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  1. X-Plane World Editor 2.0r1 Beta Released by JOE on 3RD MARCH 2019 NEWSXPL FACEBOOK TWITTER REDDIT World Editor (also known as WED) has received a major update. World Editor is a 2D open source tool that allows anyone to edit the thousands of airports already in X-Plane, as well as creating their own airports. The fact that is is open source means that anyone can do a whole load of things such as building object libraries or using existing ones and implementing them within their own scenery. You can find all the latest releases for WED here, with WED Version 2.0r1 being under ‘Latest Beta Version’. Major Features in V2.0 Automatic background maps via OpenStreetmap and ESRI Orthoimagery New overlay layer featuring NAVAIDs and airport layout Adjustable text size Support for runway suffixes S, T and W Supports new XP11.30 apt.dat format with 8.33kHz channels for ATC frequencies Numerous bug fixes TAGS : DEVELOPERSCENERYUTILITIESWORLD EDITOR SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://fselite.net/news/world-editor-2-0r1-has-been-released-for-x-plane/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/world-editor-2-0r1-has-been-released-for-x-plane/
  2. Explore the World with SIMBITWORLD – A Pilot’s Life SIMBITWORLD released their latest product A Pilot’s Life a few weeks ago, and the team reached out to us to share it with the community. A Pilot’s Life is a new way to simulate the life of a commercial pilot. It uses realistic settings, progression and job availability to make the user feel a sense of achievement as they progress through the ranks. Developer SIMBITWORLD had this to say: “A PILOT’S LIFE add-on for FSX/P3D simulates a commercial pilot career, taking you from the first steps of a junior first officer employed at a local small company, to a senior captain at a world renowned airline. In the beginning you will be offered a job at an airline and you will generate your schedule.” You can buy the product via SimMarket for 16.75 Euros, and you’ll have access to a range of manuals, support areas and of course, the career simulation itself. Features: – dashboard with an overview of your situation as a pilot (flight hours, XP, current bank account status) – realistic salary based on your rating and current employer – job market with auto generated offers and realistic job application mechanism – real flight schedules generator based on your current employer – flight logging and flight landing rate recorder (that impacts your XP gain) – ability to advance in pilot rankings and get employed at prestigious airlines – safe login mechanism with encrypted password – serial number validation – settings for your convenience – embedded manual – ticketing system (for feature suggestion and reporting bugs) SOURCE INFO https://secure.simmarket.com/simbitworld-a-pilots-life.phtml https://fselite.net/news/explore-the-world-with-simbitworld-a-pilots-life/
  3. In this very interesting interview pointed to me by a friend, with Matt Wagner, the executive producer of Eagle Dynamics, the author and him are getting some blink of the future of DCS. And very early in the interview, Matt Wagner says that : Well we already know that a potential DCS module will be a heavy lifter, so my thoughts are that with the whole world potentially in DCS, GA already there, jets etc already there, and the arrival of heavies, we have a potential new "whole" flight sim along with P3D, XP11 and AFS2 ! Man, isn't our sim future great ! Still, it is not for an immediate future whatsoever, DCS has still some way to go on aspects like the weather engine and some systems before getting there. So what are YOUR thoughts on this very interesting interview ? SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.gamingnexus.com/Article/5797/A-interview-with-DCSs-Matt-Wagner-/
  4. DCS World 2.5 Release Version Update This week we moved a large number of improvements from the Open Beta to the Release version of DCS World 2.5. You can read the complete changelog here. Highlights of the Release version update include: All terrains updated with improved file structure and adjusted shaders. In particular, the detailed area of the Persian Gulf map was expanded north and east. This includes the airfields at Shiraz and Kerman, higher resolution terrain mesh and textures, new and improved shaders for trees, expanded road and rail network, new agricultural areas, and new towns and cities. While the detailed area of the map is now complete, we do plan to add additional airfields and landmarks within the area over the next few months. Additionally, we are working on new units to populate this map like the SS-1 "SCUD", Rapier and SA-2/HQ-1/S-75 SAMs, and the HY-1 "Silkworm" anti-ship cruise missile Cloud ceiling now correctly matches Mission Editor