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Found 2 results

  1. Guys: I've downloaded and installed new versions of JoinFS and JoinFS(TEST) and they don't show the Skypark as a hub. The latest version of JoinFS that shows Skypark as a hub is version 1.4.20. What am I doing wrong? Or, alternatively, why isn't The Skypark available on these later versions of JoinFS? Thank you ATB SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  2. Hello Captain! Over the past few months we've had our eyes on the development of the JoinFS platform. Recently we reached out to the developer and started discussing a transition. I had a chance to play with the product in VERY early stages and for a long time it simply wasn't a fit for The Lounge. Early builds required a flyer to be the "host" and with that provide your personal IP for others to connect. This was a massive security issue and disqualified JoinFS from serious consideration. Fast forward to today! JoinFS has really come far in its development and the most recent builds are ROCK SOLID and packed with features. But wait, there's more! The Official Sky Lounge JoinFS Server is now live and available in the server browser 24/7 thanks to a Gold Club Sponsor @caderly_one ! ! We encourage EVERYONE to please use our server when connected on JoinFS and make it THE place to be when flying together. The more of us there are, the more folks will feel welcome. This is a public service so it doesn't matter if you're flying with fellow loungers, or with your other friends or groups, feel free to use the server! PROS: • DEDICATED SKY LOUNGE SERVER! • VIRTUALLY NON-EXISTENT LAG Do we really need more than that? OK... • If you have the model the other person is in... • You'll see each individual light as they turn on/off • You'll see proper gear up/down • You'll see every flight surface move realtime, from flaps to rudder • You'll see smoke on/off realtime. • TacPac...yup. • Many planes can do shared cockpit • Helicopters! • Ride-along mode • ATC functions inbound • Super light on resources client! and soooooooooo much more! CONS: • No X-plane support at this time, it IS however coming. It's not like FSCloud ever worked with it anyways =( DOWNLOAD NOW! https://pmem.uk/joinfs/install.html _______________________________________________ HOW TO: Connect to the Official Dedicated Server 0: Launch your Simulator of choice (fsx,p3d,xplane) and spawn in at an airport of your choice. 1: Open JoinFS, when you first launch the app you'll be asked to select a default plane to match for various types like single prop, dual prop, fighters, etc... DO THAT. 2: You'll see this window, see the colored rectangles? One is the status of Your Simulator <> Your JoinFS Client Connection the other is Your JoinFS Client <> The Skypark Server 3: Click File/Settings and enter your Nickname 4: Click View and select Hubs. You'll now see the list of Servers/Hubs. 5: Click on ">>>> The Skypark <<<<" and put a [✓] in the Bookmark box, then click the [Join] button below. 6: You'll now see the 2 rectangles turn GREEN. (if your sim isn't open yet, it needs to be!) These rectangles are clickable if you ever need to try and connect/reconnect manually. Just like FSCloud, jump into any airport with fellow loungers and enjoy a whole new world of multiplayer! -e
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