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  1. Having just flown in and out of there, im excited for this one!
  2. Colsimmers Release Santa Marta (Freeware) Colsimmers, a new developer is making a name for themselves by developing an incredible scenery for free! Santa Marta (SKSM) or Simón Bolívar Airport is now available for Prepar3d versions 3 and 4. The airport is located 18 kilometres (11 miles) from Ciénaga and serves only domestic flights in Columbia. Colsimmers has done a good job of recreating Santa Marta (SKSM) airport within P3D. As stated above, this scenery is 100% free. It features fully updated terminal buildings, dynamic lighting for P3Dv4, and SODE jetways courtesy of FSDreamTeam’s Ground Services X Level 2. With the airport’s position, having a mountain range so close to the runway, you can expect a very interesting approach into the airport. Colsimmers’ Santa Marta (SKSM) is available for free on FSElite’s very own DCTRY website. Colsimmers has a Facebook page where you can view future project of theirs and give suggestions for airports for them to develop. SOURCE INFO https://dctry.net/prepar3d-v4/colsimmers-santa-marta-sksm-smr/ https://fselite.net/news/colsimmers-release-santa-marta/
  3. ImagineSim Release Update for Austin and Shanghai Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport have been updated to match their real life counterparts. Austin airport (KAUS) has been given the south terminal which houses the ultra-low cost air carriers such as Allegiant and VIA Air. Shanghai Pudong has been given a small modeling update regarding the Chinese characters atop terminal 1. Both these updates are available on the new ImagineSim Operations Centre. If you don’t own these two airports, they are available on the ImagineSim website. SOURCE INFO https://imaginesim.net/ https://fselite.net/news/imaginesim-release-update-for-austin-and-shanghai/
  4. Skyline Simulations Release Aviosuperficie Alvaro Leonardi LIAA In a recent Facebook post, Skyline Simulations announced the release of their latest work for X-Plane. Taking its name from a Medal of Valor receiver, Aviosuperficie Alvaro Leonardi is located 50 nautical miles North of Rome and is a popular spot for general aviation traffic. The airport operates a preferential one-way-in/one-way-out policy for its 870-metre long asphalt runway. With a plethora of features to cover the airport, as well as the surrounding scenery, this area has been faithfully recreated in-sim. Features Animated hangar doors, vehicles and ground traffic UHD custom textures Custom mesh PBR materials Ground reflections and decals 3D grass and vegetation Ultra-high resolution ortho scenery for the surrounding area for more than 7km Hundreds of 3D objects Accurate city of Terni Night textures Cherts included Skyline Simulations’ Aviosuperficie Alvaro Leonardi is available from their store for $21.90 and is available for X-Plane 10 and 11. SOURCE INFO https://fselite.net/news/skyline-simulations-release-aviosuperficie-alvaro-leonardi-liaa/
  5. MilViz Release T310R For X-Plane 11 After previously showing off their rain effects for the aircraft, MilViz has finally released their T310R product for X-Plane 11. The T310R is a variant of Cessna’s C310, with two turbocharged powerplants and a range in excess of 1,000 miles. Features Advanced FMOD sounds PBR materials and textures High-quality interior and exterior rendering Smooth animations Authentic turbo performance Realistic weight and balance Advanced autopilot mimicking real-world behaviour Simulation of VOR errors close to stations Default GPS / RXP GTN compatible Custom aircraft panel Rain and ice effects MilViz’s T310R is available from their website for $39.99, for X-Plane 11. SOURCE INFO https://milviz.com/flight/products/T310R-XP/?fbclid=IwAR3Z0MfJ3SCALTgJ3BHSTjuFt2S0OPXzLGkMJ_wzDYGci2LC5hUEDzq30hU https://fselite.net/news/milviz-release-t310r-for-x-plane-11/
  6. As most of you know, all of our FSX/P3D airports have been specifically designed to be used with FTX Global and the corresponding region if available, so in order for the best experience, we highly recommend using them. To celebrate the milestone release of KSBA, we are offering everyone 50% off our Southern California region and FTX Global*. While Santa Barbara will still work without these titles, you may experience some visual anomalies if you choose to forego them. *Offer expires 06 November at 01:00Z SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://orbxdirect.com/product/sca?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Release&utm_campaign=KSBA&utm_source=OrbxDirect+Customers&utm_campaign=fec0039047-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_10_29_09_51&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d196806e9b-fec0039047-210868097 NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  7. FSDG Release Cape Town (FACT) Although a little later than expected, FSDG (Flight Sim Development Group) has released Cape Town (FACT) for Prepar3D and FSX. The South African scenery is hotly anticipated among the community due to being one of the first well-known developer to tackle an airport in that region. Others have tried, but never quite reached the standards of the community. Cape Town itself is one of the busiest airports in South Africa with over 4 million passengers travelling world-wide. From the likes of Asia, Europe and South America – there’s plenty of routes to choose from your virtual hanger. SOURCE INFO http://fsdg-online.com/sceneries/68-capetown.html https://fselite.net/news/fsdg-release-cape-town/
