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  1. Following on from last week's 74S Anacortes announcement, 1S2 Darrington Airport is coming to X-Plane 11! Located in a beautiful valley, Darrington Municipal Airport boasts one of the most glorious settings in the entire flight simulator world! Serving Snohomish County and dwarfed by the shadow of the mighty Whitehorse Mountain, this airfield is set in the heart of picturesque Darrington village on the confluence of two rivers. Rich in salmon fishing, wildlife and pristine natural surrounding, it's a perfect base for your bush flying adventures into the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area and North Cascades National Park. This highly detailed airfield was lovingly crafted to include churches, houses, hangars, buildings and other unique touches, and now this version for X-Plane 11 captures the experience perfectly. Key Features: 30/60cm per pixel imagery Airport and town modeled Spectacular mountain setting Accurate watermasks for the rivers Photos taken on location 3D modelled ground polygon runways and aprons Seamlessly blends into TrueEarth US Washington 1S2 Darrington Municipal Airport will soon be available to purchase from OrbxDirect for AUD $32.95 (approx. USD $23.10/ €20.45/ £18.35). Remember that if you own 1S2 for FSX/P3D, you get 40% off the X-Plane version! Please note that you will require Orbx Libraries updated and installed to the latest version. Please also note that for the best experience, we recommend using 1S2 in conjunction with TrueEarth US Washington. The scenery will work without it, however some users may experience the following: Missing or misplaced forests Missing or misplaced buildings surrounding the airport Photoreal blending SOURCE
  2. Hot on the heels of TrueEarth Washington, we are very excited to unveil the first of our HD airports for the region, 74S Anacortes Airport! A classic PNW destination, this scenery has been lovingly brought to life for X-Plane 11. Far more than just an airport, Anacortes includes an extended high-res coverage area encompassing the City of Anacortes, as well as several bonus landing strips and helipads. Test your short-field landings at Allan Island airstrip, hone your amphibian skills at 21H Skyline, battle the elements at the Burrows Island Lighthouse Helipad, and be sure to keep an eye out for vertical obstructions at WA02 Island Hospital Heliport. Anacortes airport itself is the perfect base of operations for your island hoping adventures; capable of accommodating your favorite GA aircraft at the welcoming San Juan Airlines FBO. Featuring beautiful modelling and texturing, the airport is perfectly situated for short hops to many of your other most-loved destinations, including nearby Darrington, Skagit, Israel's Farm, Orcas, Friday Harbor, and of course the many airfields in the Seattle Metropolitan Area. As well as hand-placed autogen, explore over a dozen landmarks and points of interest, dispersed amongst stunning 7cm, 15cm and 60cm photoreal imagery. Be sure to check out the nearby Deception Pass Bridge (perfectly suited for your low-flying adventures!), as well as the many coves and inlets dotted around the coastline. The scenery seamlessly integrates with TrueEarth US Washington and uses 7cm, 15cm and 60cm photoreal imagery. Located smack dab in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Anacortes is a wonderful destination with so much to explore! Feature Map: Key Features: Ultra-detailed modelling and texturing Extended coverage area including City of Anacortes and surrounds 2x bonus airstrips & 2x additional heliports Highly-detail static aircraft local to Anacortes Ultra-detail Deception Pass Bridge Hand-placed autogen vegetation and buildings Over a dozen local landmarks and points of interest High detail ground poly with sloped runway Painstakingly colorized orthoimagery at 60cm, 15cm and 7cm resolution Seamlessly blends into TrueEarth US Washington Excellent performance, optimized for your favorite aircraft addons Original airport by Jarrad Marshall, expertly brought to XP11 by Turbulent Designs 74S Anacortes Airport will soon be available to purchase from OrbxDirect for AUD $32.95 (approx. USD $22.80/ €17.95/ £18.00. Remember that if you own 74S for FSX/P3D, you get 40% off the X-Plane version! Please note that you will require Orbx Libraries updated and installed to version 1.6.1 which is also now available. Please also note that for the best experience, we recommend using 74S in conjunction with TrueEarth US Washington. The scenery will work without it, however some users may experience the following: Missing or misplaced forests Missing or misplaced buildings surrounding the airport Photoreal blending Bonus Landing Areas: This airport is the first of a slew of exciting destinations coming to X-Plane 11 for TrueEarth Washington; keep an eye out on the forums for plenty more screenshots and information over the coming weeks! Enjoy! Jarrad SOURCE
