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  1. Further to their confirmati0n that they are going to bring Singapore to a new standard with PBR (Physically Based Rendering), Imaginesim has shared some new previews of the effects in full force. Speaking to the developers earlier today, the team have discovered a new way PBR rain textures into the product for fantastic effects. As you can see from the various screenshots, when the rain falls in Singapore, you will know about it. The Prepar3D V4 update will come along soon and will include a few bug fixes and also ensure that the location of the airport is correctly geo-located. Once we know about a release date, we’ll let you know about it. For now, follow Imaginesim on Facebook. Or you can buy Singapore from Imaginesim via their web store for £25.99. If you still use FSX, you can grab that version for the same price here. It should be noted that the PBR update will only work for Prepar3D V4.4 and above. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/previews/imaginesim-preview-singapore-wsss-in-the-rain-pbr-effects/
  2. SamScene3D Singapore City Wow Released for Prepar3D Over on their Facebook page, SamScene3D has announced that they’ve released their Singapore City Wow add-on for Prepar3D. Singapore City Wow is a detailed rendition of the whole of Singapore made up of orthographic imagery, autogen, custom vegetation, buildings and mesh. Special attention has been paid to bringing the city centre to life within the sim with stunning details and accurately placed landmarks throughout. Singapore City Wow features over 1,000 custom made buildings, over 10,000 autogen buildings, beautiful landmarks, Imaginesim Singapore compatibility and more which can be viewed in the features list at the end of this article. You can grab a hold of SamScene3D’s Singapore City Wow over at their website for a price of €20.00 (Excl. VAT) exclusively for Prepar3D v3 and 4. SOURCE INFO https://fselite.net/news/samscene3d-singapore-city-wow-released/?utm_source=article&utm_medium=push
  3. As developers get to grip with PBR being in Prepar3D V4.4, the more products are starting to receive the texture treatment. Announced a few weeks back, scenery developers Imaginesim are bringing PBR texture work to their most recent release Singapore (WSSS). Today, the team shared a few new previews of the work in progress. The team concluded their Facebook post by stating that it should be “due in a few weeks”. Whilst development of bringing PBR texturing to the Prepar3D V4 version is underway, there is also another handful of developers within Imaginesim working on porting it over to FSX. Furthermore, X-Plane 11 users have Austin to look forward to from Imaginesim. Finally, we shouldn’t forget they’re also working on bringing Los Angeles (KLAX) to Prepar3D. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/previews/imaginesim-preview-pbr-in-singapore-on-prepar3d-v4/
  4. Yep, I'm back and I'm coming for that top spot @eaim1973 ! What are you opening this thread for? Go on and get this marvel of architecture! *Will be updated with some new ramp workers animation at a future date this year. Price: GBP 25.99 From their website: Our new and state-of-the-art version of WSSS Singapore for Prepar3Dv4. This feature-rich airport is the result of two years intense research and development. WSSS Singapore Changi is an essential transport hub, lying at the very heart of the Far East with an unmatched network of true global reach. The city of Singapore is the economic powerhouse of the South China Sea. It dominates far eastern trade and is the world’s foremost logistical centre. It’s likely that the very computer you are using at one time passed through the city’s port. Fantastic performance using 64bit code optimized for Prepar3Dv4. High definition 2k building texturing and native Prepar3Dv4 ground polygons. Fluid usage, even with complex airliner cockpits and high density AI coverage. Low visibility nav lighting. Switchable dynamic lighting option. Features the newly opened Terminal 4. Utilizes imaginesim’s bespoke Operations Center configuration GUI. Comprehensive ground and building optimization. Interactive SODE jetways. Instantaneous scenery cache loading. Trees, plants and vegetation modelled with types native to Singapore. No generic library textures used. Switchable high 2k or medium 1k texture set. 52 square kilometer coverage of the WSSS area. Low simulator impact. Graduated ground extremities to seamlessly blend with any vector driven add-on. CCX Singapore Lite recreating the city centre included for free. Pre-wired to receive imaginesim’s free Airport Animator plugin (due Fall 2018). SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://imaginesim.net/product/wsss-singapore-prepar3dv4/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  5. I know some people here have been waiting for this. After months of previews and development, the team at ImagineSim has finally released their anticipated Singapore scenery. Singapore Changi Airport (WSSS) is one of the busiest in Asia, connecting all corners of the world. Singapore Airlines dominates the airport with their huge fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft, meaning there are plenty of routes for people to choose from. Enjoy SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://imaginesim.net/product/wsss-singapore-prepar3dv4/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/imaginesim-singapore-wsss-released/
