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  1. My journey started several years ago when I pushed myself to get back into flight simulation. I have always loved flying online and in real life, but never got that serious with it. I set out to get into military sims and bought the A10 Thrustmaster controllers and DCS. This was fun and still is, but its not realistic as far as what I could or can accomplish at my age. I have always wanted to be able to fly GA and commercial aircraft. I happened to just get lucky one day while watching a streamer on twitch switch from a FPS game to going flying. Flying, really? You can do this on twitch? I had no idea. I had no idea about what I was about to get into. Belnyz was the guy. He flew out of Sedona which I had visited just about 6 months prior. I was amazed at what I saw. Flight simulation has really come a long way. I started watching more and more on twitch and stumbled on Edson from theSkyLounge one late night for me. I was instantly hooked on his stream and his service. I loved the visuals and the music combined with the simulator. Sure I watch guys like Chewy and Chilly now as well for the hardcore simulation flights or long hauls, but sometimes I love to just get immersed with the sights and sounds of a good OMGEdson stream. It brings out the beauty of flying and to me, that’s what its all about. It’s about lining up that runway at approach altitude with the right music going with a nice sunset. Nothing is more beautiful. After years of investing in hardware, software, and blowing every dollar I could on simulation for both P3D and Xplane 11, I decided I wanted to take it to the next level and work towards a possible career change into the airline industry. At my age, that may not make much sense, and of course I am in no rush to do that. I would like it as a backup as the industries I am in continually shift jobs outside of the US which is where I live. I need a backup plan for something I really love. It is now January 2019. I make 2 resolutions this year. The first is to work hard at getting back into shape. I used to be in pretty good shape. I raced motorcycles and exercised daily. I always ran a 5k a day back then. I missed that. So the work starts… My other resolution was to actually get my PPL before I turn 50. Yes 50. Ugh! It’s coming this year and I am working hard to make that a reality. I decided to go do my training at a Class D airport near Austin in Georgetown. I have friends who fly out of Georgetown as well as some who have done their training there. It just made sense to go to a towered airport, but not a busy one like KAUS. Sure I will fly into KAUS soon, but I did not want my time in the plane eaten up by traffic and ATC. I want real hours in the plane and I can get the class C airspace down while doing this. Tuesday, January 8th, I started my flight school at Pilot Choice Aviation, the same place that some friends of mine did their training. Beth, the owner has created a great service and business for those of us that love aviation. I completed the 6 weeks of flight school all while getting up into the air whenever possible. The weather has cancelled many of my flights this winter, but I have still been able to squeeze out 10 flights with a total of 12.5 hours of flight time. Flight 1 [Jan 6th] : My discovery flight was with Jarrett. He had me takeoff and land the plane with his help. I think he felt comfortable with my sim skills I had picked up in the simulator. I was instantly hooked and signed up for flight school that night. 0.5 hours flown : Total 0.5 hours Flight 2 [Jan 13th] : My flight school instructor, Austin, took me up for my first training. We spent some time on the ground going over pre-flight checks as Jarrett did with me on the 6th. We worked on fundamentals and did a few steep turns. 0.8 hours : Total 1.3 hours Flight 3 [Jan 20th] : I am back with Jarrett from here on out. Austin was busy with many students and it only made sense to stick with one CFI. Jarrett was my initial contact and I was happy to fly with him. We worked on slow flight, power on and power off stalls. 1.3 hours flown : Total 2.6 hours Flight 4 [Jan 24th] : We worked on steep turns, power on and power off stalls. The first time Jarrett demonstrated a steep turn from left to right, I thought I was going to be sick. I was not expecting it. However I put it out of my mind and was able to replicate what he did 3 times in the plane. I was pretty excited but a little nervous that I might get sick which has never happened to me in the air. I can say now, that was just a worry. I have not felt that since and I am very excited to fly every time I head to KGTU. 1.3 hours flown : Total 3.9 hours Flight 5 [Feb 4th – 1.4 hours] : On this flight we worked on ground references and emergency procedures. As Jarrett demonstrated landing on a farm, I almost thought we were going to. We got about 500 feet above it before he aborted. I was shocked with did not get shot at. The farmers out that way are used to it and I would hope that they would prefer a life saved than a little farm damage that money can fix… 1.4 hours flown: Total 5.3 hours Flight 6 [Feb 15th] : It’s been almost 2 weeks since the last flight due to bad weather. We decided to review ground references, emergency procedures, and traffic patterns around some fields. Ground references included turns around a point, S-Turns, and rectangular course work. 1.4 hours flown : Total 6.7 hours Flight 7 [Feb 18th] : We reviewed some of the traffic patterns with my stepped up GoPro system. I am now up to 3 of them in the plane. We did some emergency procedures and then headed back to KGTU to start some real pattern traffic work. I was able to get 4 takeoff and landings done. 1.5 hours flown : Total 8.2 hours Flight 8 [Feb 25th] : This flight was all about the traffic pattern at a towered airport, KGTU. We had a slight crosswind as well. We ended up doing about 10 touch and gos during the flight. 