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  1. Huge news just arrived from ASDG a few hours ago. Apparently, the team is now working on a Cessna Citation X. See the full announcement: Following their outstanding Super Cub I have no doubts that this will be another masterpiece for our platform! Great choice and godspeed, ASDG! If you can’t pull this off, nobody can! SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/140713-asdg-cessna-citation-x/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://flightdeckx.com/asdg-working-on-cessna-citation-x/
  2. We’ve been posting about this on social media for a bit, but realized we hadn’t talked about it here. Today at 11 am Eastern (16:00 UTC) we’ll be doing another live Q&A on our YouTube channel. We’ll be taking questions in the YouTube comments, featuring: - Austin Meyer, owner & creator of X-Plane - Ben Supnik, desktop product manager - Chris Serio, mobile product manager - Alex Unruh, art director - …and a handful of other special X-Plane friends.SOURCE
  3. This tutorial shows how to setup Blender and the X-Plane .OBJ exporter XPlane2Blender. These are the first steps in the process of creating your own custom objects for X-Plane 11.SOURCE
  6. This tutorial goes over all the options in the General Settings screen of X-Plane 11.30. Many of these control how realistic the sim is--having them on can provide helpful hints that make the sim easier to use, or explain things that go wrong. Transcript: Hi there. Jennifer Roberts here with a tutorial on X-Plane 11. Today we’ll take a look at some of the lesser known options in the General Settings screen. This video was recorded in X-Plane 11.30b5. X-Plane is highly customizable and has numerous options you can turn on and off in this screen. Many of these are general controls for how realistic the sim is--having them on can provide helpful hints that make the sim easier to use, or explain things that go wrong. The “Language” section up first is pretty straightforward--you can change the default language here. It will only take effect after you restart the sim, and will also change your language in Plane Maker and Airfoil Maker. To the right is the “Warnings” section, where settings that control on-screen warnings are grouped. You can turn off a variety of warnings here, or even disable the main menu at sim start if you want to go directly into a flight. The “Notification Settings” button is new to X-Plane 11.30 and opens a window where you can get even more detailed about what warnings you want the sim to display or not. This window also allows you to reset the preferences to never show a warning again, for example if you ever turned off this quit warning. Next let’s look at the “Flight Model” section. You can adjust the flight models per frame slider if needed, but in general the default of 2 per frame is sufficient. You can turn on green boxes on all instruments that can be interacted with in the cockpit here, and turn on mouse over info on these instruments. This option to simulate blackout, redout and hypoxia is on by default, and often surprises people. If you forget to turn on pressurization or oxygen, you may start to see the screen darken as you climb due to these settings! ATC taxi arrows are the helpful yellow route markings drawn on the ground after you get taxi instructions from ATC. You can turn them off here for a more realistic experience. You can disable downwind ILSes here, which reflects the real world as well, where the same frequency may be used on either end of a runway and be turned on or off depending on the airport’s flow. If you have problems with scenery terrain making airports hard to use, you can disable terrain contours. However, this option is a very blunt tool--a more nuanced and long term solution is to modify the problematic airport in WED. The final option here is the new experimental flight model option. The flight model changes included in X-Plane 11.30 are off by default, unless this option is checked. Using this option gives aircraft developers time to try the changes before we make them official. Most of the options in the “Data” section dump additional data to the log.txt or a file in the main X-Plane folder. You can also change your preference to send us your anonymous usage data at any time here. You can change whether flying over speed or over G removes flying surfaces in the “Damage” section, and finally, you can turn Kiosk Mode on and off here (see the tutorial X-Plane 11.10 Kiosk Mode Demo for more.) I hope this helps you customize your X-Plane experience. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!SOURCE
  7. Some of this scenery looks pretty good guys. 30% off. Lets start a discussion here on which ones we should get. I already have: Dublin, Zurich V2, and Frankfurt. All really nice airports. I am thinking about adding these to my collection for my FF A320 Flights: Genoa, Dortmund, Daytona Beach, Berlin, Stuttgart, Bali, and Toronto. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.aerosoft.com/us/flight-simulation/xplane-add-ons-sale/
  9. Sorry but does anyone else get triggered every time they load X Plane and see the splash screen! So many things wrong! Anyone spot anymore!
