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aerofly EU NetherlandsTrueEarth for Aerofly FS2 has landed!

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EU Netherlands TrueEarth

for Aerofly FS 2

Netherlands TrueEarth AEROFLY FS2 (7)

Orbx has said time and time again that 2018 is the year where all the research and development will start to come to fruition. Part of that process was releasing their new technology which has been named TrueEarth. The first in a long line of TrueEarth products is Netherlands. We reviewed it a few weeks back for P3Dv4, but today, Orbx wanted to preview the technology but this time in Aerofly FS 2.

If you don’t know what TrueEarth technology is, it’s a blend of photoreal terrain and more traditional scenery development. Meaning that buildings, vegetation and points of interest match up perfectly to the photo ground textures.





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EU NetherlandsTrueEarth for Aerofly FS2 has landed!

The first TrueEarth title for IPACS Aerofly FS2 is here - giving you the Netherlands in incredible detail. You can expect extremely dense building & vegetation cultivation, incredible crisp terrain textures, and effortlessly smooth performance on the newest flight sim platform to hit the market! Netherlands TrueEarth is far more than a traditional photoreal product, it features comprehensive building and vegetation placements, thousands of hand-placed landmarks and POI, and hand-edited textures.

Key Features

  • The entirety of Netherlands depicted in complete detail! 
  • 85,000km2 of photoreal terrain at 1m resolution 
  • Full 3D night lighting
  • 43 airports
  • CityScene building technology for all major cities, towns, villages and urban areas, improving on traditional cultivation by adding unusual footprints, higher detail (roof details etc) and better long-range visibility
  • Incredibly dense vegetation cultivation. Far superior to automated OSM technology, our cultivation is compiled from multiple data sets, and hand-edited to ensure maximum fidelity, accuracy and density
  • Beautifully edited terrain textures - colourised, edited, cleaned up
  • Blemishes such as cloud cover, water sun glare, seamlines, discolouration and some vehicle footprints have been removed
  • Ultra HD mesh at 5m resolution. Netherlands may be flat, but incredible details such as tailings dumps, sand dunes and even highway overpass ramps are visible
  • Accurate road, waterways, transmission line and other vector/GIS components
  • Beautiful custom building textures for all autogen buildings
  • Hundreds of custom landmarks and POI
  • Traditional Dutch windmills
  • Major churches and cathedrals custom modelled
  • Custom models for all major TV and radio masts
  • Many major bridges custom designed
  • Custom ship models unique to Netherlands
  • Thousands of hand-placed animated wind turbines, refineries, harbours and other library objects
  • Hand-edited and colourised water textures, including complete watermasking

Netherlands TrueEarth is now available to purchase at AUD$54.95 (approx. USD $42 / £30 / €34 ) - however it's 15% off for a limited time.

If you have the P3D version on your OrbxDirect account, you save 40% off the Aerofly FS2 version!

-30% KBZN Bozeman Yellowstone Int'l
-50% EU Germany South
-50% NA Southern Alaska
-10%  LSPN Triengen Airport
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