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  1. FS2Crew: PMDG 737 NGX Reboot Updated to V3.3 (P3D V4 Only!) Version 3.3 is an update for owners of the P3D V4 version of FS2Crew NGX Reboot! This update was released on 26 January 2019. All updates are built into the main installer only. To obtain the update, login to your FS2Crew account, click "Completed Orders", re-download and re-install. There is no need to uninstall the old version first. V3.3 CHANGE LOG (P3D V4 Version Only - PMDG 737 NGX Reboot) 1.Bug fixes (mostly related to altering the various Config Options). SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.fs2crew.com/cart/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.fs2crew.com/cart/
  2. FS2Crew - UGCX News and DCS F-18 Support! Please Note: If you no longer wish to receive FS2Crew News, please click the 'Manage your Subscription" link found at the bottom of this newsletter. [12 January 2019] Priority NOTAM: Ultimate Ground Crew X (UGCX) and Pilot Assist Pro News (DCS F/A-18 Hornet Support!) Please visit: www.fs2crew.com The Pilot Assist Pro News: We built Pilot Assist Pro for Apple mobile devices with real-world flying in mind, but Flight Simmers can also take advantage of Pilot Assist Pro (www.pilotassistpro.com), especially the checklist and weather functionality. That said, we're proud to announce that Capt J has recently uploaded an outstanding F-18 Hornet checklist to the Pilot Assist Pro designed to be used specifically with the awesome DCS F/A-18 Hornet simulator. His new F-18 checklist is available via the on-line hanger for free in Pilot Assist Pro. Capt J has over 1,500 hours in the Hornet with experience in all models and he has completed two combat cruises. His contributed checklist combines F/A-18C NATOPS procedures along with best practices used by current pilots in the fleet. Moreover, his checklist provides an easy to use approach that will help a DCS F-18 simulator pilot quickly master the flows that are currently being used and taught in the actual aircraft. Pilot Assist Pro is currently on sale. Regular price is $39 USD. The sale price is approximately $18 depending on your local currency plus taxes. Please taxi to: www.pilotassistpro.com for more info. The UGCX News: FS2Crew is happy to announce that, after many years of development, Ultimate Ground Crew X has entered wide beta testing - finally! We can't give a specific release date, but all major technical issues have been solved and UGCX is now on final approach. What's UGCX? It's our take on the world of ground crew/pushback simulations. We think you'll like it! It does things never done before in flight sim! For the latest updates, please "like" our Facebook page. Here's a newletter exclusive picture of one of our the UGCX ground vehicles. This is the TMX 150. UGCX supports FSX and P3D V4. SOURCE INFOhttps://www.fs2crew.com DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.fs2crew.com NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.fs2crew.com
  3. FS2Crew has been developing Ultimate Ground Crew X (UGCX) for a while now, but today they posted a brief post on Facebook suggesting that they are finally over some of their biggest challenges. The team wrote that at long last they have “super accurate pushbacks” now. Described as what was holding up development, but the team have now “finally mastered it”. Whilst the team are moving on with development, they do need some support from the community. They are currently using the key assignment “DE-ICE (ON/OFF)” within the FSX/P3D environment. However, they need some help with other languages other than English for this. They are asking that if you are able to, you should provide a screenshot of what this key assignment looks like in German, French, Spanish, Japanese and any other language that FSX / P3D supports. I suggest if you’re looking to help the team, you send it to them via their Facebook page. No other details were shared at this time, but we’ll let you know as and when we hear anything new. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/fs2crew-preview-new-ultimate-ground-crew-x-beta-shot/
  4. FS2Crew - PMDG 747 QOTS II V1.3 Released with support for 747-8! Please Note: If you no longer wish to receive FS2Crew News, please click the 'Manage your Subscription" link found at the bottom of this newsletter. [4 January 2019] Priority NOTAM: Version 1.3 for FS2Crew: PMDG 747 QOTS II Edition Released! --Adds FREE support (although limited) for the new PMDG 737-8 models-- Please visit: www.fs2crew.com FS2Crew is happy to announce that Version 1.3 for the PMDG 747 QOTS II is now available. This is a significant update for the PMDG 747 QOTS II. It is a free update. The update is built into the main installer only. There is no stand-alone update installer. You do not need to uninstall the current version. To obtain the update, please login to your FS2Crew account (the link is on the top of the FS2Crew website), and click "COMPLETED ORDERS", then re-download and re-install the package again. You do not need to uninstall any earlier version. Change Log: Version 1.3 Fixes and Changes: The 8 model is now supported for free, but with some limitations: 747-8 USERS READ THIS PART CAREFULLY!!! 