  10. Greetings Captains KDEN Denver Intl is coming from X-Codr and it is looking really good can't wait SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/144327-denver-international-airport/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://flightdeckx.com/x-codr-announces-kden-denver-intl/
  11. Yes, sir, it is here 737Max for Xplane SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.thresholdx.net/news/73umax
  12. X-Plane 11.30 has a revised ATC voice system that is more flexible than ever before. This video goes through the steps to set up a flight plan and contact ATC for clearance & taxi instructions. Transcript below: Hello there, this is Jennifer Roberts with a tutorial on using X-Plane 11. Today we’ll take a look at ATC, including the changes coming in the X-Plane 11.30 update. This video was recorded using a preview copy of X-Plane 11.30b1. First let’s take a look at the Air Traffic Control settings: you can have text, verbal, or both types of ATC messages depending on what you enable here. By default, ATC text & verbal messages should be enabled. I’ve started a flight at the demo airport Seattle-Tacoma (KSEA). I’m on a GA ramp with our default C172. We’ll walk through the steps on setting up a flight plan and contacting ATC for clearance & taxi instructions. To get started, press the return or enter key to bring up the ATC screen. Note that if you hit the enter key and you get a box like this It is a chat box and means you have multiplayer enabled. Turn it off in network settings to get ATC back. Press the button “file flight plan” to specify the info about your flight. X-Plane 11.30 has a revised ATC voice system that is much more flexible than ever before. This also means there are a few new fields in this window. The Aircraft Identification box will list our C172’s tail number by default, but you can change this if you wish. Pick the aircraft manufacturer and model from the drop downs--these are new fields that ATC will use to identify your aircraft when they talk with you. You can specify the airline and flight number if you wish, but I will leave them empty as they’re not required for our purposes now. The Departure ICAO is filled in for us with our current location, so we’ll fill in our destination airport, which is going to be the nearby Boeing Field (KBFI). I’ll fill in my enroute altitude as 3000. I’m going to leave the route blank because we want to go direct, but you could also enter any NDB/VOR/FIX/Airway to get real routings. I’m going to go ahead and check the “auto-tune recommended frequencies” box. When combined with the departure wizard which is enabled by default, it makes the ATC process straightforward and easy to use. You can always tune your radios by hand or by double clicking on a line in the ATC window if you prefer. Let’s “Request altimeter”. Now we need to read back the transmission--note that when I press the “readback transmission” button while ATC is talking I hear a beep--this indicates the line is in use and I have to wait and try again. You can also use the “repeat last transmission” button if you need to hear ATC’s instructions again. Now we can “request clearance” and read back those instructions. The auto-tune option has already switched our COM 1 freq for us, so we can also request taxi now as well. Acknowledge the clearance as before and then look around you. You’ll see yellow arrows painted on the ground directing you to where you should go. Where the arrows stop, you must also stop and wait for further instructions. Taxi to where the arrows are taking you. When you reach the side of the runway, ground will instruct you to contact the tower, and autotune the tower freq once you respond. Check in with this new controller. This is how you tell the controller you’re now on their frequency waiting for their command. If there are AI aircraft using the runway, you will have to wait until they are done. This may take some time! At that time, Tower will call you and give you your takeoff clearance. Respond and then depart. Unless otherwise instructed, fly the runway heading up to your cleared altitude of 3,000 feet. Once you’re in the air you’ll have additional options to cancel your flight plan and to request missed approach. At some point, you will be handed off to the center controller on 124.20. Check in as you did before. Continue on your heading and altitude and eventually Center will begin vectoring you to an approach at your destination of KBFI. Once the approach is set up, you will be handed off to KBFI’s tower for landing and the process continues until you’ve arrived back at the gate. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!SOURCE
