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  1. Flysimware's Learjet 35A V4.0 Update January 14.2019 View online / Forward to friends Feel free to join our Facebook group! Newsletter from Flysimware Simulation Software - Digital Store Flysimware specializes in making tools, missions, trains, aircraft and helicopters for Flight Simulator 9, Flight Simulator X, MSTS and Prepar3D. We strive to give you the highest quality since 2008. Flysimware currently produces high quality vintage and modern aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3D. READ MORE Hi Stephen Simmons New update available at Flysimware Simulation Software - Digital Store Flysimware has a new update - Learjet 35A VERSION 4.0 is available. Flysimware Learjet 35A $41.99 Flysimware's - Learjet 35A Learjet 35A VERSION 4.0: New autopilot panel with real world layout. Includes new buttons and new modes and lights for increased realism. For example a LRN (Long Range Navigation) light now indicates GPS course capture on the NAV mode button as in the real a/c. A FNL (Final) light indicates when your setup for approach and under 1000 AGL. Improved Flight Director response time when the Flight Director is deselected (removed delay when FD arms retract.) Updated landing and taxi lights. Landing lights now better illuminate the runway starting from a height of about 100ft as viewed from the cockpit. Combined the Altitude Alerter and Altimeter gauges as will be required by the FAA starting in 2020. Updated cockpit lighting to improve visibility of switches, etc. Updated electrical system with more accurate voltages and to better simulate HSI and Altimeter gauges dependency on electrical power. Fixed bug causing cabin pressure knob to get stuck. Fixed an inherent sim bug that allowed the RMI to incorrectly point towards a Localizer source. Updated Glide Slope capture code to better warn of Glide Slope deviations. Updated calibration of the AOA gauges for improved realism. Improved accuracy of the engine ITT gauges. Updated the flight dynamics. A number of minor updates such as adding sound to the No Smoking and Seatbelt switches, relocated the Avionics switch, removed some erroneous sounds, etc. New navigation, strobe and beacon lights resized for P3D. The P3D preview window will show the aircraft model at the correct alignment and size. Added missing cigarette lighter plug and audio jacks in cabin for each station. Updated the Flight Manual. READ MORE SOURCE INFOhttps://www.flysimware.com DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.flysimware.com NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.flysimware.com
  2. A bit of hand-flying helps explain how Tamarack’s Atlas active winglet system works. The Cessna Citation Mustang light jet will soon have the retrofit system available. LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2017-10-10/learjet-legacy-network-makes-debut
  3. Zenith Aviation, based at London Biggin Hill Airport in the UK, has ordered two Bombardier Learjet 75s. The order was announced at NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas this week. LINK TO SOURCE: https://corporatejetinvestor.com/articles/zenith-aviation-orders-two-learjet-75s-at-nbaa-151/
  4. A powerful thought from Gene Bishop via Facebook: Something to think about the next time you strap into your airplane: Just 24 short hours ago, two young pilots were probably having breakfast and looking forward to flying this beautiful, high performance jet later in the day. Maybe they talked to their wives or girlfriends, or children. Maybe they kissed them goodbye, just like any other day. They probably had plans for later this week. They probably had plans for this summer. They definitely had plans for a long and happy career. Whatever they were doing this time yesterday, it is certain that they had absolutely no idea that they had already seen their last sunset. Mere seconds before the lower photo was taken, they had no clue that there was anything wrong, judging by the ATC recording. I do not know what happened here, though having flown the Lear 35 I do have some suspicions, but what I do know is that whatever it was, it happened very quickly and had tragic results despite the very best efforts of the two professional pilots in the cockpit. Ours is an incredible profession. We are all extremely lucky to be able to do what we do, and we're even luckier if we get paid to do it. But it does not come without risk of a hefty price. There are two bad things that can happen to a pilot, and one of them will. One day you will walk out to the aircraft knowing that it is your last flight. One day you will walk out to the airplane not knowing that it is your last flight. Remain vigilant. Be aware. Check everything. Trust nothing. Be safe always. May these two aviators rest in eternal peace. Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1944528712443977&set=a.1375116932718494.1073741827.100006606000861&type=3&theater Here's what we know... By Paul Milo | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com A Learjet took off from Philadelphia and crashed on approach at Teterboro The Learjet 35A, a twin-engine jet often used for business or personal travel, was built in 1981. It was coming in for a landing when it crashed in an industrial area of Carlstadt around 3:30 p.m. Both occupants of the plane were killed and the crash caused a fire with dark billowing smoke that could be seen for miles. Buildings in the area and parked cars caught fire but were quickly extinguished by local fire departments. View image on Twitter Calm, then terror at the control tower Just moments before the crash, the chatter from the air traffic control tower at Teterboro was calm. Then the controller announces the crash and tensely orders the airport closed and all planes to stop taxiing. No injuries on the ground, but fire damages buildings Officials in Carlstadt said two buildings were damaged by fire and 13 vehicles were damaged or destroyed, but there were no victims aside from the people aboard the plane, described by officials as crew members. View image on Twitter What did witnesses see? The aircraft was flying to the north toward runway 1 when the crash occurred, according to the FAA. Witnesses said the plane may have clipped a building and utility wires as it soared into the ground, bursting into flames and setting buildings and cars on fire. Who are the victims? The plane belongs to a Montana company, A&C Big Sky Aviation of Billings, Montana. Officials had not disclosed the identity of those aboard as of Monday night. View image on Twitter Why did this happen? The National Transportation Safety Board had taken over the investigation as local first responders helped secure the crash site. Wind gusts of between 30 and 40 mph were reported shortly before the crash, but it was not yet known if weather was a factor. Who owned the aircraft? The aircraft was being flown by Trans-Pacific Jets, a charter aircraft company based in Honolulu, the jet’s owner said in an interview with Bloomberg. Chandra Hanson of Billings, Montana, told Bloomberg she owns the plane with her husband Brad. The Hansons fly on the aircraft, which is based in Salt Lake City, and allow it to be flown for hire when it’s not in use, according to Bloomberg. It happened before Monday's accident was not the first for a Teterboro flight. Above, an aerial view of a 2005 charter plane crash near the end of the Teterboro Airport runway. The private plane skidded across Route 46 and crashed into a warehouse, injuring 13 people. There have been six major incidents in recent times. (John O'Boyle| The Star-Ledger) (JOHN O'BOYLE) SOURCE: http://www.nj.com/bergen/index.ssf/2017/05/the_plane_crash_near_teterboro_what_we_know_what_w.html
  5. https://xtremeprototypes.com/en/product_GLJ25_se.asp $39.95 (USD) AVAILABLE SOON FOR DOWNLOAD XP GLJ Model 25 Special Edition (2.0) Produced, developed and sold exclusively by Xtreme Prototypes. See "Minimum System Requirements" below. $39.95 (USD) AVAILABLE SOON FOR DOWNLOAD XP GLJ Model 25 Special Edition (2.0) Produced, developed and sold exclusively by Xtreme Prototypes. See "Minimum System Requirements" below. OUR DEFINITIVE GLJ 20 SERIES ADDON The Xtreme Prototypes GLJ Model 25 Special Edition is a next generation addon optimized for the latest versions of Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® and Microsoft® Flight Simulator X. It contains ten variations of the legendary business jet, based on actual and fictitious paint schemes. The addon includes entirely new high-resolution models and textures, a completely redesigned virtual cockpit with full-3D gauges, additional systems and functionalities, new animations and cockpit