  3. Around Sydney. Around Paris. Around spain Enjoy. cheers Iain SOURCE
  4. Here are some shots from user-requested areas, plus a few extras Enjoy! San Jose, Costa Rica (Global BASE): Los Angeles, California, USA (NA Southern California): Manila, Philippines (Global BASE): Around North America (OpenLC North America): LDPL Pula Airport: St. Petersburg, Russia (Global BASE): Germany (OpenLC EU): Honolulu, Hawaii (OpenLC North America): Beijing, China (Global BASE): SOURCE
  5. Around Italy. Around Mexico. Around Brisbane. SOURCE
  6. Greetings, Just wanted to drop a few screens of a mini world tour I have been doing testing the awesome Building HD autogen upgrade. Enjoy. Buenos Aires, Argentina Fiji Outskirts of Melbourne, Australia Auckland, New Zealand Tokyo, Japan Cyprus Afghanistan Ireland Shetland Islands. SOURCE
  7. Some from Sydney. Around Seattle. Around Switzerland. SOURCE
  8. Buildings HD Explained Since it seems that there is a bit of confusion as to exactly which buildings will be improved by Buildings HD, we’ve decided to put together this guide to make sure everything is clear. Buildings HD is a worldwide Autogen Building Upgrade Buildings HD improves the appearance of autogen buildings worldwide. Textures are based on photos taken from many locations around the world, in the actual locations that they represent in the sim. All textures have been expertly edited to accurately portray the regions they represent, with uniform window reflections, improved scaling, and ambient occlusion shading. It includes a complete overhaul of the autogen.bgl object library - Over 400 new building models for water towers, farm buildings, religious structures, and more. It can be used with or without other Orbx products. What buildings are not affected by Buildings HD? Buildings HD will not change the appearance of airport buildings or custom made scenery objects. Will Buildings HD improve buildings in Orbx products? Yes, Buildings HD will improve the autogen buildings seen in almost the entire Orbx product catalog. This includes all of the autogen buildings seen in: Global BASE OpenLC Europe, North America, and South America Regions: North America: PNW, CRM, NRM, PFJ, SAK, NCA, SCA Australia V1 and V2 New Zealand North and South Europe: NOR, ENG, WLS, SCO, IRE, NIR CityScapes: Our cityscape products contain a combination of custom and autogen buildings. The city centers and landmark buildings are usually custom buildings and thus will not be upgraded by Buildings HD. Airports: Houses and small buildings in the surrounding area are usually autogen, and thus will see an upgrade. Which Orbx products will not be upgraded by Buildings HD? TrueEarth regions Germany North and South The TrueEarth regions make heavy use of custom buildings, which are not upgraded by Buildings HD. The Germany regions use custom autogen textures carefully made by Frank Schnibben and it was decided that they would not be replaced by Buildings HD. Here are some screenshots showing Buildings HD with some Orbx regions and airports: Australia V2 - Outskirts of Sydney shown with new HD buildings OpenLC North America - New HD industrial buildings outside of Calgary, AB, Canada KRDD Redding Municipal Airport - Buildings HD houses on approach to Redding NA Southern California - Autogen buildings in Los Angeles, on approach to KLAX We hope this helps to clear things up! SOURCE
  9. All settings max apart from shadows, reflections and AA half way. Smooth performance SOURCE
  10. Good day fellow simmers, We are pleased to announce LEAS Asturias Airport for P3Dv4! Asturias Airport is the sole international airport serving The Principality of Asturias, situated on Spain’s beautiful northern coast by the Bay of Biscay. A short flight from Bilbao to the east, Asturias Airport serves multiple airlines such as Iberia, Vueling, and more, which fly to over 15 cities domestically and internationally with non-stop flights. With over a million passengers passing through the airport annually, Asturias receives plenty of tourists each year that come to enjoy its beautiful architecture, delicious seafood, various sporting events and mild climate. On approach, you will be