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xplane Skyline Simulations release KCVG + 1.1 update

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Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (KCVG) offers non-stop passenger service to 62 destinations with 179 peak daily departures.The airport is a focus city for Allegiant Air, Delta Air Lines, and Frontier Airlines, as well as being the largest market for Vacation Express. The airport’s international destinations include Cancún, Cozumel, Freeport, Montego Bay, Paris, Punta Cana, Reykjavík, and Toronto.

Animated Airport

  • Animated Custom 3D model Jetways
  • Ground Traffic in whole airport WT3 Ready
  • Randomly placed static aircraft, can be easily toggled off in the X-Plane settings
  • Radar Animation

Detailed Airport

  • UHD Custom Textures using the latest painting techniques
  • Custom Mesh with slope runway accuracy
  • Detailed with high accuracy 3D models
  • PBR Materials
  • Ground reflections and decals
  • Custom 3D Grass and vegetation blends with orthophotos
  • Custom HDR Lights billboard and spill in Terminal and Parking areas
  • Ultra High resolution custom ground textures and orthoimagery for the airport
  • Animated radar
  • Accurate WT3 included by "Cpt. K-man"
  • Hundreds of 3D custom static objects like cars, services vehicles and more

Other Features

  • Includes one dsf file for lower spec’s computers
  • Airport Diagrams PDF

Update 1.1 has also been released. Changelog:

- Baked in shadows for forests
- New jetway variation
- Industrial buildings surrounding the airport
- Static Safegate systems at Concourse B
- Corrected Lights for some lightposts
- Fix for excessive VRAM usage
- Recoloring of forests to better match orthophotos
- Refined Ortho4XP Patch File
- Fixed error messages originating from loading of orthophotos
- Renumbered gates at Concourse A due to acquisition of more accurate historical data
- Fixed transparency issues with red trees near Terminal 3
- Fix for missing sidewalk in front of Terminal 3
- Fixed mesh issues with Delta Hangar
... And many more small under the hood fixes





NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK https://www.thresholdx.net/news/cvg4xp 

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