar3D v3 releases to-date, including the latest Hotfix 3 (v3.4.22.19868). In this release, apart from the usual compatibility update code additions, we have made several improvements and fixes on this already incredible product, as part of our promise for quality support and attention to customer needs. All these improvements, updates and fixes are also rolled into our A320-X release v1.0.1.196 for FSX which is also available immediately! ---- Here's what our team would like you to know is included in this update: AOC Service We noticed that on a few setups, the AOCService process would sometimes take up a lot of CPU processing power, resulting in stutters and performance drops. This is now improved - you should not see any significant AOCService CPU processing time any longer throughout the flight. Fuel Changes were made to prevent third-party applications from sensing refuelling during the flight. FMGC Logic fix for HDG on rollout and missing runway bumps Logic fix for Lateral T/D detection Logic fix for DEP RWY leg header naming structure Logic fix for shallow descent vertical path Fix for V1 / VR / V2 rounding errors (126 would sometimes show as 125 on PFD) Mach CRZ fuel predictions tuning Corrected interpretation of tailored data in Navigraph NAV Database sources Accurate handling of Circle-To-Land procedures now available through the NAV Database (this was originally going to be an SP1 item but we were able to include it in this release. Try some arrivals in LFMN - they are superb!) Engine Generators Logic fix for GEN FAULT failure FADEC Engine Anti-Ice logic improvements Logic fix for Bleed issues Sounds We added the ability to allow sounds to continue to play when P3D loses window focus, if the P3D "Mute On Lost Focus" option is unchecked, as this adds a lot to the immersion factor. We know a lot of you wanted this feature, so here it is! Doors Door disarming is now available through the PA push-button on the Audio Control Panel Brakes An additional MCDU OPTIONS page was added for BRAKES coefficients and factors. On top of this, the keyboard and joystick button brake handling logic was modified to allow the maximum toe brake deflection to be user-specified and to default to 28% of the full toe brake travel. This results in a much finer braking action when the keyboard "." brake (or joystick brake button) is used and we're very happy with the resulting smoothness that occurs in all surface conditions (the braking action is now dynamically controlled based on whether the runway surface is dry, wet, icy or snowy). Virtual Cockpit Auto Brake MAX key size is now fixed APU START key now returns even if the user accidentally moves the mouse away from the button while it was pushed in (which resulted in APU AUTO SHUTDOWN situations). External Model The Runway turnoff lights position is adjusted to match real world specs Miscellaneous fixes Several optimizations in the code resulting in smoother FPS performance in most conditions Memory leak fix for situations where the user would select an MCDU subsystem then return to the MCDU MENU page NOTE: Please make sure you backup any modified files you have made, like the A320ThrustLevers.ini or A320XGauges.ini files, which contain settings you might want to retain before you reinstall. --- As always, we are very appreciative of your feedback and we're constantly working towards bringing more improvements to you in our later versions. I will be sharing our plans for our next updates sometime soon, but until then, you are cleared directly to our Redownload area where you can download this new and very exciting update. Don't forget to also grab the latest FSLSpotlights v1.0.0.33 which bring compatibility with the latest P3D v3.4 HF3! Thank you once again for your continued support! SOURCE: http://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/11426-a320-x-for-p3d-and-fsx-update-v101196-now-released/
  17. Lefteris Kalamaras Hello all, We are very pleased to announce the release of our updated A320-X v1.0.1.191 for FSX. This is an update release for all versions of Flight Simulator X (SP2 / XPack and Steam) which features improvements and fixes over the previous versions and is inline with our promise to provide continuous support on our product line. We invite everyone to download and install this update as it fixes the MCDU freeze a lot of you have been observing. It also contains several other improvements and fixes itemized below: Logic fixes / improvements AOC - Service trip wind parsing fix - Route parsing logic updated - CRZ ALT fix ATSU - COMPANY MSG added ACHC - Fix for Cargo temperature logicACP - PA logic fix Bleeds - Bleed logic fixes CPC - Rapid decompression alt bug fix ECB - APU Autoshutdown fixes ELAC - Elevator unloading improvements - added protection to elevator control block and reset flare gains - fix for elevators on ROLLOUT Engines - Fix for Engine Oil temperatures FAC - Tweak for low energy calculations FADEC - Small updates / improvements FMGS - Flight Management - MIN DEST FOB fix - ALTN fuel prediction tuned - FD leg calculation fixes - FC