  13. Yes folk's XPlane 11.30 beta is released, I've installed it, but at this moment in time bugs are being reported (which are to be expected) but it's meant to have some beautiful effects, update it via your installer. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/160863-x-plane-1130-beta-is-live/
  14. This tutorial explains how to use the scenery_packs.ini file to control custom scenery order. Transcript: Hello there. Jennifer Roberts here with another tutorial video on using X-Plane 11. Today we’ll take a look at how to control custom scenery order by using the scenery_packs.ini file. In X-Plane, scenery packs are loaded in priority order. In order to ensure that you see your payware or custom scenery (also called overlay scenery), it must be higher priority than Global Airports, or any base meshes, such as orthophotos. Custom scenery packs are loaded in the order of scenery_packs.ini, which is a text file in the Custom Scenery folder. Custom scenery packs at the top of the .ini file are loaded first and override packs below them. Any time X-Plane runs and finds a scenery pack not already in the .ini file, it adds it to the top of the file; therefore when you install new scenery, it starts at the highest priority level. This is what you usually want with new airport scenery. X-Plane also removes from the file any custom scenery packs that are missing or that you’ve deleted. The default Global scenery base meshes that ship with X-Plane are not included in scenery_packs.ini – X-Plane knows to keep them in lowest priority order. If you add a custom base mesh or orthophotos, these will need to be moved to the very bottom of the file. The airports from the X-Plane Scenery Gateway are in a scenery pack called “Global Airports” in your custom scenery – this pack should be higher priority than any base meshes but lower priority than any custom airports. Editing the scenery_packs.ini file in any text editor, such as Notepad or Text Edit, lets you disable and re-prioritize scenery packs. You can use SCENERY_PACK_DISABLED to prevent X-Plane from loading individual scenery packs. For example, if I add “DISABLED” to the default KSEA demo area, it will look like this in the sim. There are a couple things we strongly advise against when trying to resolve scenery conflicts: Don’t modify, rename or delete the any of the scenery files that come with X-Plane by default. The updater is just going to try to restore them every time there is an update, and you’ll be pushing the rock up the hill over and over again. Don’t constantly delete scenery_packs.ini. X-Plane will rebuild the file in alphabetical order, which violates the renaming rule and means updates won’t go well. Gateway airports may suddenly start overriding your payware scenery because they end up near the middle of the list alphabetically. I hope this helped you understand how to control scenery order in X-Plane 11. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!SOURCE
  15. In this tutorial we walk through how to set up a basic FMS flight plan between Honolulu (PHNL) and Hana (PHHN) airports on the MD-80 X-Plane 10 Mobile. Transcript below. ******** Jennifer Roberts here with an X-Plane 10 Mobile tutorial. Today we’ll take a look at setting up a short flight plan in the FMS of the fully enabled MD-80. I’ve started a flight with the MD-80 already running at Honolulu. We’re going to set up our flight plan from runway 08L at PHNL to Hana Airport (PHHN) runway 26. First let’s clear the scratchpad by pressing the CLR button. Next, press the FPLN key to invoke the flight plan page. Use the key pad to type in our origin airport, PHNL, then press the button to the left of the ORIGIN data field to fill it in. Use the scratchpad again to enter PHHN, then press the line select key next to Dest to fill it in as well. We will enter an optional flight number as well, using the same process as before. Press the EXEC button to activate this segment of the flight plan. Next let’s program the departure. Press the DEP ARR key for the index page. Press the button next to DEP to see the list of departure options. Our runway is on this first page, but you can also use the next page or prev page buttons