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  1. Missing Rain Effects: T310R for XP11 Standard Edition email to me Hi Stephen, Greetings! You are on record as having bought the T310R for XP11 Standard Edition from our store. Unfortunately the rain effects folder was not included in the last download. This has now been rectified. If you have your previous installation you may safely copy the folder 310_rain from your old plugins folder to the new one. If not, please unzip this into your plugins folder *was a link to a 310_rain zip file* ..or you can download the whole build again: *was a link to download the whole file again with it included* *So if a owner just redownload from where u bought from* As always, for information on this release, product & installation support, or to report any issues you may be having, we would please ask that you join our product forums. Please contact me (oisin@milviz.com) for registration information and details. Your continued support and loyalty is greatly appreciated. All the best, Oisin Little Production Manager Military Visualizations 77 Mont-Royal West, Suite 402 Montreal, QC Canada H2T 2S5 SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  2. Updated product: T310R for XP11 Standard Edition Hi Stephen, Greetings! You are on record as having bought the T310R for XP11 Standard Edition from our store. The latest build, v1.09, is now compatible with XP 11.30 and fixes some minor bugs, including previously missing cockpit sounds. As always, for information on this release, product & installation support, or to report any issues you may be having, we would please ask that you join our product forums. Please contact me (oisin@milviz.com) for registration information and details. Your continued support and loyalty is greatly appreciated.All the best,Oisin LittleProduction ManagerMilitary Visualizations77 Mont-Royal West, Suite 402Montreal, QCCanadaH2T 2S5 SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  3. With 2019 being a new year, Majestic Software decided to give us an update on their projects for this year, including both the Q400 Training Edition and their upcoming Q300 v2 First up is the long-awaited, and seemingly longer delayed, Q400 Training Edition. It was said that while they had been relatively quiet, they have been extremely busy behind the scenes working to finish up the Q400 Training. Touchscreen functionality for the main and index panels is done, as well as macros allowing users to spin knobs on the touchscreens. Majestic stated that while they’re indeed close to the finish line with the project, they’re not quite there yet, with the FDR aspect still needing completion. Up next was a statement on recent P3D technology such as rain effects, dynamic lighting, as well as PBR. While Majestic has been inundated with questions regarding their plans for implementing such features, they have not yet made a firm decision on their plan moving forward. Their modeler has been tasked with looking into the feasibility of implementing these features, and more information will be available once a decision has been made. The Q300 v2, the elephant in the room in a way, was up last. 2019 is the year that Majestic plans on going ‘full force’ with the Q30 v2, and this will happen upon completion of the Q400 Training Edition. Majestic went on to say that they will be giving updates when there is, “substantial information to share”, but the project is certainly not dead as some have seemingly concluded. That concludes the update from Majestic, and we scoured the comments for any additional information. All we were able to find is that there are no plans to bring the Q400 to X-Plane, as it’s unfeasible with a Q400 already being available and with one more on the way. We’ll continue to keep you posted on any new developments from both the Q400 Training Edition and Q300 v2 projects. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/majestic-update-q400-q300-v2/
  4. Aerosoft A320/A321 Professional Boxed Edition Out Now Published: October 24th, 2018 Aerosoft has announced the A320/A321 Professional box is available now. Boxes have already been shipped to pre-order customers and “will reach you within the next days.” The complete A320 Family Professional Bundle is now also available as boxed versions, including the A318/A319. The A320/321 Professional boxed version is priced at €59.99 (£53/$68 approx). Click here for more information on the Aerosoft website. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/news/aerosoft-a320/a321-professional-available-now-as-box NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://pcpilot.keypublishing.com/2018/10/24/aerosoft-a320-a321-professional-boxed-edition-now-available/
