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Found 4 results

  1. I just received an email today from JustFlight to inform me that they are currently running a range of discounts on 'classic' add-ons. Digging a bit deeper it is almost all for FSX but there are some P3D (v1 and v2!) and even some old FS2004 included. Discounts vary from a few bucks to a lot more; in case anyone is trying to breath some life into their old sims, now is your chance! Aircraft include Eurofighter, BAe 146-200/300, L1011 Tristar and various Battle of Britain aircraft (Me109, Spitfire, Hurricane etc). Some rather unusual aircraft here too (e.g. Viscount, Comet) so it might be worth a quick look, but admittedly this is looking a bit 'old skool' now! LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.justflight.com/category/special-offers
  2. Hi all! I've got a question that's on my mind for quite some time and I can't seem to find an answer. Is there a list out there of program's/add-ons for FSX / P3D we can run over a network? And if there isn't, maybe we should create one here on the forum like the ultimate P3Dv4 add-on list. The thing is, I'm about to build me a new dedicated flight sim pc. I would like to run anything I can on an 'old' laptop and use this as a client pc to relieve the load on my new pc and run is as a sim server. The programs I'm using and the ones I know of that can be run on a client pc, such as weather, ATC, flight planning and other add-ons and utilities, are: Airhauler 1 / 2 AS16 & ASCA PFPX PRO-ATC X EFB Also, which ones can be run on both Windows 7 and 10, as I've seen messages that some software is not compatible with Windows 10. I'm sure this is not a complete list out there. So let's create a list of add-ons we can run on a client pc and one of add-ons the MUST be run on a sim server.
  3. This is for P3D users only: There may be the odd occasion when you might want to install an aircraft add-on *outside* of the root P3D folder - an option not always available at install. I've created a help page for my "method" for doing this: Installing outside P3D root This method also allows you to add *legacy* aircraft add-ons in a safe way, where installing into P3D in the usual way might overwrite newer files (in effects, gauges etc.). It may look overly complex at first sight (because of the detailed explanations), but once you've done one you'll see it's really not that bad. The procedure itself is quite simple and quick. Adam. LINK TO SOURCE:
  4. Just Flight aircraft add-ons - P3D v4 Updates Dear Sir/Madam, As you bought one or more of the following Just Flight aircraft add-ons, we thought we'd let you know that the software for all of them has now been updated for compatibility with P3D v4: Canberra PR9 (Download) DC-10 Collection HD 10-40 DC-10 Collection HD 10-40 Livery Pack DH.98 Mosquito FB Mk VI DH.104 Dove & Devon DH.104 Dove & Devon Livery Pack DHC-1 Chipmunk DHC-1B-2 Chipmunk - Bubble Canopy F4U-1 Corsair 'Birdcage' Fokker F27 Friendship 100/200/300 Gulfhawk II HS 748 Propliner Meteor F.8/FR.9 If you log in to your Just Flight account and click on 'Your Orders', you will be able to re-download the software to get the latest P3D v4 compatible version of the aircraft. Best wishes, The Just Flight Crew You are receiving this email notification because our records show you have a valid order for one or more of these products. Click on the Unsubscribe link below to stop receiving Just Flight emails. Please do not reply to this email as it is sent from an unmonitored address. You can contact us via the Just Flight website. LINK TO SOURCE:
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