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Started up xplane. So much to learn but a few quick questions that fellow xplane pilots may be able to answer easily.

1. How do you use orbx for both xplane and p3d. I don’t even see the xplane scenery in their tool. Do I need to download a separate tool for the orbx xplane?

2. What planes are the best? I have the 737 zibo and the carenado b58 with rep. I also have the carenado b200 king air. Also the jar 330. Would love some good GA planes but it’s hard to tell what’s good and made for 11 versus 10 .

Thanks, Caderly






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Hi there Caderly_one !


So, I will answer as far as my own knowledge, but about OrbX and XP11 or any other supported platform (FSX, P3D, AFS2...), you just need FTX Central 3 that you get from the OrbX main site. On the same site, check your account to see if your purchases are shown there. Then when you start FTX Central you can choose which sim you want to use/ setup OrbX addons for.

The files will be in different places it for each sim, cause they will be different sources/ downloads.


About your plane question, I really have to ask you some more questions, the "perfect" plane is very differnt between users, some will do mostly GA when others will only fly tubeliners, some prefers pistons, other will go turbines etc. But if you have a good idea of what you would like to fly it surely will be a lot easier for us to help you :)

My favs GA airplanes in XP11 are the Eurofox and the Panthera from Aerobask, ASDG Super Cub (one of the best flight model in the sim !), the Thandra Quest Kodiak. If you go for any of these studios/ devs, you're sure to have a very good product. There are many other good planes that other will speak of I'm sure :)


Edit : There is also the very good addons Piper Arrow and C-152 from Just Flight, the REP packs for planes like the default C-172 that will bring it up to an A2A level in XP (persistance, failures, FMOD sounds etc) that I just remembered

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