  8. The entire airport of Brussels (EBBR) has been faithfully recreated with custom high resolution ground and building textures, animated ground traffic, custom surroundings and airport lights and shading effects on the airport buildings. World Traffic and X-Life is also compatible with the add-on and has been built with performance in mind. It’s currently available via the X-Plane.org store for $25.60. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://store.x-plane.org/EBBR-Brussels-Airport_p_884.html NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/justsim-digital-design-release-ebbr-brussels-airport-x-plane-11/
  9. Cannot wait for this release!!! I love this bird almost as much as @OMGEDSON loves his V-Tail!!! There is a twitch VOD that you can watch from the Dev: SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK: http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/14696-tbm-900-release-date-announcement-previews/?utm_source=X-Aviation+Newsletter&utm_campaign=5711262e17-TBM900_Announcement_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_12a9783f11-5711262e17-435445397&mc_cid=5711262e17&mc_eid=bdaa6ae234
  10. Vidan Design Release Aalborg X Vidan Design has just released Aalborg X for FSX and Prepar3D v4. The Danish airport is one of the largest in the country with frequent flights to a range of European destinations including Barcelona, London and the Foare Islands (perfect for the newly announced MK-Studios version). As per the usual high standards of Vidan Design, the airport includes many HD textures throughout, high quality airport buildings for both the civil and military sides of the airport and associated aircraft. To help with immersion, expect to see many animated ground vehicles, including civil and military. If you’re worried all these eye-candy features will hamper your PC, the developers have included a scenery configurator so everyone can edit to their desire. SOURCE INFO https://www.vidandesign.com/shop/?product=aalborg-x https://fselite.net/news/vidan-design-release-aalborg-x/
  11. REX Release Statement on SimAir RealEnvironmentX or REX have released a short statement on the development of SimAir. SimAir has been in development for quite some time now and since the REX developers had stopped putting out updates, status reports etc, people assumed that the project was dead, but a recent post on the REX forums clearly states “it is still very much alive“. A REX Developer also said that the project is simply on hold due to other focuses of other REX products. I personally have never heard of SimAir until now. Which goes to show that development has not been progressed well. A little bit of background info on what SimAir is, since there has been very little info released lately. SimAir is similar to what FSPassengers is, but is much more complex then just creating an airline and flying. The way REX is describing this, makes it sound like a multiplayer online game where you compete against other pilots. You can create your own airline, whether that be a major world-wide airline, a small regional airline, or cargo operations. You can also hire, or be hired by other users to fly for their airline. Much like a virtual airline. If you would like to checkout a full and detailed list of what SimAir is and how it can impact your simulation experience, the REX website will give you all the information you need. REX stated that there will be another update regarding SimAir on Monday, November 26th, 2018. If you want to be there for when this update is released, it will be available on the REX forums. SOURCE INFO https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/ https://fselite.net/news/rex-release-statement-on-simair/
  12. Aerosoft Release More Cologne Bonn (Köln/Bonn) Previews Aerosoft announced the development of Cologne Bonn (Köln/Bonn) EDDK Airport back in October 2017 and they’ve since been releasing eye-candy development previews and updates for us over on the forum thread. Along with the previews, the developer, Jo Erlend, has mentioned that we are to expect some more news regarding the scenery this week. In the previews, you notice the attention paid to the immense level of detail on the ramp, objects, terminal and ground markings. There even are 3D characters featured inside of the detailed terminal interior. Going back through the thread, there’s mention from Jo Erlend that the Prepar3D v4 version will be released before Cologne is brought to older platforms such as FSX and Prepar3D v3 as it will need to be reworked due to being beyond the scope of any 32bit platform’s memory capacities. While this scenery is obviously being developed with P3D v4 specifically in mind, X-Plane users shouldn’t worry as Cologne Airport will be ported over to the platform in the near future as it was mentioned on the thread by Aerosoft’s Product Manager, Jan Depenbusch. SOURCE INFO http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/127688-kölnbonn-airport-preview/&page=13&tab=comments#comment-904857 https://fselite.net/previews/aerosoft-release-more-cologne-bonn-previews/