to move between pages. Press the line select key next to RW08L. Now we’re on the Standard Instrument Departure procedures page, or SIDS. These provide the optimum solution for the transition from the airport terminal environment to the en-route phase of flight. The SIDs that use our chosen runway of 08L are displayed here, and we’ll choose the MKK4 departure. On the next page the transition waypoints are displayed. Press the NEXT PAGE button to select the PULPS transition. Click the EXEC button to execute it. This flight plan will have no en-route waypoints because the departure and arrival airports are only a short distance apart. Instead we will jump right into programming the arrival, so press the DEP ARR key again. Press the line select key next to our destination airport PHHN. If a Standard Instrument Arrival procedure (or STAR) is available, it would be listed on this page. This airport only has the RNV26 option available, which is an RNAV procedure. This requires the aircraft to be equipped with GPS, which ours is, so we’ll select it, then pick our transition on the following screen. We’ll select PULPS again, then press the EXEC button to execute the instruction. Now we need to check the entire flight plan and repair any discontinuities. Press the LEGS button, then the NEXT PAGE button to page through the flight plan. We have a discontinuity on page 2 which can be repaired by connecting the waypoints around it. Press the line select key next to PULPS then the key next to the DISCONTINUITY line to fix it. We’ll look through the entire flight plan...and there are no further discontinuities so we’ll press the EXEC button again to execute our instructions. So that’s how to enter a flight plan in the X-Plane FMS. Remember these steps are mostly the same on the desktop version of X-Plane, where you can also find the extensive FMS manual in the “Instructions” folder of your install. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!SOURCE
  16. SimVRlabs Injecting more "reality" into virtual reality. Home About Us In The Lab Blog Support What we do and why. We take aircraft made for the X-Plane simulator and tweak them to work better in VR. Knobs, levers, switches, yokes and wheels should feel more like the real thing so your immersion level can stay high. Our thought is this: If something strange about the manipulator causes you to think about it, then it’s not properly optimized. It should just look, feel, and act “right”. That’s our goal. These are unofficially supported mods, so be sure and follow the instructions for each aircraft carefully. Don’t forget to make backup copies of your old files. Aircraft given the SimVRlabs treatment: Carenado DO228 Rotate MD-80 X-Scenery Mitsubishi MU-2B Marquise X-Trident Bell 412 RWDesigns Twin Otter V2 IXEG 737-300 Carenado B1900D HD Khamsin P51 Mustang Bell 429 Freeware by Timber61 Carenado C404 Titan Just Flight PA28 Piper Arrow III Carenado C208B HD Carenado PC12 HD LES Saab 340A Laminar Baron B58 (and REP) Laminar Cessna 172 (and REP) Aerobask Diamond DA62 What else is getting work in the lab… SOURCE INFOhttp://simvrlabs.com/ DEVELOPER POST LINK : http://simvrlabs.com/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : http://simvrlabs.com/
  17. A live question & answer session with the X-Plane Team on 14 August 2018. We'll be taking questions on: - X-Plane Desktop - X-Plane Mobile - VR - Vulkan - ATC - Whatever other X-Plane questions you have! A few links to stuff we talked about: - Roadmap presented at FlightSimExpo: https://developer.x-plane.com/2018/06/an-x-plane-road-map-from-flightsimexpo/ - FlightSimExpo presentation: https://developer.x-plane.com/2018/08/flightsimexpo-2018-slide-deck/ Trade shows we'll be at: - Flight Sim 2018 in Cosford, England—6 October 2018: http://www.flightsimshow.com - FSweekend in Lelystad, Netherlands—3 & 4 November 2018: http://fsweekend.com/en/home/ - FlightSimExpo in Orlando, Florida—7-9 June 2019: http://flightsimexpo.comSOURCE
  18. See Part 1 (prior to technical difficulties) here: https://youtu.be/876QHy7t0rY A live question & answer session with the X-Plane Team on 14 August 2018. We'll be taking questions on: - X-Plane Desktop - X-Plane Mobile - VR - Vulkan - ATC - Whatever other X-Plane questions you have! A few links to stuff we talked about: - Roadmap presented at FlightSimExpo: https://developer.x-plane.com/2018/06/an-x-plane-road-map-from-flightsimexpo/ - FlightSimExpo presentation: https://developer.x-plane.com/2018/08/flightsimexpo-2018-slide-deck/ Trade shows we'll be at: - Flight Sim 2018 in Cosford, England—6 October 2018: http://www.flightsimshow.com - FSweekend in Lelystad, Netherlands—3 & 4 November 2018: http://fsweekend.com/en/home/ - FlightSimExpo in Orlando, Florida—7-9 June 2019: http://flightsimexpo.comSOURCE
