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  1. In this thread we'd like to track all the 3rd party add-ons that are being updated, not new releases! Below are a list of add-ons we know will work in Prepar3D v4. As you find add-ons that are compatible, please don’t hesitate to post in this thread so we can update the growing list of add-ons and Developers that support P3D v4. Fun fact, in v4 your add-ons are kept OUTSIDE of the P3D directory, allowing for swift re-installs in the future and much better curation of your library!   Did you find an add-on that works? Please submit it in a post below!
  2. Available Merch: T-Shirts Sweatshirts Zipped Hoodies Baseball Tees Stickers Mugs SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/t-shirt/men/flightsim-2018-cosford/1000268/
  3. Just signed up for Flightsim Expo 2018. Look forward to meeting fellow Skyloungetv followers. How many people think that Skyloungetv should maintain a list of attendees for both conferences to facilitate meeting. LINK TO SOURCE:
  4. Two points: i think you would be doing a great service to those that follow you if you maintained some sort of list of who is going to which of the two flight Sim conferences. Secondly, I was shocked that you did not discuss the controversy surrounding the two conference that was discussed on Facebook by Calum at FsElite and amplified by the folks at FlightSimCon. LINK TO SOURCE:
  5. HI, I am a Patron and look forward to On Approach each week. Greatly value your insights and opinions. I am sure that I am like many US based followers I look forward to attending a Flight Simulator show. This year it looks like there will be two and I can only afford to go to one. FlightSimExpo 2018 - June 9 and June 10, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada and FlightSimCon 2018 June 23 and June 24, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. An initial look at each web site seems to indicate that the Las Vegas conference will be the one to attend. I am sure that in On Approach you guys will give your opinions of each show and be a valuable input to the planning efforts of many, including me. LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.flightsimexpo.com/ https://flightsimcon.com/
  6. Hi, There is a reason I like Steam. Every single purchase is listed in the library of the application. This is not the case with Flight Sim downloads. Every single download got a standalone installer, and if you do not organize them, they tend to get lost on your drive. And who haven't searched through your email account to find that key for the plane or scenery you remember you bought a while ago? And that add-on tool, what was it again? Did I buy it? I would very much like to get some ideas on how you are organizing your content. What kind of structure are you using? Do you use programs or do you use maps? Are you using gmail as the organizer? Let us hear how you are doing it. Myself, and I guess many others would really like to get some advice and tips on the topic! Everything on the desktop is an option, but not very recommended.
  7. All on the A2A Store now and sent out to third party vendors today. Free updates to the A2A P3D fleet; Accu-sim C172 Trainer Accu-sim C182 Skylane Accu-sim Cherokee 180 Accu-sim Comanche 250 Accu-sim T-6 Texan http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=115&t=60025 Check out the moveable lamps in the T-6 cockpit and the added lamp to the Comanche cabin. thanks, Lewis
  8. FSUIPC 5 is available as Freeware only at this moment in time. When you install and get to registration details, click later! Refer to FSUIPC website for details of whats available in this version. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/83448-fsuipc5-status-and-what-is-missing/ Smartcars works with this. weejohnj DOWNLOAD: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/80977-updated-modules/ p.s WideFS is not avail at present.
  9. Site Temporarily Down This website is temporarily down - moving data to another server. Migration Tool can be downloaded from here (13 MB). And yes, there will be a free update for Prepar3D v4. — Flightsim Estonia
  10. ✈ On Approach is a weekly flight sim & aviation enthusiast podcast covering the weeks user submitted posts and news on TheSkyLounge.tv. TOP STORIES WORTH MENTIONING
  11. ✈ On Approach is a weekly flight sim & aviation enthusiast podcast covering the weeks user submitted posts and news on TheSkyLounge.tv. TOP STORIES SALES WORTH MENTIONING