  13. Mettar Simulations Release Development Update #7 After a crazy few weeks, Matt Davies has posted development update #7 over on the Mettar Simulations blog. This update is sure to hype us up with some enticing information and screenshots we’ve all been longingly awaiting. Matt says that his team have been focusing on every single project at the same time and its been working surprisingly well. The idea is for every project to interact with one another whilst remaining completely independent, he’s included a breakdown of each product and how they interact with one another that you can check out over on the blog post. POSCON has reached a development stage where it will soon be opened to their testing team which you can be part of. They’re still sorting out bugs and improving services across the board where they’ll be opening up POSCON during weekends for “open beta waves”. These waves will focus on different areas of POSCON each weekend and will allow them to properly test the network. The second most common question about POSCON is about the voice codec/quality. Take a listen to the audio clip below which demonstrates POSCON’s voice capabilities. SOURCE INFO https://mettarsim.com/2018/10/03/dev-update-7/ https://fselite.net/news/mettar-simulations-release-development-update-7/
  14. JustSim Release Rhodes for X-Plane 11 Just a few days ago, JustSim announced and released Rhodes for the Prepar3D audience. Today, they have released that same airport to the X-Plane crowd. Released via SimMarket, the airport features plenty of things for visitors to see and do. Whether that is explore the nearby city of Rodos, are take it easy down by the docks. JustSim has released a detailed rendition of the airport for X-Plane, including custom taxiway and runways markings, surrounding and airport lights. Taking advantage of the simulator itself, the team has also included a range of ground items included animated vehicles, realistic reflections and is compatible with X-Life traffic. SOURCE INFO https://secure.simmarket.com/justsim-rhodes-international-airport-x-plane-11.phtml https://fselite.net/news/justsim-release-rhodes-for-x-plane-11/
  15. MFSG Release Bandaranaike Airport Developer MFSG is rapidly developing and releasing sceneries, mainly focussing on the Asian continent. And, to that quickly growing list of addons, they are now adding another one: Bandaranaike Airport, also known as Katunayake Airport or Colombo International Airport (VCBI). This is the main airport serving the island of Sri Lanka. It serves a number of international carriers from all over the world, and is the main hub for domestic carrier ‘Cinnamon Air’. MFSG’s rendition of Bandaranaike features photorealistic ground textures of Colombo and some static vehicles and aircrafts. Dynamic lighting is supported for Prepar3D v4. Unfortunately there are no animated or SODE jetways. The airport is available for FS9, FSX and Prepar3D v3 & v4 for €16,94 from SimMarket. SOURCE INFO https://secure.simmarket.com/mfsg-bandaranaike-international-airport-vcbi-2018-fsx-p3d-fs2004.phtml https://fselite.net/news/mfsg-release-bandaranaike-airport/
  16. Big update coming to Xplane 11 with 11.30 on the horizon. It's the biggest one yet! Xplane is blowing up for real. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.thresholdx.net/news/xp1130
  17. We're very excited today to announce our newest Sponsor, Branding's Tractor Supply Co.! As you may know we fly into some pretty small strips around the world. This gives us an edge as many farms are located in remote areas. Today we secured a deal with Branding's that will guarantee us the transport contract! What's this all about anyways!? Well it all starts off with a huge thank you to Sky Lounge Patron @BrandingIron1900! He recently increased his commitment by subscribing at the Gold Club SPONSOR level. At this level Patrons get a slew of creative "thank you's" that will be seen community-wide. Have a brand or product to promote? This is for you! Don't have a company but want to show your support in a creative way? We've got you covered. A fictional "brand" will be created by a designer for you, we'll work with you to create this. This brand will appear in various places around the community, it could be on custom liveries, crates in planes, definitely on all our web properties, and possibly even as cargo inside The Skypark. That's just the start really, we'll even have the ability to thank our sponsors in streams publicly and other creative ways. A huge thank you goes out to Patrons at this tier, your commitment goes a very long way in helping us move forward. Wan't more info? http://www.gamewisp.com/TheSkyLounge
  18. MegaSceneryEarth Australia Release The teams over at MegaSceneryEarth/PCAviator have released their very first addon package focussing on the land down under. MegaSceneryEarth is an addon that adds high-resolution photo scenery to entire areas, improving the visuals and making the environment more realistic and immersive. MegaSceneryEarth Australia uses the latest MegaSceneryEarth v3 technologies, which includes accurate water masking, texture colour correction, 1m source imagery and better dawn/dusk texture/light blending. MegaSceneryEarth Australia consists of five different packages, each of them covering a different region of the country. There are Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales (SE, NE, W). You can pick up up these addons now from the PCAviator Store, with the prices of the different regions varying from $59.95 to $29.95. All regions are available for FSX and all versions of Prepar3D. SOURCE INFO https://www.megasceneryearth.com/ https://fselite.net/news/megasceneryearth-australia-release/