sounds, an updated 150-page flight manual (PDF format) and many other new features. Nearly all systems, instruments, switches and knobs are functional in order to simulate complete procedures, from cold and dark to shutdown. Nicknamed "fighters in civilian clothing" because of their sleek design and amazing performance, the classic Learjet 20 Series aircraft were the first true executive jets and redefined business aviation during the 1970’s, flying high above the weather at transonic speeds. Their capabilities earn them a place among the extreme aircraft, setting record after record. With the longer-range Gates Learjet Model 25D, from which this addon is inspired, came a longer cabin, increased seating capacity, more flexible loading options, greater fuel capacity and a rather sleek-looking stretched fuselage. Although contemporary airliners offered similar speeds, but less cruise altitude and climb performance, the 20 Series aircraft belonged to general aviation and were originally intended for single-pilot operation. This package strives to bring you the actual feeling of flying such a high performance aircraft in the civilian world and relive this fascinating period in the history of aviation right from your desktop! For the general aviation virtual pilot, being able to hop between small regional airports while passing airliners along the way is quite a thrill. But for the serious IFR enthusiast, we are confident this package will provide years of flying pleasure. The new virtual cockpit has been retrofitted to allow for both GPS and VOR navigation in autopilot mode and provides all the instruments and features necessary for complete IFR flight. A carefully planned IFR flight is sure to be a rewarding, if not challenging experience for the virtual pilot. However, anyone who masters the default jets in the simulator can fly the Xtreme Prototypes GLJ Model 25 SE addon. It's up to the user to decide which level of complexity he/she wants to achieve. Click here to download a free sample of the printable PDF manual (20 MB). What's new in version 2.0? Frequently Asked Questions You must accept the end-user license agreement before you can install and use this software product. $39.95 (USD) AVAILABLE SOON FOR DOWNLOAD XP GLJ Model 25 Special Edition (2.0) Produced, developed and sold exclusively by Xtreme Prototypes. See "Minimum System Requirements" below. Actual screenshots captured in Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® and Microsoft® Flight Simulator X. GENERAL FEATURES Ten (10) variations of the Gates Learjet Model 25D business jet, inspired from actual liveries: American private “Red Belly” version (fictitious tail number N864XP) U.K. private “Blue Bird” version (fictitious tail number G-KEXP) Mexican private version (fictitious tail number XA-XPS) French private version (fictitious tail number F-GLXP) German private version (fictitious tail number D-XPSE) U.S. Air Force V.I.P transport version (fictitious tail number 60214XP) U.S. Special Ops Area 51 version (fictitious tail number N4251XP) Canadian government “Black” version (fictitious tail number 150018XP) Canadian private “Xtreme Red Bird” version (fictitious tail number C-GAXP) Rollout “unpainted” test version (fictitious tail number N486XP) FLIGHT MODEL FEATURES Custom 20 Series flight model to simulate the performance of a high-powered civilian jet aircraft in the simulator: Two General Electric CJ-610, 2,950-pound static thrust, single-spool turbojet engines Maximum altitude: 45,000 ft. Maximum speed: Mach 0.82 (at 24,000 ft.) 20 SERIES AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS The following 20 Series systems are simulated to conform as closely as possible to the operation of the real aircraft, within the present limitations and capabilities of the simulator: Flight controls Electrical system Hydraulic system Landing gear Fuel system CJ-610 Power plant Fire detection and suppression system Pneumatic (high pressure) and environmental control system Air conditioning and pressurization system Bleed air system Automatic flight control system (autopilot) Caution and warning system Avionics, radio and navigation system, fully compatible with ATC (VHF COM1/COM1 Standby, COM2, ADF1, ADF2, NAV1, NAV2, transponder) GPS (compatible with the autopilot) Main entry door (fully animated) Cockpit lighting system AIRCRAFT