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First off a very special thanks to lounger @Superthrive for the !firstclass upgrade on my LIVE SHOW that made this purchase possible.


Milviz and REX Simulations partnered up to solve the difficult challenges related to a fully functional weather radar: combining a modernized airborne radar with sophisticated digital signal processing, resulting in a superior multi-functional hazardous weather detection and avoidance system.

Here's how it went for me...I was flying around in the Alabeo Chieftain trying to land at ORBX KTEX Teluride when WX Advantage Radar was released. I was in some of the worst weather I think i'd ever seen in sim and the timing could not have been more perfect for release. (See below)



I installed the WX Advantage Radar (WXA) right away. My intent was to do it fast and perhaps it was not the right approach. I quit the sim, and began the install process. I must say it was a chore to have to enter my serial number 2x, once in the REX downloader, and then again in the App installer, after I had closed my email. But I'm sure we can agree there are way more annoying anti-piracy measures out there with other devs...



So this is where the annoyances really ramp up. Many of you may be using the ASN XGauge (XG) addon that you get free with Active Sky Next, if so you're used to the amazing way that it can add XGauge to ALL your aircraft in one single swoop if that's the way you want it to. Also it can be pulled up with a SHFT-# (more on this later). The way WXA handles installs is simply put, stupid.  It presents you a list of ALL your installed aircraft, BY LIVERY. I sat here with my mouth open thinking, wow, this would be a beautiful way to browse my planes in P3D...but I really hope I don't have to install WXA one by one...




You can click a specific livery, you cant select click, shift click, space click, click drag, double click, magic click any more than that one. There is no SELECT ALL button anywhere in sight. 



So I select my specific Navajo and move onto the next window.




I love that you get options, options are good. One of the things that started to annoy me recently about XG is that it has started to open in some planes at FULL SCREEN, as if I was sitting down ready for some IMAX weather film. I resize it, go to fly another day, and it comes back full screen again... popcorn.gif

WXA lets you set the screen resolution AND it lets you drag the window on this panel to the exact size you want it to open to! Very very cool. Additionally you have options, visual options, Like it light or dark? clean or dirty? Do you, no one is judging...


Once installed I decide to go live right away to show it to the world...without a restart of the system. Hey...the installer didn't recommend it, or force it. 




Lets talk about opening the radar...there is no command, just



And every time you change an EZDOK view, it closes. GRRRRrRrRrR! 

But that's not all...3x in a row P3D was taken down mid stream, the only thing that had changed on my system was installing this add-on. A quick trip to the EVENT VIEWER proved my theory was right...




MV_WX.dll What could that be? I figured I'd troubleshoot it another time, but I had to get the stream back online so I went down the uninstall process.




It was really kind of them to at least auto-launch the configuration utility to edit the aircraft one by one. ONE BY ONE. Thank goodness I didn't do more than 2 eh?! Please REX/MILVIZ/RILVIZ/MILREX handle install/uninstall in bulk somehow. Thanks!


After a chat with members on our Discord Server we came to the conclusion that because it was a .dll maybe a system reboot would have been wise. That said, stay tuned for part 2...the re-install.



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Instead of Milviz posting a snarky retort about "checking the thread," they could have said something different. Its pretty ridiculous that for a brand new product to basically not run and then your supposed to immediately run over to a thread to find a fix. Should have insured the damn thing worked properly without having to turn right back around after buying it day one for a fix.

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On 5/10/2016 at 8:21 PM, AviatorMoser said:

That is awesome.

So does this work with any weather engine?

It does, payware and freeware engines.

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This programme has crashed P3D out on me also, on two occasions, the only two I have used it.  I was using it in the DH6 on both occasions.  I have since uninstalled it and the crashes have stopped.


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Thanks for your post OMGedson,

If only I'd read it first I could have saved a lot of money.

Golly, how many of us use EZdok? What a pain having WX Advantage close every time I change views.
I had a reply in their support forum saying this is something that they cannot fix - LOVELY.
And what? No hot key to bring it back?

Of course I have many other complaints but the EZdok problem alone is a real deal breaker for me and surely they would have known this before release and could have made this know to us?

I've never been so disappointed in a purchase and I'm many thousands into FSX and P3D.

Don't waste your money on this one yet folks - there's many a good scenery or aircraft available for the same or less money that will provide you with more pleasure and less hassles..

Regards Kym H

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Got to say when I first saw this advertised I was kinda ... meh! I dont need that I just fly straight through whatever's there :P , having seen the comments and the reaction to Edsons question to them I am glad I didnt follow the crowd and purchase 

One to be avoided unless they actually listen to their customers and fix / update to what people are complaining about / asking for

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For those following...Milviz originally posted a less than professional response on their Facebook page about this issue. Eventually they deleted it themselves. 


Silence is is golden I suppose, they confirmed this with their latest update which has addressed the CTD's...I'll gladly test this when I'm home next week. 



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