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  1. Story I've just picked up on FSElite: == Only released a couple of days ago, the team at HiFi SimTech are hard at work listening to feedback from the community regarding Active Sky XP (for X-Plane 11). Today, they released a small update which was causing issues for some users. Those fixes include a wind aloft issue and the occasional hanging of the application upon exit. Hotfix B6919B is now available via the HiFi download section. You will have to download the full version according to their downloads page, which weighs in at 233MB. Full Change Log: Fixed issue with winds aloft and some other surface wind issues in some cases Fixed occasional hanging issue on exit Fixed issue in web companion app where image would not display properly SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://hifisimtech.com/downloads/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/active-sky-xp-hotfix-released-b6919b/
  2. Just announced on QualityWings Facebook page a few hours ago ... shortly after the recent update to version 1.1.2: Dear 787 drivers, we have received reports where our 787 may suddenly start to pitch down and go into a steep descent during climb or cruise. We apologize for this inconvenience and have uploaded a hotfix, which can be downloaded here: http://qualitywingssim.com/files/ultimate_787_collection/service_packs/QW787_v1.1.2_nosedive_hotfix.exe Meanwhile all installers on our website and the Flight1 website have been updated with fixed files. After this bumpy start we certainly hope you enjoy our 787! SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : http://qualitywingssim.com/files/ultimate_787_collection/service_packs/QW787_v1.1.2_nosedive_hotfix.exe NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  3. From Aerosoft forum: We used the weekend to fix some more issues - actually none of them was really introduced with 1.0.5, but this should help to further reduce the number of issues and make flying the CRJ more enjoyable. Changelog: - [Fixed] Doors not working in FSX SP2 - [Fixed] DAVE payload changes now trigger a 120 second wait period before updating its data from FS again. The "SET PAYLOAD AND FUEL" button flashes during that time - [Fixed] Loading of procedures starting with a certain combination of Rwy-SID-Transition and SID (KDEN 17R FOOOT3 SID) - [Added] Throttle hint indicator is now visible on the HGS as well - [Fixed] CRJ Manager placing 10 people on 9 seats in business class when clicking "Full" - [Fixed] APU sound loop playing in exterior view although APU is stopped - [Fixed] Tiller animation on P3D v4.2 - [Fixed] Keyboard control for rudder - [Fixed] Station distance indicator on PFD sometimes showed ".10" as decimal part - [Fixed] Updated flight dynamics with more rudder authority while the yaw damper is enabled There are no fixes for the reported LNAV and Glideslope capture issues as those were simply not reproducable. Unfortunately that means there's nothing we could fix yet. For more information as well as download links, click on the source link below. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/130903-1060-hotfix-available/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  4. REX SkyForce 3D Status Update – Hotfix 2 by Erik on 7th February 2018 add comment News REX has announced that they are working on a second update: Hotfix 2 for REX SkyForce 3D. It contains a whole bunch of fixes and to make it not so big they have pushed some of the texture updates to Hotfix 3. This is so that they can release Hotfix 2 as soon as possible. They hope to reach beta stage this week within the team. SOURCE INFO https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/43171-rex-sky-force-status-update/&page=58&tab=comments#comment-301370 https://fselite.net/news/rex-skyforce-3d-status-update-hotfix-2/
  5. Just over a month ago, Captain Sim released their 757 Captain III for P3Dv4. It was met with some positive views from the community, but lots of feedback to help make the aircraft even better. A few weeks after, hotfix 1 was released addressing some of the concerns, and the team committed to listening to the community for more feedback. A few minutes ago, the team released hotfix 2 which has added a whole bunch of new features and fixes to the 757 Captain III. One of the most featured requests was the addition of having fuel and payload added to the FMC instead of using the complex method of external managers and in-sim fueling pages. Furthermore, you can also use the FMC to determine the ZFW, jetway control and control the pushback. Other improvements include 40 additional cockpit control sounds, window wiper sound effects and the CDU is now a pop-out. Some of the bigger bugs has also been addressed including fuel flow, VNAV fixes, cost index calculations and an improvement on the CI/Mach number. To install, you can download the update file from here. Once done, make sure P3DV4 isn’t running and install the update. The patch will overwrite all modifications of the original product. It’s not clear if you need to have hotfix 1 installed first. Just in case you do, you can get that from here. Captain Sim has said to continue watching their forum for further updates and improvements. Full Change log: – ZFW and CG management via FMC is added. – Fuel management via FMC is added. – Payload management via FMC is added. – Pushback control via FMC is added. – Jetway control via FMC is added. – A separate tiller axis is added. – 40+ cockpit controls sounds are added. – Window wipers sound is added. – CDU pop-ups are added. – The A/P disconnect sound is added. – PAX cabin on/off selection is added. – Fuel Flow is corrected. – VNAV speed/alt restrictions are fixed. – VNAV is improved. – Cost Index calculation is improved. – CI/Mach Number calculation is improved. – Cockpit sounds are improved. – The F/D bars readability is improved. – Seat belt chime volume is increased. – The Captain’s seat view is re-mapped to F9 hotkey. – The Manual is updated. LINK TO SOURCE: https://fselite.net/news/captain-sim-releases-hotfix-2-757-captain-iii/
