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  1. Source: FSElite 'FSlabs has recently made available v2.0.262 of their A320-X and newly released A319-X for P3D V4, brining various optimizations and fixes to both products. Included in this update is a good number of fixes but main changes include improvements to dynamic lighting, FMGC crashes, sound tweaks, GSX boarding improvements, as well as other various logic fixes and improvements. Those wanting to view the full changelog can find it below. V2.0.1.262 can be downloaded from FlightSimLabs’ redownload service here, and the update itself can be installed simply by running the new installer. V2.0.1.262: – External Model: – Various small fixes and improvements – Virtual Cockpit: – Various small fixes and improvements – Performance: – UMPolicy now read from base 320 folder – Dynamic lighting optimizations – Brakes: – Brake temp logic improved – FMGC: – FM: Fix for crash under certain conditions – Sounds: – PTU logic fixes – Gear logic fixes – Animations: – St Elmos fix – GSX: – Logic fix for pax synchronization – Doors: – 1L auto close logic improved – Temp model: – Cargo temp tuning improvements – Duct temps in cabin tuning – Sun heat adjustments' SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/fslabs-a319-x-and-a320-x-v2-0-1-262-released/
  2. 'Flight Sim Labs has just announced the release of their A319-X product. A long time coming, the microbus has finally released to add to FSLab’s A320 family. Up next in the series will be the A321 and following behind that, the sharklets for the family.' SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/flight-sim-labs-release-a319-x/
  3. FSLabs Announce New A319-X Feature FSLabs on their forums has just shown off some shots of their newest feature that will be included with their upcoming A319-X. In what can be described as a ‘buggy’ feature, this new addition to the aircraft is yet another feature that only advances the in-depth reality that has come to be expected with FSLabs. A common occurrence in the real world of flying is that bugs are often found splattered across the windscreen after departing or arriving and FSLabs have decided that they should model this to add that extra level of realism. SOURCE INFO https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/17455-02-jun-16-we-found-some-bugs-in-the-a319-x/ https://fselite.net/news/fslabs-announce-new-a319-x-feature/
  4. FSElite Exclusive: New Flight Sim Labs A319 Preview Shots No doubt one of the most anticipated aircraft releases coming this year, the Flight Sim Labs A319 has been in the works for a while now. In this time, Flight Sim Labs had been teasing on their forums that we would be seeing some new and exciting features accompany the aircraft that were not present on the A320. We got a first glimpse of one of these new features last week when FlightSimLabs showed off the new and groundbreaking icing feature that would be debuting on the A319. SOURCE INFO https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/17305-a319-x-“super-cool”-feature-reveal/ https://fselite.net/previews/fselite-exclusive-new-flight-sim-labs-a319-preview-shots/
  5. hey guys its been a while. this popped up, Flight Sim Labs announces new “super-cool” icing effects for upcoming Airbus A319-X I wonder what Mr. Kiven thinks of these effects SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.airdailyx.net/article/flight-sim-labs-announces-new-super-cool-icing-effects-for-upcoming-airbus-a319-x/
  6. First Flight Sim Labs A319 Preview Shared In the first of what’s surely many more to come, Flight Sim Labs has shared the first preview of their upcoming A319 over on Facebook. Hopefully this is a sign that release, or at least entrance into beta, is close, and when any more previews or information are shared we’ll be sure to be the first to let you know! SOURCE INFO https://fselite.net/previews/first-flight-sim-labs-a319-preview-shared/
  7. Hello all, Meanwhile folks over on P3Dv4 are awaiting impatiently the Aerosoft Airbus Professional, over the fence in X-Plane 11 was the release this week of our first A319. I've seen it on stream, it isn't so bad for a first aircraft from ToLiSs, the quality is there! Anyone tried it yet? SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://toliss.com/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  8. hey Guys TOLISS A319 is nearing release and happy to be part of the committee SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://flightdeckx.com/toliss-a319-release-imminent/
  9. [EDIT] TOLISS A319: RELEASED! February 28, 2018 by Ollie Our friends over at FSElite revealed the release date for the anticipated ToLiSs A319 to be February 28th (yeah right, that’s today). The product page has already been set-up on the x-plane.org store here. The plane is priced at $69.00 (about €56). Please note the product page currently says “Not for sale yet. We will open the sale on March 1st”. Since I am currently not in close contact with this particular developer I cannot confirm either date. However, I am confident Y'all can throw your money at your screens very soon! This is certainly yet another exciting release for our community. And this time that is actually for everyone as this bird supports all major operating systems including Linux (unless FlightFactor’s A320 which only supports Windows and macOS). Also, do note that ToLiSs (who do have ties to former developer QPAC) promised to finally upgrade the FMGS of the FlightFactor A350 XWB which is supposed to happen about six months after the A319 initial release. We’ll keep you updated how that goes. Anyway, for now, cheer up and be happy! Another Bus is waiting for some love! EDIT: Now released… Follow the magic link to the x-plane.org store! SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : http://store.x-plane.org/ToLiss-319_p_762.html NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://flightdeckx.com/toliss-a319-release-imminent/
  10. Remember the A350 team for X-Plane? They announce the A319 for X-Plane! Not too shabby, but not too impressive compared to what has been done with the new FF A320. I’ll let you guys be the judge - look at the engines! Too roundy? LINK TO SOURCE: https://fselite.net/news/toliss-announce-new-a319-xpl/
  11. The hard working crew of FSLabs have posted a few pics of the cockpit of the new A320 for v4, with a sneaky external pic of the A319 in development. So cant wait for this. LINK TO SOURCE: https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/13729-preview-shots-of-virtual-cockpit-in-p3d-v4/
  12. This weather balloon had a close call with an Airbus A319.A Delta Airlines flight from Boston to Detroit is seen cutting through the clouds and flying above the high altitude weather balloon. Tory Carissimo sent off the balloon from Honeoye, New York with a GoPro attached. The flight lasted 75 minutes and it managed to reach an altitude of 102,544 feet. Credit: OLHZN High Altitude Balloons via Storyful Video Link: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=531_1497004732
  13. http://store.steampowered.com/sub/162626/ Airbus A318/A319 & A320/A321 + RAAS Professional Collection CDN$ 71.99 Items included in this package CDN$ 49.99 FSX Steam Edition: Airbus A318/A319 Add-On Simulation CDN$ 49.99 FSX Steam Edition: Airbus A320/A321 Add-On Simulation CDN$ 18.99 FSX: Steam Edition - RAAS Professional Add-On Simulation CDN$ 118.97 Price of individual products: CDN$ 71.99 Cost of this package: CDN$ 46.98 Here's what you save by buying this package Buy Airbus A318/A319 & A320/A321 + RAAS Professional Collection
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