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Found 3 results

  1. TOGA PROJECTS-ENVTEX SP2 : RELEASED Dear subscribers, After several months of development, we are happy to announce that the Service Pack 2 for Envtex is now officially available! This update is the most important we ever published for Envtex: many textures have been re-made from scratch, we increased the quality with to new texturing technics, we increased the maximum resolution thanks to Prepar3D v4 new capacities, we added new features, new customization options, we have re-designed the Envdir user-interface and so much more! You already purchased Envtex? You can simply connect to your SimMarket account and enjoy the update for free! Never tried Envtex yet? It's never too late, don't miss the latest features of one of the most complete environment add-on ever for Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D! Shop now ! We wish you all very nice Christmas holidays and many happy flights with Envtex ! Envtex SP2 can be downloaded from SimMarket user accounts in the downloads section Changelog: • Envtex 1.2.0 - Prepar3D v4.4 compatibility added - ASCA integration for clouds added - REX Skyforce 3D integration for clouds added - New airport textures & customization options - New cumulus textures & customization options - New cirrus textures & customization options - New sky textures & customization options - New sun effects & customization options - Sun effects files encoding fixed for P3D v4 - New moon textures and effects & customization options - New milky way textures & customization options - New contrails effects & customization options - New lightning effects (with dynamic lighting for P3Dv4) - Updated effects • Envdir - User interface design refined - Support Envtex 1.2.0 - New customization options for Envtex Get Our Latest Updates SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  2. FSElite Exclusive: Envtex SP2 Previews TOGA Projects have kindly provided us with some exclusive Envtex Service Pack 2 information and eye-catching previews to share. Word of SP2 comes nearly two years after the initial release of Envtex which has come a long way in terms of development. Continuing development and providing support for Envtex is really important to the developers. They would like to thank everyone who has believed in and supported their team in one way or another. TOGA Projects endeavour to deliver a low-cost, user-friendly and high quality but most importantly, a complete utility. They hope they’ve been able to bring such a product to the market with such qualities but with always having room for improvements. The devs took a look back at the first version of Envtex and realised how much the current product has evolved. Almost every file was updated and they could almost say that it’s a completely new product with no upgrade feed ever to be charged to you, the end user. Based on the feedback received, the devs have worked on many aspects of the utility but they’ve especially paid attention to the clouds which was understood to be a weak point. Creating new cloud models was a pointless idea as the majority of the community use HiFi ASCA and REX SkyForce 3D clouds, so they’ve decided to support both, as they do bring along their own cloud textures, TOGA Projects felt that they could bring something different that would fit both products. The challenge here was to make the perfect compromise between realistic-looking soft clouds and photorealistic clouds. Hopefully, they’ve succeeded in doing so but with the end-result to rely on community’s judgement. Although clouds are not the only enhancement. Many textures were reworked from scratch such as the airport textures which will bring life to freeware and default airports. There is a pretty extensive but comprehensive SP2 changelog at the end of this article for you to view. TOGA Projects are in the final stages of completing the new version of Envdir to further move onto the beta testing phase. The previews shown are still work-in-progress as there is still some fine-tuning going on although the final result should be really close if not identical. SOURCE INFO https://togapjcts.wixsite.com/toga/news https://fselite.net/previews/fselite-exclusive-envtex-sp2-previews/
  3. TOGA Projects ENVTEX SP2 Will Integrate With REX SkyForce 3D ENVTEX has been out for a while now with developer TOGA Projects being quite on what new development is currently on the table. However today, the team teased a few new features for the upcoming service pack for the product. SP2 for ENVTEX will bring photorealistic cloud coverage, new sky textures, new contrail, contrail, water and weather effects. Furthermore, there will be brand new airport textures and a revised Envdir UI and more. Interestingly, the team have confirmed that you will be able to integrate ENVTEX’s new clouds with REX SkyForce 3D for some breath-taking effects. Furthermore, users of Active Sky Cloud Art will be able to use the dynamic feature whilst also using the new clouds SOURCE INFO https://www.facebook.com/togapjcts/posts/1741481422641061?__xts__[0]=68.ARBrlbPgEfrwncROBhxOpwS_l2UeCqYN9fA1zxUM6j6dr1mMNI8mPHcymGQyBxF3uCWqYVERI2yJc0R6soEM0yiDYUdSctheeCJH37khhNj5v4ZTnq3CB5UWdsUlZgRbBfiraFe02vuO33oTrvZfwIfv3tHLQRLoNs9tS2jhKkLXZs0TVbyYDQ&__tn__=-R https://fselite.net/news/toga-projects-envtex-sp2-will-integrate-with-rex-skyforce-3d/
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