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  1. Captain Sim 757 Captain III 757-300 Expansion Available Captain Sim has released their 757 Captain III 757-300 Expansion pack for Prepar3D V4. Only a few weeks after multiple updates and the release of the freighter version, the team has released the final expansion pack for their 757 package. The 757-300 expansion pack includes custom engine performance, FMC set up and flight modelling to match that of the real Boeing 757-300. Both engine variants (RB211 and PW2043) are included, but it is not a requirement to own the RR expansion pack. You will, however, have to own the 757-200 base package. As expected, the product uses the ACE system for use of downloading free liveries, adding other things such as winglets and other features. The Captain Sim 757 Captain III 757-300 Expansion Pack is available now for Prepar3D V4 for $19.99. It is worth noting that the price of the base pack has now gone up from $75.70 to now $99.99. Update: After we published the story, Captain Sim applied a ‘sale’ to the price, bringing it back to $75.70. No word on when the ‘sale’ will end. Full Feature List (both engine types): Custom engine performance Custom FMC setup Custom Flight Model SOURCE INFO https://www.captainsim.com/store/ https://fselite.net/news/captain-sim-757-captain-iii-757-300-expansion-available/
  2. After the release of the Captain Sim 757 Captain III Freighter for P3Dv4 earlier this year, the development team has released the 32-bit version. The 32-bit version is compatible with FSX, FSX:SE and Prepar3D V3. The 32-bit version of the aircraft is an add-on for the base pack and brings the complete freighter experience along with it. In total, 11 models have been released with the expansion pack, and include both engine variants: PW and RR. Other features include custom engine performance, custom flight model and animated high loaders and a variation on the freighter model itself. The Captain Sim 757 Captain III Freighter is now available in 32-bit form for $19.99. Unlike in the 64-bit world, there doesn’t appear to be an essential pack, which was released days after the initial Freighter release on Prepar3D V4. Don’t forget, you will need the original base pack for FSX/P3Dv3 which is available here for $69.99. Sim House livery: • 757-200PF with RB211-535E4B engines • 757-200PF with PW2037 engines • 757-200PF with PW2040 engines • 757-200PCF with RB211-535E4B engines • 757-200PCF with PW2037 engines • 757-200PCF with PW2040 engines • 757-200SF with RB211-535E4B engines • 757-200SF with RB211-535E4 engines • 757-200SF with RB211-535C engines • 757-200SF with PW2037 engines • 757-200SF with PW2040 engines Each engine variation provides: • Custom engine performance • Custom FMC setup • Custom Flight Model The RR engine systems and sounds included. The RR Expansion is not required. Complete VC including: • Freighter converted Flight Deck; • Lavatory and supernumerary area; • “Submarine hatch” entry door; • Cargo cabin with wing views; • Animated High Loader Misc features: • FMC cargo management features. • Cargo management 2D panel. • Custom cargo management sounds. • Integrated GPU. • Exterior animated High Loader and ULDs; SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/captain-sim-release-757-freighter-for-fsx-p3dv3/
  3. Captain Sim has pushed a v1.302 update for the Prepar3D v4 edition of their 757 CAPTAIN III Base Pack and all currently available expansions. This update introduces some key features to further enhance Captain Sim’s 757 series such as the integration of TFDi’s TrueGlass rain effects, new exterior model textures, new VC variants and more which can be found in the comprehensive changelog at the end of this article. To obtain this update, visit Captain Sim’s official update page where you can find all download links and installation instructions at the bottom under the ‘TO GET THE UPDATE’ subheading. Note that this update is only for the Prepar3D v4 edition of the 757 CAPTAIN III + Expansions. If you don’t already own the 757 CAPTAIN III Base Pack you can grab a hold of it on Captain Sim’s store for a price of $75.70 (Excl. VAT). All expansion packs can also be found on the same page at an additional cost. Screenshots: @magicaviation#3349 from our Discord. Changelog BASE PACK New exterior model materials. TrueGlass rain effects. Integrated GPU. Removable VC yokes. Improved the number of wheel chocks. Fixed 4-door variants: door 3L-R animation. FREIGHTER EXPANSIONS New Flight deck VC for -SF variants.** 3 courier seats for -SF exterior models.** Safety net animation control for better third-party vehicles compatibility. GPU position updated for better third-party vehicles compatibility. SELCAL and CALL panels updated according to Freighter specs. Fixed Logo lights. DON OXYGEN MASK switch chime removed. ** indicates N/A to the 757 Freighter Essential. RR EXPANSION New exterior model materials. TrueGlass rain effects. Integrated GPU. Removable VC yokes. Improved the number of wheel chocks. Fixed 4-door variants: door 3L-R animation. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/captain-sim-757-iii-all-variants-updated-to-v1-302/