MODEL FEATURES High-resolution 3D exterior model, optimized for the latest versions of Lockheed Martin Prepar3D® (native P3Dv3) and Microsoft® Flight Simulator X Highly detailed model based on archive material, with more than 800 parts and 80 animations 4096 x 4096 high-resolution textures Unique markings and liveries for each aircraft variation Movable aerodynamic control surfaces: Movable stabilizer Elevator Ailerons with trim and balance tabs Flaps Vertical stabilizer/rudder with trim tab Spoilers Fully animated landing gear, complete with flexible hoses, landing and taxi lights, anti-skid system, snubbers, and more Fully animated main entry door (lower and upper sections) Detailed GE CJ-610 power plant with animated (compressor and turbine) blades and inlet guide vanes Fully animated thrust reverser on both engines Rotating beacon lights Animated stall vanes on the nose Optional nose test probe with vanes VIRTUAL COCKPIT FEATURES NOTE: Xtreme Prototypes next generation addons no longer include 2D panels found in older products. They are replaced by virtual cockpits with full-3D gauges. High-resolution virtual cockpit with over 1500 parts and 250 full-3D animated gauges, switches, knobs, levers, light indicators and flight instruments with tooltips Advanced instrument panels: Captain’s panel Center panel Electrical and radio panels Copilot’s panel Annunciator panel Thrust reverser control panel Center pedestal Animated control columns and yokes (optional, user-selectable) Animated rudder pedals with differential brakes Modified radios for use in the simulator (VHF COM1/COM1 Standby, COM2, ADF1, ADF2, NAV1, NAV2, transponder). Fully compatible with ATC. Independent flight director GPS NAV or GPS navigation modes. The autopilot is retrofitted to be fully functional in GPS mode. Two optional configurable center panels to install third-party 2D gauges, GPS, radar or glass cockpit (user-selectable) DME head Analog and digital clocks with stopwatch Functional “Jetstar 8” 8-track tape player (a tribute to the inventive genius of Bill Lear) on the center pedestal that can play user’s music Side control knobs New pilot seats with adjustable armrests New animated sun visors Optional throttle quadrant Thrust reverser subthrottles Optional iPad® tablet on the copilot side Cockpit lighting (instruments, cabin, flood) VISUAL EFFECTS Engine smoke and contrail effects Wing vortices and vapor trails Aircraft lights, some animated (landing, taxi, recognition, navigation, strobes, beacon) Cockpit/cabin lights SOUND EFFECTS 20 Series basic sound package Over 30 additional sound effects, including cockpit sounds (switches, knobs and levers, pneumatic valves, blower fan, etc.) MISCELLANEOUS Contains Bill Leaming's FBGS sound system for playing cockpit sounds and music Multiple camera views (interior/exterior) A 150-page printable PDF manual A comprehensive paintkit (Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 file format) to allow users to create their own liveries
  6. SOURCE: https://fsfxpackages.com/en/Lear35Immersion/
  7. Sky Lounge Patrons have been privy to this information for sometime in our patrons lounge, but today we are excited to announce that the information is shareable! FSFX PRESENTS: Lear 35 IMMERSION *Complete with TheSkyLounge.tv Party Package !
  8. Eagle County Regional Airport (KEGE) ⇒ Kansas City International Airport (KMCI) ID Frequency Track Distance (nm) Coordinates Name/Remarks KEGE - 0 0 N39°38'33.90" W106°54'57.40" EAGLE COUNTY RGNL DBL 113 172 12 N39°26'21.64" W106°53'40.84" RED TABLE FQF 116.3 78 106 N39°41'24.50" W104°37'15.50" FALCON GLD 115.1 94 137 N39°23'16.32" W101°41'32.26" GOODLAND CUGGA - 94 38 N39°19'03.60" W100°52'07.18" CUGGA HLC 113.7 95 30 N39°15'31.48" W100°13'33.06" HILL CITY SLOWR - 86 125 N39°18'14.64" W097°31'40.70" SLOWR CATTS - 89 64 N39°18'11.59" W096°09'13.69" CATTS KMCI - 90 67 N39°17'51.40" W094°42'50.00" KANSAS CITY INTL A waypoint can be enabled/disabled by clicking on it (except first two and last two waypoints). 9 fixes, 579 nm. Airways: KEGE DCT DBL J80 CATTS DCT KMCI Provided by RouteFinder METAR: Departure: KEGE 220250Z 23007KT 10SM CLR 13/M08 A2994 Destination: KMCI 220253Z 19019KT 10SM FEW250 13/M01 A2985 RMK AO2 PK WND 19028/0209 SLP105 T01331006 56007 Provided by AVIATION WEATHER CENTER
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