  6. ImagineSim Singapore (WSSS) Launching October 26 ImagineSim recently updated their website with a brand new look and feel. Part of that meant that getting things prepared for the launch of their next scenery: Singapore (WSSS). We have shown you a range of previews from beta builds over the past few weeks, shared the trailer first at Cosford, and now we are pleased to say that the product is due to launch on October 26th 2018. As evidenced on their website, ImagineSim have a new section for Singapore with a small box indicating the release date: 2018.10.26. No price is known, and maybe worth noting that whilst there is clear intention to release on that date, things may still come up. We’ll be sure to let you know upon release when it’s out. SOURCE INFO https://imaginesim.net/ https://fselite.net/news/imaginesim-singapore-wsss-launching-october-26/
  7. The world's longest commercial flight has left Singapore for New York, beginning a journey scheduled to cover more than 15,000km in almost 19 hours. Singapore Airlines is relaunching the service five years after it was cut because it had become too expensive. Flight SQ22 departed at 15:37GMT with 150 passengers and 17 crew. The inaugural flight from Changi Airport to Newark's international airport, which services New York, took off amid much fanfare. However, Singapore Airlines told passengers before take off that their flight to Newark, while still the world's longest flight by distance, could only take some 17 hours. Qantas launched a 17-hour non-stop service from Perth to London earlier this year, while Qatar runs a 17.5-hour service between Auckland and Doha. See the link below for more from the article. — I gather here is no economy (coach) in this flight. Only business class and premium economy. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45795573
  8. ImagineSim Singapore (WSSS) Official Trailer During Flight Sim 2018, we shared with visitors to our stand the official trailer for ImagineSim’s next airport: Singapore (WSSS). The 3 minute trailer showcases the terminal buildings, the surrounding city-scape and the gorgeous night lighting found on Singapore’s building. Now we’re able to share with the wider community the same trailer. SOURCE INFO https://fselite.net/previews/imaginesim-singapore-wsss-official-trailer/
  9. FSElite Exclusive: ImagineSim Singapore (WSSS) Previews [Part 2] A few weeks ago, we shared with you guys our first set of exclusive images of the upcoming ImagineSim Singapore (WSSS). Since then, development has continued to bring it closer to release. Today, we’re pleased to showcase some more images previewing the night lighting implemented. SOURCE INFO https://www.facebook.com/Imaginesim-795499297198912/ https://fselite.net/previews/fselite-exclusive-imaginesim-singapore-wsss-previews-part-2/
  10. The previews above showcase the terminal, ground markings and the stunning Moshe Safdie’s Jewel Changi Airport biodome. The screenshots are work in progress, and represent part 1 or 2 of screenshots we have to show you. The scenery is still in development and awaiting on a few new assets before it’s released finally to the public. By our estimates, we think a release in September is looking likely. (Part 2 will come in a week or so once we gather some more previews showcasing a different aspect of the product) SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : http://www.imaginesim.com/future.htm NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/previews/fselite-exclusive-imaginesim-singapore-wsss-previews-part-1/
  11. The Airbus A350-1000 Takes the Singapore Airshow Spotlight – AINtv SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  13. ImagineSim has been awfully busy lately. They’ve released a brand new version of their Atlanta scenery, which was completely free and provided the community with some fantastic new performance features. We have known for a while that they are working on Singapore and now their focus appears to be back on that Asian airport. LINK TO SOURCE: https://fselite.net/previews/imaginesim-preview-now-shots-singapore-wsss-p3dv4/
  14. LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/air-transport/2017-09-04/boeing-opens-asia-pacifics-first-737-max-sim-singapore
  15. Not sure if you have covered this one already, but during this recent review of Lufthansa business class A380 by Dennis Bunnik, I was struck by the great facilities on offer at Singapore Changi airport (SIN / WSSS). Don't forget your popcorn and goggles (swimming not aviator!). The airport is covered near the start around 0m43s in. LINK TO SOURCE:
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