non-std position calculation fixes - Freeze fix - AC STATUS page on DONE reversion fix - FUEL and PAYLOAD interfacing with various components - INIT B Winds fix - FMP Takeoff cancellation logic added - Flight Guidance - Flare mode improvements - Flare gains updated - FMP Takeoff cancellation logic added Fuel - Fix for Fuel Pumps and AUTO FEED FAULT Lights - Landing light effects improvement in cloud/fog - Spotlights improvements - Beacon on wing tips fix MCDU - Fix for X739 messaging - Fix for MCDU Lights not clearing Payload - Bouncing effect reduced SDAC - internal database improvements Tiller logic - Added option to make 'comma' key sticky Weather Radar - Gains tweaks General - Memory optimizations We are continuing our work towards our first Service Pack, our plan so far is to incorporate important missing functionality, such as Detailed Winds and Secondary Flight Plan (for example) and also improve further the braking and steering issues when no hardware rudder pedals are available. We expect this new functionality to be delivered after we release our Prepar3D version which is currently undergoing final rounds of beta testing. To download this v1.0.1.191 update, please visit our Flight Sim Labs redownload service area with your Order ID, Serial Number and email. Once you have downloaded the .zip file, extract both installers, uninstall previous Binaries and Resources and install the new ones as per our Installation Instructions here. NOTE: Also, please make sure you have updated FSLSpotlights to the latest version that is available (currently v1.0.0.30) - that's IMPORTANT . Thank you all for your continued support! SOURCE: http://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/10405-a320-x-for-fsx-update-v101191-now-released/
  18. Prepar3D v3.4 Hotfix 1 Fixes and Improvements Updated baseline framework to Microsoft .NET 4.6.2 Corrected a crash when entering SimDirector with Raw Input enabled due to a max handle count being exceeded Corrected Baron and Bravo typos in their panel.cfg files Fixing ATC window’s title bar being cut off at high DPI settings Preserving Xbox controllers when switching control APIs Reenabling tablet behaviors when gestures are modified. Correctly reading the setting in without restarting. Fixed Focal Points not drawing in Virtual Instructor Fixed issues with Video Streaming; displaying incorrect resolutions and a crash at higher resolutions Allowing video stream clients to join after a stream has started Supporting higher quality video streams Enforcing alert dialog to correctly grab focus and pop when opening behind other windows Ensure 2D panels properly layer on top of 3D windows Added extended ASCII support for Scaleform Panels Added additional joystick checks to fix issues of controllers not appearing or being settable Updated multichannel and view group documentation Fixed bug where hydraulic switch was not working through Panel API Added video streaming configuration options Fixed issue with HintPath not being preserved when saving a scenario Forcing alert windows to display when behind other windows Setting the Parking Brake infogen notification to the proper key Stopped resetting audio devices during a hardware change. Caching previous state when recreating audio devices Correcting issue with SimConnect global exceptions. Respecting client IDs for SimConnect exceptions. Splash screen now displays immediately at startup Correcting issue with Raw Input and Windows 10 keeping unplugged controllers in the device enumeration Fixed a Raw Input access violation crash Refactored how the splash screen is displayed during activation Exposed additional chain message support to the PDK IEventService http://prepar3d.com/news/2016/11/113769/
  19. There is a new version out of the turbine 206. Fixed are: Reflexions could be controlled with alpha in exterior textures Yoke movement new high-poli tires without gloss Lubber display on Bendix-King Ki 525 Glide-slope display Gyro-sound inside model Green and red position lights Problems with dsd_fsx_xml_sound.gau Reference points on float models Download here http://www.flightport.de/cessna-u-206-soloy/
  20. damian Developer Join Date Oct 2012 Posts 4,370 Active Sky 2016 - P3D v3.4 Compatibility Update and Hotfix 4 - Open Beta SOURCE: http://www.hifisimtech.com/forums/showthread.php?7115-Active-Sky-2016-P3D-v3-4-Compatibility-Update-and-Hotfix-4-Open-Beta
  21. AS16 for P3D Hotfix3 Update 6066 ASCA Hotfix 3 Update 6066 damian Developer Join Date Oct 2012 Posts 4,342 Hotfix 3 for AS16 and ASCA now posted! SOURCE: http://www.hifisimtech.com/forums/showthread.php?6918-Hotfix-3-for-AS16-and-ASCA-now-posted!&p=34533#post34533
  22. Dear simMarket Customer, at http://www.simmarket.com you can now find an update of your product: TROPICALSIM - SÃO PAULO GUARULHOS SBGR 2015 FS9 FSX P3D (TSIM-SBGR2015_P3Dv2_UPDATE.zip TSIM-SBGR2015_FS9_UPDATE.zip TSIM-SBGR2015_FSX_P3D_UPDATE.zip) You will find the link to download the update when you log into your user account --> my orders --> respective order.
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