  19. A2A Accu-Sim Bonanza V-Tail 15-Minute Promo (release imminent) Here is a 15-minute look at the A2A V-35B V-Tail Bonanza developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48YCaMymhxo SOURCE INFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48YCaMymhxo NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  20. The Guimbal Cabri G2 is a light two-seater, french piston engine helicopter. VSKYLABS made a very detailed recreation of the aircraft, with extensive use of all XP11 technologies for rendering (PBR, reflexions etc) as it has been fully created for XP11. Flight model also takes advantages of a fully XP11 development (expect no VRS simulation -Vortex Ring State - though, XP11 doesn't provide that effect fully fonctionnal yet...). The model is fully Vr compatible without any addon, with AviTab compatibility. Some pics : And a video I found on YT (beware loud music) : You can pick this one for 29$ SOURCE INFO WEB SITE LINK : https://www.vskylabs.com/2018/06/the-vskylabs-guimbal-cabri-g2-project.html
  21. A bit of a different release than what we usually see, Armi Project has released Tehran International Airport, ICAO OIIE. The airport features GMAX modeling, full detail jetway/bridges, photoreal textures, custom taxi lines and lights, static jetways, and more. A full feature list can be viewed below for those interested. Tehran can be yours for a price of 13 Euros from SimMarket, and is currently only compatible with P3D v4. While this may not be the highest quality airport we’ve reported on, it’s the best the region has available at the moment and it is certainly an eccentric destination for those looking for a change from flying traditional routes. Features Scenery made with Gmax for better performance All main buildings( terminal, control tower, cargo and military hangars and more) Fully detail jetways and bridge to concourse. Photo real texture Custom made lines, taxiway and taxi lights. Static local ground service equipment, cars and planes; Static jetways Custom Gmax ground texture from satellite photos will make you feel like being in the real airport. Surrounding area including military hangar , Fuel tank facility VIP Terminal , Main terminal , Cargo bay ,etc. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://secure.simmarket.com/armi-project-tehran-imam-khomeini-international-airport-oiie-p3d.phtml NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/armi-project-release-tehran-international-oiie/
  22. GSX Level 2 Possible Release Date and Additional Expansions GSX Level 2 is an expansion pack coming to the popular GSX add-on by developer FSDreamTeam. Announced back at FSExpo 2018, the new expansion pack will bring fully animated 3D passengers to our simulators. Furthermore, the expansion will turn every non-SODE jetway within the sim, to be compatible with the popular in-sim engine. This means, jetways will dock accurately to your aircraft, enable more information to be displayed on them and the option to have dual jetways attached to your aircraft. This means every airport, regardless of how it was developed, will be compatible with GSX Level 2. http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,17940.msg125997.html#msg125997 https://fselite.net/news/gsx-level-2-possible-release-date-and-additional-expansions/
  23. FSDG publishes release schedule – FACT releasing September Today, FSDG provided us with a short update in the shape of a picture with a release schedule for upcoming products on their Facebook page. One product that stands out is their highly anticipated Cape Town scenery which started out as a lite product but recently got changed to a full scale product, now has a release date of September 12 instead of the rumored August release. On top of this, their version of Rhodes is set to release on October 20. The rest of the products on the list include Lite versions of Nairobi, Enfidha, Casablanca and Dalaman. All of these are on time, with Dalaman estimated for February 19 of next year. Their Bremen scenery, which was briefly previewed back in January, also got a brief mention on the list as being on time. The list was not all great news though, as their Antalya scenery has been cancelled. For more news on FSDG, stay tuned to FSElite. SOURCE INFO https://fselite.net/news/fsdg-publishes-release-schedule-fact-releasing-september/
  24. Teased earlier this week, Orbx has today released a brand new update for KSAN San Diego for users. After listening to the community’s feedback, developer Matteo Veneziani has improved almost everything about the product. As previously said, the new version is almost 100% new compared to the original, with performance increases and new details included. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/orbx-release-ksan-san-diego-international-airport-v2/