greeted by a spectacular landscape of rolling hills, coastline, and bridges snaking across the terrain. Aside from the high resolution photoreal coverage included in the scenery, we have also included an extended coverage area for you to explore, with photoreal mountains, accurate landclass, coastlines and roads. LEAS makes use of the latest technology in P3D, including material scripting, SODE jetways, and advanced runway/apron effects to make your flights as immersive as possible. With plenty of runway space to accommodate your favourite jetliner flights to other European destinations and beyond, as well as a stunning array of landscapes to explore low and slow, we are sure Asturias will cater to any kind of flying you wish to do! Main Coverage Area: Features: - Stunning representation of LEAS Asturias Airport - Amazing approach with beautiful high resolution photoreal coverage and custom 3D bridges - PeopleFlow and animations - Exquisite texturing throughout - Advanced baked ambient lighting and render techniques - SODE jetways - Dynamic lights - Enormous extra coverage area with photoreal mountain tops, from north of Léon to Parque Nacional de Los Picos de Europa in the east - Highly optimized, perfect for the NGX & A320 pilot - Designed to blend best with ORBX Global Base and/or Global OpenLC Europe LEAS Asturias Airport will soon be available to purchase from OrbxDirect for AUD $39.95 (approx. USD$27.70 / €24.30/ £21.75) Asturias is very close to release; be sure to keep an eye on the forums over the next few days as we show off more details of this beautiful airport! SOURCE
  11. BuildingsHD for P3D and FSX: On Final Approach! The long-awaited next installment in the HD series is almost here! BuildingsHD overhauls the autogen buildings throughout the world with all-new, 4K, regionally-accurate textures and FPS-friendly 3D models. What TreesHD did for vegetation, BuildingsHD does for your sim’s structures: It replaces the old, default textures and models with beautiful, authentic, highly detailed new ones to lend a new depth of realism to the landscape across the globe. Buzzing the rooftops, approaches over cities, and taxiing at urban airports has never looked so real, with textures four times more detailed than before! All new textures feature ambient occlusion shadows, stunning new night lighting, high-rez rooftops derived from drone photography, and more. We’ve pulled out all the stops to really take the autogen system to a whole new level! A monumental undertaking three years in the making, lead developer Scott Armstrong has painstakingly overhauled over 900 texture sheets, containing 3,860 individual building textures. During project development, Scott traveled to over a dozen countries throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia to take on-location source photos, resulting in remarkably authentic architectural variations. The difference is especially apparent in Global regions which have never before seen the full Orbx region treatment: Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America now, for the first time ever, feature buildings that are highly accurate to their true-life counterparts. Additionally, FS legend Bill Womack has lent his 3D modelling skills in completely overhauling over 400 3D models in the default 3D building library! Those clunky-looking low-poly default water towers, generic fast food restaurants, apartment buildings, and blurry-looking factories will be replaced with brand new beautiful models that are at once highly detailed and performance-optimized. Barns, religious structures, shopping malls, gas stations, and more have been redone to blend in with the new textures (Note – OrbxLibs buildings will not be modified). Paris, France Madrid, Spain Prague, Czech Republic Library Object - Retail Buildings Phoenix, United States Santiago, Chile Sydney, Australia BuildingsHD Feature List High-Definition building textures at 4K resolution covering the entire world Regionally accurate buildings worldwide, derived from on-location photos taken in many countries throughout the globe Brand new 3D building models for complex autogen objects, created by Bill Womack Ambient Occlusion shadows baked on to building textures for added depth and realism High resolution rooftops derived from drone photos Incredibly realistic night textures for an immersive new night flying experience Designed to work seamlessly with all Orbx products, including Global, all openLC products, regions, and airports; or without any other Orbx products installed Completely compatible with FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv1-v4 Easy download and installation in Orbx Central By Scott Armstrong and Bill Womack FAQ Q. Which buildings will BuildingsHD improve? A. BuildingsHD improves the appearance of autogen buildings worldwide. Autogen buildings consist of the generic houses, office buildings, apartments, and various complex 3D buildings, which constitute the vast majority of buildings seen worldwide in the sim. However, it will NOT improve the custom POI objects of various individual real-world buildings that are included with FSX and P3D (usually consisting of the tallest several buildings or most famous landmarks in major cities throughout the world), nor will it affect the appearance of airport buildings. Q. Will BuildingsHD change the geometry of the default autogen buildings to make them more detailed? A. BuildingsHD will greatly increase the texture fidelity of the default buildings, but it will not alter the 3D geometry of most simple autogen structures (such as houses, most office buildings, etc). However, it will replace the more complex default autogen models such as water towers, restaurants, religious structures, complex office buildings, and shopping centers seen sporadically throughout the landscape with more detailed, realistic 3D models. Q. Will BuildingsHD increase the regional variation seen in buildings throughout the world? A. No. BuildingsHD modifies existing textures and models to make them more regionally accurate, but it will not increase the variation of building types beyond what already exists within the sim and the Orbx product catalog. Q. How will BuildingsHD affect my sim’s performance? A. Testing thus far has not shown a significant impact on FPS. However, due to the increased size of the new textures, a modern graphics card with ample VRAM is recommended. Compatibility BuildingsHD is designed to work with all versions of FSX and P3D, and will work seamlessly with all current Orbx products. If you don’t own any other Orbx products, BuildingsHD will also function as a standalone program and will work with a default installation of FSX/P3D. BuildingsHD will replace the current building textures and default autogen.bgl library objects for most Orbx products, including: Global OpenLC Europe, North America, and South America All currently available P3D/FSX regions EXCEPT TrueEarth Great Britain South, TrueEarth Netherlands, EU Germany North, and EU Germany South (these regions come pre-packaged with their own custom detailed autogen buildings). Pricing Orbx BuildingsHD will be available exclusively via OrbxDirect for AUD $34.95 (approx. USD $24.25/ €21.50 / £19.00). BuildingsHD is now entering the final stages of testing, and we are working diligently towards release. While we finish up the remaining work, please enjoy these screenshots! Porto, Portugal Porto, Portugal Bordeaux, France Lyon, France Lyon, France Paris, France Stockholm, Sweden Berlin, Germany Cologne, Germany (Night) Cologne, Germany (Night) Cologne, Germany (Night) Prague, Czech Republic (Night) Cairo, Egypt Cairo, Egypt Lagos, Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria Mumbai, India Mumbai, India Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia (Night) Kapolei, Hawaii Santiago, Chile Havana, Cuba Havana, Cuba Houston, TX, United States Ontario, CA, United States San Diego, CA, United States Kansas City, MO, United States Boise, ID, United States Seattle, WA, United States Library Object - Farm Library Object - Highrise Apartment Library Object - Water Tower Library Object - Greenhouses Library Object - Retail Buildings Library Object - Rooftop Helipad SOURCE
  12. EGNX East Midlands Airport is an international airport in the East Midlands of England, close to Castle Donington, Leicestershire, between Loughborough, Derby, and Nottingham with Leicester 20 miles to the south. The airfield was originally built as a Royal Air Force station known as RAF Castle Donington in 1943, before being redeveloped as a civilian airport in 1965. EGNX for X-Plane 11 is a stunning addition to any UK scenery collection. Fully integrated with TrueEarth GB South, this PBR rendition of East Midlands Airport features high resolution buildings, a fleet of static aircraft, custom modeled cars and trucks, and HDR night lighting. We have included the Royal Air Force museum and have even programmed in an active firetruck going to and from the station as well as a race around the local racing track every 20 minutes between 08:00 - 22:00! Features: An immersive rendition of EGNX East Midlands airport including