  5. Available Merch: T-Shirts Sweatshirts Zipped Hoodies Baseball Tees Stickers Mugs SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/t-shirt/men/flightsim-2018-cosford/1000268/
  6. Turbulent Designs Release MBS International Airport: X-Plane 11 Edition After revealing the airport was in development, the team at Turbulent Designs has today released MBS International Airport for X-Plane 11. The Michigan airport serves a variety of cities including Midland, Bay City and Saginaw. The airport boosts a 8000ft primary runway making it perfect for those interested in both commercial or general aviation flying. The airport itself is the most “feature-rich” product to date from Turbulent Design’s according to the product page. Just like the FSX/P3D version before it, the product features detailed interior modelling, accurate parking structures, HD service vehicles, realistic runway and taxiway textures and use of Turbulent Design’s Terra Flora. SOURCE INFO https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/product/mbs-international-airport-x-plane-11-edition/ https://fselite.net/news/turbulent-designs-release-mbs-international-airport-x-plane-11-edition/
  7. PassengerFXV5 – German Edition Contains over 35 Custom Created Sounds including: 7 Captain to Crew Announcements 7 Captain to Passengers Announcements 20 Crew to Passengers Announcements 10 User Exchangeable Sound File Designed with Online VA Flyers in mind Can be enabled or disabled at any time Adjust volumes using the keyboard Documents in English and German Announcements that are both automatically triggered and manually played All announcements spoken in German and English by Ansgar Dasenbrock – (Germany) & Helga Domandl – (Austria) PassengerFXV5 - Adding realistic passengers to your aircraft - PassengerFXV5 is add-on for X-Plane which adds many sounds to your aircraft to immerse you into an airline environment. You can adjust their volume to using your keyboard. Dynamic Sound levels dependent on your position in the aircraft, move from the cockpit to the cabin and notice everything getting louder. Environment-dependent chatter Hear your passengers quiet down when you’ve reached cruising altitude. Compatible with all aircraft with two or more engines. Your passengers are ready to go with you, regardless of the airline. Constant development and support. New features are being added all the time. REQUIREMENTS X-Plane 11 Requires: PassengersFXV5 – Basic Edition Latest Version of FlyWithLua Price:$15.00 SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : http://store.x-plane.org/PassengersFXV5-German-Edition_p_793.html#tab-4 NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  8. Maxx-XP Release UrbanMAXX v3: TerraMAXX Edition With TerraMAXX recently released, bringing seasons to the X-Plane platform, Maxx-XP has today released the freeware UrbanMAXX v3: TerraMAXX Edition addon to compliment the seasonal environment. This release of UrbanMAXX is designed to work in conjunction with TerraMAXX to add dense seasonal autogen to the X-Plane landscape within the urban environments. The use of USGS satellite imagery for the development of this product ensures high accuracy for a more immersive feel. The addon is released as freeware but does require TerraMAXX for full functionality. You can grab it from the Maxx-XP website right now. SOURCE INFO http://maxx-xp.com/urbanmaxx-v3-tm https://fselite.net/news/maxx-xp-release-urbanmaxx-v3/
  9. In a brief Facebook post, the UK2000 team have announced East Midlands Xtreme for X-Plane is currently in the beta stages of development. Features that are currently listed for the British airport, are items such as custom lighting, custom taxiways, AI traffic ground routes, and physical based rendering of the terminal buildings. They tease that there may be more visual features to be implemented prior to release, but do not go into any further detail. The developers say that the price for this scenery will be £16.99, but don’t note an expected release date. Head to the Facebook post linked above for the full set of screenshots. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=725181484354025&id=419340144938162 NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/uk2000-announce-east-midlands-xtreme-x-plane-edition/