  19. 20% off XPlane 11 aircraft and more offers! Problems viewing this email, click here. August 2018 Flight Simulation Train Simulation Bus/Truck Police/Rescue Simulation Simulation Games Hardware Save 20% on selected XPlane 11 aircraft from Aerosoft & vFlyteAir Simulations this week. Get additional aircraft and explore the detailed world of XPlane 11. Furthermore you can get a 15% discount on the flight simulator XPlane 11 at the Holiday Sale, valid until 13.08.2018! The offer is valid until 12.08.2018 and can not be combined with other discounts. Click here › Get up to 25% off Aerosoft train routes this week and expand your Train Simulator 2018 with new add-ons. Included are popular titles such as Freiburg-Basel, Berlin-Leipzig and many more. The offer is valid until 12.08.2018 and can not be combined with other discounts. Click here › Deal of the Week: Manchester X | 25% Experience the busy Manchester Airport on your PC! High resolution satellite imagery with accurate, hand-placed 3D-objects creates a very realistic representation of the airport. On top of that, AES-Lite is included simulating airport traffic in a very dynamic and realistic manner. The offer is valid until 12.08.2018 and can not be combined with other discounts. Click here › Latest releases: Aerofly FS 2 USA South Florida Product page › XPlane 11 Dortmund XP Product page › Prepar3D V4.3 Aerosoft A318/A319 professional Product page › WEBSITE FORUM Aerosoft GmbH | Lindberghring 12 | 33142 Bueren | Germany Phone: +49 (0) 2955 / 7603-10 | Fax: +49 (0) 2955 / 7603-33 E-Mail: info@aerosoft.com HRB1989 Paderborn | CEO: Winfried Diekmann Imprint Data Protection Declaration You received this email because you signed up for the Aerosoft newsletter with ssimm1958@gmail.com. If you do not want to receive any more newsletters, you can unsubscribe here. SOURCE INFOhttps://www.aerosoft.com DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.aerosoft.com NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.aerosoft.com
  20. This tutorial walks though starting the Baron B58 on X-Plane 10 Mobile. Transcript: Hi there. Jennifer Roberts here with a tutorial for X-Plane. This video was recorded in X-Plane Mobile 10.8 but works mostly the same way on X-Plane 11 for your desktop computer. Today we’re going to walk through how to start the default Beechcraft Baron 58 from cold & dark. Here we are in the cold & dark B58. Remember that you can tap the yoke to toggle it on or off, which helps us access the knobs & switches behind it here. First we’ll turn on the Master Battery, and the alternator switches. Then we’ll move the propeller & mixture levers to full forward as necessary. Move the throttle to full open, then flip the fuel boost pumps to on. Once the fuel flow indicators peak, flip them back to off, then close the throttle. Re-open the throttle approximately ½ in. Now we’ll start the engines one at a time. Drag the left magneto switch to on and hold it until the engine starts running, which should be for no more than 30 seconds. It will only take a few seconds for us right now. Do the same for the right engine. Now we’ll adjust the throttle so that RPMs are between 900 & 1000. Check that oil pressure is at 10 PSI within 30 seconds. Now you’re ready to turn on lights as required, check in with ATC and get flying! Thanks for watching & I’ll see you next time!SOURCE
  21. FlyJSim 727 Professional v3 Sound Preview Developers FlyJSim have been working tirelessly to create an immersive 727 experience for X-Plane 11. As part of their development efforts, the team have put together a 7 minute preview video of the sounds users can expect. The video will show you plenty of switch action, engine start up and lots more – both interior and exterior. Take a watch above and let us know your thoughts in our comment section below. SOURCE INFO https://www.flyjsim.com/fjs-727-series-pro-v3 https://fselite.net/previews/flyjsim-727-professional-v3-sound-preview/
