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  1. So on the cast yall spoke on what could come from a V5 of Prepar3d. The most sensible thing to me is to update the engine. Having more FPS is going to do what lets be honest. All of the things you mentioned that have been available in the other competitor sims have been available for sometime and now V4.4 has brought those things in and its great. But to go down the path of omg I need more frames isnt necessary when the bulk of users cant sustain over 40fps with good scenery/graphics settings for a solid experience. The base engine is still limited in the way it performs and doing some "tweaks" to say oh look at me 100fps doesnt mean squat if the sliders have to come down to a significant level to do it. As it stands, anyone could feasibly get over 100fps right now but again that requires you to have a monitor with the refresh rate to sustain it which means gasp....monitor upgrades and drop the sliders. Additionally your GPU is going to have to work either harder or not at all to get to that point. It has been said that in the sims 30fps is sufficient and to "some" extent I can agree but ideally I feel that 45-60 fps allows for a more fluid representation of what your seeing without having drastic performance issues. Now unless you are running on say a SSD the load times for scenery/graphic draw can be reduced alot but in the end the engine itself isnt all that great. Rewrite the engine code or get something new but to say OMG we need 100fps isnt worth it at all for this sim or the competitor sims...again, excluding DCS because this type of flying doesnt require it UNLESS your one of the many people out there who want to extend their epeens and showoff. Its not say a shooter game that requires you to sustain 60fps or better to have the great gameplay experience and the flight sims dont require the century mark of FPS to have a great flight experience. So rewrite the engine or get a new one which will allow anyone with more current hardware specs to at a minimum run the sim (Prepar3d) at mid slider to higher settings and have a fluid experience without jaggies, freezing etc as the scenery/graphics load. That to me would be the holy grail for Prepar3d and really make it shine. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
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