  6. The folks at REX asked for your feedback. And they are quick to listen! A new second hotfix is imminent. HOTFIX 2 FIX LIST The following list is merely a generic list of fixes or enhancements that will be included for Hotfix 2. This does not include items that are being proposed for our major Service Pack 1 update. INSTALLATION FIXES: 1.) When a new hotfix is applied add function to automatically restore last saved user configurations. 2.) When a new hotfix is applied if applicable remove function requiring the user to have to re-register application. 3.) Fix installer to not reference C drive for space available SETUP WIZARDS: 1.) Fix issue when adding the new airport to favorite airport list it overwrites the last airport added only. SETTINGS FIXES: 1.) Update the optimizer function so that users have a better idea of what textures will cost in FPS. Add functions to read flight simulator CFG file. Add function that if the user changes settings they are prompted to reinstall files. 2.) Make serial key field encrypted with option to view 3.) Add control option that user can set the minimize button to minimize to taskbar or system tray. 4.) Add a control to minimize application at startup. GENERAL FIXES: 1.) Fix application freeze issue when deleting a favorite airport. 2.) Fix duplicate notifications for community themes and ability to close the last alert. TEXTURES: 1.) Modify cumulus clouds textures to remove transparent look 2.) Fix missing cumulus set 19 texture 3.) Fix missing LightningFX script ENVIRONMENT WINDOW: 1.) Change sun/atmospherics sets 08 and 13 names. 2.) Fix issue where after adding a texture to a theme it immediately alerts “Theme is completed”. FLIGHT CENTER: 1.) Fix PFPX weather file download from REX EDGE Servers 2.) Fix weather file import function into PFPX. 3.) Fix support of Pilot2Atc flight plan import into Sky Force. WEATHER CENTER: 1.) Fix possible issue with the weather not showing based upon date format issues. 2.) Add option to enter weather stations/airports that don’t exist in FS database, but yet have an active metar into REX EDGE Servers INTERACTIVE MAP: 1.) Fix issue with map latency and crashes reported with some customers when right-clicking the map. 2.) Fix position of aircraft in relation to flight plan WEATHER ENGINE: 1.) Improve weather injection accuracy between injections. 2.) Fix assorted .net errors during injection process 3.) Fix OAT / TAT/ SAT temperature issues with aircraft at climbs and higher altitudes. 4.) Fix Altimeter jumps during weather injections 5.) Fix missing cloud layers 6.) Fix visibility haze issue with FSX and FSX Steam users when visibility is reported at 10SM. 7.) Fix issue of weather not injecting for P3D v4.0 users. 8.) Fix issue of visibility being rendered at zero and causing cockpit to not be shown. 9.) Reduce the number of simconnect hits to sim. 10.) Change RESET button to REFRESH the main interface. INSYNC MODEL ENGINE: 1.) Fix various .net errors reported by customers with missing data 2.) Provide users with information of active in sync mode on the main user interface. LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/43171-rex-sky-force-status-update/&page=56&tab=comments#comment-300410
  7. Recently, the Real Environment Xtreme (REX) team posted an update on their forums, thanking customers for their support through the release of SkyForce 3D. Most importantly, however, they are planning to release Hotfix 1 shortly. Some of the fixes to be expected in this version are: Registration issue in Step 2 A number of odd .NET Framework errors that occur in places such as the weather engine and cloud model sync engines. A .NET Framework error with the PFPX export feature. Mapping issue. As of today (Friday, January 5th), they have completed the code of the new upgrade and are just testing it now, with plans to release shortly. You can read the full update here. LINK TO SOURCE: https://fselite.net/news/rex-announces-hotfix-1-skyforce-3d/ PATCH = https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/46696-rex-sky-force-3d-hotfix-1/
  8. Hotfix 2 for the QualityWings 787 is now available. This means we’re a step closer to a P3D version too folks! A total of 48 items have been addressed. See the link for more details. LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/notes/qualitywings-simulations/qualitywings-787-status-update-hotfix-2-available/10155153598244639/
  9. Quality Wings have released Hotfix 1 for FSX and FSX Steam edition (both 9mb file size). Those whom purchased the FSX version can upgrade to p3d version when released with 50% off the cost, BUT!!! offer only valid up to 2 months after P3D version is Released. P3Dv4.1 cost will be same as FSX version cost, $69.95. http://www.qualitywingssim.com/files/ultimate_787_collection/service_packs/QW787_Hotfix1_FSX.exe http://www.qualitywingssim.com/files/ultimate_787_collection/service_packs/QW787_Hotfix1_FSX-SE.exe Thanks to our friends at FSElite for the latest info. LINK TO SOURCE: https://fselite.net/news/qualitywings-ultimate-787-p3dv4-pricing-confirmed-hotfix-1-released/
  10. damian Developer Join Date Oct 2012 Posts 4,370 Active Sky 2016 - P3D v3.4 Compatibility Update and Hotfix 4 - Open Beta SOURCE: http://www.hifisimtech.com/forums/showthread.php?7115-Active-Sky-2016-P3D-v3-4-Compatibility-Update-and-Hotfix-4-Open-Beta
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