  22. Gents the Carenado PA31 Navajo is now on Xplane I think we all remember how often we use to see good releases on Xplane but now with this rate, I am really happy I made the switch with Xplane 11 Mr. Edson Come on to the DARK Side with us SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : http://www.carenado.com/CarSite/Portal/index.php?accion=product&correl=217 NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.airdailyx.net/article/carenado-releases-pa31-navajo-for-x-plane-11/
  23. Stick and Rudder Studios Delighting The FlightSim Community Dear Flight Sim Enthusiast, You are receiving this email because you indicated you were interested in new releases of products from Stick and Rudder Studios. We have added over 1,300 new clips to the Canadian region. We have also significantly enhanced the X-ATC-Chatter stand-alone player in version 1.6. Here are some of the changes: Cleared any OpenAL errors before calling any OpenAL API’s Changed facility frequency tuning to checkboxes for better visibility Removed duplication of tower and Unicom at the same airport when both were assigned to the same frequency. In that case only the tower will displayed. Added support for VR on X-Plane 11.2 Added Canadian center transmitters Added generic center transmitters for the rest of the world Added support for pop-out windows for X-Plane 11 Added filtering of facilities for the Nearby Facility UI Increased the radius of nearby facilities UI to 75 NM Upgraded to the newest X-Plane SDK Added support to select multiple regions for chatter. This will allow you to easily combine similar regions like the U.S. and Canada to increase the clip count and reduce repeats. Added support to monitor COM2 for Center Override when using X_Plane ATC outside the U.S. where we do not have good Center tuning detection. Fixed a bug where X-ATC-Chatter would attempt to play non-wave files that were inadvertently placed in the controller directories. Prior to this fix X-ATC-Chatter would crash X-Plane when it attempted to play these non-wave files. Added support for clips to go to a separate audio device on Windows and Linux Rearranged controller order so that it was in the logical order of an IFR flight Added commands to select next and previous IFR controller when not using automatic controllers Added an option to pause chatter when the camera view is external Added more clips to Canada and the U.S. We have also added some additional clips in the U.S. but the major additions are in Canada. Here are the current clip counts for 1.6: United States: 1,706 Europe: 1,320 Canada: 1,779 South America: 0 Asia: 0 Africa: 0 Oceania: 130 If you had previously purchased X-ATC-Chatter you may have already received an email from Gumroad informing you that the collection has been updated. That email would have provided you a link to view and download the new version. You can also use the "View Product" link in your original Gumroad X-ATC-Chatter receipt email to access the new version of the collection and player. If you do not currently own X-ATC-Chatter you can download a free demo collection here: https://www.stickandrudderstudios.com/x-atc-chatter-sample-collection/ I would like to thank our volunteers who help collect the clips for X-ATC-Chatter. I would also like to thank all of you for your continued support of Stick and Rudder Studios. If you would like to be removed from the Stick and Rudder Studios mailing list you can unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of this email. Sincerely, Mark Stick and Rudder Studios, LLC. DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.stickandrudderstudios.com/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.stickandrudderstudios.com/
  25. AFM M20 Collection Updated AFM (Advanced Flight Modeling) has released version 3.0.0 of their M20 Collection. With this update, the plane has officially left its early access state. The devs make clear that they will still bring updates to the aircraft, but feel confident enough to not consider it as early access anymore. The 3.0.0 update is mainly focussed on immersion, according to the developers, and comes with several changes to do so. This update requires a complete reinstall of the product. A quick guide to do so can be found in their announcement post. The M20 Collection requires X-Plane 11.20 or later, and can be bought from the AFM Store. SOURCE INFO https://www.afmsimulation.com/announcments/m20-collection-3-0-0-update-released/ https://fselite.net/news/afm-m20-collection-updated/
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