1.3 hours flown : Total 9.5 hours Flight 9 [Feb 27th] : I showed up ready to go, but my archer wasn’t. This was the first time in a new plane. We went from the 181 horse power archer to the 160 horse Warrior. Not a bad plane, but we were close to max weight with filling both wings up before departing. This was not a great flight for me. I felt a little stressed with the instruments different, different plane, and now we were going to a non-towered, shorter runway airport to do touch and gos. My CFI and I decided to end this flight sooner than later due to the takeoff characteristics that were kind of messing with me. I plan on getting back into that plane soon though to beat it. I won’t let it beat me. 1.3 hours flown : Total 10.8 hours Flight 10 [Mar 4th] : We have our archer back and headed back to Taylor, T74 for some uncontrolled pattern work. We had a couple of planes in the pattern with us at different times. This was pretty fun. I was on a high being back in my plane that was performing like a rocket ship at -1C that day. I felt great but made some simple bad calls on the radio as I got tongue tied a few times as well as making the cockpit not sterile at times during critical stages of flight. I think my overconfidence that day led me to that, and I know from my studies nothing should be discussed on takeoff and landings except important information as it pertains to the flight. I am glad I made that mistake though because it needed to be made. It’s something I will always think about on approach as it put our lives in danger. If something was to happen when my hand was not on the throttle discussing something that made no sense to talk about, our lives would be at stake. Yes, I am hard on myself. I expect the best out of myself and want to produce nothing but the best when I fly. 1.7 hours flown: Total 12.5 hours So my times are always on a 2 hour schedule. It takes time to preflight, setup the GoPros, taxi, fuel sometimes, and get off the ground due to traffic. The Hobbs meter in the plane is running from engine start until stop. This is what tracks your flight hours. Typically I am up pretty fast, but I have sat once on the run way for 30 minutes waiting. Its rare but would be more of a problem like that had I flown out of KAUS. This is why a class D towered makes the most sense to me as a student. More time in the skies and less on the ground. You are paying for it no matter where you are, so best to be up in the air. Some things we do before maneuvers: 1. Clearing turns. We look for traffic with a full 180 degree turn or two 90 degree turns in opposite directions. 2. GUMPS check. Gas on fullest tank, Under carriage is down, Mixture is on full rich, Fuel Pump is on, and Seatbelts are attached and harnessed. To get to solo, you need all the training that I have done and then maybe a little more. I am close. However, you need your medical as well as a student certificate. I passed my class 3 medical a little over a week ago and applied for my certificate with the FAA right after. On Tuesday I got notification that my certificate was approved. So now, the countdown is on to Solo. I am nervous about flying without Jarrett, however I know we both will know I am ready when he steps out of the plane. I plan on wearing one of the two flight sim expo shirts on my next several flights. They cut your shirt off after you land and put it on the wall in the airplane hangar. I want to represent our community that helped me get to where I am. I hope you guys follow my progress on YouTube and enjoy the videos. I have tried to make them as entertaining and raw as I can by adding cameras and getting as much conversation into them as we can. A couple of my flights, we had gear malfunctions. One went into a screen shot mode, so I threw that footage out and the other had a bad cable or disconnected cable from my headset to one of the cameras. Without our conversations in the plane and ATC, it was not worth posting. Every other video has been worth the effort to get online. I want to thank the theSkyLounge for their help and support. CanuckShaw for his work on my liveries to match what I fly in real life on a service called PilotEdge. Without those planes, some of the communication would not be as easy. Practice, practice, practice. PilotEdge is a great service for that. And lastly my family and job that both make this dream possible. Enjoy and I will be updating this post with future flights and pictures Until next time, Caderly [caderly_one] caderly@iflyga.net SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiUMyqmkXD6WbhPAAv7dhnA
  2. We're very excited today to announce our newest Patron Sponsor, Caderly's InFlight SkyFi! With routes around the world, we've always got plenty of bandwidth to stream top quality visuals down to your devices. We do so thanks to large internet tubes installed by Caderly's...OK not real tubes but virtual ones! Providing the best internet in the business to ensure top quality for TSL, we are very excited to have this official sponsorship.  What's this all about anyways!? Well it all starts off with a huge thank you to Sky Lounge Patron @caderly_one! He recently increased his commitment by subscribing at the Gold Club SPONSOR level. At this level Patrons get a slew of creative "thank you's" that will be seen community-wide. Have a brand or product to promote? This is for you! Don't have a company but want to show your support in a creative way? We've got you covered. A fictional "brand" will be created by a designer for you, we'll work with you to create this. This brand will appear in various places around the community, it could be on custom liveries, crates in planes, definitely on all our web properties, and possibly even as cargo inside The Skypark. That's just the start really, we'll even have the ability to thank our sponsors in streams publicly and other creative ways. A huge thank you goes out to Patrons at this tier, your commitment goes a very long way in helping us move forward. Wan't more info? http://www.patreon.com/TheSkyLoungeTV
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