  12. First one is by me, second is the one that always crack me up.
  13. ✈ On Approach is a weekly flight sim & aviation enthusiast podcast covering the weeks user submitted posts and news on TheSkyLounge.tv. TOP STORIES SALES WORTH MENTIONING OVERFLOW
  14. G750 Simulator There are lots of ways to learn how to use the GTN 750. Here’s the best way to master it. Introducing the The Flight1 Aviation Technologies G750 Simulator: a stand-alone GTN 750 simulation that interfaces with Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D™ or Microsoft® Flight Simulator X. The G750 Simulator software isn't intended to be incorporated directly into a 2D instrument panel or virtual cockpit like typical flight simulation “gauges.” It runs outside of the flight simulation software in its own window, and can be run on the same computer as the flight simulation (using one or more monitors), or on a separate machine connected to the flight simulation via a network (for improved performance). When displayed on a small touchscreen monitor, the G750 Simulator becomes a nearly one-to-one simulation of the real GTN 750 that builds muscle memory and minimizes "negative transfer" of training. There's no doubt about it: the touchscreen Garmin GTN 750 is one of the most intuitive integrated avionics solutions available today. Icon-identified onscreen touchkeys make it easy to find what you’re looking for, and a shallow menu structure greatly simplifies the operation—so that you’re rarely more than two taps away from all the primary pages and functions. Because operating the GTN 750 is so intuitive, it’s easy to learn how to use. Books, videos, courses, and stand-alone part-task trainers can help you to quickly become familiar with how it operates. But ... they don't allow you to practice using it in the context of actually flying. That’s where the Flight1 Aviation Technologies G750 Simulator comes in. It works together with Prepar3D or Flight Simulator X to help pilots learn to use the GTN 750 ... and master it. Master Using the GTN 750 by Practicing Every Scenario Imaginable, Whenever You Want By using the G750 Simulator, while flying in the simulated environment generated by Prepar3D or Flight Simulator X, you'll be able to: Become comfortable operating the GTN 750’s interface (using a mouse or a touchscreen monitor) while you’re flying, navigating, and communicating within the simulated world Develop a good scan for flying Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) and maintain it—even if you’re grounded for weeks or months at a time. Master using the GTN 750 during VFR and IFR flights between any airports, anywhere in the world, in any season, in any weather conditions, at any time of day or night. Learn to use GTN 750 features you might never have the opportunity to explore during a real flight in a real airplane. Maintain proficiency flying the departures, arrivals, and approaches you fly most frequently. Build proficiency flying unfamiliar routes and procedures by “pre-flying” them using the simulator. Practice using the GTN 750 to execute missed approaches and route modifications while you’re safely on the ground ... instead of bouncing around in hard IMC. Become proficient using one of the GTN 750’s most powerful features: flying fully coupled WAAS/LPV approaches in both vertical and lateral modes. Practice flying holding patterns and DME arcs. Learn how to use Vertical Navigation (VNAV) to take the guesswork out of descending to specific altitudes at waypoints and airports. Master using OBS mode and the OBS button to suspend and resume waypoint sequencing during missed approaches, departure procedures, and holds. Train using scenarios that you could otherwise only complete in a real airplane (or via “chair flying” using your imagination). What You’ll Have at Your Fingertips, and How it’s Different from Other Solutions The G750 Simulator includes a realistic, nearly one-to-one simulation of the actual GTN 750 software. The Flight1 Tech G750 Simulator software will interface with the default aircraft in Prepar3D or FSX, or with any add-on aircraft that you’ve installed. And because the software is a stand-alone application that merely interfaces with Prepar3D or FSX, it can be run on a separate PC connected to the flight simulation over a network. When configured this way, the GTN 750 simulation won't slow down the flight simulation's performance. The G750 Simulator was designed to be flexible. You can use it in all sorts of teaching and learning environments: in an aviation university classroom or lab, in a flight school or airline simulation center, or at home. What About X-Plane? At this time, our G750 Simulator software only works with Prepar3D or Flight Simulator X. Why? Because we’ve been developing software for Lockheed's and Microsoft's simulation platforms for years, and because we believe that Prepar3D and FSX are still the best platforms for most users. They are mature products with easy-to-use