the race track west to the airport and additional POIs Accurate ground service cars using in the airport- buses (both airport and public shuttles), fire fighters, gpu and more. 2k high regulation buildings Full PBR integration with ortho (mainly asphalt), buildings, vehicles, ground texture, etc Interior modelling on the tower and the terminal. In addition, the tower and the terminals are reflective and transparent Realistic static aircraft with the following liveries: DHL, Flybe, Thomas Cook, Jet2 and Ryanair. Animated firefighter truck will go from the station to the practice area every 20min. There is also a race on the racing track every 20 min (both are active from 08:00-22:00). The airport shuttles (skyline buses) also drive along the airport area. Stunning custom HDR night lighting Dense 3D grass with minimum FPS impact incredibly detailed special effects: Wind turbines and the smoke coming out of chimneys react to the wind speed and direction Ortho of 25cm/pix which blend smoothly and seamlessly with TrueEarth GB South Royal Air Force museum is included - this is located in the north-east part of the runway Custom ground poly Unique trucks, cars and other vehicles are present in the airport EGNX East Midlands Airport will soon be available to purchase from OrbxDirect for AUD $32.95 (approx. USD $22.95/ €20.50/ £18.20) Please note that you will require Orbx Libraries updated and installed to the latest version. Please also note that for the best experience, we recommend using EGNX in conjunction with TrueEarth GB South. The scenery will work without it, however some users may experience the following: Missing or misplaced forests Missing or misplaced buildings surrounding the airport Photoreal blending And now for the best part - the screenshots, courtesy of Emmsie: SOURCE
  13. Following the reveal at FlightSimExpo, we are happy to announce EGLC London City Airport for X-Plane 11! EGLC London City Airport is the closest airport to central London. Located in the Royal Docks in the London Borough of Newham, in between Canary Wharf and the City of London - the two most important financial districts in the country - EGLC provides important transport links between the capital and the rest of the UK as well as continential Europe. London City Airport has a single 1,500-meter (4,900 ft) long runway, and a CAA Public Use Aerodrome Licence that allows flights for the public transport of passengers or for flight training - but only for training necessary for the operation of aircraft at the airport. Only multi-engine, fixed-wing aircraft with special aircraft and aircrew certification to fly 5.5° approaches are allowed to conduct operations at London City Airport. The largest aircraft which can be used at the airport is the Airbus A318, which has been modified with a "steep approach function". Features: Full HD PBR representation of London City Airport and surroundings. HD textures throughout PBR groundpolygon with dry, damp and wet states. All new highly detailed PBR Ground Service Equipment and Clutter models Realistic road traffic on surrounding streets Includes the Excel building, Tate & Lyle Sugar factory and all surrounding high-rise buildings. 60cm orthoimagery blended to match TrueEarth GB South Includes realistic approach and airport lighting. Introducing all new detailed HD PBR static aircraft models Dynamic Fire & Rescue response - fire service will respond when an aircraft emergency is declared on approach. Fire trucks will deploy to your aircraft position once on the ground P3Dv4 users, don't worry. EGLC for P3D will be announced soon! EGLC London City Airport will soon be available to purchase from OrbxDirect for AUD $32.95 (approx. USD $22.95/ €20.50/ £18.20) Please note that you will require Orbx Libraries updated and installed to the latest version. Please also note that for the best experience, we recommend using EGLC in conjunction with TrueEarth GB South. The scenery will work without it, however some users may experience the following: Missing or misplaced forests Missing or misplaced buildings surrounding the airport Photoreal blending And without further ado, the screenshots! SOURCE
  14. A second batch of Washington screens from me... Again a bit of a mix, but the last section are caps of a long flight from Spokane heading west towards the Columbia River. The variety of landscapes within this package is quite remarkable... I hope you like them All shots using xVision with my presets, apart from shots 3 & 4 which are using xEnviro 1.10. SOURCE
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