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  1. I like to document findings for future reference, here are some I think could help many pilots of the 777! I had a similar problem when I started messing with FS Real Time. It'd just do a clean CTD when it was adjusting the time. Also, when fiddling about with the various menus it would do it. Read around, found a lot of mentions for a "UIAutomationCore.dll", apparently an old FSX fix. I dropped that in my P3D folder and the CTDs stopped. Other than that, you'd need to figure out the error that's being reported. You'll still see clean CTDs being tied to a specific .dll, service or other when looking through the event viewer. Then you can Google that specific event in relation to P3D. AVSim also has an extensive troubleshoot guide. source: @Sethos via Reddit Out of Memory. With any other payware aircraft, one normally gets an Out-of-Memory notification with FSUIPC dings leading up to the crash. With the PMDG777 and P3D, no such warning. It simply quits to the desktop with no error message. I've done what you have: Clean install of everything. Same result. Crash with no error. In FSUIPC, setup an offset to measure VAS inside the P3D: VAS FSUIPC Monitor This will show you how much VAS is remaining. Do you select a STAR and arrival runway before takeoff? If you do, stop doing that. If there is a radial intercept in the missed approach leg, it will leak memory at about +/-100 Mb per hour. This is a known bug documented in AVSIM where some get a CTD after three hours of flying. If you're starting out with 300-500Mb at departure, you'll be OOM within three hours. source: tateep via Reddit
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