settings Corrected Search and Engage AI tasks Many new features and fixes for the Hornet were added like network spawning on the carrier when catapult 1 is occupied, corrected uncommanded STT switching, added radar SIL mode, added single and ripple rocket pod settings in the Mission Editor, night vision goggles added, and the Instrument Carrier Landing System (ICLS) was added The AJS-37 has also seen many improvements like several crash fixes, adjusted RB-24J and 74 performance, added real-time mirror rendering, completed the manual, added rain drops on canopy effect, and greatly improved the night lighting NS 430 2D panel support added for all aircraft but A-10C, F/A-18C and Ka-50 Next week, we will provide the next update to the Open Beta. DCS: Yak-52 Update Our Yak-52 is very late in development and in final tests. In addition to putting the flight model through its paces with the help of actual Yak-52 pilots, we are also fine tuning the interactive training missions. The Yak-52 will be released next month! Having direct access to a Yak-52 from "The First Flight" Russian close formation aerobatic display team, we’ve been able to model the aircraft in extreme detail and accuracy. One element of this is the sounds of the aircraft. On multiple occasions we have sent our sound team to a local airfield near Moscow to capture the cockpit and external sounds. During one recording session, we recorded a video of it. External sounds were captured at various engine RPM settings and from different microphone vantages such as all around the aircraft, fly by, passes at different altitudes, and aspect angles Inside the cockpit, the focus was also on engine RPM at various settings, but also on switch clicks, the pneumatics (landing gear, flaps, and brakes), canopy opening and closing, etc The sounds environment will be as if you were there in the cockpit! DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Update Each two week cycle we are adding more and more new features to the Hornet while addressing bugs as they pop up. Our current focus for the rest of July and next month is on the following: Complete the AIM-7 with addition of FLOOD, Home On Jam (HOJ), and LOFT sub-modes Integrate AIM-120B/C for STT employment (TWS employment will come later) Integrate AIM-9X Block I. This includes both flight dynamics and new tones. Afterwards, in August or September, we will add the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) Complete RWS air-to-air radar mode with such features as Non-Cooperative Target Recognition (NCTR), AACQ mode, Latent Track While Scan (LTWS) mode, Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) settings, ability to change radar settings with TDC along outside of radar tactical area, radar speed gate setting, COLOR option, and more Complete radar warning receiver functionality with contact symbols and modifiers, EW HUD, and the OFFSET function Integrate Paveway II series laser-guided bombs (GBU-10, 12, and 16) with JTAC designation Further tuning of flight model with touch and go performance, gear drag, half flaps drag, takeoff pitch characteristics, and extreme angle of attack performance Brightness control for the HSI display Multiplayer carrier deck spawning issues Wingtip vortices errors at low airspeed There are certainly more items that we will be addressing over the net month. This is just a list of 10 of them. Since our last list of Hornet academic training missions in a newsletter, we have two more: Aircraft Shutdown Case III Landing Introduction Sincerely, The Eagle Dynamics Team ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- DCS Update 7 DCS Update 7 Updater ver. ‘settings’ option is available in command line DCS World All terrains are updated. Planes AI B-17G - collision during landing fixed. RBK-500AO picture for all locales is added Clouds generator changed to match Mission Editor settings more correctly Radiomenu crash after triggered removing descent fixed GUI error when loading template with linked unit fixed Fixed crash when the ship with the task Attack group destroys the target Error in radiomessages for USSR country fixed Target attributes added to ‘Search and engage’ and ‘Search and engage in zone’ tasks Persian Gulf Shiraz city, international airport and area added Kerman city, airport and area added Unique Gate Hotel Dubai added New trees introduced Ka-50 Night vision FOV shift with SSAA fixed Trigger UHF_FREQ fixed F/A-18C Second (third, fourth) client now can be spawned on 2nd (3rd, 4th) catapult when 1st CAT is busy Radar in STT mode will not jump to another target without players action Radar SIL and STBY modes realized S (single) and R (Ripple) weapons loading options added Selected A/A weapon is no more displayed on radar page in RWS mode Night vision goggles added COMM: Manually entered frequency