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misc. sim 10 years demilitarized sim - warplanes by the power of repaint

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Dewoitine 520 Powel Peralta Edition10 years ago i did my first repaint for FSX  and since then,  i transformed hundrets of warplanes into fancy cookiejar* Racing Planes.  For the anniversary of my thoroughly controversial hobby, I started to tidy up my project folders - starting with the XPFR  D520 - my favourite freeware plane. i have arranged my complete Dewoitine repaint collection and presented it clearly on my website. Other Collections / Planes will follow (only my X-Plane paintjobs)D520_auto_1.jpg

That's not a big topic, i know - the only reason why i created this strange Topic is, because I think that Repaints & Freeware are too neglected in the Flightsim Youtuber and Reviewer scene.   :) 



*(so i am called mocking by the professional repaint pioneers: a CookieJarAirplane Designer)


DEVELOPER POST LINK :  https://www.unionvogelhirsch.de/


NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :  https://www.unionvogelhirsch.de/dewoitine-520/



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