  10. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=gtncomplete NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  11. The team at FS2Crew has been good at communicating to the community about the status of their 1st service pack for the PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II Edition. A few days ago, the team released the free update for the community to download and enjoy. This update is rather large and includes new voices, bug fixes and lots of requests based on customer feedback. Included in this new update is the addition of 6 new voice sets including German Male captain, another American captain and a further Australian FO. As well as additional sets, there’s also some new voice sets including UK Ground Crew and cabin crew public announcements and a brand new American cabin crew. Not only have new voice sets been added, but some new features as well. FS2Crew is now fully integrated with the PMDG Ground Service Vehicles. This is controled via a new configuration option on the secondary panel. Additionally, there is a new engine start sequence, new gate arrival procedures and also talk to the ground crew by holding down the R/T INT switch. Finally, there was also a host of bug fixes in this new update. This includes the FO properly calling “Plus 100” based on the config option, being able to call the ground crew when airbourne and ensuring that flight numbers are displayed on the FS2Crew map. There’s a lot more, and we’ve listed them down below. To download this huge update, you will need to log into your FS2Crew account and click on “COMPLETED ORDERS”. You can then re-download the installer and install it over the top of your current installation. There’s no separate download, nor the need to uninstall first. If you don’t already, you can buy FS2Crew’s PMDG 747 QOTS II Edition here. You can also see FS2Crew’s roadmap here. Change Log: Version 1.1. —New Voices— *Additional German Male Capt. *Additional German Female FO. *Additional American Captain. *Additional American FO. *Additional Australian Captain. *Additional Australian FO. *New UK Ground Crew. *New United States FA. *New United Kingdom FA Public Announcements. *New German FA Public Announcements. —New Features / Config Options— *Integration with the PMDG Ground Service Vehicles (controlled via a new *Config Option on the Secondary Panel). *Option to have the Captain (that’s you) only control the Hydraulics. *New allowable start sequence: 4 – 1 – 2 – 3. *New Config Option to allow the FO to select Terrain during his takeoff flow. *Captain’s Turbulence PA now available. *Gate arrival procedures enhanced. Please see the tutorials for updated procedures. FS2Crew will only attempt to connect the ground equipment after you announce “Shutdown Procedure”. This allows you to set the parking brake during taxi without triggering the ground equipment to be connected. *New Config Option to allow the FO to turn on both generators in the Freighter, not just one. *You can now talk to the ground crew by holding down the R/T INT switch. Hold it in the INT position. —Fixed / Updated— *Manuals updated. Some available voice commands were not listed. *FO now properly calls “Plus 100” not “Approaching Minimums” based on associated Config Option. *Voice Command “Select Flight Directors On/Off”. *No smoking signs no longer toggled in the Freighter models at 5000 feet in the descent. *Can no longer call the ground crew while airborne. *Touch and Go’s fixed with respect to the Landing Checklist. *Captain’s no longer plays when you run the Pre-Flight events in Button Control. *FO should now properly set the Baro scale (IN/MB) when in the US or Canada during his preflight flow. *Missing sound file in the Secure Checklist (Emergency Exit Lights). *FO will not announce passing the Transition Level during the descent if the altimeters are already set to QNH. *Strobes On/Off voice command fixed. *Match Speed / Bug Up/ Bug 1 – 5 – 10 – 20 – 25 -30 fixed. *Setting the comm radios via voice control improved. *Checklist Management voice commands fixed (ie., cancel the checklist, restart the checklist). *On the FS2Crew Map, the the Flight Number now displays. *FO should now properly acknowledge engine start commands. Config Manager panel.cfg handling updated to handle a rare situation where Vox ATC was on the panel.cfg file, resulting in Window numbers being put out of alignment. *”Passing Altitude” math improved to generate more accurate values taking your rate of climb/descent into account. *FO will not turn on the strobe lights when crossing runways (Voice command: “Confirm Clear to Cross/Enter Runway XXX” must be used). *”Set and Checked” now works as a possible response for the Before Takeoff “Flaps” challenge. *FO now responds to FMA callouts while in Descent Mode. If final sector, packs off deferred to the shutdown procedure. *”Set Heading 000″ fixed. *Ground crew volume amplified. *Dome light handling improved for 2nd legs. *Twitter / Facebook integration now working again (Social Integration tab on the Config Manager). TO SOURCE: https://fselite.net/news/fs2crew-releases-sp1-pmdg-747-qots-ii-edition/
