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In aviation, aircraft conversions are standard practice, with older aircraft being converted from passenger to cargo configurations. On Monday, however, American Airlines and Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum, a local Los Angeles aviation museum, unveiled the first-ever DC-3 aircraft converted into a gourmet food truck. The DC-3/food truck, named the “DC-3 Gourmet,” is sourced from an old DC-3 fuselage that had formerly served in World War II.


Maybe edson will check this out!!


as this is in compton, at the woodly airport there are some places in the city that you dont want to go to...try to stay as far away from downtown as possible  while getting to the airport where this museum and dc-3 is situated...compton is know as one of the highest crime capitals in the u.s as of the 1980s and still stands...so if you go there please be advised on this...and aprat from that go have fun!1 




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