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  1. Buy 1, Get 1 @ 50% OFF Tee-Shirts now in our shop!!! Today only special. Visit the shop: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/TheSkyLoungeTV/
  2. It's an interesting subject, I recently went on holiday with my wife, on both the outward and return flight she was squashed by two massively overweight men (not me BTW), so I know how uncomfortable it can be for fellow passengers. I know it's a difficult subject, not wanting to hurt peoples feelings and all that... The above photo is an older one off the internet, not my recent example. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  3. United Airlines are saying goodbye to their final Queen of the Skies. They are offering members of their frequent flyer programme the chance to obtain a part of this iconic bird. Be quick as the auction finishes this week! — We’re giving MileagePlus members the chance to own a piece from United’s final 747 Friend Ship. This airplane epitomized the “Friendly Skies” slogan. The N118UA is the last 747 that flew for United. A 1999 Boeing 747-422 aircraft, it served the United Airlines for nearly 18 years, accruing 73,817 flight hours over its 8,437 cycles. She is one of two United 747-400s to adorn special 747 Friend Ship livery to commemorate the aircraft’s retirement. Use miles to own a piece of history today. — Lots available include windows, seats, tail numbers, standby attitude indicator, tail number, bottle opener from the galley. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://exclusives.mileageplus.com/747-400
  5. Hi all! I spent the better part of the day wondering whether or not I would write this op-ed, and spent the best part of my day wondering about all the reasons why TerraMaxx's new piece of software is not the way things should be. I think the biggest reason behind my rationale is that winter textures in a flight simulator such as X-Plane 11 shouldn't come from a third-party add-on company. This feature should have been included a long time ago in X-Plane and we can only blame Laminar Research for this. However, I'm hopeful that this will be included in a future release of X-Plane. In the time being, anything that comes from a third-party add-on company such as TerraMaxx is a patch for a problem that is bigger than them. It is a quick fix to a problem that needs more attention to details... Which brings me to my second point... The pictures look amazing, well... sorta. The textures themselves don't feel natural. It's a layer that is applied on top of the whole world where snow should be seen during winter. Let's just say the pictures are very impressive as we never had snow in X-Plane before. But we already had snow in X-Plane before, freeware patches - again, patches. The novelty in this add-on is the fact that textures will auto-change with seasons and from one place to another. What happens is that mid-flight, your textures will re-load as many times as you cross that imaginary line where TerraMaxx feels there should be snow. This doesn't feel natural, this is not how things should be in a simulator like X-Plane! We shouldn't have to buy seasons... Seasons should be a natural occurrence in the sim and should come from Laminar Research and enhance, yes, if needs would arise from there. But that, that's my two cents and I don't hold any grudge for the 99.9% of you's who will make that purchase, after all, that's a good fix for now. AlphaIndiaRomeo SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  6. A Lufthansa Airbus A319 and an Air Berlin Boeing 737-800 taxi at Dusseldorf Airport. (Photo: Flickr: Creative Commons (BY-SA) by calflier001) LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/air-transport/2017-10-13/lufthansa-agrees-buy-parts-air-berlin
  7. The preowned business jet inventory is at its lowest level in nearly a decade, according to data presented this morning at the seventh annual JetNet IQ Summit in New York City. According to Paul Cardarelli, the Utica, N.Y. data provider’s vice president of sales, of the 21,870 aircraft worldwide, 2,285 are currently on the market. That equates to 10.5 percent, a level not seen since November 2007. While pre-owned sales are up 6 percent year-over-year, Cardarelli believes the total number of available aircraft might be affected by owners who have decided to remain with their jets longer due to shrinking residual values. LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2017-09-06/jetnet-used-inventory-down-new-bizjet-buy-plans
  8. Flight1 still has boxed copies. There may be a limited quantity, but if you missed your chance to buy these when they were in business, run and get them. RealAir made TOP TIER planes. DVD drive required, these are NOT downloadable! DUKE: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=F1E-RAL-001 LEGACY: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=F1E-RAL-001
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