1. FS2Crew 747 QOTS II only supports the 8 model in P3D V4, not FSX. The reason is due to a panel window limit in FSX. Again, this is all the more reason to move to P3D V4. FSX is old and out-of-date. FSX is yesterday's news. It's time to move forward to P3D 64 bits. It's the future. Do NOT try manually copying the FS2Crew entries into the 8 model's panel.cfg in FSX or you'll mess up the plane! 2. Due to SDK, legal, and technical limits, the FS2Crew FO cannot interface with the Electronic Checklist System(ECL), so you'll be using the same paper checklists you used in the 400. 3. How to add FS2Crew to the 8 model in P3D V4: You must run the FS2Crew PMDG 747 QOTS II Config manager again and re-enable FS2Crew. This is necessary to add the FS2Crew entries to the 8 model's panel.cfg file. Anti-Ice callouts fixed. Other minor bug fixes. SOURCE INFOhttps://www.fs2crew.com DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.fs2crew.com NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.fs2crew.com
  5. Source: FSElite FS2Crew, a developer known for their addons allowing realistic interaction between the pilot and their environment, have released another addition to their product line: FS2Crew Aerosoft Airbus Pro. The purchase of this product contains 3 parts: Both voice and button control as well as an Airbus Global FO Voice Set. This addon allows users to take control of various parts of their flight, from boarding passengers, to pushback to checklist management in-flight, purely by using their voice (Button control available for those without microphones). The extensive feature list shows the true immersion this product will add to your Aerosoft Airbus Pro flying experience: Procedures modelled on real-world Airbus SOPs Direct and seamless integration with the Aerosoft Airbus Pro Normal checklists Airbus specific crew flows Flight Attendant and ground crew interactions (including pushback) Cabin announcements Captain PAs Bleeds-off takeoffs Various approach profiles and missed approaches Turn-arounds/thru-flights De-icing at gates or pads Circuits/ touch and go procedures Free Airbus Global FO Voice set (Worth €20) Free version of FS Video Marshaller (Worth €14) The Aerosoft Airbus Pro addon includes voice sets from 7 various regions around the world: North America UK Germany Italy Scandinavia Asia Spain/ Portugal/ Latin America Of course, to use this addon, users are required to own the Aerosoft Airbus Professional for P3Dv4. Existing users of FS2Crew’s Aerosoft Airbus product are eligible to a €5 discount. The FS2Crew: Aerosoft Airbus Pro is available for purchase on their website for €34.95 and is available for P3Dv4 only. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.fs2crew.com/cart/products/FS2Crew%3A-Aerosoft-Airbus-Pro.html NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/fs2crew-releases-aerosoft-airbus-pro/
  6. Bryan York from FS2Crew announced recently on his FB page that Ultimate Ground Crew X is in the final stages.The picture above show a Follow-me vehicle. More on their FB page SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK :
  7. FS2Crew: Maddog X Reboot Version 1.4 now Available! You asked and we delivered! V1.4 includes "Button Control"! V1.4 (April 27, 2018) 'Button Control' is now built in! It uses the same system and key assignments as FS2Crew's other Button Control products. If the VOICE button on the FS2Crew Main Panel is OFF, then Button Control is active. Conversely, if you want to use Voice control, press the VOICE button. To use Button Control, simply create the key assignments for the MAIN and SECONDARY button as shown in the manual (they're unchanged from other FS2Crew's), and follow the Captain's Flow in the manual. Button Control is very easy since it follows a linear order of events and the cues are displayed in text on the Main Panel! A lot of you lobbied hard for us to create a Button Control version for the Maddog, and we listened. This is a good test for us to see how much real demand there is for Button Control compared to Voice Control, since we can see actual sales numbers. So if you want to see Button Control last into the future, please support FS2Crew Maddog! Tell your friends about it! FO will now correctly stow DIAL A FLAP during his climb flow. New voice command: "SWAP COMM ONE / TWO". Minor audio fixes. More nuanced PA Volume Control. Remember: If you don't want to hear the Cabin PA announcements (or you want a lower volume for them), set the PA knob on the Captain's Audio panel to OFF at the start of each flight. As per user request, you can now set the flood lights to come on/off at 10,000 feet instead of 20,000 feet. Please see the Support Forum for detailed info. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.fs2crew.com/cart/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  8. Greetings Gents a lot of my friends keep telling me I m crazy not to get FS2Crew I starting to think they might be right, of course, they are right, it is a great tool and not the 747 Crew just received an update cheers SSH SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/fs2crew-pmdg-747-400-qots-ii-version-1-2-now-avaialble/
