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real-world Spanish fighter jet accidentally fires missile over Estonia

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Courtesy of the BBC news site:


Spain's defence ministry is investigating after one of its fighter jets accidentally fired a missile over Estonia during a training mission.
The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon "in an area of southwest Estonia authorised for this type of exercise", the ministry said.
It added that the air-to-air missile did not cause damage and was designed to self-destruct.
But Estonia's military says it is looking for the remains of the missile.
"A Spanish Eurofighter based in Lithuania accidentally fired a missile without causing any harm," Spain's defence ministry said in a statement.
"The air-to-air missile has not hit any aircraft. [We] have opened an investigation to clarify the exact cause of the incident."


more details can be found via the link below.



NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-45119223

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