will no more appears in channels settings Random crash when F/A-18C spawned on carrier catapult in multiplayer fixed Carrier ICLS system realized Radar: roll and pitch stabilization system improved when user changes elevation by discrete button commands DCS C-101 by AvioDev Fixed autostart for SFM (engine was not starting). Added Persian Gulf Quick Start and Single missions Solved nav radio issues. Several nav equipment boxes were not working. DCS AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations Fixed crashing issue on aircraft re-initialization (respawn, refly) Fixed crashing issue due to ELINT page dump Fixed crashing issue due to Radar texture memory issues Reworked overall Sidewinder seeker behaviour. Increased Rb-74 (AIM-9L) all-aspect capabilities. Fixed RB24J (AIM-9P) to be properly rear-aspect. Added Next Missile selector (FRAMSTEGN IRRB) button to bindable controls. Re-added kneeboard settings page Fixed trim on ground start - now defaults to 3 degrees Added realtime mirror rendering Added clickable helpers to disable mirrors Completed release candidate of flight manual Viggen canopy glass now uses glass shader - compatability with Kegety's VR mod Viggen canopy glass raindrop effect added Overhauled night lighting Improved accuracy of bombing sights DCS NS430 NS430 Navigation System added in Flat mode to all DCS aircraft (excluding A-10C, F/A-18C and Ka-50) NS430 Navigation System integrated into L-39 3D cockpit Campaigns ‘A-10C Shturmovik’ 11th mission fixed, targets can be destroyed more easy ‘Mi-8MTV2 Oilfield’: fixed bug with crashing of cargoes SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  5. The Embraer Phenom 300 has been an unqualified success since its debut in 2010. Over the past half-decade, more customers have taken delivery of the Phenom 300 than any other private jet in the world. According to Embraer, it has delivered more than 400 of the planes to customers in roughly 40 countries around the world. Last October, Embraer unveiled an updated version of the plane called the Phenom 300E at the 2017 National Business Aviation Association conference and exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada. In case you're wondering, the "E" in 300E stands for enhanced. It's in reference to the extra dose of technology and luxury Embraer baked into its new plane. The Phenom 300E enters the light business ... SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.yahoo.com/finance/m/aac2fe64-de28-3f19-99b9-bca30fdccf02/ss_i-flew-on-a-%2410-million.html
  6. I flew on the cheapest private jet in the world and it's truly a game changer SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://finance.yahoo.com/m/80978567-69da-3f57-9582-9e970d92d03c/ss_i-flew-on-the-cheapest.html
  7. Flight Sim World Free Mission Packs With the upcoming closure of Flight Sim World on May 24th, developer Dovetail Games has made the announcement that the mission packs they had created for FSW so far, will now be available for free. There are a total of three mission packs, respectively named ‘Epic Approaches’, ‘The Last Frontier’ and the ‘Spanish Job’. The mission packs can be downloaded from the Flight Sim World Steam Store page. It’s good to add that not only these mission packs are now available for free, there are also a lot of price drops from other developers active until the product will be closed on aforementioned date. Flight Sim World and purchased addons will remain in your Steam Library, but you will not be able to purchase the sim or new addons any longer after then. SOURCE INFO https://fselite.net/news/flight-sim-world-free-mission-packs/
  8. RIP Flight Sim World: Closure Announcement APRIL 23 - DTG CRYSS It is with great sadness that we announce the future closure of Flight Sim World. As you know, we always had a strong ambition to bring a new experience into the established world of flight simulation, one that deliberately overhauled both the flying experience and the graphical fidelity, offering new ways to fly. Unfortunately, after many detailed discussions, we regrettably don’t see a clear direction that will allow us to keep to the development time we’d want, alongside the player numbers we need. So, slightly before a year since we first launched into Early Access, we have made the intensely difficult decision to fully scale back all future development on Flight Sim World and remove it from sale on 24th May. We’re sure you have lots of questions, we hope we’ve answered a few here. FAQ What happens to Flight Sim World if I already own it? It will remain in your Steam library, available to play in its current format. Will the sim be taken off sale? Yes, and we’re working to the date of 24th May 2018. We want to give anyone who does not yet own a copy of the sim enough time to get a copy and keep it safe in their