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Found 4 results

  1. I would like to share the free airplanes addons i developed, for Prepar3D v4.3. They are complete reworks of default FSX airplanes (the 747 exterior is Project Opensky), ported to Prepar3D v4.3. All install instructions, credits and references are included in the readme files, in the zip file. If you like them, just throw a skyfive at this post Some features: 4K external and virtual cockpit high definition textures TrueGlass© rain drops effects from TFDi Design© (licensed from TFDi themselves) Milviz© WX Advantage Radar© implementation (not included, you must own the product) Added new cockpit sound effects Amazing 747 engines soundpack by Benoit Plamondon Impressive lighting effects and smooth day/night transitions New and fixed flight instruments and VC integrated FMC Hundreds of visual and programming fixes and improvements... Download links: Update: i decided to suspend this releases for personal reasons. Some pictures: SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  2. You PMDG B747-8 owners must be feeling quite foolish now that the Abacus estimation of the airplane has been released. All the FSX simmers can rejoice - all 3 of you that are still clutching to it. Now, you can experience the absolutely stunning exterior and interior of a Boeing 747-8, faithfully represented by Abacus using real-world photographs edited through the master tool 'MS Paint' in Windows OS. Some might think that having a shell of an aircraft would be more than enough to satisfy their quest for the ultimate Queen of the Skies but wait! You get more. A lot more. Abacus has not only given you a shiny new exterior, no sir, they've also given you a crisp, new, state of the art, 100% accurate to the real world counterpart flight deck! Obviously.. tested by real world 747 pilots, as all airplane add-ons for our sims are. Here are a few features that you are awarded for your 'cup of coffee a day' monies: "- External cockpit section - Window frame, pilot seats - Gauges: Radar Height, Seatbelt, No Smoke - Flaps - Gauge of miscellaneous flightparameter - Sound" and much much more! Why spend triple digits of your savings on a PMDG when you can get this for not EUR 100, 75, 50. No! You get all of the above plus a whole lot more for JUST EUR 16.79! So what are you waiting for? Go visit Simmarket right now and bring this beauty to a hangar near you! PMDG, you better watch out because Abacus is out to steal your customers and take the entire community by storm! By the way, if THIS is Boeing, I definitely ain't going! P.S.: This is meant to be a parody of what our community can produce. It showcases the spectrum of add-on development and is only meant to induce a bit of laughter. Please do not take offense to anything mentioned above and enjoy the lighthearted satire it provides. If unsatisfied, please contact @OMGEDSON while being as thorough and detailed in your explanation (minimum 2000 words) of why the above offends you and we'll try to assist you with the medical care you may be mandated to acquire. Also, I don't know who made this text so small. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://secure.simmarket.com/afs-design-boeing-747-8-v2-fsx.phtml NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
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