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Found 6 results

  1. After much anticipation from within the X-Plane community, FlightFactor has released previews of their 767 Pro ExtendedExpansion for X-Plane 11 over on the X-Plane.org forums. Along with the stunning set of previews, FlightFactor has announced the following three base models along with engine variants: 767-300ER with PW, RR and GE engines 767-F with PW, RR and GE engines 767-200ER with PW and GE engines Furthermore, the following new features are set to be included: A new EFB Navigraph charts Checklists Tutorials A new failure scenario system We will keep you updated if any more news surfaces regarding the FlightFactor 767 Pro Extended. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/162000-boeing-767-pro-extended/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/previews/flightfactor-preview-767-pro-extended/
  2. I need help guys, i want to get something new for the hanger. ive been flying the freeware 757, and find myself missing the technical side of flying. So im want to really feel like i am in the cockpit, having to follow procedures and stuff. and program the FMC. I hear the Level-D 767 is still an amazing addition even though it is getting old now. But the PMDG 737 also looks like a nice. I find i tend to like the Boeing's over the Airbus' as well. What do ya'll think? LINK TO SOURCE:
  3. 03/08/2017 10:00 AM The XPlane aircraft Boeing 767-300 ER Professional (V1.1.32) & Boeing 757 Version 2 Professional (V2.0.27) has been updated. Boeing 767-300 ER Professional Changelog: fixed the "2*pi" problem added compatibility with the BetterPushback (requires the BetterPushback version 0.29 or higer) fixes for problems with mouse wheel in some interaction mode Boeing 757 Version 2 Professional Changelog: fixed the "2*pi" problem fix for wing lights floating issue added compatibility with the BetterPushback (requires the BetterPushback version 0.29 or higer) fixes for problems with mouse wheel in some interaction mode LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.aerosoft.com/en/blog/detail/sCategory/774/blogArticle/697 smurf_john
  4. While browsing around the SimMarket today, I discovered some HD textures. Not just any HD textures... CAPTAIN SIM 767 HD CARGO TEXTURES!! This texture pack includes 4 different types of cargo liveries. The liveries consist of UPS, DHL, Lan Cargo and finally after looking for so long there is a NICE FedEx livery that doesnt look like a 5 year old got a hold of the paint kit for the CS767 ( Edson knows which one I am talking about...). I dont know about you but I have been looking for a good Fedex 767 livery for a long time and quite frankly it was right in front of my eyes! Any who you can pick this up for a nice price! EUR 13.00 and $14.20 on the SimMarket. Go on over and check it out! From AZI STUDIOS: High definition repaints for Captain-Sim 767-300 freighter model. These textures are eight times as detailed as the liveries made by Captain Sim. This package provide 4 High Definition textures for UPS, FedEx, DHL, and LAN cargo. The comparison shots will show you the big difference between the default CS paint-kit and our one. What we did is bring the default Captain-Sim Paint-kit and upscale it 8 times bigger. Then we start to redo everything from scratch. It is a hard work but the results always positive. With the new Bump, diffuse and specular mapping we think we were able to make a realistic look to this beautiful bird than before. http://secure.simmarket.com/azi-studios-captain-sim-b767f-uhd-textures-1.phtml
  5. wchafe Admin Group Hi Folks. We have created a small update for the 767 for FSX to resolve the issues it was having with Windows 10. We are releasing it here first. If there are no issues we'll roll it into a new installer in the near future. http://flight1.100megabyte.com/767-Win10-Update.zip IMPORTANT!!! There are new DLL modules in this update. It is common that virus scanners or Windows Defender may quarantine these files. This is a FALSE-POSITIVE. If this happens you need to make sure your scanner excludes these files from future scans. INSTRUCTIONS: Extract these files to your simulator root folder. Make sure the files go in the correct paths. The paths are already included in the Zip file.... SIM_ROOT\Gauges\LVLD\B767at.gau SIM_ROOT\Level-D Simulations\B767-300\leveld.dll SIM_ROOT\Modules\LVLD.dll Make sure you run whatever simulator you are using as ADMINISTRATOR. Because this update works natively in Windows 10, you can re-enable the Windows 10 error reporting service as required if you had disabled in previously. Regards, Level-D Simulations SOURCE: http://www.leveldsim.com/forums/windows-10-update-for-767-for-fsx_topic26426&FID=3&PR=3.html
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