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Found 6 results

  1. Recently we reported on the release of Digital Replica‘s debut aircraft for X-Plane, the Cessna 310L. The aircraft, which retails for $24.95, was well received by early adopters. The one thing that seemed to be a downfall for most though, was the absence of custom and/or FMOD sounds for the aircraft. Since then, the aircraft has seen an update to version 1.05, which bought with it a handful of fixes, additional customisation options, and a new KING64 DME. Less than a week later it was updated once again to v1.0.6. This update included a couple of fixes to textures and lighting, but the big addition was the custom FMOD sounds that early purchasers had been asking for. For both changelogs, see the end of this post. Digital Replica’s Cessna 310L is available from X-Aviation, with the price remaining $24.95. Changelog to v1.0.5 New KING64 DME Corrected function of the Davtron 902A DVOR (Display next to VOR/ILS) Windshield reflects can be turn off by clicking the windshield, and instruments reflects [sic] can be turn off by clicking any of the six pack instuments [sic] (artificial horizon, altimeter, etc.) Autopilot NAV 1/2 switch out of range when G430 is set in GPS mode. Model Fixes Texture fixes Manipulators fixes Changelog v1.0.5 -> 1.0.6 FMOD custom sounds now implemented Texture fixes Initial condition of the exterior lights fixed SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/cessna-310l-p-154 NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/digital-replica-cessna-310l-updated-gets-fmod-sounds/
  2. ok so that might be the perfect excuse for me to buy a VR headset ;P VR6 is out, and ......... I don't know, I really can't comment since I never tried it, I know, I know I 'll get one Cheers guys SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://developer.x-plane.com/2018/03/x-plane-11-20-vr6-can-we-break-the-curse/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://flightdeckx.com/vr6-is-out-possibly-final-vr-preview-according-to-lr/
  3. Blue Sky Star (BSS) just announced over on their Facebook page that they've released a v2 of their FSL A320 IAE engine sound pack. BSS does some fantastic sounds so if you're unsure of its quality, watch the YouTube video below. It is a free update 2.0. So if you have bought it from our site, just re-download it and run installer again following the prompts. The link for installer is the same and you can find it in your personal download section if bought it from new site, or by using the same link received if bought from old site. If you have lost the link write to support with the e-mail used for purchase. If you have purchased through simmarket, it will get uploaded as soon as their management will do so. Files already sent. For more info, click on that source link. Price: $10.50 (if you don't own v1) LINK TO SOURCE: http://blueskystar.net/catalog/p3d_fsx/fslabs_a320/fslabs_a320x_iae_v2500/
  4. https://www.turbinesoundstudios.com/updates The TSS Boeing 777 soundpack released early this week has been updated. Link above. smurf_john
  5. Has anyone tried any add-ons that will automatically tune into local LIVE ATC feeds while you fly in sim? Ideally following your actual location....
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