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Found 6 results

  1. QualityWings Simulation Ultimate 787 Released for P3D V4 At long last, the QualityWings Simulation Ultimate 787 has been released for Prepar3D V4. With the highly successful release of the 787 for FSX, the QualityWings beta team has been hard at work testing this bird to get it ready for v4. With several new improvements on the model, EFB and performance, simmers will enjoy flying one of the most modern aircraft in the 64-bit sim. The Prepar3D V4 version comes with a huge feature set, and includes plenty of bug fixes and updates from the FSX version. This is based off months of feedback from the community. Both the 787-8 and the 787-9 will be included in the package, with the -10 variant coming soon. Not only have the aircraft been modelled visually in high quality, but also the unique characteristics of each plane has been created. This includes the the 787-9 HLFC system. Both aircraft include the 787 specific autodrag function, maneuver load alleviation, wing-flex and smooth animations. SOURCE INFO http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=qw787p3dv4 https://fselite.net/news/qualitywings-simulation-ultimate-787-released-for-p3d-v4/
  2. about time QW certainly took there time SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/previews/qualitywings-simulation-ultimate-787-p3dv4-video/
  3. Ilumium Simulation Slovenia X Previews Ilumium Simulation has shared a preview of their upcoming Slovenia X scenery with us. This addon is a complete rendition of the entire country and will be available for both FSX and Prepar3D. This scenery combines custom landclass and vector data, custom landclass textures, custom autogen and landmark models, photo-real inserts and default objects, with the aim of creating an identifiable and unique region, that ‘looks and feels’ Slovenian – and judging by the previews, does an excellent job of this. The team has paid special attention to geographical regions and major cities which have been covered in high detail. Furthermore, the addon provides highly accurate vector data, custom autogen and landmark models, some photo-real areas and custom (landclass) textures for all four seasons. There will be roads, bridges, overpasses, train tracks, viaducts, highway tunnels and much, much more. A full feature list can be found at the end of this post. Slovenia X is still under development, but early access should come out in the following days for the Slovenian virtual flying community according to the developer post. Public release is scheduled for later this year. If you’re really curious about this scenery (we know we are) and don’t quite want to wait for its public release, you can try out the Croatia X Drvenik Islands Demo or give Divaca Airport (LJDI) a try – both sceneries are freeware. Or you can purchase Slovenia West Autogen for €19,50. This last addon is said to give you a small glimpse of what you can expect when Slovenia X releases and customers will only have to pay the price difference between the two sceneries. You can find a small selection of the previews below, but make sure to check out the entire post for all screenshots as there are a lot of them. SOURCE INFO http://simulation.ilumium.com/forums/topic/slovenia-x-final-previews-before-early-access/ https://fselite.net/news/ilumium-simulation-slovenia-x-previews/
  4. More of a "general" post than anything. If you have seen this week "on approach " web series you might have noticed a very prominent thought Edson had about what simulation is to him and just simulation in total. I can't remember exactly but it is something someone whos into simulator should have on their wall. it goes like this "Simulation for me is exploring the entire world and it's not only the entire world but all its beautiful scenarios"-Edson You couldn't have said it better!!! . in one nopte id have to say sims would have to be computer based because ones that are on ios and portable device lack of effort, except for maybe Infinite flight and Xplane and stuff. to pint this out I had a small sim on my ios device and it was just flying around new york and other cities were unlockable but pay for or in-game pay stuff and anyways all you were doing was flying from one, airport to the next but it got boring and the aircraft models were really odd looking and anyways I got ri of it becuse just to get to fkly on my own there wast anything that edson said, I think having a world to go around in is amazing and has been very much part of simming history since the 1990s.. So what does simming mean to you
  5. I hope they make this bird for P3D one day...Really fun to FLY. XPlane is now a contender for sure. LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.airdailyx.net/fsnewsbreaker/2017/12/24/leading-edge-simulations-saab-340-v15-release-imminent