  4. The 757 Freighter Captains, We are proud to inform you that the most advanced and complete freighter simulation ever built for any desktop flight sim is now available. See the 757 Freighter Expansion at: https://captainsim.net/products/y757/y574/ Stay tuned, Captain Sim News SOURCE INFOhttps://captainsim.net/products/y757/y574/ DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://captainsim.net/products/y757/y574/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://captainsim.net/products/y757/y574/
  5. As a precursor to their upcoming 757 Freighter expansion, developer Captain Sim has released an update for their 757 Captain III Base Pack. The version 1.301 update brings several new features, including freighter expansion compatibility, along with APU sounds on exterior views. Along with new features, the update includes a variety of improvements and fixes, most notably fixes for the ‘On APU’ panel state issues. Pilots can download the update from the Captain Sim site, and install it by following the instructions included with the file. While there is no published release date for the freighter expansion, you can get excited by checking out the preview page here. Changelog New features Сompatibility with 757 Freighter Expansion. APU sound for exterior views. Improved Landing and taxi lights LOW settings (ACE). Fixed “On APU” panel state issues. The flap and minimum maneuver speeds indication on the speed tape. Missing ACT ECON CRZ “EPR Display” LSK 3L. POS REF Page RNP/ANP manual input RNP. The ‘FAST/SLOW’ square on the original EADI. The CDU CLR key deletes one character from any text that was in the scratchpad earlier. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/captain-sim-releases-757-update-for-p3dv4/
  6. Freeware Sound Pack Released for Captain Sim 757 III Over at the Captain Sim 757 Facebook group, a generous person named Alex Tavares has released his freeware 757 CS Sound Project for the Captain Sim 757 III. 757 CS Sound Project is a completely free, semi-complete overhaul/replacement for the Captain Sim 757 III’s default non-engine sounds inside and out. From the video linked above, you notice quite a major difference in quality compared to the add-on’s default sound set leaving you with a more overall immersive experience from start to finish. As mentioned above, this is a non-engine sound replacement. Amongst some of the default sounds replaced is the battery power sound, hydraulic sound, fuel pump sound, APU startup/shutdown sound and more which can be listened to at the timestamps listed in the video’s description. When installing ensure you follow and read through the included Instructions.txt as it is an installation process that may be tricky for some and requires you to change a couple of config files. If you need support or have a bug to report, you can email Alex here (atav2004@gmail.com). You can grab a hold of the 757 CS Sound Project for free over at this Google Drive link. It is compatible with the Captain Sim 757 III for both FSX and Prepar3D v3 & 4. SOURCE INFO https://drive.google.com/file/d/1orgEhm-wTc9VBxihCUfLGd86eSu-28Gk/view?fbclid=IwAR0Hn1IzaKPxS-HZSYvA_L1hs8e3AYx0YGdZZvqaPhOo-5dnpafH4Aff830 https://fselite.net/news/freeware-sound-pack-released-for-captain-sim-757-iii/
  7. Captains, We regret to inform you that from 0000Z 23DEC2018, 24 hours only, everything is $25 (even the 757). A festivus for the rest of us. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.captainsim.com/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.facebook.com/captainsim/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARC1F0kCrc6zF8UHVdzDRlYx6b28iYgyBFekwtv_t-xM3dI9sHHsj3PYaPy2x1jm2NjZGKug9JU3Diz_&hc_ref=ARTjasUEmEMKwlzN0AekpmK-tB0q4jsA9a7fqFLReAxW4O1XP5rk1grqCQeh1FRNYJo&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARD1f2IILMpOBhpKfzn3y7DeE0Pu91J7lYx4Z17S-vcBvk8A_QWLHPd03PspPyRa9Z4oEwlrCUKB9vkFmfHRGKqnscFzWHbkbvsu6eEgo_Kn16Ll3OoU_qFw3e0hAmf7jXG5rbhVMH04jTvWD8QN0mu9JK1XRYaB23uw_pcWrHrD1XlXvUMWe5GjmjK_2mOJN8wF0mPMbn43z-H-2xkVYTzrtIWpQ8YZkioZPaCTTpNebw-ChEf31SdskkYgO6HomZZz8PWze2DiiFjHJG4aVHjTwUT3PLORLD_W0VQQizGEd2lQt6j-hHc3g02VDEqPS55yrs8tlB1L1jAqSRIP0VPxtA
