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Found 6 results

  1. LatinVFR San Diego SODE Update After updating Miami with SODE jetway support just two weeks ago, LatinVFR has also released an update for San Diego (KSAN) with the popular addon. After downloading the update from your vendor of choice, you should be able to use SODE jetways instead of the default (Ctrl+J) ones, to ‘enhance your jetway animation experience‘ according to the developer. SOURCE INFO http://www.flycay.com/forums/showthread.php?5900-LatinVFR-KSANv2-updated-with-SODE-jetways-FSX-and-P3dv4&p=30048#post30048 https://fselite.net/news/latinvfr-san-diego-sode-update/
  2. PILOT’S Alicante Preview – SODE Jetways in Action As the team at PILOT’S continue to develop their anticipated Alicante (LEAL) scenery, the team wanted to show off how SODE jetways will be used in the airport. The screenshots below show you the level of detail the team are looking to accomplish with this product. We’ve already shared a range of images (some of which are exclusive to us) showcasing other elements of the airport including the ground texture work and terminal modelling. SOURCE INFO https://fselite.net/previews/pilots-alicante-preview-sode-jetways-in-action/
  3. LatinVFR has updated Miami International Airport (KMIA) with SODE jetways. SODE jetways is something the flightsim community is increasingly demanding in their sceneries, so we’re very happy to see developers add it to their addons. You can get the Miami Update now from SimMarket. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : http://www.flycay.com/forums/showthread.php?5899-LatinVFR-KMIAv4-updated-with-SODE-jetways NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/latinvfr-miami-sode-update/
  4. Developers have reason to rejoice as SODE gets updated to v1.6.0 with a long list of improvements and new features. Version 1.6.0 General Added process watchdog to reliably determine running/shutdown/crashed state of the simulator, removed former SimConnect pipe watchdog Added monitoring of user aircraft beacon light and engines RPMs for use in future auto-docking feature Added Auto-Stand-Selection when parked at the stand with parking brake set and calling SODE menu Added ‘Reload’ event to use for external applications through the API (GSX) Changed handling of customized key-combinations (used for calling the SODE menu) to always search for objects, even if wrong key-combination is used Example: Before, at Drzewiecki Design airport TAB+S was useless as you’d need to use SHIFT+D. Now use can use either key combo at any airport! Fixed bug where user aircraft got warped to some random position when a density altitude object was in the vicinity (Big Bear Airport L35) Fixed bug where seasonal data updates were disabled when SimObjects were missing on the harddrive Fixed issue where the same customized parking was listed multiple times in the menu when parking was defined in different xml files Fixed bug where day of week Sunday was not properly recognized in FSX Completely revised the concept of injecting SimObjects! Injection only takes place when simulator has finished loading after position reset/init. This should solve floating AGL defined objects since the underlying mesh has loaded when injection takes place. Seasonal updates are now suppressed when injection of all objects is not finished, eliminating possible crash of application. Injection is now split into chunks of 10 objects to improve load on SimConnect and hence reduce stutters. Added existance check of SimObject model files on the harddrive! Before, if the model was missing, the simulator would pause noticeably. Now, if no model is found, SODE replaces it with a placeholder model (big red cross) to indicate a missing model file. This also prevents the pause/stutter. SimulationBubble now has a fixed upper limit of 18’000ft. SODE stops updating/loading object above that altitude. Overflying a SODE airport at cruising altitudes will not load all objects on the ground anymore. SimulationBubble updating improved from being time-based to event-based. Event does only fire when a certain distance is travelled. Before, the distance was checked at fixed time intervals. SimulationBubble will be now centered around areas of high density of SimObjects. This should prevent unnecessary re-loading/updating of all objects that could occur at an inappropriate place (short final). So, at large international airports with many SODE jetways, this should give you a stutter free experience during approach. Jetway Control System Aircraft exits are now sorted from front to back along the fuselage when displayed in the menu Improved custom designator handling Fixed incorrect setting of ‘docked’ status flag and double toggling of flag! Detection of upper doors improved by increasing vertical threshold Improved automatic jetway detection logic for AI and the new auto-stand-selection function XML Improved CustomDesignator handling when incomplete data is passed If custom number is not specified (only the name), the number will be set to base AFCAD/ADE parking number More error checking added and logged Checking of supplied AFCAD/ADE parking data is now very strict! If incorrect format found, the parking position is ignored. VDGS Added support for traffic-light style docking system (as seen in KSFO) Enhanced stop position assignment supporting single aircraft types and/or groups of aircraft Added B717 support Existance of a VDGS at a parking position can be queried through the SODE API Platform Manager Logs are generated for each platform separately Fixed checking order of registry entries. Checking 64-bit before 32-bit now. This helps detecting P3Dv4 even in misconfigured registries having a P3dv4 entry in the 32-bit part of the registry. Added SimConnect check on launch with result displayed in the application title bar. Added automatic removal of possible AppCompatLayer registry setting of the SimObjectAnimationModule.dll. Settings file ‘SimObjectDisplayEngine.ini’ is now generated automatically when user runs SODE the first time. For any other case, the Platform Manager leaves the file alone and only updates completely new entries or removes legacy settings. The user’s settings are now untouched when updating SODE in the future. Installer Removed SimObjectDisplayEngine.ini settings file from being part of the installer. In future, the settings file is managed by the Platform Manager (see above) Added the replacement SimObject helper model for missing models add-on.xml now properly encoded in UTF-8-BOM, before it was UTF-8 only SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://sode.12bpilot.ch/?document=change-log NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  5. From FSElite: ImagineSim are currently in the process of upgrading some of their existing sceneries with SODE jetways. Both Atlanta (KATL) and LaGuardia (KLGA) have been upgraded already. Shanghai (ZSPD) and Austin (KAUS) will follow in the coming weeks. The small, yet very nice upgrade is completely free. All you need to do to get it is download the updated installer from your FlightSimStore account or the Flight1 wrapper from the ImagineSim site. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/imaginesim-scenery-sode-update/
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