  12. Built for X-Plane 11, KIDA – Idaho Falls Regional Airport includes a large coverage area packed with unique, high-quality content. KIDA – Idaho Falls Regional Airport is an air transportation center for Eastern Idaho, Southern Montana, and Western Wyoming travelers and serves as an access point to some of America’s favorite tourist destinations including Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Sun Valley, Idaho. Feature List: Accurate representation of KIDA – Idaho Falls Regional Airport 11.7km2 coverage area including the Falls High quality modeled buildings and POI Includes Turbulent Designs’ renowned Real Flora vegetation textures High Definition ground poly Baked ambient occlusion High detail custom autogen buildings Support for X-Plane 11.05+ Includes Turbulent Designs high detail clutter library LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/product/kida-idaho-falls-x-plane-11/
  13. Tornado GR1 (DOWNLOAD edition) - Service Pack 5 Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for purchasing the Just Flight Tornado GR1. New Service Pack 5 software for the Download edition of the aircraft is now available, adding P3D v4 compatibility and new menu bar options and providing a number of updates and fixes. The Tornado Livery Packs have also been updated for P3D v4 compatibility. Please see the Tornado GR1 Support page for more details. If you log in to your Just Flight account and click on 'Your Orders', you will be able to re-download the software to get the latest SP5 version of the Tornado and the new versions of the Livery Packs. Best wishes, The Just Flight Crew LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.justflight.com/
  14. Newsletter@fsreborn.com 5:21 AM (2 hours ago) Reply to Newsletter AI Lights Reborn Free Edition Version 3.3.4 has been released. Change Log: Corrected a minor bug with white navigation lights. Added support for the following recently released FAIB models: Airbus A318 SP2 with NEO Repaints Airbus A319 SP2 with NEO Repaints Airbus A320 SP2 with NEO Repaints Airbus A321 SP2 with NEO Repaints INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: You can uninstall the previous version to install this update or just install the updated version on top of your current installation. To download this version please visit https://www.FSReborn.com Best Wishes, The FSReborn Team LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.FSReborn.com
  15. UPDATE: MAJESTIC SOFTWARE - DASH 8Q 400 PRO EDITION - INTL SALES FSX P3D Dear simMarket Customer, at simMarket you can now find a new version of your product: MAJESTIC SOFTWARE - DASH 8Q 400 PRO EDITION - INTL SALES FSX P3D You will find the link to download this update from your user account -> orders listing -> respective detailed order page on the bottom. mjc8-q400-Pro-1_020a_x32_inst.exe The installer is a complete replacement for previous versions, existing customers just need to remove the old version and install the new one. Changes since version 1.018d PRO edition of the Q400 INSTRUMENTS + Shared Cockpit: Debouncing is improved on the LSK8 key of the ARCDU (to switch the transponder mode) (PRO) + FMS graphic artifacts fixes + Alternate gear release: inhibit switch is not required to open the nose gear doors by pulling the release handle + ND: Improved overlay display logic + ELEVATOR ASYMMETRY incorrect light fixed + EFIS: CRS1/CRS2 tooltip course will be from the NAV, if FMS is selected + ARCDU, FMS Tune page: increased ADF range to 1999kHz + Numerous fixes to the mouse acceleration in rotating knobs + EFIS FC system page: Fine tuned the rudder indication to correspond exactly to the real aircraft indication + PFD graphics fixes SYSTEMS + FlightControls: Steering NSW system activation delay of 7 seconds is implemented + CEGPWSSystem: WarningGenerator: 4B mode (flaps) will account for flaps override switch + AFCS: GA button modes activation is fixed + CAntiiceSystem: Engine door lights stay lit without electrical power, fixed + Flight Controls: Fixed the rudder