  8. Captain Sim 757 Freighter Paint Kit Available Captains, The 757 Repaint Kit is updated, now it includes the Freigher templates. Which means the community can start producing the -200PF, -200PCF, -200SF and -200M repaints for the upcoming 757 Freighter Expansion: https://captainsim.net/products/y757/sops SOURCE INFO NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  9. Nice to see the RR engines, but have to admit I thought that would be a free option... DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://captainsim.net/products/y757/r572/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  10. Prepar3D v4 only SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://captainsim.net/products/y757/sops/updates/1-200/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  11. Fixes: VNAV descend PTH to SPD switch and the A/T response to the switch. The engine startup sound stutter. FMC “invalid entry” message for flaps 1. Proper engine rating on the CDU info page. A couple of issues which may cause CTD on some systems. To decrease the roll MOI. The reverse sleeve animation. The yoke shape. The yoke column height. New features: The cockpit states real-time management via FMC. The 4-door configuration model (including the escape slides). Tutorial engine auto-start (Ctrl+E). An option to turn off the F/O’s CDU, ADI, HSI displays. ZFW on the Payload Page auto-update. An option to select less intense landing lights FX. Forward access door animation. E/E access door animation. External power hatch animation. Overflow valve animation. The main exit set to D2L. Separate selcall audio files for user customization. V1, Rotate, V2 callouts. Clickable VC CDU to call the 2D CDU panel. Brand new ACE. An option to select the new Scimitar winglets. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://captainsim.net/products/y757/sops/updates/1-100/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/captain-sim-757-captain-iii-update-1-10-now-available/
  12. After CaptainSims release of their Boeing 757 and some news about an incoming update back in February, everything went incredibly quiet around this much anticipated project. Many people have since been wondering what had happened to the update that, in posts they made earlier, seemed right around the corner. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://captainsim.net/products/y757/sops/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/p3d-news/captainsim-757-update-information/
  13. Captain Sim has shown off a shot of their new 757 update, which is apparently coming ‘ASAP’. The shot was posted on their Facebook page and shows off the four door configuration on the popular narrow-body aircraft. SOURCE INFO https://fselite.net/news/captain-sim-preview-new-757-door-config-new-update-soon/
  14. Just over a month ago, Captain Sim released their 757 Captain III for P3Dv4. It was met with some positive views from the community, but lots of feedback to help make the aircraft even better. A few weeks after, hotfix 1 was released addressing some of the concerns, and the team committed to listening to the community for more feedback. A few minutes ago, the team released hotfix 2 which has added a whole bunch of new features and fixes to the 757 Captain III. One of the most featured requests was the addition of having fuel and payload added to the FMC instead of using the complex method of external managers and in-sim fueling pages. Furthermore, you can also use the FMC to determine the ZFW, jetway control and control the pushback. Other improvements include 40 additional cockpit control sounds, window wiper sound effects and the CDU is now a pop-out. Some of the bigger bugs has also been addressed including fuel flow, VNAV fixes, cost index calculations and an improvement on the CI/Mach number. To install, you can download the update file from here. Once done, make sure P3DV4 isn’t running and install the update. The patch will overwrite all modifications of the original product. It’s not clear if you need to have hotfix 1 installed first. Just in case you do, you can get that from here. Captain Sim has said to continue watching their forum for further updates and improvements. Full Change log: – ZFW and CG management via FMC is added. – Fuel management via FMC is added. – Payload management via FMC is added. – Pushback control via FMC is added. – Jetway control via FMC is added. – A separate tiller axis is added. – 40+ cockpit controls sounds are added. – Window wipers sound is added. – CDU pop-ups are added. – The A/P disconnect sound is added. – PAX cabin on/off selection is added. – Fuel Flow is corrected. – VNAV speed/alt restrictions are fixed. – VNAV is improved. – Cost Index calculation is improved. – CI/Mach Number calculation is improved. – Cockpit sounds are improved. – The F/D bars readability is improved. – Seat belt chime volume is increased. – The Captain’s seat view is re-mapped to F9 hotkey. – The Manual is updated. LINK TO SOURCE: https://fselite.net/news/captain-sim-releases-hotfix-2-757-captain-iii/
