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  1. GPU Sag is a real issue, cards keep getting more powerful, and with that, hotter, longer, and heavier. One thing that seems to stay constant is the port location which is at the port side of the card. This location is the only connecting point to your motherboard, over time as the card heats up it also can begin to sag. Not only is this going to put stress on the motherboard port potentially damaging it, but additionally on the ports of the card itself. I'm also water cooled at the GPU and the last thing I want is to in some way influence flow in any direction, a level card is a bonus I'd think. There are many GPU brackets on the market, so when doing research I kept a few things in mind, my card is long, I don't need any more LED's, and I want it to blend into the case. Most of the ones out there were really short, and in my mind didn't do much to support the entire card, really they were just transferring weight to a new stress point. My search eventually led to the CloverTale GPU Bracket on Amazon that comes in either Red or Black. Graphics Video Card GPU brace bracket kit. Support your cards from sagging and weighing on the motherboard. Bead blasted anodized aircraft 6061 grade CNC milled aluminum, comes in 3 colors, Red, Black, Blue. Prevents sagging and stress on motherboard, adjustable for different video card weights and sizes. Designed for a wide range of graphics cards and boards. Low profile for single or dual setups. Full kit includes set of 3 screws, brace and rubber spacing feet. Lifetime warranty. Made of aircraft grade aluminum and with a low profile truss style it was a match made in heaven. I'm excited to share how it turned out. Installation took about 5 Minutes. As you can see in the next photos, my GPU "top" is actually sloped, the provided risers in this kit helped to deal with that elegantly. The bracket and card themselves are perfectly level. I really do wish the provided screws were black, but I'll source some myself. The finished product fully lit up, looking down at the case you can't even see the stealthy rock solid bracket. This gets a solid BUY from me, remember the price you paid for your Video Card and Motherboard? What's $14 to protect them both from damage? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077LGLN4G/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 -e
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