library for future play. What will happen to any Add-Ons? Add-Ons will also come off sale, but those you already own will still also be in your Steam library. We hope you can give the team the respect they deserve for their tireless hard work to date. Please know that all of us here at Dovetail hold flight simulation, the creators of add-on content, and especially you, the community for this sim, in incredibly high regard for both your support and time with Flight Sim World. - The Flight Sim World Team SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://steamcommunity.com/games/389280/announcements/detail/3400657079148405506 NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  9. Dovetail Games Releases The Spanish Job Mission Pack For Flight Sim World Dovetail Games has released The Spanish Job Mission Pack add-on for Flight Sim World (FSW). The add-on mission tasks pilots with delivering a Piper PA-46 Malibu Mirage from Cardiff to Madrid for an ‘important customer’. Along the way, pilots will be required to complete a series of tasks that are all related to the main mission while obeying all ATC instructions and navigating busy airspace around Dublin airport. The mission pack requires the base game Flight Sim World and can be purchased for $10.14 CDN on the Steam store. SOURCE INFO http://store.steampowered.com/app/728032/Flight_Sim_World_The_Spanish_Job_Mission_Pack/ https://fselite.net/news/dovetail-games-releases-the-spanish-job-mission-pack-for-flight-sim-world/
  10. DCS World 2.5 Open Beta Update 4 Since the third update to the DCS World 2.5 Open Beta, the team has focused their efforts on loading time, memory leaks, and performance issues in the Open Beta. In this 4th update, we believe we have largely addressed these issues. For those taking part in the DCS World 2.5 Open Beta, we look forward to your feedback, and once we feel confident these issues have been resolved, we will move DCS World 2.5 out of Open Beta. You can find the complete DCS World 2.5 Open Beta Update 4 changelog here. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/bitrix/tools/track_mail_click.php?tag=sender.eyJSRUNJUElFTlRfSUQiOiIxNTU2ODM2In0%3D&url=https%3A%2F%2Fforums.eagle.ru%2Fshowpost.php%3Fp%3D3423375%26postcount%3D5%26bx_sender_conversion_id%3D1556836&sign=6d604dac295dd3935e4150eb9322cb203cb3bfd769d49b67d71cf126acf84e64 DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Update Work continues at a brisk pace on the Hornet. Since the last Hornet update, most of the navigation systems (TACAN, ADF, and Waypoints) are now functional, the flight model / flight control system is further refined, internal and external sounds have been improved, texturing of the cockpit art is now using an improved albedo effect, aerial refueling is working, fuel dump has been added, conditional switch position based on airfield or aircraft carrier start has been implemented, more realistic LEX vapor, and a more dynamic simulation of the individual engines. The team is making great progress. The big items to still implement though include STT/ACM radar modes for air-to-air radar, AUTO, CCIP, and MAN modes for unguided bombs, and the moving map display option. Once these are completed, we will move the Hornet into full testing. We are also working on an extensive set of interactive training missions. DCS: AJS-37 Viggen – 16-2 Red Flag Campaign on Steam The AJS-37 Viggen: 16-2 Red Flag Campaign is a depiction of flying the AJS-37 Viggen during a typical Red Flag exercise in the skies over Nevada. Take the role of a US Air Force exchange pilot to the Swedish Air Force as you return to take part in a Red Flag in the cockpit of a Viggen. This campaign includes extensive briefing, map, and lineup card PDF files for each mission and was designed by the creators of the Spitfire: Epsom and Mustang: Charnwood campaigns. All of the missions are based on input from pilots that have flown in Red Flag exercises and will provide you a challenge that will test even the most skilled virtual pilots. Features: 10 handcrafted mission that depict number of types of strike missions a Viggen pilot would fly in combat Highly detailed mission briefings, mission maps, and lineup cards as PDF files Custom voice overs and hundreds of triggers Steam Store Page https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/bitrix/tools/track_mail_click.php?tag=sender.eyJSRUNJUElFTlRfSUQiOiIxNTU2ODM2In0%3D&url=http%3A%2F%2Fstore.steampowered.com%2Fapp%2F223750%2FDCS_World%2F%3Fbx_sender_conversion_id%3D1556836&sign=c0014f860ae5f6e1374120ee9742644703aab6f25f17fab39d8905a2a2c2cb97 Sincerely, The Eagle Dynamics Team SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  11. Price: EUR 12.50 From SimMarket: Sibiu International Airport or Aeroportul International Sibiu (IATA: SBZ, ICAO: LRSB) serves the city of Sibiu. It