interfaces, and they work with a huge variety of additional products. You can choose from hundreds of scenery, weather, aircraft, and utility add-ons that will increase the realism of your sim even further. The included G750 Simulator software is modeled after the Garmin GTN 750 and includes more than 95% of the features of the real GTN 750, including: A high-resolution moving map display with full data integration A simulated touch and drag interface that allows you to interact with the system, graphically edit flight plans, and much more using the mouse cursor (or a touchscreen monitor) SafeTaxi® detailed airport information on the moving map (US and Europe Only) FliteCharts® electronic AeroNav terminal procedures charts (US Coverage Only / GTN 750 Only) High resolution terrain maps (worldwide) and TAWS-B audible alerts (North and Central America only) ADS-B and TAWS systems w/alerts Full WAAS approach support Graphical flight planning, including airway navigation A worldwide database of roads, rivers, cities, oceans, lakes, etc. A worldwide obstacle database and obstacle alerts Full COM/NAV receiver integration Pixel by pixel accuracy to the real world avionics The G750 Simulator interface allows you to connect the G750 Simulator to the flight simulation, and select a number of custom application settings. You can: Maintain the aspect ratio when resizing the window, and save the window size and position between sessions. Display or hide the G750 Simulator window frame. Select different “Ownship” symbols. Select which Com and Nav radios the G750 Simulator will control. Select which method (Nav or Heading) the G750 Simulator uses to control the aircraft’s autopilot. Select which core the G750 Simulator will run on when using a multi-core PC. Enable or disable “Link Course” and “Auto-Course” functions that simulate GNS 750 messaging and automatic course features. Select whether the G750 Simulator fuel flow and fuel quantity values are read from the flight simulation, or entered manually. Switch between following GPS flight plans created in the G750 Simulator, or in the flight simulation GPS. Enable or disable sounds like audible warnings and alerts, and clicks when pressing buttons and turning knobs. Enable or disable an “Active Mouse” and “Invert Mouse” functions that make the G750 simulator easier to use with a mouse. The software simulates the features and functionality of the real GTN 750 so accurately that we didn’t want to re-write the real manual. Thus, we encourage you to use Garmin’s GTN 725-750 Pilot's Guide as a reference for learning to operate your G750 Simulator. Before you purchase a GNS 750 simulation, do your homework. Make a list of the features and scenarios you hope to simulate, and then compare that list against the features offered in a given solution. If something is unclear, ask for clarification. To our knowledge, the Flight1 Tech G750 Simulator is the only GTN 750 simulation for Prepar3D or FSX that includes a nearly one-to-one simulation of the real GTN 750 software and runs entirely outside of Prepar3D or FSX (for the best performance possible). We encourage you to shop around. You won’t find a better training tool. Move from Familiarization to Mastery If the airplane you or your students fly has a GTN 750 and an autopilot, the FAA considers it a “Technologically Advanced Aircraft” (TAA). According to an AOPA Air Safety Foundation report on TAA safety and training, the best way to learn to fly a TAA is to start on the ground. Begin by reading the GTN 725-750 Pilot’s Guide and other books. Watch videos and take courses. Learn your way around the interface using a part-task trainer. Then—before you go flying—use a flight simulator or flight training device to master using the GTN 750 in the context of realistic flight scenarios. Many pilots skip simulation when they’re learning to use the GTN 750 (and continue to skip it as part of maintaining proficiency) because they think they can’t afford to rent or purchase a flight simulator with a realistic GTN 750 in the panel. Now there’s no excuse. Whether you’re a pilot, a flight instructor, or a flight school owner, the combination of Prepar3D or FSX and the Flight1 Tech G750 Simulator will change the way you train. You’ll be able to practice any navigation scenario imaginable—without burning fuel. Your investment will quickly pay off, as you or your students move beyond familiarization to mastery. The sort of mastery that increases confidence, reduces overwhelm, and makes flying safer. Order yours today: G750 SIMULATOR $149.95 For personal and commercial use. For integration into commercial solutions for resale, please call us for pricing. Does not include Prepar3D, Flight Simulator X, or computer hardware. Note: This training solution is not offered in affiliation with, nor endorsed by, Garmin. System Requirements Simulator: Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Version 2.2 or greater, or Microsoft Flight Simulator X Service Pack 2, Acceleration, or Gold edition. This software is NOT compatible with previous versions of Prepar3D® or Flight Simulator X SP 1. Processor: Quad core or better Video Card: 1 GB (nVidia Recommended) Hard Drive Space: 400 MB System Memory: 4GB Minimum Recommended (for single computer use) Computer Setup: Please note that a two computer configuration with both computers linked via a local network is recommended for optimum performance, compared to a single computer configuration. The G750 Simulator is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 SOURCE: http://www.flight1tech.com/products/avionicssimulations/g750simulator.aspx