travel restriction versus flaps, when the rudder sensitivity factor in the mjc84.ini is below 1.0 + Flight Controls: Free steering is added (free caster mode) + mjc84.ini: added TillerDeadZone variable to tune the dead zone for the steering tiller + PCU AUPC module: added delay of 1/2 seconds prior to feather protection, to prevent inadvertent feather for the props in flight + Electrics: DC BUS TIE will not close if both DC Gens failed + Engine control: Re-written the mouse drag procedure of the Condition Levers sync with the simconnect + FMS: Fixed the incorrect MAP elevation detection + FMS TUNE page: Fixed entering ATC code 0001-0004 result in memory selection + FMS ETP/PNR: Fixed incorrect FOB fuel kg input on page 2 (PRO) + FMS: Added EXITS page under SERVICES + FMS: 7 seconds unilink delay instead of 1 second (to improve the shared cockpit sync) + FMS: Fixed the incorrect index for waypoints beginning with NAN + Nav system: Navaids data will be re-loaded after the aircraft reposition + TCAS system: Added audio warning supression for LINK TO SOURCE:
  16. Been using this for a few weeks now looks great. Works with UT Live. AI Lights Reborn Free Edition The perfect solution to bring your night sky back to live under prepar3D V4 Version 3.2.2 This free add-on the irritating missing AI traffic navigation lights under Prepard3D V4 (AI Lights strobe lights invisible at long distances, navigation lights orbs, ugly lights, etc.), it also improves the simulator immersive experience and realism by enabling special effects for all your currently installed AI Traffic. Product features: AI Strobes Lights are visible from longer distances, they have also dynamic lights that illuminates the tarmac and plane structures, they have also been improved with new textures and effects.. AI Green and Red Navigation Lights are dimmed after 6-8 nautical miles, they have also been improved with new textures and effects. AI White Navigation Lights have new textures applied with special effects re-adjusted to avoid any further visual orbs at long distance. AI Beacon Lights have been improved with new textures and effects adjusted so they are not visible until short final. The bottom beacon light will generate reflections against the tarmac and the lower part of the airplane. Please note this effect is very subtle in order to keep the simulation experience as immersive as possible. Lights and effects work with 4K and normal resolution screens. All the AI Lights are adjusted to react accordingly to daylight time, for example strobe lights are less reflective during daytime than during night time. Customizable installation folder. Software Requirements: Your system should be able to run Prepar3D V4 with minimum recommended settings indicated by Lockheed Martin. Recommended Settings: Dynamic lighting enabled, if you don't the lights will still work but you will not see lighting effects illumination and reflections. Special effects details set to maximum. Special effects distance set to maximum. Recommend view zoom values from inside the cabin is 0.40 or higher. LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.fsreborn.com/
  17. I just saw this advertised in the P3D Facebook thread and thought it's worth adding for a topic of discussion This free add-on the irritating missing AI traffic navigation lights under Prepard3D V4 (AI Lights strobe lights invisible at long distances, navigation lights orbs, ugly lights, etc.), it also improves the simulator immersive experience and realism by enabling special effects for all your currently installed AI Traffic. https://www.fsreborn.com/ai-lights-reborn-free-edition LINK TO SOURCE:
  18. LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=gnscomplete
  19. Did a search but didn't see it posted anywhere. Thought I'd share this bug fix since I'm an FSX Steam Edition user and others may want to know about it. It fixes the bug with the pilot records, medals, badges, etc. not showing up for the various accomplishments like mission badges, XX number of landings, etc. The bug fix hits when you start using DLC through Steam. Not sure if it happens with third party addons as the SE version I purchased came with a DLC plane, so I've never used SE without the Steam DLC as that installs automatically along with the game. http://steamcommunity.com/app/314160/discussions/1/412447613572326305/ It is not an official bugfix yet, but maybe one day will be. But I have tried it myself and can verify for myself that it does work.
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