is located in southern Transylvania, 3 km (1.9 mi) west of Sibiu and about 260 km (160 mi) northwest of Romania's capital city, Bucharest. Features:- photo real area surrounding the airport- custom night lighting ( P3D v4 compatible )- custom autogen- accurate stands location and numbering- terminal no.2 - the active terminal- terminal no.1 - the old terminal- control tower- Sibiu Customs building- vehicle hangars- weather station- helicopter hangar- parking lots For more information and even more screenshots, click on the source link below. Don't forget to smash that SkyFive button before you head out! SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://secure.simmarket.com/sim-bit-wolrd-sibiu-international-airport-lrsb-p3d.phtml
  12. World's most spectacular PLAY FOR FREE combat game! DCS World 2.5! Looks spectacular so far. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/2018-01-28_DCS25/ SOURCE INFO
  13. This is big news, folks! Two days ago, JARDesign released version 2.1 of their well-known AI traffic tool X-Life. As you may know, X-Life lacked support for real-world schedules in the past. As a result, the tool displayed e.g. Asian regional jets in the US Midwest in your sim. For this reason a lot of folks preferred World Traffic 3, which does support real word traffic but isn’t exactly easy-to-set-up. I am sure a lot of my readers understand what I mean. Anyway, this is about to change and if this works, this might have impact on the market of AI traffic tools. According to a recent announcement, the Deluxe Edition of X-Life is now able to download real-world schedules in real-time every time you use your sim. “So, in most of big airports we will get a flights with real Aircraft/Livery/Arrival-Departure/FlightNumber flights”, the developer says. Read this information, which explains how it works: I haven’t tried it out myself yet but it does sound great! To everyone who tried this already, does this work? What are your experiences? For more information and the download link to the most recent version 2.1r1 follow this link to JARDesign’s forums. LINK TO SOURCE: https://flightdeckx.com/
  14. DCS World 2.5 update is near LINK TO SOURCE:
  15. Hundreds of business jets carrying approximately 2,500 heads of state and business leaders descended upon Zurich Airport for the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. (Photo: Jet Aviation Zurich) LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2015-01-27/world-economic-forum-draws-bizjet-traffic-zurich
  16. Gulfstream has launched a 12-country tour of its new fly-by-wire G500. It started at Dallas Love Field and will conclude in June, stopping at “select cities” such as Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Milan, Moscow, Beijing, and Melbourne, Australia. (Photo: Gulfstream Aerospace) LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2018-01-23/gulfstreams-new-g500-goes-world-tour
  17. Hi Loungers! If you are a BizJet enthusiast you should monitor my local swiss Airport LSZR St. Gallen-Altenrhein during the WEF World Economic Forum from 22.01. - 26.01.2018. Around this time the Airport gets absolutely crammed with BizJets. While most of the Big ones will land in Zurich LSZH, usually the smaller Jets are heading to LSZR which is near the WEF location. Ill try to update this post with actual footage of the incoming planes in the next days. For now, ill let you here this pictures from 2017 when the Airport was absolutely crammed with BizJets: Video: https://streamable.com/etsi2 LINK TO SOURCE: www.airpics4you.ch https://www.facebook.com/peoples.ch
  18. For all of you developers out there – Dovetail Games have released V1.0 of their SDK for FSW. They include all Parts including: Art Authoring Aircraft Scenery Core Simobjects Mission Creation Welcome section with a small explination This is amazing becasue now any and all devolopers are now free to roam FSW and hopefully start to release some amazing addons for the new simulator and possible bring it up to par with our other current ones. We… shall… see! The SDK has its own webpage that you can go to from right here! LINK TO SOURCE: https://fselite.net/news/dovetail-games-release-sdk-flight-sim-world/
  19. Pieter Elbers has been the CEO of KLM since 2014. Amsterdam-based KLM is one half of Air France-KLM, one of the largest airlines in Europe. Elbers told Business Insider KLM is "writing the book on consolidation" during a time when the European aviation industry in hyper-competitive. LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.businessinsider.com/klm-ceo-pieter-elbers-interview-2017-11
  20. World Traffic 3 is the most comprehensive traffic application for X-Plane. Now easier than ever to use. http://store.x-plane.org/World-Traffic-v3_p_683.html
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