  15. I'm thrilled to share this announcement loungers! Get your planes ready for this weekend, we'll be flying in as a group! I'll leave you with the official announcement! -e Celebrate Virtual Aviation! Thousands of pilots and aviation admirers attend EAA Airventure Oshkosh every year. For the first time ever, FSX Aerobatics is hosting a virtual gathering of enthusiasts and virtual performers to celebrate and share the passion of aviation. We will be having two days of fun! Friday August 5th will contain a virtual fly-in controlled by VATSIM and former Boston Virtual ATC while Saturday August 6th will be our thrilling airshow date featuring the FSX Black Diamond Jet Team and many other great performers. Visit the Official FSX EAA AirVenture site at http://www.airventure.fsxaerobatics.com/ Partners! We are happy to announce TheSkyLounge.tv as a Media Sponsor, and A2A Simulations, Military Visualizations and ORBX whom have provided products to giveaway to a few lucky winners! Giveaway We will be running a photo competition. The contest will be a screenshot of any US, Canadian or British military airplane that entered service between 1930 through 2000. You may have multiple aircraft in the image. The aircraft may still be in service. You MAY NOT use any exterior photo editor with the exception of cropping. You MAY use graphics enhancements such as an ENB. You can submit these screenshots at http://FSXAerobatics.com/giveaway Winners will be able to pick one thing of their choice from the market place. The Event This event will span two days of fun! It will include a controlled Fly-In to Wittman Regional with accurate scenery including the famous FISK arrival! No experience is required as the controllers can work you in. Controllers will be online at approximately 12:00 PM EST through 5:00 PM EST, the Fly-In will utilize the MsFlights BigBox server while the airshow will be streamed on August 6th via Twitch.TV at http://www.Twitch.tv/FSXAirVenture You can view the airshow schedule at the following link http://airventure.fsxaerobatics.com/schedule Show Site Setup Show Information Packet https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1J5twyDnsMku4C1D5tNVRN-sHL51m8qJHSzrQYUcpfik/edit#slide=id.g1152990715_1_10 Fly-In Briefing https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1jG0qE-3KfQ3cTgtusQdsYongPLyo9vfSkdfYFYqb9Ks/edit?usp=sharing News https://www.facebook.com/FSXAerobatics Scenery http://fsxaerobatics.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=4 FSX AEROBATICS http://fsxaerobatics.com/
  16. One of the hardest things about hosting a party is sitting alone in an empty room waiting for your friends to arrive. Will they come? Will they not? Then you have someone show up and stay a while, but the next person doesn't come soon enough and they leave... Alone again. Welcome to our Party House, bring as many friends as you want! https://discord.gg/0YbQspCG2YjFwmO7 I'm excited to announce that starting today our LIVE STUDIOS are now open. This is a place where everyone, patrons and non-patrons alike can go in and host a live show. One of the benefits of hosting it in an already large and populated Discord server is that a pre-populated audience will now see what you're live thru an announcement. Some may wonder why we would do this, well, if the community grows, we grow and everybody wins. We've already demonstrated our commitment to highlighting other broadcasters by offering Patrons at the Flight Crew tier and up the option to be Featured right on the Front Page. It's time to sweeten the pot, for everyone. These studios are just another step forward in demonstrating our support for everyone interested in growing the passion for our little corner of Twitch, the more the merrier! GUIDELINES LIVE Studio A and LIVE Studio B are available on a first come, first serve basis for ALL members. Create as many invites as you wish or use these permanent ones. ( LIVE Studio A: https://discord.gg/0YbQspCG2Ym95ZBx / LIVE Studio B: https://discord.gg/0YbQspCG2YlxXM6X ) Post "Going Live" announcements in the member_streams text channel only Mute any member not behaving in your live show Patrons at Flight Crew + will automatically have their stream featured on the Home Page of TheSkypark.com
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