  15. Also a bug work around and info about the engine start preceedure near the 45 minute mark.
  16. So far the base package has been released. 757-2RR Expansion, 757-300 Expansion and 757F Expansion coming later. Only P3D v4 version available. Price: $75. LINK TO SOURCE: https://captainsim.net
  17. QualityWings Simulations Q42017 Update – 787, 757 and More News https://fselite.net/news/qualitywings-simulations-q42017-update-787-757-news/
  18. 757 CAPTAIN III Beta - The first flight
  19. Captain Sim is proud to introduce the new generation of the award-winning '757 Captain' series: the '757 CAPTAIN III' family of expansions for FSX and Prepar3D. The first member of the family is the 757-2PW BASE PACK. It's a highly detailed and accurate digital replica of the Boeing 757-200 with PW2037 and PW2040 engines. Key features: - Fully functional flight deck loaded with advanced systems simulation (FMC/LNAV/VNAV/WXR etc etc) Re-coded from scratch. - All-new custom night lighting. - Complete passenger cabin with in-flight entertainment system. - Top-notch exterior model with 3D windows, cabin interior, passengers, stewardess and animated pilots. - High resolution textures. - Realistic flight model. - Authentic sound set. - ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor). - Repaint kit. - Aux 2D panels. - Custom visual effects. - Flights. - Custom views including wing views. - Sim Ops. - 715 (seven hundred fifteen) pages Manual.
  20. Flight Factor has just released the new Boeing 757 v2 Extended Pack The Extended Pack adds the 757-200F Cargo and the 757-300 to the existing 757-200 Pro As an owner of the 757 version 2, you can get the new 757 v2 Extended Pack for only $20. ********************************************** Boeing 757 version 2 Extended The Extended pack includes three variants of the Boeing 757: 757-200 757-300 757-200F Cargo and get it the 757 Extended Package for only $20 to all your welcome...lol LINK TO SOURCE: http://store.x-plane.org/Boeing-757-v2-Professional-Extended-Upg_p_698.html Check your Email / account for Promo Code if you have the previous version.
  21. Researchers achieved a remote, non-cooperative, penetration of the aircraft's systems LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.techspot.com/news/71868-dhs-researchers-have-hacked-boeing-757.html
  22. Ultimate 757 QWPAS Safety Demo: United Airlines 2012
  23. 03/08/2017 10:00 AM The XPlane aircraft Boeing 767-300 ER Professional (V1.1.32) & Boeing 757 Version 2 Professional (V2.0.27) has been updated. Boeing 767-300 ER Professional Changelog: fixed the "2*pi" problem added compatibility with the BetterPushback (requires the BetterPushback version 0.29 or higer) fixes for problems with mouse wheel in some interaction mode Boeing 757 Version 2 Professional Changelog: fixed the "2*pi" problem fix for wing lights floating issue added compatibility with the BetterPushback (requires the BetterPushback version 0.29 or higer) fixes for problems with mouse wheel in some interaction mode LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.aerosoft.com/en/blog/detail/sCategory/774/blogArticle/697 smurf_john
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