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cargospotter BOEING 747 vs. BOEING 747 - Fully loaded vs. Empty DEPARTURE (4K)

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Two Boeing 747`s -- Both of them departed at Liege within two hours with the same destination - New York JFK. The first Boeing 747 of CAL was fully loaded and the second Boeing 747 of Kalitta Air was empty and just loaded with fuel. In my opinion it was a pretty fast takeoff for a long haul flight. It just rotatet after the touchdown zone of runway 24. The Kalitta B747 operated a charter flight to Liege and after that it had to be ferried back home to the USA.

The Boeing 747 is one of my favorite airplanes and Liege is a perfect airport if you are interested in B747`s. The third Boeing 747 in this video is operated by Air Atlanta Icelandic in special "Magma" colours. I tried to catch if for a year and four weeks ago I finally filmed it after arriving from Hahn.

All clips which are included in this video were filmed on a single day. That` s why Liege is the place to be for a "cargospotter" like me.

I hope you liked my newst Boeing 747 compilation video, new videos every tuesday and friday.


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