  9. FS2Crew Release Pilot Assist Pro for iOS FS2Crew released their newest application: Pilot Assist Pro. The application is only available on the iOS platform via the App Store. It is a mobile flight bag that has a ton of features. It is available on the App Store for a one-time purchase of $49.99. The application includes personalised and customised checklists for the PMDG 737, PMDG 747, PMDG 777, Majestic Dash 8, Airbus A320, Leonardo Maddog, Quality Wings 787, Flight1 767 and many, many more of the best FS aircraft! Furthermore, it includes detailed NOTAMs, live weather updates, flight logging, mobile charts and documents, a scratchpad, frequencies and references and much more. It is a massive bundle of features you could use during your flight. It even has a day and night mode! SOURCE INFO https://pilotassistpro.com/ https://fselite.net/news/fs2crew-release-pilot-assist-pro-for-ios/
  11. Recently overhauled to work with the latest simulators, the Leonardo Maddog X is without a doubt the most advanced MD-80 simulation available for flight simulator; indeed, from a systems modeling perspective, it ranks right up there with the PMDG aircraft. But now's your chance to take your Maddog to a higher, more realistic level by adding FS2Crew's custom airline crew expansion pack to the simulation. Designed in close consultation with a current, real-world MD-80 First Officer, and refreshed to be brought up to the latest FS2Crew standards in a 64 bit environment, this new edition of FS2Crew is one of FS2Crew's best - and most realistic! A word from real-world MD80/90 First Officer Samuli Sutinen: "I am an active MD 80/90 pilot flying for a European airline. When I saw the result of this add-on, I was very surprised about the level of realism and detail. Numerous aspects have been considered concerning the operation of this specific aircraft type, from normal airline operations to realistic SOP handling and crew interaction. All of this definately makes this FS2Crew release the most complete multicrew package available, especially for the MD80 series aircraft". SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.fs2crew.com/cart/products/FS2Crew%3A-MaddogX-Reboot.html NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  12. As if it weren’t already enough in having recently announced that their software for the Leonardo Maddog X is ready for release as soon as the aircraft drops, the team behind FS2Crew have released an update for the popular virtual co-pilot add-on to suit the much-loved Majestic Dash-8 Q400. In a Facebook post detailing the release, the changes are noted to be minor ones that mainly address the way in which things are handled, such as changes to co-pilot dialogue and the order in which the co-pilot handles tasks. Existing owners of the software are advised that this update comes at no cost, and is available to download from your FS2Crew account or reseller’s website (please allow some time for your reseller to update their hosted installers). You do not need to uninstall your current version prior to updating. The full change log is below: LINK TO SOURCE: https://fselite.net/news/fs2crew-majestic-dash-8-updated-to-v3-3/
  13. Good Morning Aviators! FS2Crew a very well known and a fantastic utility developers is on track for the release of the Maddog X by By the Leonardo Software House . FS2Crewfor is ready for the release so it can be integrated and available to new users of the aircraft. The Md-80 has had some minor setbacks, but they should be releasing soon. According to their FB, testing is in progress (As of 01/27). This is an aircraft and fantastic utility that will be going grand hand in hand. LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.airdailyx.net/article/fs2crew-ready-maddog-x-release/
  14. The team at FS2Crew has been good at communicating to the community about the status of their 1st service pack for the PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II Edition. A few days ago, the team released the free update for the community to download and enjoy. This update is rather large and includes new voices, bug fixes and lots of requests based on customer feedback. Included in this new update is the addition of 6 new voice sets including German Male captain, another American captain and a further Australian FO. As well as additional sets, there’s also some new voice sets including UK Ground Crew and cabin crew public announcements and a brand new American cabin crew. Not only have new voice sets been added, but some new features as well. FS2Crew is now fully integrated with the PMDG Ground Service Vehicles. This is controled via a new configuration option on the secondary panel. Additionally, there is a new engine start sequence, new gate arrival procedures and also talk to the ground crew by holding down the R/T INT switch. Finally, there was also a host of bug fixes in this new update. This includes the FO properly calling “Plus 100” based on the config option, being able to call the ground crew when airbourne and ensuring that flight numbers are displayed on the FS2Crew map. There’s a lot more, and we’ve listed them down below. To download this huge update, you will need to log into your FS2Crew account and click on “COMPLETED ORDERS”. You can then re-download the installer and install it over the top of your current installation. There’s no separate download, nor the need to uninstall first. If you don’t already, you can buy FS2Crew’s PMDG 747 QOTS II Edition here. You can also see FS2Crew’s roadmap here. Change Log: Version 1.1. —New Voices— *Additional German Male Capt. *Additional German Female FO. *Additional American Captain. *Additional American FO. *Additional Australian Captain. *Additional Australian FO. *New UK Ground Crew. *New United States FA. *New United Kingdom FA Public Announcements. *New German FA Public Announcements. —New Features / Config Options— *Integration with the PMDG Ground Service Vehicles (controlled via a new *Config Option on the Secondary Panel). *Option to have the Captain (that’s you) only control the Hydraulics. *New allowable start sequence: 4 – 1 – 2 – 3. *New Config Option to allow the FO to select Terrain during his takeoff flow. *Captain’s Turbulence PA now available. *Gate arrival procedures enhanced. Please see the tutorials for updated procedures. FS2Crew will only attempt to connect the ground equipment after you announce “Shutdown Procedure”. This allows you to set the parking brake during taxi without triggering the ground equipment to be connected. *New Config Option to allow the FO to turn on both generators in the Freighter, not just one. *You can now talk to the ground crew by holding down the R/T INT switch. Hold it in the INT position. —Fixed / Updated— *Manuals updated. Some available voice commands were not listed. *FO now properly calls “Plus 100” not “Approaching Minimums” based on associated Config Option. *Voice Command “Select Flight Directors On/Off”. *No smoking signs no longer toggled in the Freighter models at 5000 feet in the descent. *Can no longer call the ground crew while airborne. *Touch and Go’s fixed with respect to the Landing Checklist. *Captain’s no longer plays when you run the Pre-Flight events in Button Control. *FO should now properly set the Baro scale (IN/MB) when in the US or Canada during his preflight flow. *Missing sound file in the Secure Checklist (Emergency Exit Lights). *FO will not announce passing the Transition Level during the descent if the altimeters are already set to QNH. *Strobes On/Off voice command fixed. *Match Speed / Bug Up/ Bug 1 – 5 – 10 – 20 – 25 -30 fixed. *Setting the comm radios via voice control improved. *Checklist Management voice commands fixed (ie., cancel the checklist, restart the checklist). *On the FS2Crew Map, the the Flight Number now displays. *FO should now properly acknowledge engine start commands. Config Manager panel.cfg handling updated to handle a rare situation where Vox ATC was on the panel.cfg file, resulting in Window numbers being put out of alignment. *”Passing Altitude” math improved to generate more accurate values taking your rate of climb/descent into account. *FO will not turn on the strobe lights when crossing runways (Voice command: “Confirm Clear to Cross/Enter Runway XXX” must be used). *”Set and Checked” now works as a possible response for the Before Takeoff “Flaps” challenge. *FO now responds to FMA callouts while in Descent Mode. If final sector, packs off deferred to the shutdown procedure. *”Set Heading 000″ fixed. *Ground crew volume amplified. *Dome light handling improved for 2nd legs. *Twitter / Facebook integration now working again (Social Integration tab on the Config Manager). TO SOURCE: https://fselite.net/news/fs2crew-releases-sp1-pmdg-747-qots-ii-edition/
  15. FS2Crew 2018 Roadmap Revealed Also an update on their upcoming Ultimate Ground Crew X https://fselite.net/news/fs2crew-2018-roadmap-revealed/
  16. Are you a pre-existing FS2Crew owner? Get 5 euros off! Coupon code: DASH64 The ultimate Dash 8 Q400 airline crew simulation is now available for the 64 bit version of P3D! This product includes 2 products: 1. FS2Crew for the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Special Bundle Pack (Voice and Button Control - P3D V4+) 2. Free Bonus! FS2Crew: Dash 8 Global FO Voice Set (Note: The FO Voice set is built directly into the software. It does not require a separate install). Product Requirements: 1. Majestic Dash 8 Q400 P3D V4 Version 2. Prepar 3D Version 4 and Above (Latest version) LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.fs2crew.com/cart/products/FS2Crew%3A-Majestic-Dash-8-Q400-Special-Bundle-Pack-%2dP3D-64-Bit.html
  17. VERY excited to announce a new supporting partner for TSL, please help me welcome FS2Crew to the lineup! * We're kicking things off with a very nice discount code for all supporting Patrons. BOOM! http://www.theskylounge.tv/forum/92-discount-codes/ *Not a patron yet? Check out your options! http://www.gamewisp.com/TheSkyLounge
  18. OUT NOW! https://www.fs2crew.com/cart/categories/Special-PMDG-747-QOTS-II-Area/ LINK TO SOURCE:
  19. Dear FS2Crew users: I'm getting a lot of emails asking me what's happening with FS2Crew, so I'll answer them all in one place: So where are we at? Click the link to their Facebook statement ( looks impressive ) LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/fs2crew/posts/1576435949075138
  20. 5 EURO COUPON CODE FOR CURRENT FS2Crew 777 CUSTOMERS: 77764 or 30% Discount with a VA discount code Yes, the product need to be purchased again. https://www.fs2crew.com/cart/categories/Special-PMDG-777-Area/
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